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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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DML, it is so frightening to me that Americans are willing to cut off their noses despite their own faces. Our Beautiful Nation has become the Strongest Nation in the world in under 250 yrs with Nations more than 3000 years old depending on us. Why can’t Americans of all political standing understand and acknowledge we became this Great Nation in such a small amount of time because of the Christian Philosophy, strong borders with LEGAL immigration and fair laws put in place by our founding fathers. The “Old” ways benefited America and Americans letting America grow and become strong. The “New” beliefs being forced on America is destroying us. How can any American be in favor of these destructive policies and against protecting our Nation on multiple levels?

DML: How does a nation nominate a woman for president knowing that her husband was impeached, and that she as a public servant lied about countless events, etc?  I can’t answer these questions, nor can I answer yours.

Five months ago, my 28 year old son asked if I wanted to go to San Diego with him. We went to downtown San Diego, we had lunch at a cool place.

We leave, I see two homeless men sitting on the curb with all their worldly goods, 6 ft high in grocery carts,they had to be 6ft high. I decided to talk with them, I went and sat on the curb between them, mind you my son didn’t say a word. I asked about their lives, family members, etc. They were veterans from Vietnam, their families basically threw them away. They have Va disability checks, and Social Security checks, but without a physical address, they can’t get them. I spent about 40 minutes with them, when I got up to go, I knew they were hungry, I took two $20 dollar bills out and gave each one. They were shocked, but one said to the other, “we really are going to have lunch today”. I said it was great talking to them and I would never forget them. My son asked, “were you afraid of them, no I wasn’t, he added, “why did you do that “, because it was the right thing to do”, all he could say was “wow mom”.

I written many times to you, I financially support you and I loved the book.
I hope you get to read this, and thank you for what you are doing AND God bless these two men.

DML: Excellent story, great work. Need more of this in America.

Dennis, I am confused as to why the President has not address the threat of Muslim terrorist bunker down in our own country . Towns are being taken over and Americans are not allowed to pass through ? What’s going on with this ?

DML: I am confused as to what you are talking about exactly, but as for your second question…. I answer with a question of my own, “Why hasn’t Trump torn up NAFTA? What hasn’t Trump wrote an executive order for e-Verify?”  I have more questions, but I don’t want to overload the question bin.

Hello DML, the article on Obamacare said short term insurance was expanded. Now in your case with medical insurance, and many others in the same situation, will this expansion be a better alternative? Thank you, and I hope I read a response from you soon.

DML: There isn’t enough information to form a thorough opinion on my part, but from what I can tell it’s like getting the Big Mac but without the bun, bit being told it will cost a few less cents.  What’s the point.

Can you explain what you meant by people you know say “being in the WH is the worst move of their careers?”

DML: I assume you are referring to my answer to an email from.  I think it is pretty straight forward, although I did not say working in the WH, I said working for Trump.  I was reiterating what I’ve been told.

If you’re trying to take stock of the comments made by these folks, I’d start by taking a look at the people who have left the Trump admin.  None of them have landed top positions in other places. Example: Sean Spicer. He may be the only press sec. to leave the WH and not land a paid spot on a TV news network.

From what I can ascertain, being attached to the Trump presidency is not a winning card to play when reentering the private sector.

Some people say it’s unpredictable and frustrating working under his unconventional style and so they would like to leave, but they fear nothing waits for them on the outside if they do.

Hi DML, I am new to AZ and would greatly appreciate your input on the GOP senate race, McSally, Ward and Sheriff Joe.

DML: I think there are too many hats in the ring, and Joe is probably best served to retire and enjoy the golden years.   That said, I don’t predict those sort of races considering I don’t cover them locally.  My guess would be just that, a total guess.

I have been following you since I saw you years ago on the Kelly File show on FOX when you were talking about the DVD They Come to America. I must have given that DVD to 20 or more people.

We moved from Texas 11 years ago to Iowa. My husband has been with John Deere for 35 years this June.   We live in West Des Moines. Iowa is so interesting because you can see all the presidential candidate’s because we get them all.

Even the first day of the Iowa State Fair Thursday; we got Stormy Daniels’ lawyer saying he is thinking about running…for President.  Let that sink in before you laugh too hard!

I knocked on over 1000 doors to get Trump elected.  I knew he would be serious about our immigration mess.

Anyway, can’t wait till the 4 films you are working on come out and I just bought the America the Beautiful book.

Thanks for all your great work (especially like the walk and talks)! God Bless you and your family!

DML: Did you see They Come to America II and III?  I appreciate all the support.  We have so many interesting and well-done films coming up.  It’s a very busy time to be me. LOL. We just finished up our last homeless shoots today.

It’s hard to believe that Charlottesville was one year ago.

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  1. I am in Az and I will be supporting Ward. Joe is a great guy, but needs to retire from politics. McSally is pretty much a light weight version of Flake.

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