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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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I hate what I am reading on some of the pages on Facebook about Senator McCain. The hate is outrageous. These people are evil. Trump is fueling this with his distain for McCain and by not being a bigger man. I wasn’t crazy about the guy but he’s dead. Do people have any respect for others anymore?  Trump needs to get over himself.

DML: Hate? You want to see hate? Wait until you read the last email I posted below. Pure evil without the commas or periods.   As for Trump, if he could just once show he is the bigger man, he’d make ground with many people, but he can’t.  This is why his leadership is in turmoil.  It’s always about him.  Leaders — great leaders — are selfless.  I wasn’t a fan  of Sen McCain — he wanted amnesty and kept Obamacare alive, but he served this nation in many facets.  I respect such, and will show him the respect he deserves in death.

Today I celebrate my 30th anniversary to my lovely wife and I want to wish you a happy birthday tomorrow you turn a young 49 and I turn a old 53 this house loves Team DML.

DML: Happy anniversary and thanks!

Good Morning Dennis, LOVE having my DML App right at my fingertips….Thank You DML for “The TRUTH”… can always count on you to deliver! God continue to Bless You DML, Miss Mary your outstandingly beautiful and brilliant wife.. Your wonderful and talented children…AND…Your capable DML Staff… This house just LOVES you DML !!! Have a Magnificent Monday!

DML: Thank you.

I posted this in DMLNews chat, but ask for answers from more followers. Here is my comment…

Hi patriots and DML family, I haven’t been on chat for awhile, but read frequently. Its been bothering me, about such horrible comments on Mccain. As a Christian, a fellow human and daughter of a vet, how bad everybody is trashing a fellow human, like you, maybe not so much a perfect vet or politician, but you all really hate him so bad, to call him the names, or “noname” and ruining a mans legacy for things you disagree with him on? He’s a person, with a loving family, wife, kids and grandchildren. What if he was your father? What would you have done as a true POW for 5 long years? Seriously, ask your self not knowing what he did, went thru daily. You don’t have all the true facts of what the man went thru in those captive years, you weren’t there! I don’t even want to know, as unbearable as it probably was. I find it disheartening that people are so quick to judge and be so intolerant, just like the left, whom we are all fighting! Yes, he wasn’t great for Trumps agenda, I totally agree, but he followed his heart, agree or disagree, something we all do and fight the left for every day! I ask you all to look in your heart. If you want to trash people who truly deserve it, trash those real evil beings, so obviously trying to really destroy our country! who deserve it most! Obama, Clinton’s, etc…….

Please let Mccain RIP.. I don’t necessarily agree with him, but dear lord, you all are making HIM the biggest enemy of all. He’s gone, let him go with some dignity as any vet, deserves! Lets fight for that red wave, not over walking in another’s shoes, we’ve never stepped in. We are bigger than that all! Rant over. God bless you all and yes a not perfect human as Mccain! But a human being! Remember only one person walks on water!

I liked your response to another member the other day, DML!

DML: In a few months, when becomes a subscription service and we officially create TEAM DML, the chat will be gone off DMLNews and move over to this site.  The evil people will be gone.

DML, your News is SO appreciated. I don’t like reading or hearing the garbage of what goes on in the World, but you tell the facts as they truly are. Your wisdom of social events and the way you explain them has been extremely helpful in us understanding what is about to happen. I know you deal mostly with National News. But as CA goes, the social media and news network sites have virtually blocked out the republican Cox for Governor ads here in CA. Even if we are successful at putting a republican in the seat, the State senate, Courts and media will do to him what the nation is doing to Trump. (I completely agree Trump feeds the fire. He holds his ego above the good of the Nation.). That said, I am looking to move from the very place I was born & raised my entire 57 yrs. CA is spiraling down the drain and I know biblically it is only going to get worse. I guess I’m looking for a bit of hope; do you see things the same as Me? Any republican in CA will be stopped by the Dems in Office and the Liberal Courts halt everything the Republican Governor tries put forward? Thus, allowing the complete flushing of CA.

