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DML – Thank you for always telling THE TRUTH and always being for AMERICA. Your Trump tweet infuriates the Trump following, and that’s what they are… Trump followers. They put party and president before country. He’s a failure at the border and any real DML fan should be able to admit that humbly. If you agree with 100% of everything Trump, you are not thinking critically or thinking for yourself. I disagree with the big game hunting and that’s ok, I still support him! Keep fighting the good fight. Much love from a fellow New Yorker.

DML: I’m all for confidence and believing in one’s self, but this man is so over the top with his self loving tweets amid a time when things are not better.  Jobs are great, and so is the economy, but who’s happy about going to work to pay for Obamacare and illegal aliens? I’m waiting for the first email that says, “I’m cool with high premiums and illegal aliens draining the system.”

Perhaps I should have let his “ego tweet” go and just shook my head in disbelief.  But I too am human, and I could not resist making the comment about how he just tries to take credit for everything good and yet, he never accepts blame. That equates to: Crappy leadership.

I’m still waiting on the promises about Obamacare, homeless vets, border security, protecting American workers, NAFTA to come to fruition.

Facts are facts. But they go overlooked by the army of zombies who measure a presidency based on winning a war against CNN.  These people are going to look up one day and ask themselves, do I have more than I had 4 years ago.  If measuring bills, they’ll likely say yes.

Wow K-Mart in BridgeHampton, NY every worker is Mexican or El Salvadoran.

DML: The United States of America.

Dear Dennis Lynch,
I have read parts of your websites and really like the fact that you are aiming to create an unbiased news platform. I have also read in your ‘about’ page that you support Trump and as someone who is very much against him, would just like to understand what your reasons for supporting him.

DML: (A) I feel it is my responsibility to disclose on DML News who it is I voted for, and where I stand politically.  That said, I do not insert my opinions and policy preferences into determining what news does and does not get aggregated.  I wish more news outlets would do the same.

(B)  I voted for Trump for a number of reasons.  One, I would never vote for Hillary. Two, I did support some of the less radical agenda items he stood for during the campaign.

(c) I do not “support Trump” in the way your email reads.  Meaning, I do not praise him like a God in the way so many people do.  When he does well, I provide praise. But to the contrary, I call him out all the time when I think he’s wrong. Simply put, at the end of the day, no matter how great he thinks he is, he is a public servant who is supposed to put himself second and the American people first.  He works for us.  We don’t work for him.

The above said, no matter who is the POTUS, I support that person when and if it is time to defend our nation and to help Americans live the American dream.

Personally, I do not care for Trump the man. I never have. I think the way he carries himself when dealing with domestic issues and the media is often the low road taken.  I think his leadership style is below the office of the president, and I think he spins things constantly.  He has always been a “story teller,” to say it nicely. Need proof, just ask his three wives.  He twists his own words all the time and tries to make you feel / look stupid if you challenge him.

(D) I believe Trump is further dividing the nation  — he is no better than Obama in that category.  In some cases he’s been forced to be divisive, but any average man can make that claim. I feel a truly great leader would find a better way.

(E) I think he is failing on most of his promises, but he gets to hide behind a thriving economy and a base of supporters who thinks he walks on water.

(F)  It’s like living the Obama presidency all over again in terms of how people react. You either loved Obama or hated him.  Either you love Trump or hate him.  And then there is me… I just hold the guy accountable.  I don’t love him or hate him.

(G) I do think he gets a bum rap from the press / media, but then again he picks a fight whenever he can.  He’s a combative personality who surrounds himself with less than admirable people on most counts.  But I voted for him knowing most of his bad sides. Does that sound a bit crazy? Maybe.  But either way it doesn’t effect the news we deliver you.


Homeless with children, I took this photo myself. The problem is so much bigger than people realize.


  1. In no way to I consider President Trump as a GOD. I consider Trump a strong President. Someone who really loves the country & the American people & legals. But considering all he has accomplished with the Jobs & economy , the military & veterans & all his de-regulations he should be praised. Since the media is so Bias, since Democrats are irrational & crooked & Liberals are encouraging aggressive violent protests, He needs to taut is accomplishment. The media is betraying the people by not reporting it. Don’t be a hypocrit Dennis. I believe you when you said You would never vote for Hillary. I bet you would have voted for Bernie though. as it is said, “LET TRUMP BE TRUMP” If he needs to tweet so what. It is his way of being in contact with the American people. It is a form of communication of him talking to us & we also talking to him. What do expect from him when he has a complacent Republican Party & weak non supporter, Speaker Ryan. He is practically on his own. So if things are going too slow for you Denis too bad.He is up against Mountains he must climb over himself. He is doing a very good job at it. Disapointed in you Denis and don’t feel I need to follow you anymore.

