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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

I lived and taught in Okeechobee,FL for 27 years which is on the northern end of Lake Okeechobee. Please look at the blogs address A blog which answers questions about Lake Okeechobee, estuaries St.Lucie, Caloosahatchee and others to the south of us. Scroll down to question 8 which covers the red tide problem. There are no easy answers. The Army Corp of Engineers is trying right now to present a plan affecting all who live around Lake Okeechobee. I have read news articles about this algae bloom in the lake. You can find out more by looking at their website. I would like for you or a member of the DML Team to research this problem. This is a controversial issue with neighbors who live and work around the lake and our neighbors to the South.By the way Lake Okeechobee is the 2nd largest lake in the 48 states not bordered by another country. Read up on the history of Lake Okeechobee and the terrible Hurricane of 1928 which caused the Army Corp of Engineers to build the Herbert Hoover Dam. Thanks for the video. Always enjoy your news.

DML: As you saw in my video, I am in Florida, and we are investigating.

You are in Florida. Rep. Brian Mast has to go; he is for open Borders. Could you please talk to Dave Cummings. And Mast has got money from Big Sugar Water — not going to get fixed.

DML: I assume you are referring to Red Tide issue in the latter part of your email.  We are down here in FL looking into the issue.  As for Rep. Mast and open borders, I’m of the mindset that most Republicans are for open borders… that’s why the borders are wide open despite a Republican president, Senate and House being in place.

RED TIDE. I just saw you on Facebook live giving the blame for red tide to the growers in The Glades…..I have lived here for 70 years and I want to tell you how wrong you are ..stay with politics and leave us alone. You don’t know what you are talking about. Shame….

DML: Oh goodness, another emotional email finds its way to my inbox. It’s the sort of email that includes nonsense, sent by an emotional person who makes themselves look silly by issuing misinformation.  FACT: I did not say where the Red Tide problem stems from, because truth is I don’t know where the problem stems from.

Let’s get one thing straight.  I have seen the problem now with my own two eyes, and it is so bad that I will no longer consider moving to this area of Florida after months of looking for a home to buy.

Bottom line, I’m down here researching the problem with my camera, doing what I do best.  I will be interviewing several people.  The man whom I interviewed Saturday (the captain in the video)  blamed it all on the sugar plantations (growers).  I did not blame anyone or anything.  I am doing more prodding and looking before I issue any sort of conclusion.  That said, if you have so much knowledge, why not send me an intelligent email with your phone number to set up a time when I will can come interview you?  Either way, if you can’t be an intelligent commenter, don’t comment at all — that’s my suggestion.

You are turning more people off on a daily basis, you are undermining our president to the max. A lot of my friends that always loved you are no longer listening to you.
You started like a fan for 50% of the people, but you sound more like a RHINO.
You can think it’s ok but we will never show up at the ballot box for you. It’s many more people than you think that feels the same way about you.
Sorry you are not who we thought.

DML: Sounds like you’re eating Larry’s sugar.  Lets break down your ridiculous email, shall we…

(1) It’s not RHINO, it’s RINO.  A RHINO is an animal.  A RINO is a “Republican In Name Only.”

(2) It is impossible for me to be a RINO for I am not a registered Republican.  I am a registered Independent who is conservative in most of his thinking.

(3) Unless you know something I do not, my name is not on any ballots, so I have no idea what the hell you are referring to about not voting for me.  But then again, your email is pretty unclear… or better stated, it’s very clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

(4) You write: “You started like a fan for 50% of the people, but you sound more like a RHINO.”  What is heaven’s name does that mean?  We covered the RHINO part, but the first part of the sentence?  I assume you’re not referring to a ceiling fan, so then what?  Whatever you are referring to, your email is so poorly written that I couldn’t even begin to guess. And so I won’t.

(5) I am not “turning people off.”  Perhaps they are turning me off?  Is that what you mean?  Grammar is an important thing, so too is sentence structure.  Aside from that, how am I undermining the president on a daily basis?  And if I may tie in your last sentence with your first sentence, how am I not the person you thought I was?  Let’s narrow this down….

