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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

FROM ELIZABETH: HELPING ANDY POLLACK. Hey Dennis, I saw your video yesterday regarding elections. I’ve DM’d Andy and am Emailing you as well. Myself and my daughter Megan met you at the Pollack’s. We talked about many things from but we had one of my Fav places to eat where I grew up, Chefs II on Rt 110.  My Aunt And Her Daughter worked there forever (Her second Job). My Aunt just retired from
Nassau County PD Detectives Unit as an administrator most her life.

When I moved I lived in Coral Springs but currently live in Sunrise just South of there. Literally a couple blocks east of the Sawgrass Expwy.

However everything in our lives from friends, School and activities is in Parkland and Coral Springs. My girls, 14&16, go to Coral Spring Charter School which is just down the street from the Pollacks.

I’d be good volunteering at the Sunrise Civic Center. Lots of Seniors go there from the retirement communities.

I’m a a licensed realtor in Broward and I’m familiar with the entire county so I can volunteer anywhere. Just let me know.

DML: Yes, Chefs II was owned by my uncles. As for helping Andy, I forwarded your email and others I have received to Andy. If you don’t hear from someone soon let me know. NOTE: Andy needs volunteers to help get the word out about upcoming election on Aug 28 for school board seats.  It’s time to rid of Runcie!! Anyone in South Florida who can help, please email me your name and number at [email protected] ASAP. Thanks!

FROM LAURA: It was great to meet you in the driveway at Andy’s after the Ride for Meadow.  I shared your video yesterday.

Not only am I a Broward resident, but  my daughter-in-law is a Broward school teacher.  I’d be happy to help Andy and volunteer to get Runcie the hell out of here

DML: thank you!!!!!

FROM NANCY: I replied to your post on Omarosa and FB immediately highlighted in red & could not repost. I did screenshot

DML: your screenshot is the photo of the day below.

FROM CAROL: Why do you do your commentaries from your car, especially while driving? It’s extremely distracting. Walking I get, but driving or even just sitting in the car? Don’t you have an office?

DML: I beg… God, although you have blessed me with so many amazing supporters, there are some people who do not belong.  Father, please provide me an entire week free of asinine emails.  Just one week.  Actually, I’d settle for one hour.




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  1. To DML: I am so ❤️ing your drive ‘n talks, sit ‘n talks, wine ‘n talks, and walk ‘n talks….especially miss THE BELLS. Seeing your face up close and personal brings you closer and nearer to our hearts. So we let the naysayers whine and encourage you to keep up your good works. We really appreciate you and how you are raising your lovely family‼️

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