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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Good morning Dennis what’s your opinion on the priest scandal here in Pennsylvania it is huge our then bishop now cardinal Donald wheurl in D.C. knew about this and protected the priests and not the victims he says he will not step down also a petition was started yesterday to have the name changed of the original North Catholic high school and renamed cardinal Donald wheurl as of this morning they had 1,500 signatures
Thank you for all your excellent reporting Linda from Pittsburgh

DML: Cases like these are ones in which I do not form an opinion until all the evidence is out on the table. That said, the church has a terrible history in this area and it appears as if little has been done to stop it from continuing. I find it disgusting to be honest. As a former alter boy and as a Catholic, I have seen this happen too many times.  As a father, I am outraged and it would be hard not to take matters into my own hands had it been done to my child.

I came across this article about the measles outbreak and immediately recalled one of your walk and talks that touched on this and warned about back to school and diseases… I did a little research and 17 out of 21 states listed are Sanctuary Cities or have counties within them that are! Oh how right you were!

DML: And just because the other cities aren’t sanctuary cities doesn’t mean it does not stem from the same source, Central America.   As you noted, I told you this would happen.  I wonder if we’ll see a tweet from the big guy.  NOPE.  Make America Great Again.  What a joke.

Water Warrior-15 yr marine. Tragic loss of leg in Fl. Contaminated water.
Zach served our country for 15 years as a marine. He lost his leg from the Ft. Meyers beach area. At the time there was NO Red Tide in the water. Zach stated when the salt water reaches 82 degrees there are 5 different types of flesh eating bacteria present. This man is the only person coming forward as a survivor. I am so outraged this isn’t a huge story in the news. I will be in Ft. Meyers next weekend. I hope to meet Zach and see his band. What an amazing survivor. They call him the Water Warrior. PLEASE Take time to hear his story.

DML: Monica, I am headed to Florida tonight.  We are looking for stories to cover concerning the red tide, and will be in the southwest FL area for a few days.  Thanks for sending this, I will look into it.

I went to click on and buy your DVDs this morning and nothing happened. Do not worry I will try again on Thursday. Keep up the good work. I am a Virginian for 45 years but lived in Rochester NY for 27 years first.

DML: Thanks Keith.  I am not sure why it didn’t work, but I know this link works perfectly.

I read the article about the new record of overdoses in the US.  When will Trump do something other than tweet about the bullsh_t.  The man is a waste of time as far as I am concerned.  Having a child who died of a drug overdose, I think Trump is a terrible leader who ran on the talking points he heard on Fox News and stupidly we bought into it.

DML: Make America Great Again.  It’s a damn good hat.
(Meanwhile, I am sorry for your loss).

Why don’t people loose their security clearance when they leave. And why do so many people have clearance.

DML: It’d done for reasons that are somewhat over the top.  It’s a safeguard measure put in place in the event there is something catastrophic in nature and a need for more experienced people are called in to help a situation.  Basically, it’s like have substitute teachers on duty in the event the main teachers are all absent.  The theory is if we keep these people informed it will be easier to get them up to speed in the event of an emergency or crisis.  It’s stupid.

How do I sign up for texts?

DML: Text to 40404 the following message: follow @realdennislynch

Dennis, when I was your age and needing reading glasses for work, I just happened to be talking to a coworker about how to wear them while using the computer caused my neck terrible pain.

She told me about mono vision contact lenses and it changed my life! I have been wearing them ever since. Mine last a month and then I toss them. Greatest invention. LASIK survey works to but more costly!

Your news is what I read and feel confident sharing each day. Thank you for keeping us informed with the TRUTH!

DML: Thanks Carol.  I think I am going to continue to squint.  Something about the crows feet on my eyes makes me look smart.  LOL.

I just read Troy McCain’s response to allegations that he shared a recording, with Omarosa, of Trump using the N word. And, of course, he totally denies that it ever happened, and also says the claim didn’t even come from Omarosa herself but a reporter on hearsay from two sources. Unbelievable! Well, not really, it’s absolutely believable! Troy McCain certainly sounds like a very credible man. And, of course, your assessment of Omarosa is right on! As your assessments always are. That’s why your faithful followers always want to hear from you on every topic. And I believe your assessment of Trump is right on too. It’s bothered me for a long time some of the people he chooses to be close to him. I’ve not understood why. But you summed it up nicely recently in one of your reports. I guess Trump is not going to change anytime soon. It can all be very discouraging. But I won’t give up hope for something better in the future. I have to have that. I pray a lot. I read about your plans to offer subscriptions soon to your news. I’m sure I will subscribe. God Bless you and your family DML.