Assume for the moment your email made sense. Overall, you are claiming I am a RINO, and as such I am undermining the president on a daily basis because of my liberal ideals.  Furthermore, reading between the lines, it appears you want me to kiss Trump’s ass. Well, let me assure you of a few things:

(A) I have never kissed anyone’s ass, and I have no plans of changing in that area, so I am still the same person I always have been.

(B) I have never suggested we end DACA only to flip my position and say I love the DACA kids.  I have never placed amnesty for DACA kids as a part of a 4-point plan to fix immigration. Any Republican who would suggest amnesty, well, in my book they are a RINO.  Truth is, I have always rejected DACA, and I do not love DACA kids.  No change to be reported.

(c) I have always believed in repealing and replacing Obamacare immediately.  Never have I bent on this one.

(D) I would never donate to the Clinton Foundation. Never ever.

(E) Every day of my life I repeat the same thing I have said for years, which is to cut off the money to illegal aliens.  This starts with mandatory e-verify.

(F) I have always said NAFTA should be ripped up.   Not renegotiated, but torn up to shreds.

(G) I have always gone out into the community and looked at problems first hand and worried about those around me more than myself — I have even put myself in harms way to protect strangers I do not know.  See border films, Bundy film, We Ride to DC, and upcoming homeless film as proof.

(H) I have never donated to a Democrat.  I have never been a Democrat.

(I) I acknowledge on a daily basis the problems facing America without sugar coating it.  This has always been me.  For example,  homeless people are all over the place. There are more homeless today than when Obama was in office.

(J) I do not blow off that drug overdoses just hit a new high in 2017.  I have always covered that problem as a news man.

Lets look at President Trump on the other hand…

A) I don’t think he’s ever kissed ass.  Kudos to him.

B) He promised to end DACA on day one, but he did not.  He told DACA kids he loved them instead, and despite all the warnings people like myself gave him about saying such a stupid thing he didn’t listen. Thus, the result of his lovey dovey tweets about DACA amnesty has caused the current surge at the border.  You, and your friends want me to ignore this?  Sounds like you are the RINOs.

c) Obamcare remains the law. POTUS has blasted out more tweets about Omarosa and buying books written by Fox News hosts than he has about Obamacare this year.   You, and your friends want me to ignore this?  Sounds like you are the RINOs.

D) Trump donated to the Clinton Foundation.  That can never be erased.

E) Never once has the president tweeted or referred to mandatory e-verify despite every person with half a brain knowing it is the number one solution for stopping illegal immigration.  Why has he not mentioned it?  Because he loves cheap labor, and so do his big donors. You, and your friends want me to ignore this?  Sounds like you are the RINOs.

F) NAFTA still remains in full force 18-months after he took office.

G) Trump holds rallies and talks about himself and the fake news media.  I would never do such a thing, nor will I praise it.  People are hurting — not everyone is benefitting from the tax cuts and stock market.   There are real problems that loom, and in some cases are worse than when Obama was in office.  They need to be addressed more than CNN’s Jim Acosta and his distain for the president.

H) Trump has donated to tons of Dems.   Can’t erase this fact.

I & J) You want me to ignore the homeless and drugs like Trump does? Sorry, that aint gonna happen JUDY.  I want to help my fellow Americans, not alienate them.

I could go on and on and on and on.  But, instead, I ask you why you are still here if I am such a scumbag?  Bottom line is this… you and your “friends” who don’t listen to me anymore are no better than the Democrats or the RINOS.  You want to be fed the red meat BS that makes you get all ticklish inside.  You want me to chant “I hate, hate, hate Hillary, and I hate, hate, hate Obama, and I love, love, love Trump.”  Sorry, that ain’t happening here.  I don’t hate or love politicians.  I focus on policy.

