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Below, at the very bottom is my photo of the day. Above it are the answers I’ve given to emails sent in by readers.

To send a photo, use the [email protected] address. To submit a message for me, use the submit news button on our website.

District 300 (D300 – Carpentersville, Illinois) a summer school teacher is allegedly forcing his political views on his students. My son’s friend stated that… The teacher hates Donald Trump. He openly tells the kids in his class that he hates him, and that he refused to call him “President”. His class assignment for his students was to write an essay about “why Donald Trump should be impeached”. I don’t have 1st-hand proof of all this, but would love to see this guy fired.

DML: Although it would not shock me one bit, my suggestion is you get that story from other kids in the class to confirm it is legit.  The assignment papers should prove it true.

Europe Muslim Brotherhood. One of the most courageous journalists in the world…..An Israeli spy who infiltrated the Muslim Brotherhood… warns Europe that “they conquer Europe by immigration”.   Dire warning!

DML:  There is a doctrine that was discovered many years ago in which the MB claims the way to conquer the US is by moving into (migrating) to the US, getting embedded into the government and basically changing the culture.  I remain haunted by the video I watched from Minnesota last year when a newly elected official was sworn in on the Koran, and then followed up by signing a book which confirms his testament to ALLAH.  In short, he promised to govern based on ALLAH’s approval.  Can’t make this stuff up.

Facebook has targeted small Facebook business groups and pages by refusing to notify members of said groups and pages. All in the name of stopping “SPAM”. In the mean time Facebook spams the owners of the small business groups or pages telling them if they pay $5 or up they could make sure that 1500 viewers will get notifications. My daughter got 5 posts just today, that if she pays $$$ to FB people will see her posts. Isn’t that called extortion? My daughter and I both do direct sales on Facebook and this has almost killed our business.  And as far as Facebook stopping “Spam”, well, I now have more spam on my news feeds then before they started all of this.

DML: The Facebook stock continues to go higher which shocks me considering they’ve done just about everything to ensure advertisers won’t advertise.  I get the message all the time…. “get more likes for $300.” 

Really?  Why would I give over $300 to target new people who will see my page for just one day.  FB limits the reach of companies like mine.  I guess they are doing it to everyone.  They keep tinkering with the platform and it keeps getting worse for all parties.  At some point, I think it backfires on them.  I cannot imagine them being too big to fail.  Or maybe they are.  Time will tell.

But to answer your question, it is not extortion.  It’s just bad business.  We were spending crazy money with FB for two years.  As of last year, I no longer give them a dime.  I wish they’d go back to the old days and old ways.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone (Obamanation, HiLIARy etc) would want One World. It seems to me, they would have very little control or power. Even HiLIARy wanted to allow terrorists. How could she possibly think these people, who deride women, would not attack her? How could this ideology possibly be acceptable to our principles, nevermind a woman. I cannot understand. Your thoughts?

DML: The One World Order concept has been around for a while.  I can see where some power seekers from the US would call for it, as odds are the person leading the world would be from the US.  But truth is it will never happen, and the idea that it will happen is typically pushed by conspiracy theorists.  Seriously, do you see CHINA agreeing to a one world system which they are not in charge of running?  You see Putin agreeing to this? Saudi Arabia?  Iran? It never happens.

Just got this email from NumbersUSA, Saying that Mandatory E Verify is coming up for vote!! Now is the time to send DML They Come To America DVDS to your state representative. While I don’t have the money to purchase them, and I know that will have the biggest impact, I will be contacting my State Representative. Let’s get behind [email protected]

DML: Until Trump gets behind e-Verify being mandatory, it goes nowhere.  I think he would potentially get behind it if his Republican Congress got behind it.  Don’t hold our breath.

Yesterday I received an email encouraging me to send a message to my representative in Congress to request that he support legislation in support of E-verify. The text was already prepared. It was easy to find the contact information (email) for our representative (Tim Waltz, MN) and copy and paste and send the email. It was easy. I encourage others to do the same.

DML: Yes, I spoke about this during the week when doing the Walk & Talk (minus the walking part).  It’s a bill proposed by a Representative Black (R-TN).  Crossing the border would now be a felony and mandatory e-Verify would be the law of the land.  Litmus test…. Does Trump tweet about it every day like he did for DACA amnesty?  If he does not, then you know I am correct about the president wanting the cheap labor to remain in place per the demands of his biggest supporters.