DML: I honestly don’t see the upside for California in the near future.

I saw your video of Siesta and thought of something I saw. We have been working on Longboat Key and I think there is a dead dolphin on the bayside shore just over the New Pass bridge. It was on the flats bar but has been pushed up on the shoreline. We can see it as we go over the bridge every day. If it’s not a dolphin, it’s a really big fish. Thanks for all you do.

DML: Just terrible!

Please let me know if you will be coming out to Jacksonville, FL. You and the crew are more than welcome to stop over for a home cooked meal. I was born and raised in West Islip and am Italian. I can cook!……I’ve been listening to you for forever, and feel like we’ve known each other for years. My husband Andre and our kids would love to meet you and DML Jr.

DML: We are not, but thanks for the invite.

There was a article today in my local paper from the Washington Post, by Taylor Telford, stating that they are changing the packaging on their animal crackers because PETA implored them to change their advertising, because the animals are pictured in cages, they want to show that they are free to roam in their natural habitats!

Oh wow Judy you really do need some meds. First of all whoever would even consider putting Hillary in our WH has a very big problem. And who is the ” we” that have supposedly turned their backs on DML that must be a crowd of one. As far as thinking your stupid your email says it all. If DML were running for President my vote would be his. I am sure of many others for DML but I can’t use the we as I do not speak for others. Now Judy get your meds refilled.

DML: You are referring to the evil letter I received from Judy, who has a history of sending me ugly messages.  Welcome to my world.  Wait until you read the one below.

Hi Dennis ( Tommy Tattoo ). I am so fraustrated with the so called followers of you. Some who have been with you since the get go as, I have. If the they didn’t know what was in your heart, back then they really never understood you. They call you a snake, a wolf in sheeps clothing, other names. There are some of us who still follow you. I can only speak for myself, I am sure that others have gone thru the same abuse I have taken. We are sick, demented, not worthy, racist, etc etc. Turned away from family members. I was even called ” a DML cult follower. This led me to move to PA.
Under circumstances I will not reveal. I will continue to follow and donate when I can, athough you don’t need defending, I will tell those in the words of a a man with wisdom and truth, “When you leave don,t let the door hit your buttocks on the way out” . For all those DML RAIDERS FOR THE TRUTH GOD BLESS YOU. To you, Dennis & Mary ( Mary who at times helped square my orders away) your children God Bles You and watch over you. Gid Bless America. ANERICAN FROM PA.

DML: Cult?  Good heavens.  All we do is aggregate the news and I report about the issues we face as a nation.  What could be so bad.  We don’t do conspiracy, and frown upon those who do (A. Jones), and donate constantly to charities we believe in.

I cannot believe Trump didn’t leave the flag half staff.  He asks for trouble.

DML: It’s back down after he got a scathing, but polite, letter from veterans.

I want you to run for President in the worst way. Even though I voted for the man, he is falling very short on his promises. You have the following and common sense that we need for this country. Never thought i would say this but i hope you are right and Trumps Presidency is coming to an end. The drama never stops even if it is the media and the Democrats that are digging stupid, irreverent stuff up.
God Bless you!

DML: I am not wishing for his presidency to come to an end.  I am forecasting that he’s in a bad place with Mueller and the Trump Organization.  They will try to squeeze him out and take him down.  As for the drama, I agree.  Although the media has been out to get him since day one, he has been out to get them as well.  He’s focused on the wrong things too many times.