To get your fix, I suggest you tune in at 9pm M-F on the Fox News Channel.  Meanwhile, I will be out here in my little world of news and wild RHINOs, bucking horns and making waves by doing the job people like me are supposed to be doing — holding the president and politicians in DC accountable when needed, and praising their efforts when deserved.  That said, I suggest you get your head out of the sand and stop sucking on the sand crabs because you are awfully crabby.  Tell your friends to enjoy the photo of the day.

Some would say this photo is offensive. I say it’s the circle of life and a thing of beauty.


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    • good job DML a lot of people speak about things before doing there research, I have done it myself and recognized it and have become more knowledgable on issues but not all.

  1. Wel said DML. You never back down on what you stand for and I love that. Yes we as Americans are still hurting and trying to get by. No extra money in our pockets. I’m 74 and would love to enjoy a retirement. Ain’t gonna happen. I’ve heard so many politicians say what they would do if elected. I am so far disappointed In our government. They should walk the talk but talking is the easy way out. Promises are never kept and it breaks my heart. By the way Why is Hillary and Obama still walking around. Hoped to see results about them. Would love to be a fly on the wall in Trumps wall. Please don’t fail this country. I have a daughter and two grandkids that I would love to see their lives better. I’m sure I’ll be six feet under and nothing will change. So sad inside for this generation that doesn’t see what’s going on right before them. They live in the now with best cars and big houses. Can’t tslk to them either!! My daughter is a school teacher and a good caring one but still doesn’t know what’s going on in this world. Tomorrow she will be 49 and she wouldn’t have a clue what’s out there. Her and her husband are in the six figure category. Everything looks dandy to them. I put God First in everything I do Judy getting by. Hope before I leave this world She would say I listen to DML. That would put a smile on my face. Sorry I’m ranting on but not seeing anything good coming from next generation. Thank you Dennis for putting everything out there but if it doesn’t get heard by many then it’s just something on the Internet. Still cheering you on and don’t stop!! I’ll be praying for you and your family and your team

  2. Still shaking my head on this one. Has to be the e-mail of the year. You have praised our POTUS at times, and just as you praised, you found fault in his policies, or with his off the wall tweets. All in keeping us your followers with the truth. In the words of the greatest thinker” when you leave don’t let the door hit your buttocks” So true many that have followed, missed the memo.

  3. Response to Judy was perfect, love it!
    You are 99.99% ALWAYS on point Dennis! ( The .01% is for any kind of error)
    Loved the circle of life photo.

  4. I am still shaking my head. Thi person has missed your memo. Time and time again, you have praised, just as many times, against his policies, he’s off the wall tweets. You have said these things, to open our minds to the Truth. There have been many followers, just as many that have left, you gained double back. In the words of a great thinker, and writer: ” to those that have left, don’t let the door hit your buttocks on the way out”

  5. Thank YOU DML! I love your honesty. As far as the pic of the day…’s beautiful. We need more Rhinos NOT RINOS!! Keep up the great job!

  6. Love it DML! You are on point on your reactions to e-mails. If people don’t like you-why are they always on your site? They could be watching the “view”! My family loves your straight forward honesty-no sugar coating anything! Today’s pic of the day is awesome…..We need more Rhinos NOT RINOS! Keep on keeping on Dennis!

  7. Very well said. Thankful for you and how you stay the course and are so very knowledgeable. Appreciate all you do.

  8. Great response to Judy. I am glad to have someone who is honest and up front about everything. Our President should be called out, on a daily basis. The issues facing this country run deep. Everything you hit on with Judy was spot on. Thank you for having the courage to remain honest, in a time full of liars. You are a great man. You are appreciated.

  9. Dennis, please don’t ever change! You are spot on! Love your responses. Good luck in FL. I own rental property there and I’m worried for the people who live there.

  10. This is just ONE more reason to Love DML. The responses are incredible. DML, Keep up your fantastic work!! I have been a fan for 2 years, and if anything….I just grow to love what you do more. I think “Judy” dosen’t get the big picture. Just WOW.

