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Dennis, I recall you mentioning your phase 2, “America the Beautiful” tour will begin around August 15? Is that still on? Will you continue the filming for your homeless video on this trip? I just know this video will be very hard to watch without a tear.

DML:  As I’ve mentioned a few times, but was probably missed by most, we are going to make America The Beautiful into a series.  The first leg of our trip, which we took in May, will be the only leg of its kind.  What we captured over those 30-days will be made into a film.  The film will then spin off into a series.  That said, I have already started filming SEASON 1 of the series, and will be heading south on Aug. 18 to film episode 3 in Florida.

Hi guys, when u had Tracey do your fb live a while back she did great. This week with u so busy would have been great to see her again. Maybe to give u a break u could have her do a fb live once a week. Maybe tues & thurs. U start & end the week & do the middle. This house loves your house & all u sacrifice to keep us informed. Gob bless u all, thank u

DML: Tracy is on vacation.

Dennis, Just wanted to say Hi… I’ve been a long time follower/supporter (like since before Newsmax, the election and Facebook Lives) in fact we even had a few FB Messenger chats way back when! — Anyway, I haven’t been following you as much as I used to b/c of life with 3 small kids, and work etc. and probably b/c FB blocks you from appearing in my feed, but I still go back and try to listen to as much of your content as possible because I know I can count on you to tell me like it is and keep me informed on whats important. There is no one else out there like you. And I just wanted you to now how much I appreciate it.

PS – I’ve also been a follower of Erin Brockovich over the past couple years. Her knowledge and info about water quality in America is both fascinating and scary. She’s been up to date with the algae crisis in FL. I would love for you to do some stories related to these topics. Check her out!

DML: You should get the DML APP to stay in tune / touch with our news, etc.  I will be in Florida for ten days starting next week working on our Parkland film and America The Beautiful SEASON1.  Will check it out.

Good morning!! Just FYI….Ive never had a problem getting alerts or any of your news through facebook. Today though, I don’t know if anyone is having the same problem, but I can not open any of your articles in Facebook. It doesn’t load… no spinning, nothing!! Like nothing is there. Thank heavens for your app!! Keep up your good work in all that you do to keep us informed!! God Bless

DML: Thank goodness for the DML APP, otherwise we’d be out of business.

I think Trump should hire you as his right hand man.  The immigration situation is getting worse.  I am losing faith.

DML: I would not work for him.  It’s an impossible thing to do.  I know people in his cabinet, and in the WH.  They say it is the worst move of their careers working for Trump.

I have the picture book and the DML water bottle.  I am new to your news and love what you do.  How else can I learn about you and support your efforts?  I used to listen to Ben Shapiro but his voice annoys me and he makes it appear like very Democrat is Darth Vadar. My brother is a Dem.  He doesn’t like Trump, but he is not a radical nor does he act like an idiot.  Shapiro and Hannity make every Democrat sound like Maxine Waters.  It just isn’t true.  You seem to stay clear of that sort of thing.  I am a conservative but I am an American first.

DML: You should really get my DVDs if you want to learn more about me and what we do.  Thanks for the email.

A scene from AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Season I (2019).  In Season I, we focus some of our 8 episodes on the beauty of the shorelines and how vital they are to the US.

Filmed in what will remain an undisclosed location, in this episode we showcase underwater beauty in a way I didn’t think was possible on a low budget.


  1. DML, with all do respect to you, your response to the person that suggested that you should aid in being the president’s right hand man was an assumption based on other people. I am some what surprised at your response. You are not the type to back away from a challenge. Those folks that said it has been very difficult to work for the president are probably a, exadurating or b, have not worked for someone so fast paced at getting things accomplished before. Either way I agree with the request you would make a great team with the president. Your personality would equalize him a bit. He would respect your honesty and integrity. I believe that he would respect you. Though the folks working with him currently feel the way they do have to admire the fact that he works non stop for the well being of the country. You both are similar in thinking believe it or not, the difference is that you are more subtle than the president is. But, you both are passionate about MAGA! As always I love what you do. You’re a true American Patriot!

    • I am nothing like Trump, and I don’t see the problem with my answer. I gave it to you honest. Why is there a need by you or anyone, to put words and assumptions into what another person has said and why they said it. I have had a number of people tell me that working for Trump in this administration, and for working for him during the campaign, was a nightmare and a detriment to their career. Not many people landing huge jobs once they leave this administration — that’s a first.

  2. Thank You, Dennis, for responding.
    I’m so looking forward to Aug. 28 when Andrew Pollack can celebrate his victory of helping to make the necessary changes in the Broward Co. school system for the better of the community and it’s children.

  3. Stay sharp fellow American conservative’s some things ain’t always what they appear to be. We ask questions why things are the way they are, why don’t this happen, why don’t that happen, reason for everything. Trump 🇺🇸 didn’t get where he’s at for being stupid and falling for all the deception in this world. Just saying 😎🇺🇸🇺🇸

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