  2. I voted for Trump and will do so again. I am not to thrilled about his tweets either but I do understand this is the only way he can get the truth out to the people. I hope he will stop this feud with the news media in the future as I do believe he is dividing our country also. I was always taught you can get more from people by treating them with respect rather than argueing with them constantly. Dennis I follow you everyday and I sometimes don’t always agree with you but I respect you for what your doing. May you keep up your good work and hope that our congress will get together and start working for the people instead of themselves.

  3. DML

    What are you thoughts concerning Obama assigning Eric Holder to redistrict the voting maps in the states?

  4. Dennis thank you for the Truth, and I must agree with you that Trump is not perfect; only Jesus who walked on this earth is qualtied to be perfect. I voted for Trump and support him, however, he has made mistakes and is not perfect. Only God/Jesus have made those qualtifying attributes; however, Trump is a better choice of leading our country back to being a Democratic Nation with our Constitution that our forefathers laid out as our foundation of America. Both Hillary and Bernie have “socialistic ideas” that would have ruined our country. We would be in the same boat as all the other nations are in Europe and the Middle East are in “if it were not for Trump.” I, too, don’t agree with Trump on everything he does or says. His tweeting makes me angry most of the time, and it only fuels the fire for the left to voice their evilness that the devil has stirred up in the left’s agenda. Many times, I think he listens to Ivanka/Kishner or even Paul Ryan, who never should have had the influences that they have. Paul Ryan and Pelosi are not good leaders in HOR and Congress because they do not have the interests of the American people who they should be supporting. Yes, Trump is good at rallies, but he has an ego, and he is still missing what we the people want who have been raised as Americans from birth here in America. It is good that he has a wife who is a legal immigrant, and I support that idea 100%…but his idea of giving DACA, Chain Migration to illegals a chance is not right…he is only appeasing the Democrats, not us Americans! E-verty is the only way to correct our country. The wall is a deterrent but not a total fix. The illegals will find others ways of entering our country. Trump gloats on the facts about the economy which he has turned around but there are other factors that he is not addressing. I realize it has only been 1 1/2 yesrs that he has been in office and that it takes time…but because OBAMA screwed up this country so badly in the eight years when he was in office, it will take time to fix and undo all that OBAMA did! Trump has good people advising him who he has appointed except for Paul Ryan and “his democratic family members” so they should not be advising him and stearing him in the “left/right” direction; Trump should be listening to us, who support him. As far as the DOJ and FBI is, the Obama group should have been dismissed a long time ago without privileges including Mueller and his investigative team who included Strozk, Paige, Rosenstein. When Comey was fired, Trump had no business hiring Mueller as an outside team to investigate Russia’s involvement. Not happy wirh Muelle and not happy with Sessions too! He has taken his time with issues that should gave been addressed a long ago. So you see Trump is not perfect, but given the chioices of Trump verses Hillary or Bernie…Trump was our best choice! Trump is not perfect, but only God/Jesus fits that role. Trump is human, as we all are, and we all make mistakes.

    Kudos to his team who advises him and also to Sarah H. Sanders for the great job she has done to keep the “evil left reporters” from taking over the press room meetings. She has done a fantastic job!!

    Again, Dennis, thank you for allowing us to voice our opinions, too. We love you!

  5. President trump been fighting from day one give him it a break. He’s far from Obama. Shame on you dml. He’s one man and fighting everyone day in and day out. You sir changed alot! Think you need to take a long vacation with your family.

  6. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. I just read all the comments posted here and I must say we rest our case. Just read these comments and nothing else is to be said. I so agree with your response as to why you support President Trump.

    Thank you for loving our country enough to give honest and truthful comments on what is taking place in our government these days. I voted for President Trump and would do so again. What choice did we have?? But I have been greatly disappointed in President Trump and those who advise him. I do not agree that he has had good advice at all. Too bad he has NOT picked good people for his administration. I won’t bother to list those I think were poor choices.

    First off I am a patriotic AMERICAN. I never vote party only the person i think will do the best for all of us.
    Perhaps if we ever could get a 3rd party going it would help. Who knows?? I lived through 8 years of #44 and I am hoping #45 will finally get his act together and Make America Great Again. Thanks DML. God bless all of us.

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