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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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I get the sense you are no longer a strong supporter of Trump. I would like to know why this is true if it is true.  Thank so much for considering my first email to you. PS – I respect you more than any person in the news and entertainment business.

DML: I hope it’s not your last email.  But either way, I am a supporter of America, and a champion of policies which I believe will better America.  I am not a supporter of a politician.  I will vote for a politician, I will push for a politician to win a race, I will also agree with and disagree with a politician, but I am not going to class myself as a supporter.  Thus, I am not a “Trump supporter.”  To me that means I have to support all things Trump, which I cannot and will not.  Just like I didn’t classify myself as a “Obama hater.”  I hated Obama’s policies most of the time, but I wasn’t part of some crazy cult that tried to discredit every word he said.  There are people who are now dedicated to do nothing but fight for Trump no matter what he says or does.  These people are crazy in my book.  Bottom line: There are some areas where Trump does well.  There are many areas where he does less than well, and other areas where he just doesn’t show up like I thought he would / could / should.

Is there a way we could donate to you every month to rid of these ads? LOL

DML: Yes, sort of. LOL.  Fact is, we are further separating the two active websites this fall.  We will be creating into a subscription service for TEAM DML.  There will be an initial one-time set-up fee, and then a small monthly subscription charge.  For those people who don’t want to join, will remain as-is.  The DML NEWS APP will lead to both websites, although you have to log in to get to the subscription site (DML).  The sign-up fee and subscription will come with a ton of services and products including access to our no-ads news feed.  The subscription will also provide private screening rooms where you can watch us develop our films and AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, plus full access to THE TRUTH and WALK & TALK, which will no longer be on Facebook LIVE by the end of this year.  I have given up on Facebook LIVE. I can no longer spend my days trying to figure out what BS they will put next.  It’s time to move on.  Pricing has not been established as of now.  More details are to follow.

I want to say your 110% correct about Omarosa being a bigger pain for Trump than he wishes to admit.  You said a few months ago that the person screaming the loudest is usually the person losing the argument. It appears to me that Trump is losing it with Omarosa. His tweets are childish. I thought this man was tough.  This man is not who I thought he would be.  The economy just isn’t enough to make America great again.

DML: Personally, I think she is one step up from being the devil.  That said, she’s not going away any time soon and Trump knows it.  He also hates it.

Will there be another way to see your upcoming series than Netflix? I’m hoping so since we’ve cancelled it.

DML: We are putting together two pilot shows to be pitched to Netflix and Amazon.  Stay tuned where it lands.  If the deal isn’t right, I will run it online myself. My audience is big enough to sustain doing such a thing.

How do I delete You??? I HATE the pop-ups and the fact that you suddenly open a new tab. I want you GONE!

DML: Only God can delete me Judy.  Get a life.  And then get a book on computers for dummies.

Judge denies motion to detain New Mexico compound suspects after hours-long hearing. What? Crazy, just crazy. Starving 11 kids while training them to commit massacres (according to court docs) merits just a signature bond.

DML: Welcome to the new version of the USA.  Hard working Americans get zilch, terrorists get free.

What a great picture of your adorable children !!! ( God bless you.) I’m one of your many fans that talk about you and share your walk and talks. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

DML: I cannot describe how much I love working with my family.  Thank you.  I think AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL will be very big for the average person who wants to be entertained and informed without the political spin, and it will also be a new turning point in my life as I really enjoy time with my family while at work.

DML, I am writing you to see if you can help with the problems in trucking and congress and TRUMP. We have problems that are effecting the public not just us as drivers.
Trump listens to ATA and big carriers and no one else.BUT this is killing the small business trucking companies.TRUMP said he supported small business but with small companies going out of business and causing problems in the shipping world it driving up prices. I would like to speak with you or someone in your organization.

DML: Ted, unfortunately Trump said a lot of things which are turning out to be untrue when measured by results.  He is following the lines of other presidents who promise the small guy the world but end up delivering it to big businesses.  Immigration, healthcare, trucking…. all of it leans in the favor of the big donors.  I wish I would help you in the way you are asking for help, but truth is I cannot, nor can anyone at this point.

I am 75 and barely able to make my bills each month.  I thought president trump would be the man to make it so the elderly would be able to live a better life.   I only see my costs going up and I just don’t have the money to pay the increases in utilities and medications like I did when I was working.  Will this change in the future do you think?   I know you are upset with this administration.  I am afraid of your response to my question. I love Miss Mary and the kids.