  11. Well, as always, you are spot on! Your replies to such outlandish kerfuffle is my ah ha of the day! Keep up your eyeopening agenda for those of us who want to know THE TRUTH so desire! Love ya and your fam. God bless you AND may God bless America!

  12. OMG! Loved reading your responses to Larry & Judy! You discussed & addressed the things I thought about what they wrote (such as the Rhino comment) in such perfect detail with such perfect clarity & finesse. I’d say this is one reason you are in the perfect career to express your talents and abilities (news & filmaking). You are SO articulate at the same time so devoted to exposing the underbelly of our problems so we can find solutions & make our country/world a better place for those who suffer all around us. But there are so many ppl in this world who do not want to see or find truth & will not take off their rose colored glasses. On top of that they are deluded & confused. Some may be gotten thru to & others not. Clearly, whether or not Larry or Judy can be reached with your words, you have spoken to the issues & once again made yourself perfectly clear. I love this about you and got great pleasure from reading your awesome responses to these letters. Beautiful, beautiful! And totally got the meaning in the Rhino pic, lol… you have balls! We need thousands, millions more ppl like you in this world – out there demonstrating what it means to live on principles & never depart from them and I for one so appreciate that example you provide every minute of your life!

  13. I about fell off my chair laughing when I got to the rhino pic at the end! Good reply DML – life isn’t all rosy everywhere…and I’d certainly like the President to keep his campaign promises and write to him often stating that! Illegal immigration is getting worse here in Arizona!

  14. Great answer to MS Judy, DML!! Gave me a good chuckle! I have been following you & watch your morning show every day even tho I have to watch the “instant replays” most days! Always informative with some much needed (these days) humor thrown into the mix. I live in Pacific NW & retired so being awake and coherrent by 7AM does not fall into my daily plans, hence, the “instant replays” of your show! Lol
    Keep on keepin’ on, DML. Those of us that care will always be there for support & encouragement…and I care so I will watch you every day!! Best of luck with the red tide investigation…so awful. Best to you & the family!!

  15. DML…I am so glad to see your response to Judy… And this is the reason you caught my eye your last night on Newsmax! The truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth!! God bless you DML!

  16. DML great response to Judy, people tend to speak with no knowledge of a situation before they research it,that said I am guilty in the past of doing this. ( I’ve learned my lesson on this matter now)

  17. Well, isn’t Judy something special, pointing out ALL your flaws, and her unnamed friends agree with her, it sounds all so conspiratorial. Loved your comments addressed all her points.
    I still do not understand why E verify and Obama care and was not addressed the the first week Trump was in office, there’s NO excuse for it!

  18. Great response to Judy, Dennis.
    I like how you respond point by point.
    You are right about Trump. Although I still support him, I’m growing weary of all the nonsense, his tweets etc
    I hope you don’t let the naysayers get you down. What you are doing for this country is so important. I liken it to being in a war, and you win one battle at a time. Keep plugging away. Right now you are my only news source. People will ask, “where did you hear that?”, and I say, dml news and I tell them how to get your app.
    Thanks to you and your staff for all your hard work

  19. Great job DML…love every word of what you wrote,,I sure hope they read your message…an others like them,,if there really are more..we believe in you an thanks for what you do,,

  20. Well, well I never cease to be amazed at what people email you. Evidently, they have not learned IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS SAID, DO NOT READ OR LISTEN. Nobody forces them to listen to you and i could care less for their warped opinions. I love your responses to this sort of nonsense. I have been following you for apx 2 years now and I find you to be one of the most intelligent and honest men out there. In fact, I think you are the MOST honest one getting the TRUTH out. I love your passion, your humor and your love of this country. I too am not a registered Republican. I did vote for President Trump but i have been disappointed in a lot of his actions. Sweetie, you just keep putting the truth out there and let the chips fall where they may. I trust you and that is enough for this old lady. As long as i can find you on internet, I will continue to watch and follow. Hugs GOD BLESS US ALL.


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