DML: I appreciate the email.  I do not know of Troy, so I guess we take his word for it and move on. Frankly, I don’t think it would matter much if there was a tape.  It’s so overblown.  I’m more interested in where the tape is that bears the plan to fix the real issues we face.  I want that hidden tape.

I posted one of you posts about possible voter fraud in Ohio. Fb sent me a link to download and told me to check it out because it wasn’t true. I took screen shots to send you ,but see of no way to do so. Just wanted to let you know,and tell you I believe you over fb any day. Keep up the good work.

DML: Yes, it’s amazing how Facebook works.  We post a million links a day on Facebook and can’t get them to send them to more than a few thousand people of the total 1.4M we have on our pages, but when something is questionable in their eyes, PRESTO, all 1.4M people are reached.  The report in question was published by Breitbart.  We aggregated the story. Then, which I believe has a history of being biased in their reporting, claims the report from Breitbart is not 100% accurate.  Thus, we got flagged with a MIXTURE rating for that particular article.  It is the first time we’ve ever been flagged.  MIXTURE means there are inaccuracies in the article.

According to FactCheck, the article on Breitbart, which highlights research done by a think tank group called GAI, incorrectly states that 170 “dead” people were on the voter list for Ohio.  GAI issued this report based on the birth dates listed from the 1800s.   FactCheck claims they contacted a handful of people who are listed with those birth dates and found them to be alive, but older in age.  According to FactCheck, there are 161 people, not 170 with crazy birth dates, and that Ohio did it on purpose because they did not have a real birthday on record.  Frankly, I do not see this as fake news, I blame this on Ohio officials for not being clear as to what the hell they are doing listing birth dates from 1800.  However, we have made a correction to the story and have reached out to Breitbart for a response.  If they fail to answer our inquiry we will remove them from our list of news outlets and issue a statement in accordance. At the end of the day, Ohio is publishing false data.

Will it still be possible to see your walk and talks without the subscription? Later, not live? Some of us are on a limited budget and would still want to see the walk and talks.

DML: We are still in the planning stages, but gun to my head now I have to say the answer is no, you will not.  It costs us a lot of money to put on a LIVE program if we are not using Facebook LIVE.  And I want / need to get as far away from FB LIVE as possible.  I will from time to time do a show on there, but for the most part we are moving everything LIVE to a DML website paywall. and the DML APP will remain free, but not the stuff pertaining to my films and daily shows which pick up again after the summer ends / our film schedule slows.

Sadly, most companies are being forced to move in this direction because the social media giants are biased and unfair.  I was going to do this last year, but did not because I don’t want to charge people.  But, I simply cannot continue at this pace as Facebook continues to batter on us, and others like us.  That said, keep in mind we are loading up the service with tons of features including the viewing of our films at no cost to subscribers.  Will have more for you in the months ahead.

Do all the illegals who come to America get their shots before they come to live in America the legal way? I know they don’t require shots in their country. But we do.

DML: That’s like asking me if Lance Armstrong didn’t take steroids before riding in his races.  Seriously, can you even imagine the illegal alien going to the doctor before he or she comes here… “Hi Mr. Doctor, can you give me all my shots before I go to America illegally, I would have to spread our 3rd world diseases when I get there.”

Dear Dennis and family
Fist let me say I so appreciate you and what you do and stand for I agree with you and hold the same views as you. I’m 74 soon to be 75 I’m not fearful for my self but am for my four kids and 12 grandkids so please keep doing what you do. Any way the reason I’m contacting you today is because of a song I know you will appreciate as it is about our military made me cry. It call Stand Tall by John Woodall you may have heard of him it’s a beautiful moving song.
Love your app and share as much as Facebook will let me.

DML: I will look into it for sure.  Thanks Kathy.

The photo book is gorgeous!

DML: Thank you for the support.


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  1. Some of your stories don’t say anything beyond the sensationalized headlines. Other times it looks like I’m reading from a rag magazine. The number of advertisements are mind Boggling. No more donations from us.

  2. Love the picture of you for the article. I know you do that often when researching news and reading emails! Lol

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