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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

I know you visited here in Savannah Ga during your tour… I don’t know if it was for America the Beautiful or about Homelessness… I emailed back when you were coming about this issue and here is something that just breaks my heart! More than 1000 school aged children in little Savannah are homeless!!! 1000!!! That is enormous for this small community! 🙁

DML: As I did with immigration, I am learning so much more about this homeless issue that I thought was possible.  This could be the issue that pushes us into a nation that we truly do not recognize.  It is getting worse by the day.  Our movie is going to turn heads.

Picture of Democratic sign at our Fayette County (PA) Fair. Look at bottom of sign.  This made our newspaper (the Herald Standard).

DML: Yours is the picture of the day.  Scroll down to bottom.

Dear DML, Thank you and God bless you and your family! Question: why do these federal judges believe that they have the power to tell the POTUS to reinstate DACA immediately? Judges, on any level, do NOT make laws from the bench! Period! That’s not how it works! If that were the case then a different federal judge could override the first federal judge and we would never get anywhere! Also, why would any state or DHS for that matter, listen to a federal judge anyway? Do they not know that the judge cant dictate the law??

DML: Although I do not agree with the judge, he is not making the law but rather, he is determining how he believes the law should be interpreted and carried out.  At the end of the day, Trump “loves the DACA kids” so he must be secretly happy.

After reading your poll asking if the dems should keep Pelosi, I’m torn. If I’m honest for them I’d say no…they need new leadership. But as a conservative, I’d say keep her. Her mouth only helps our cause.

DML: If the Dems were smart they’d dump her and infuse new blood.

Drop down ads are irritating. There are enough ads to go through as it is. Please kill the drop downs. Thanks.

DML: Sure thing.  I’ll get it done for you once you get Mark Z. to stop demoting our links.  If that’s not something you can do, then if you agree to fund next month’s payroll on my behalf, they will be removed immediately.

Florida vote and Blue green algae killing all marine life. Someone needs to fix this problem. 2 state of emergency declared…..nothing. Everyone is talking about changing the state to blue because of this!!! I am here and they have actually told us to pick up the dead and have set up garbage bins! Fox even filmed maggots feeding off dead fish. All because of the big sugar crop and the release of the water into the ocean!!!! This could be the kick that changes Florida to blue!

DML: Florida, like the entire country, is going blue at a faster rate than anyone realizes.  There is no stopping it with this current administration’s divisive branding.  Tack on the influx of immigrants heading to your state and to this country, with the number of people being pushed out of their homes for sake of not being able to afford housing, and it will all result in more blue voters.  Folks who once voted Republican will now be forced to vote for government subsidies.  The Trump economy, which ignores healthcare, affordable housing and illegal immigration, is going to flip things in the wrong direction long term.  My niche has always been to see the light when others are in the dark.  Thus, I see this big light ahead, at it is a freight train coming…. Combined with what you’re referring to, it’s a matter of time until Florida is blue.  Texas is next.

Your op-ed from 8/8 about the dumbing down of America… You read my mind! 🙂  I have been saying this for so long and it’s good to know I’m not alone in my thinking!  It’s infuriating and only getting worse and I have to constantly remind myself that “stress and anger” cause illness so I need to chill out and breathe but it’s hard when you are dealing with idiots throughout the day… Is it because I’m in NYC?…No, but we definitely have more than our fair share (you know what I mean)

Another example that no one has touched on is Job Hunting. I’m currently looking for work and I have recruiters contacting me from all over the country (NOT NYC???)

All of them speak broken English, they know NOTHING about NYC- one couldn’t even pronounce Rockefeller Center, and can not even hold a conversation???

And they’re supposed to get me a job?!   It’s nuts!

And many of the jobs that I come across on my own want you to be bilingual…Spanish and now even Mandarin?!

And I’m not talking about minimum wage jobs- I’m talking Manhattan office jobs!

It’s pathetic and makes me realize it’s time to move out of New York.

Thanks DML…loved the Op-Ed…spot on!

DML: Make America Speak English Again.  I see a hat in the making.

Your lack of reporting or outrage on the banning of Alex Jones just shows how weak you really are. So dont cry when you they come after you next!!! I used to admire you now i only have pity for you!!!! Please do not cry when you get slapped with a permanent ban!!

DML: Good God, will you get a hold of yourself please.  First, I did a video on FB live stating that although I do not agree with 99.99% of what Jones says or how he says it, he should have the freedom to share his opinion on social media assuming he is not calling for the physical harm of another human being.  That said, Jones is an ugly character; he is not a real reporter.  If you cannot see that, then the fact that you will no longer be admiring me appears to be a win on my end.  Take care of yourself.  Please.

Why are we giving 9 million dollars to Venezuela? We have homeless people, starving children, not to mention our Veterans who so desparately need care!!! I always thought charity begins at home.

DML: Lisa, you silly girl, don’t you know money grows on trees.  Don’t stop watering.

The photo book of America the Beautiful is very well done.  I am happy to be a part of TEAM DML.  Keep up the good work sir!

DML: Thank you Greg.



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  1. The statement by W.O is missing a letter, a “W” at the end, because WOW how ignorant can you be. It is this train of thought ( and it is even a train) is scary. Thank you for your response. It was as always spot on!!

  2. HILARIOUS sign at the PA fair! And I also think how ironic they are offering a conceal and carry purse! The anti NRA Dems! LOLOL!

  3. DML I like you’re thinking! If you start production on the hats, I’ll only take a small cut for the inspiration 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing and your comments. I just get more upset when i read some comments. I like the ones who seem to think for themselves. Have a wonderful week. Look forward to you doing walk/sit/talks again. Missed you all week. God Bless us all.

  5. DML…..Don’t know how/where to share this message I got from FB today,

    Additional reporting on a link from
    Sometimes different news sources show conflicting perspectives on the same story. You can check out additional reporting from independent fact-checking sites.
    A link that you shared has been fact-checked by
    Additional reporting on a link from
    Sometimes different news sources show conflicting perspectives on the same story. You can check out additional reporting from independent fact-checking sites.
    A link that you shared has been fact-checked by
    Bogus Claim of Voter Fraud in Ohio –
    Q: Were there “major signs of voter fraud” in Ohio’s congressional special election? A: No. The Ohio Secretary of State’s office says there have been no reports of voter fraud. FULL QUESTION Recently there has been a report that a district in Ohio (district 12?) where 170 “registered voter…
    See how fact-checking works on Facebook.

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