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Alex Jones. We need to hear how you feel about this dml, this is an obvious power play of collusion and censorship that goes beyond just news. This is an attack on our freedom true I don’t agree with everything he says nor am I defending every action he takes but this is outrageous! Please help dml!

DML: I am no fan of AJ.  I think he makes the news business tough for conservatives.  But although I do not agree with much of what he says or how he says it, I believe he has the right to say it for as long as he isn’t threatening anyone physically.

With all the investigation of Collins of New York for insider trading etc, Why is there nothing more on the news about Diane Feinsteins Husband making all the money from China. Is it time for Term Limits?

DML: It’s been time for term limits for a long time.  I think it is the number one reason why things cannot get done in DC.

Well I live in Michigan, and today I hear that we are about to elect a Congress woman whom will be running unopposed …( how something like that happens I have no clue)… But I digress. What if anything can be done to stave off this impending disaster for Michigan, starting America down a path of no return… She says she wants to change the world .. but there’s a D in front of her name. Sharia law and a simpathetic ear to change for the Muslims who want us Infidels dead!
Any thoughts?

DML: “So help me Allah.”  The USA is changing.

Please don’t tweet at 1 in the morning such a ridiculous tweet!!!

DML: My tweet was spot on.  As for 1am, you keep your schedule, I’ll keep mine. Ridiculous email.

Dear Dennis,
I don’t know exactly what’s going on because I am not following all the tweets but obviously you and president Trump are arguing.

I respect you very much but please do not resort to name calling and a twitter war with president Trump. But no matter who is right or wrong it’s very unbecoming and unprofessional.  Unfortunately you’re starting to sound like one of the crazy out of control liberals who do not know how to use there words.
Take the high road.

DML: Perhaps you should read a little closer.  I never used name calling. No apology necessary.
“DJT…It’s all about you. Always about you. Let me give you what you beg for… “Polls say Trump is better than God.” Please tweet soon and tell us how it feels to walk on water. Do your feet get wet? Or just your ego?”

Illegal alien with no drivers license ran over man and killed him. He has been charged at least three times since 2003 for driving without a license.

DML:Nobody cares.  Cheap labor.  That’s what matters!

Hi DML, I want you to know I recently shared two news items from your news. One was about the Canadian Border. The other one was about DHS Visa overstays. Face book removed them as either spam or not conforming to community rules. I just wanted you to know
I also want to thank you for all that you and your family do. May God Bless you all.

DML: As the World Turns.  Feels like we’re in a bad soap opera with Mark Z.

Your love for this country has inspired me to write a poem. I’m sharing it with you. I do not have a copyright, but your passion for what you do and are trying to do had these simple words pop into my head. I hope you enjoy it! God Bless you and your family. You are awesome.

I love America and all her glorious scars, the
Battles fought, it is who we are
Built on faith, on something new, oh how I
Love the red, white and blue.
Her people are strong and willing to fight, to
Fix an unjust and make it right.
I love America and her willingness to give, I’m
Still in awe of where I live.
I love America, where dreams do come true,
Oh how I love the red, white and blue.
I love America, home of the brave, and I will
Until I’m in my grave.

THG 8/2018.

DML: Well done! Thanks!

Your tweet to Trump last night was one of your best.  He is so full of himself.

DML: I wish I didn’t have to send it.

Your picture book arrived and it is a WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I love it.  Ordering another for my sister who is a huge DML fan.

DML: Thank you so much for the support.



  1. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. Tracy wrote a beautiful poem. The person who told u not to tweet at 1 am, well they sound like someone who needs to take their meds. You keep tweeting whenever or whatever you deem necessary. That email just made me laugh at how ridiculous some have become. Thanks for posting your “tweet” since i do not tweet and would not have seen it otherwise. I loved it and I have been a supporter of DJT since day one. His ego is going to do us all in IF he doesn’t wake up and see what he is doing. I talk to several people of all ages and most are becoming tired of his tweets and rallies where all he does is pat himself on the back. Like you, I think he needs to address the real issues (homeless, immigration, healthcare) and get off the “fake news” roller coaster.

    Again, thank you for all you to do get the real news out to us. I pray you are accomplishing a lot toward your movies this week. God bless you, your children, Miss Mary, your team, our military, our first responders and ll of these United States. Have a good rest of the week. I miss you. Hugs

  2. If Pres Trump wasn’t so self confident (full of himself as you would say) he’d be a pushover, just like the Republican scardycat do-nothings in Congress. We need him as he is, so back off. Most people now days are full of themselves and don’t know it. At least he does and isn’t trying to deceive people into thinking he’s something else.

      • Who’s got the ego now? I think your tone has become very egocentric and condescending, especially to your followers. Your tweet to the President was not necessary. I don’t think you’re ‘standing your ground’ per se. That sounds like you have something to defend. You were just knocking the President. You once said to let Trump’s ego work for us. Now you knock it. You have changed your tune and tone. I know he hasn’t done everything he promised, but he is not done and he has to work with Congress. This is not a dictatorship. The main thing that bothers me is your tone, which has changed And I am not a Trump can do no wrong person as you label people. But I guess I’m from the generation that was taught to show respect.

        • I show tons of respect, but respect is earned so keep that in mind. Furthermore, my tone nor my tune has changed. I have always been the same guy defending the same policies. I tweet when I want to, but when you don’t like the content I am supposed to “change my tune.” You have a better chance of seeing Trump walk on water.

  3. Holy cow. Since when is it acceptable for one adult to tell another how to conduct thier behavior or hours?
    The world has seriously gone crazy.

  4. We all knew DJT had an ego when we voted for him. And while this administration has achieved a lot, the constant patting himself on the back is getting tiresome. Now maybe it’s because the media fails to recognize the achievements or maybe it’s the Donald’s need to be the center of attention. I don’t know. But all of these self promoting tweets seem to distract from the other issues that are not being addressed. A lot of people might disagree, but I didn’t vote for the president so he could constantly tweet about himself or to play name games with the media. I think his supporters would still be with him, if his tweets were more related to issues solved and less about the drama and soap opera. I think real action on border, immigration, healthcare, homelessness etc would speak louder then any tweet!

  5. DML didn’t “have” to send the tweet. He is honest but thinks he shouldn’t be told how to conduct himself, yet he tells President Trump how to conduct himself all the time. I like having a President who says what he feels and tells it how it is. He isn’t perfect but NO ONE ever will be. There are still things he needs to do but he has done some good things for us and our economy, loves the US and our military. He also saved us from Hillary. God bless President Trump, our military and the United States!

    • Zzzzzz. You are completely wrong and full of false rhetoric. I do not “tell Trump” how to conduct himself. That would be like shoveling sand into the ocean with hope that it will build a dam. I keep the president accountable while the zombie crowd continues to march like the Magoo family. Although I ain’t no fan of Obama, lets not forget that the stock market cranked during his term as well. Lets not forget that unemployment for blacks and latinos got better too. And like w/ Trump, Obamacare rates and illegal immigration were nightmares during Obama’s presidency.

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