You have all your supporters fooled go get your own f-cking camera you make the big bucks and stop begging people for their hard earned money you are salvating at the mouth hoping Trump steps down your to chicken to run against him in 2020 because you know he will beat your ugly sorry ass he will win again so take your f-cking ugly ass and mouth and shut the f-ck up if you think by saying all these lies and speculations like the rest of these losers will persuade Trump’s supporters away your dead f-cking wrong loser like you think you know it all you need to focus on yourself you got so fat and you got so f-cking ugly you fake ass conservative admit to yourself you are a dummycrat liberal like diamond and silk would say they were smart ladies to dump your sorry ass you are so jealous of Trump and diamond and silk what’s the matter your feelings are hurt because Trump won’t take your advice and look your doing movies and a book and using your so called loser supporters making money on Trump’s coat tails

DML: Lets break this down, shall we…
(A) You win the prize for being the most ignorant, rude, uneducated person I’ve received an email from ever.  Periods and commas matter.  Hooked On Phonics.  Look it up.  (NOTE: the “u” was in each F-bomb.  I edited them out, but changed nothing else.)

(B)  I don’t beg.  If people want to support us, that’s up to them. I fully acknowledge we’d be hard pressed to do what we do without TEAM DML’s support.  That said, I find your blinders to be thick. There isn’t a day when Trump isn’t asking for a donation, and the two sisters you mentioned currently have a go-fund me page, along with asking for donations every single day.  Talk about riding the guy’s coattail (you spelled it “coat tail”).

(C) If $22 from Facebook is raking in the money, well then….

(D) It’s not  “salvating”, it is “salivating”, and I don’t drip from my mouth.  Not even when getting a big juicy steak do I salivate.  Any person who has watched me every day for years knows I do not salivate over anything other than time spent with my beautiful family.

(E) Why would I run against a sitting president?  You’re a fool to suggest such a thing.  Truth is I pride myself on “rarely” being wrong when providing political analysis.  If Trump fails, I can no longer claim such a thing, can I?  So my preference for the country, and for my own track record, is that the Trump administration does well.  Plus, the last thing I get excited about is running for office — it would mean more emails from the likes of you.

(F) You, of all people, say I am a chicken?  Anyone who sends the sort of email you sent me and yet, he or she doesn’t have the guts to sign his or her name… that’s a chicken.

(G) I am not jealous of Trump today, nor will I ever be.  And why would I be jealous of the two ranting sisters who I created out of thin air.  Trump needed something to boost his campaign — a side show that took shape online.  Plus, he needed someone or something that could relate with low-informed voters, many of them with limited brainpower when it comes to understanding complex issues (look in the mirror for example). I found them on YouTube.  I cleaned their act, gave them new names, taught them to use props (see colored liquid), gave them TONS of media exposure and training, built a website, and structured their first and highest viewed video in their library. I did that for 30-days (give or take).  From there, the rest is history.  Why would I be jealous for declaring mission accomplished?  That said, real soon, it will be time for the open invoice to be paid, plus interest, plus fines, plus lawyer fees.  🙂

(H) I do not use name calling tactics like “dummycrat.”  Is it not fair to say that anyone who has to resort to schoolyard name calling suffers from limited intelligence?  I’ve just spent 3 days with an amazing person — one of the best moms I’ve met in a long time.  Her daughter was killed in Parkland.  She’s caring, compassionate, smart, a fantastic mother, a warrior for kids, and a person people can trust when it comes to getting things done.  She is also a Democrat.  Do we align on political issues? We didn’t go down that path, but odds are we probably do not agree on many things politically.  Even so, If I had a choice of leaving my kids under her watch, your watch, Diamond and Silks’ watch, or Trump’s watch, my new friend — who happens to be a Democrat voter — wins hands down.  If I had the opportunity to dine with her or you, I would pick her over you hands down.  People like you, and the others you mentioned can take credit for why the country is going into the toilet.  Our country is divided beyond imagination because of cruel people like yourself and your pals.

