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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Facebook. They are silencing you. I shared the video to my page and group. It not there. I always copy your video. I posted on my page and it says the strength of your connection. There is nothing wrong with my connection.

DML: I don’t think it is Facebook, at least this time. I think it is my fault. My phone battery way dying as I was signing off, and in rushing to post the video I may have hit delete button which is so small and right next to the post button. Tack on my need for glasses (which I refuse to wear) and the sun in my eyes when I do these videos in the morning… I think it was on my end.  I hate to defend FB, but I must tell the truth.

How do I find you live on your App. I get your messages that your going live but when I go to find you live….nothing…. or I get the days before “live”. I love you live….its my favorite. I love the live after they’re not live anymore too….I just dislike waiting.

DML: As of now we use Facebook LIVE. You can go to the “videos” tab on at 10am EST and keep refreshing the page. However, as we move into the fall season we will be saying goodbye to FB LIVE and using a player on the DML NEWS APP for our LIVE shows. More about this in weeks to come.

Pennsylvania AG news conference regarding hundreds of Catholic priests rounded up for horrific child abuse crimes. I can’t believe no one, not even Fox news, is reporting this! Neither is any msm outlets! Tragic that this isn’t the headlines everywhere!

DML: We covered it on

Just wanted to say how refreshing Troy McCains response was to read. It was beautiful and articulate. It really helped to show how low the media can go, just to get a “scoop”.

He didn’t choose sides. He didn’t call anyone a name. He, like DML, stated just the facts.

I’ve read some of the hateful words thrown at you because you call out our President. You call a spade a spade. Troy McCains family should never been exposed to the ugly underbelly we call the news. And neither should anyone’s.

For me Omarosa represents the ugly side of America. All these liberal programs that let her “promote” her book are shameful. She has a big agenda. She doesn’t care who she hurts. Her eyes are fixed on a prize.

DML I cannot day this enough, Thank you for bringing the TRUTH forward. Thank you for being HONEST. And for all those haters, GROW UP!!

DML: I think I am now at a rate of answering your emails every day. LOL.

Loved your talk yesterday. I found out later in the day the child that died in New Mexico and was a 4 year old with eplipsey who died of seizures. The fact I’m an epileptic and know this medical issue more than I ever wanted to know. This poor 4 old kid died a torturous death! That fool of a judge should be removed ASAP and those dirt bags locked up!! This is the same county where liberals cried over water boarding and a 4 year old is tortured to death with seizures!!!??? WTH!!! Please share!

DML: The United States of America post Obama’s fundamental transformation.

Have followed you faithfully since you started on your own. Love the quick 15-20 min shows in the morning. Question. When will Homeless movie be available. Can hardly wait. It is such a real problem that many people are not aware of. Stay safe.

DML: It depends on how we distribute it.  Big debate in our house about how to do it.  So, I don’t have an answer for you other than “soon,” I hope.  Thanks for the support.

I don’t think I have seen anything on DML about this Q Anon thing. I was wondering if you could give your take on it. I would like to take your views back to a friend so that he might wake up out of the hole he has put his head into. I trust your views and wanted to get some backup from you. Love DML and family! God Bless!

DML: For the same reason why you don’t see me posting reports on flying unicorns.

Mr. Lynch I have a Conservative Facebook live show. I would like to interview you if possible?

DML: Sorry Daryl, I don’t do media interviews of any kind any more be it for conservative, liberal or independent shows.  Although, I would do THE VIEW just to have my two-minutes with Whoopie.  One of these days I am sure.

What’s with Parkland School putting more UNARMED guards at the school this year? Is that really going to help if their is a shooter?

DML: Superintendent Runcie is a nightmare and must be voted out.

Dennis, my husband and i just returned from vacation in the Bahamas. I arranged transportation from the airport to our resort. We met the gentleman and my husband excused himself to the men’s room before departing airport. The gentleman, “Sheffield” came right out and said what a great job the man in the “big house” was doing. He went on and on about our President! It was awesome. He said he can see the difference he is making as tourism is up. I just thought it was great because he didn’t know if I was a supporter or not and he said when he does come across those who don’t like President Trump, he tries to change their minds.
This started off my vacation in such a positive way, just thought I’d pass it along!

DML: I’m glad he’s happy.

Saw car with “not my president” sticker on it.  Had to ask the driver “who is YOUR president? Response “anyone other than Trump” Scary times !!!

DML: I saw a bumper sticker on a car yesterday that read: “I STAND FOR MY FLAG” and I was like, wow, that’s our bumper sticker.

Subscription service for DML. I just read your most recent responses to e-mails. I’m so very excited to hear of the new direction you are taking. I will gladly pay a set up fee and a monthly fee and continue being a devoted Team DML member. You are the best resource of news and I truly value your opinions, walk and talks, wine and talks and your op-eds. I’m also excited to dump Facebook as a source to get your walk and talks and can hardly wait to experience the features you describe. You and your family are amazing and each day I feel as if I know you all a little better. Your wife and children are beautiful and handsome (as are you). Kal and your younger sone look just like Miss Mary and your older daughter and older son look just like you. I’m sure you hear that a lot. Keep up the fabulous job. I know it’s time consuming and sometimes financially difficult. But you know the saying, do what you LOVE and the money will follow. I’ve donated in the past to your requests to build your new platforms plus have purchased most of the items in your store and even donated 3 of the blankets to others that may not be able to afford it. all items rev top quality and worth every cent paid. As I said in the beginning, you and your family are amazing and your passion for right versus wrong is truly inspiring. I love and pray for the entire DML staff. Kudos.

DML: Yes, we are moving in two directions.  If people want an add-free reading experience and to watch my LIVE shows, and to be invited to review our films before they launch (upcoming), then will be the place to go in the months to come. There will be a subscription fee that will come with tons of goodies, etc. will remain as it is today, free for everyone, but the ads will remain.  We will maintain our Facebook page but we will no longer use the LIVE function as it is unreliable, limited and highly restrictive in terms of how many people we can reach.  I have grown tired of the FB nonsense and unless I make this move soon, I am not sure how our news business will survive as the Facebook bias against news outlets is set to grow.

I just purchased your PHOTO BOOK FOR AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL as a birthday gift for my wife who thinks you are the most handsome and smartest man in America.  She says that you’d be the best looking, best ever president if you ever decide to run.  I have to hear DML all day long whether you are or are not on live.  If you are on, she talks about what you said until there is nothing left to say, which is usually around 11pm at night.  If you are not on, I have to hear about why she feels empty without your commentary until 10am the next morning.  I have to eat a lot of pride because of you DML… A LOT OF PRIDE.  LOL.  Keep up the good work.

DML: You should have purchased her a set of eye glasses instead.  LOL.  Thanks for the support.  Happy birthday to your wife.  Give her a kiss for me.  LOL.


Pray for Italy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. Are you still planning on going to Florida on 8-18 to finish Parkland video? Look forward to seeing all your films. Keep doing what you do best – broadcast the TRUTH. God Bless us all.

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