DML: I want to tell you it will get better, but I will not lie to you Anne.  I don’t see any of it getting better.  Trump is spending like mad and he’s not pushing for a cut in costs in the areas we need to cut in order for your life to get easier.  I am so sorry.

Got my DML hat, DML DVDS, DML photo book and DML bumper stickers that came with the photo book.  I am proud to be a part of your circle of truth.

DML: Thank you for all the support Laura. Send photos.

Hell has no fury like Omarosa.

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  1. I still have hope! I think Trump is doing a good job on creating jobs for the American people. He’s only been in office, a little less than two years. I did not vote for Trump, but I will say all the hate that has been thrown at this president has been unfair. I believe he cares for the American people. I don’t think for one minute he’s a racist. I think he’s too trusting, and Has gotten screwed over by people he tries to help. Don’t forget the media and stupid media have made them out to be Hitler who keeps kids in cages. We know the photo that started all of this was from 2014 when Obama was president. I’m going to give the president a chance,and I don’t think you should give up on him.

    • With all due respect, please know that presidents don’t create jobs, businesses create jobs.

  2. I enjoy read the emails and your responses, DML! It’s very disheartening that Trump can’t seem to get things done like he said he would. However I’d vote for him a thousand times again over the ‘other’ choice. POTUS does not seem to understand and use the power he has to get things accomplished, #1 right now is to clean house of any Obama holdovers. If he can’t fire them, he can certainly “relocate” them to a different place/position, like some would make good dog catchers!!! Maybe!!!

  3. I’m worried that our time to fight for our country is passing by. Though, I applaud President Trump’s successes and attitude, especially pertaining to trade, I think voters will fall back into a politicians only mindset for his job, if he doesn’t do more.

    Where he has dented the established control and money system that is DC, if someone doesn’t step up and move the ball further down the field, America will be over as it was founded. Someone like you, DML.

    • Your reply is one of the best to date. That’s the thing about Trump… he was supposed to do more because he “wasn’t” a politician. But he hasn’t, and in large part it is because he set an ugly tone with congress and the press. Nobody wants to work with him, and nobody wants to work for him. Like him or love him, he is failing to get things done as promised.

  4. Trump lovers and Trump haters, the two sides of the same extreme coin! I read through the chat this morning. Very little objectivity. I am with you DML on this. It shouldn’t be about the man, it should be about this country and it’s people. Sure Trump has had an uphill battle, but his tweets about Russia, Hillary, etc are getting old. It would be much better if his tweets were less about him, his adversaries and more about solutions to the real problems that most Americans are facing. Wages are better, but not near where they should be. Immigration , his corner stone campaign promise is lagging, there is no relief for the homeless problem and we still have NAFTA, Obamacare. While certainly the Donald was a better choice then Hillary, I am getting tired of the excuses, the false promises and the blame game.
    I just shake my head in bewilderment at the way this administration is moving.

    • The pool you swim in has few swimmers, but more jump in each day. Soon you’ll be bumping into others. Watch.

  5. Love your comment to Judy….computers for dummies. Lol

    How frigging hard is it to delete the app and click unfollow…seriously.

    Grouch must have been drinking some of that Dumbocrat koolaid

  6. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. I am afraid i so agree with your take on how President Trump is doing on the major issues facing most of us. I hate to give up on him changing things but i am to that point these days. I know he has had a lot to contend with with fake news etc. BUT some of his problems are his own making. He needs to put that tweeter account on “hold”. In my humble opinion, he needs to start addressing the issues MOST Americans are facing every day. I am 76 and i have good health insurance but my pensions don’t seem to make the ends meet at the end of each month. My SS check has been exactly the same for the last 3-4 years. Raise is taken up with Medicare increase in premiums. Then when i look at all else that is going to pot, I simply am afraid of the future for this great country.

    DML i have followed u long time before the election. BUT if there will be a charge for following you, I guess I will not be doing that. As I said my pensions do not meet my budget. I guess I will pray that when you decide what the charge will be that I can scrap up that amount extra every month. I understand that you have many needs for funds and I can’t blame you for trying to stay ahead of expenses. God bless you, your family, your team, our military, first responders, these United States.

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