(I) As for my appearance.  You are correct.  After being extremely sick last year I have gained weight, and it’s not healthy for my heart, nor does it help my aging face.  For the first time in my life, my athleticism has fallen to something which I cannot control.  I wish I could spend hours in the gym each day and cooking healthy meals, but I give up most of my time to make films that I hope can keep kids safe in school, get the homeless off the streets, secure the borders, and aggregate the news.   That said, I am trying to get myself back in shape but it’s not easy with my schedule and my body, which is fighting against me on most days.  As for the ugly face, God gave me this face and although it’s not the best, it certainly ain’t the worst.  Speaking of faces, if yours is that of a woman, you have a mouth like a sewer hole.  How can any man ever look at you and see beauty?  If you are a male (notice I did not use the word “man”), and if you ever want to step up and be a man, I invite you to show your face to me.  I’d love to give you the chance to blast your comments face to face.


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  1. You should not have to justify anything said about you, especially if they are outright lies…

  2. Dennis people like the loser don’t even deserve a reply. Your team loves you and you have noting to defend. Period!

  3. This is fake news , I with my own eye saw Trump lower that flag . You all must have seen him too. Right ?

  4. I am sorry….soooo very sorry for the HATRED spewed against you and others who are speaking the truth and seeking to better our country…..

  5. I happen to like Obamacare but prefer what was before Obamacare . Just till you get a load of Ryancare .

  6. Ur reply to the meanest email I have ever seen is extremely kind and professional. U r a bigger person than I ! And u r one handsome man!! God bless u, ur beautiful wife Miss Mary and ur beautiful/handsome children.
    I hope u run for the Presidency in the future. My family and I would definitely vote for u!

  7. Posting pro President Trump info is next to impossible on FB. Freedom of speech is dead on FB. The libs now realize the impact of social media before an election. I pray to God for someone to create a FB for those who know in their hearts that Trump, the candidate WE THE PEOPLE chose is truly making America great again. We need to have our voices heard not today but yesterday.

  8. The flag was lowered and raised per protocol. Does anyone honestly believe Trump made the decision how long to leave it lowered? Good grief.

    As for statements on McCain and being the “bigger” man, didn’t anyone notice the hate spew he got for saying anything at all about McCain? I believe he believes he did the right thing by keeping his words as simple as possible in consideration of the McCain family, who apparently hates him.

    • Trump can not win no matter What he says. His followers are deplorable. And this is from a woman who wanted to be our president. The names we are called, just for Not voting for Hillary and Voting for Trump is horrendous. I would have voted for any Republican because I didnt want HER to win. So…calling us names is just silly. Ive never seen such hate for a president in my life. Theres got to be a reason. I think its because they are scrambling to cover their asses. They just knew She was going to win. We are now finding out just how corrupt they are and they are scared to death. We have to fight harder.

      • The crooks in DC, who have been living very well off the massive amounts of money it collects from citizens, and who have been enjoying their exemption from the laws they write, are fighting for their lives. They will stop at nothing. Nothing.

        Yes, fight harder. Don’t accept the corrupt, self serving system that has been established for decades. Now is the time to get our ship on back on course.

        Trump is the beginning.

  9. Just as I said in my email to you. People that followed, suddenly are turning against you. Who are they going to blame when the tide turns? You have done more than any other news agency has done, that has given us the truth. There are plenty of us that will remain, and have your six, regardles what names they throw at us. God Bless You Dennis.

  10. Wow DML! That hateful email was obviously written, as you pointed out, by a person who is not only lacking intelligence but also lacking basic humanity. IMHO, if he/she hates you so much, why is he spending his precious time writing to you! What a moron! There will always be haters, no matter what you do. Ignore them. They aren’t worth your time.

  11. You know in the first ten words of the nasty message what it’s going to amount to. Why punish yourselves with trying to read through it, especially when it’s made even more unintelligible for lack of punctuation. What a glob.

    You’ll never get that part of your life back. Be more discerning. I’ll bet you’ll be happier.

  12. It’s hard for me to fathom the cruelty and venom in people. I lived through the 60s and don’t remember the divide was quite like it is today. It’s very disheartening to me and —sad to say- I’m becoming very cynical. With all of the corruption and hate in our country I’m not sure we will ever see the USA I grew up in and believed in.

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