Good Morning, I have been with you since the beginning of the elections. I want you to know I admire you for being an American who loves America.


1. They won’t come if there is nothing here for them… no food, no cloths, no medical, no dental no school (because they can’t speak English and they can’t buy supplies. Our schools are hiring teachers to speak Spanish do we hire teachers to speak German or French or others to teach (the answer is no).

2. Americans…. We work hard pay our taxes and are too busy to worry about how these things happen.  When I retired form working in a dental practice I was asked if I could fill in at another office to let vacation happen. I WAS SO SHOCKED TO FIND OUT HOW MANY ILLEGALS CAME IN AND OUR GOVERNMENT GAVE THEM FREE DENTAL CARE. WE HAVE AMERICAN CHILDREN WHO’S PARENTS BARELY SURVIVE, AND WHO MAKE ONLY A FEW DOLLARS AND NOTHING IS FREE.

3. President Trump (who I pray for every day ) said during elections that he knew there are kids in school who will not go to college, and so we need to help them find  a trade (i.e., plumber). Our society has taught these kids today that they don’t have to work that the government will take care of them. THIS IS THE LAZIEST GENERATION!

WHEN YOU HAVE IDDLE HANDS YOU HAVE IDDLE MINDS.  WE USEDTO HAVE curtain companies sewing and making many other things here that kept HANDS AND MINDS busy. Today these kids have no jobs and empty minds. We need shop classes in school and junior achievement. We need these kids to be proud of Farming or making lower income jobs and learn to live within their means. My husband is an Mechanical Engineer, he has always treated even the janitors with respect to stop and ask how they are and thank them for doing their job. Oh, This 70 year old lady (me) could go on forever.

Lastly, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND SAY FOR THE USA AND FOR LOVING MARY AND TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN. Don’t grow weary, just think about the walk and talks and the bells ringing as you walked during the elections.

DML: Wow.  A ton of messages packed into one email. I’ll say this in response… Each generation points the finger at the new generations in disgust.  This is nothing new.  But I will admit that with this millennial group there seems to be something different.  “Safe spaces”, and a lack of respect for law enforcement, #RESIST, BLACK  LIVES MATTER, Antifa, it all seems so extreme.

My kids don’t fall for that entitlement mentality, and I am thankful for this, and I will admit most of their friends are out working summer jobs.  So, I can’t say all of today’s kids are waffling on the dime of Uncle Sam.

When I was young we did the sort of jobs that kids today ALLEGEDLY do not want to do.  Landscaping, for example….  When I was 18, cutting lawns was the job every guy wanted.  It offered a chance to work in the sun with your shirt off.

Cutting lawns…. You got a tan, you stayed in shape, you got paid decent money, and you always stayed on the move.  Sometimes you’d get the bonus plan of cutting a lawn that had a swimming pool in the backyard and a group of 20-something girls sunbathing in bikinis.  We’d finish the lawn, go back in the truck and spend the day talking about how cool it was that we cut that lawn at the right time.  Each week thereafter, we’d arrive at the house and pray the situation was the same same.  Odds were that lighting would never strike twice, but either way the point is simple, we were working and earning money, and we were enjoying innocent stuff which makes for great story telling.

My son cuts lawns full time for a local landscaper who hires Americans only.  The owner listens to my Walk & Talks.  The owner tells me he is having a hard time finding legal workers this summer.

Perhaps the reason why he is struggling to find guys stems back to what you are writing about, Joyce.  Or maybe it’s because for so many years landscaping companies have hired illegals only.  Perhaps the result is today’s young men don’t even consider landscaping an option.  I know that if the owner did not listen to my show and we didn’t become friends, my son would never have known the landscaping job existed.

Truth is, when I was young, we went up to the landscaping trucks and asked if they are hiring.  Today you can’t do that sort of self solicitation unless you are proficient in Spanish.

My son Ryan at work yesterday. Cutting lawns.


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  1. Listening to you this morning. You said anyone can do whatever the President has done so far. Really? Then why hasn’t anyone done as much as he has done? My opinion. President Trump is the only one that has the balls to do anything. Thats why we love him


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