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Hey Team, I see the Campus Reform Video this morning. I love it, and can watch these on repeat over and over again.

Here’s the issue… THEY’RE NOT MILLENNIALS!!!

Kids entering college now are part of Gen Z. Gen Z begins with the birth year 1996- 2000. The kids entering college were born around 2000.

I teach in the 3rd world country known as the Bronx. These kids are wonderful. They are more conservative, most have zero tolerance for b.s. and they are pro 2nd Amendment.

I love this generation!

DML: Lot to be said about why they may be pro 2A living in the Bronx.

Are you not doing the walk and talk or sit and talks any more?  I cannot find you.

DML: I am finishing up our film on homelessness. No shows this week.

Hey DML, Just love your news app and what you do! I Just received my DML water bottle yesterday in the mail. Thank you Mary! 🙂

I’m from CA, how is it that these idiot’s in Hollywood can decide to remove President Trumps star on the walk of Fame? Makes me sick! This should not be allowed. These people are JUST SO OUT OF CONTROL! You can remove his star but he’s still the President Of The United States.

DML: Now you know why I refer to that place as Hollywierd.

Every time I open a story then go to the comments I find the spammers with the spam on making money at home. I press the mark as spam but I feel that I am the only one that does. Most are foreign names or not even a name. Some are names written in foreign dialect. Is there no one on your staff that watches this. We come here for news not to be harrassed by spammers.

DML: This problem is one we cannot stop for it is Facebook allowing it to go on.  You’d think they’d put some time and money into stopping such a thing, but they don’t from what I can tell.


I have no idea why the walk of fame issue is making me as mad as it is. I think it is the blatant hypocrisy. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. I googled simply does Kevin Spacey have a star and this is the first article to pop up.
Alleged sexual misconduct is ok but misconstrued comments is not. I would like just one liberal to have the guts to try and explain this to us. I’m not at all surprised by their decision. However I would love to know how they justify it.

DML: I find it to be no great loss for Trump.  Nobody goes to Hollywood anymore, it’s a disaster.  I live in an area where the “stars” come to visit in the summer.  The novelty of being a star is wearing off in general. I say this because I rarely hear anyone boast about seeing stars walking around where we live.  People just don’t seem to care.

Thank you for runnIng the story of President Trumps Star on the walk of shame. This decision was purely political. This action is why I can understand Trumps mistrust of the left and it’s propaganda machine.

Hollyweird is so hypocritical. They embrace the treasonous acts of Jane Fonda, and black balled actors because of their ties to the communist party. They embrace socialism, which is a step closer to communism.

Bill Cosby a convicted sex offender will keep his star, as will Errol Flynn, Fatty Arbuckle and so many more , whose acts far outweigh that of President Trump.

This is a political move. With the upcoming elections in November they can all jump up and down and celebrate, because they need to keep the liberal control on this state.

Such hypocrites. Pathetic. Sad. The history of Hollyweird is so tainted with vile people, and those in charge will ignore the facts.

DML: If I am not mistaken, you sent us the original story.  Thanks.

I was stunned to read that after being attacked in public by ANTIFA scum, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens chose not to press charges against their attackers. I am furious at the two of them. People who do not have enough stones to push back against hoodlums make me sick. No wonder conservatives loose, people that weak deserve to loose, and in general conservatives are very wimpy. I am ashamed and embarrassed by them. Do these supposed leaders realize that when they let those punks go unpunished they are encouraging the punks and their ilk to do more of the same or worse? Do they realize that other Trump supporters are put at greater risk of being harassment or worse because these punks went unpunished and their pals will learn of that? Shame on both of them.

DML: People ask me why I don’t get involved in these groups and orgs.  I’ll just run your email next time for an answer. Mary and I have been talking about making TEAM DML a much bigger thing.  Maybe it’s time.

I have been following you since your first film on immigration when I just graduated High school. I am now 25 (almost) and I have been active duty for nearly 3 years now. I have a question for you and I have contacted numerous “high profile” conservative/libertarian voices and not one has given me a response or the time of the day. I believe I have a solution to the problem that has been plaguing conservative/libertarian voice for a long time on social media. I think it is a solid idea and really need some honest experienced feedback.

Currently I am deployed, but since I am a client systems technician I work with tech. daily and have access to email. So sir if you could please do me the honor of responding and possibly consider taking a honest look at this idea it would honestly mean the world to me as I respect you so much.

DML: Thank you for your service Connor.  As for your idea, you should create what is called a pitch.  Basically, start by writing a one-two page highlighting your idea.  Mark it as confidential if you do not want it spread around.  Be sure to highlight the problem you are trying to solve.  How your solution works, how much it would cost (approx), and how long it will take.  Then send it to me.  I will give it a read.  I will say that off the bat you’re mixing of libertarians and conservatives into one bucket may be a mistake.

I am not getting alerts on your website and on Facebook. Have been looking daily for you. Finally I found you on the app but I don’t believe it was todays show. I realize you are trying to finish up America the Beautiful, however, if I can’t get you on one I go to the other, however, there has been most of last week I could not watch you at all! Very frustrating.
Keep up the great job you are doing and God bless you and your family!

DML: There are no shows this week.

I am not much of a photo book person.  I prefer to read a book versus look at one.  However……To support you I purchased the photo book.  I was blown away by the photos and the way in which you positioned it all.  The stories are told through those pictures and your short descriptions.  I am so impressed and eagerly await this new film.  Great job DML. I think you are the best there is in the business.

DML: Thanks so much Michael.  The book sales are really important this month as Facebook tries to wipe me off the map.  My photo of the day is a screen shot from Facebook. The revenue from yesterday was embarrassing.


  1. DML when you answered Kenneth’s email about Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk and his frustration about not fighting back, you made the remark you and Mary had been talking about taking The dml team to the next level can you elaborate on that and give us a clue what you are thinking? Also in response to your email to me a week or so ago. I am not in panic mode as you thought and suggested I quit worrying and live my life. I am just passionate about immigration. I cannot stomach the fact illegals are flowing into our county at never before seen rates and As citizens there is bit a damn thing we can do.

  2. Do all the really old humps in our government, the dark ones, that are really old, are baby organs used in these really old wicked people? Like McCain, Soros, Bushes, rothchilds? They stay , and stay, never die!

  3. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. I loved your responses. Keep doing what your do best – getting the truth out. God bless u and the rest of us. BTW THANK YOU Connor for your service. You sound a young man who has his head on straight.

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