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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

I post a lot of stories to include yours, this morning FB removed all of them as spam. I posted DML & Breitbart all true stories and spam? I hate these people.

DML: Facebook is a nightmare.

Seriously Trump rated himself an A+ with all that is going on in the country…sad he should have said a C or C- I’m not surprised but this was his chance to be honest he failed.

DML: You are referring to his interview on Fox this morning. Sickening.  I challenge all my readers to look at your own life, make a list, where are your A+ areas that used to be far less than A+ two years ago.  Send me an email with the list and description.

My daughter and I were so moved after watching your live walk and talk from the beach in Florida yesterday. DML you are so genuine and compassionate!! I can relate to the disgust for the immense corruption in this country. I wonder if it can ever be corrected. There’s so much greed. I sent a donation to assist with your purchase of a new camera. You need to be up and running to capture the truth. That whole ordeal with your son is disheartening. I too am sick of the President’s infatuation with himself. I cringe every time he Tweets. There’s no self-control. As always, MANY thanks for ALL you and your awesome family do to provide us with the truth and logical explanation!!!

DML: Jane, thanks so much for your continued support.  We have received a lot of donations — and we appreciate it.  We’re far from being where we need to be to get a new camera of the kind we used.  It sucks — yesterday we interviewed another water expert and used the two low end cameras we are now operating with in Florida.  The camera covering me didn’t pick up any sound, so the interview is lost.  I am really upset.  Your support brings a smile.

Morning DML. I caught your walk & talk yesterday. I want to thank-you. I have felt this way about President Trump for a while now. I am tired of his childish behavior and antics. I do care about his past behavior and present. Yes he has done a few good things but I have personally not felt any of the good.

With every President when something is questionable about what they’ve done I ask myself, would I be okay if someone of another party was doing this. My answer with President Trump is “No”. I could just hear Republicans if Obama tried to pull have of what he’s doing.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that even though there are a lot of folks in a uproar over yesterday, I’m not one of them. Try to have a good day.

DML: If DML readers truly want to be true to themselves, and with themselves, they will ask themselves the question you bring to the surface…  If this was the Obama administration, would you be freaking out over the same issues?  The answer is yes.  The big problem for most people is that Obama had his issues like Trump, only he wasn’t crucified in the media for them.  I think when you look under the surface, this is what is really bothering people and why they tend to look past all of the mess.   Many months ago I said I would not dive into the politics and focus more on the news and issues.  I think I’ve done a decent job at doing such a thing, with periods when I slip back in.  Yesterday, I slipped back in because it is impossible to ignore the ugly that is taking place in DC and across the country.

Your walk and talk yesterday was hideous!  STOP smashing on my president. Where is your studio?  Why are you not in the studio that people helped you build?  I wonder!!!!! You are no better than Cohen.

DML: You are a disgrace.  If you had half a brain you would know my studio is in full tact and being used for our film productions this summer.  I am on the road working 4 films so that people can see the truth about Parkland, homelessness, immigration and the beauty that still exists in America.  We are now incorporating a 5th film, walking through dead fish and exposing ourselves to the garbage that is toxic and unbearable to smell, and you have the nerve to send me this email to me because I call them like I see them? Go bury your head in the sand and get off my website.

I have been a DML member since before Trump ran for president. I don’t understand the negative comments people make towards you on your walk and talk. I like to see the real truth from the heart . Please continue your path as it is the right one to be on, the truth is not always pretty. god bless you and your great family. PS I gave what I could for a new camera sorry this happened but we all make mistakes your son will be fine.

DML: Thank you for the support.

I listened to your live broadcast today. Wow. Powerful report. A lot to grieve about! And to learn that Mollie Tibbetts murderer is an illegal alien! That makes her tragic death even worse. It was tragic enough already. I feel so angry about it all. It’s like hell has been unleashed on us. Morally bankrupt people and corrupt politicians everywhere. I’m glad you are going to hang in there DML. You provide truth, and that is what I want, even though it hurts. I continue to pray for God’s mercy on this nation. And I pray for His protection and blessings on you and your family.

DML: If I posted some of the hate mail I received, you’d be shocked.  And then there are the Wizards of Oz who hide behind their email curtains and tell me how I should and should not conduct myself.  “You’ve changed DML!”  No, you have changed.  You used to be smart and open minded, now you are closed off and brainwashed like cult figures who can’t think for themselves.  Obviously, I don’t mean “you” Brenda.  Thanks for the email.


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