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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

FROM CHRISTIAN: You keep referring to David Hodges as a Survivor and that is faults and if I see it anymore I’m just going to delete your whole app I’m a true follower and I read your news everyday but I get tired of seeing that.

DML: I doubt you are a true follower, for if you were then you’d know we don’t write the news. We aggregate the news.  Unless it’s an Op-ed written by me, we don’t ever insert our opinions.  I have never written an Op-ed article about David Hogg, but other outlets referring to him as a survivor of Parkland is not unusual. Anyone who was on campus that day is often labeled as a survivor.  That said, threatening to delete my app is childish and not something I care for. Thus, delete it if you want to. Either way, it’s Hogg, not Hodges. Wake up.

FROM PATRICIA: Broward County School Board elections. Hi DML, just read about the elections. I cannot believe that these people were reelected. I am glad Lori was elected. But cannot understand the rest. unbelievable  !

DML: Days ago I realized Lori Aldaheff would win her race, and that Andy’s candidate, Rich Mendelson would lose along with Ryan Petty. Lori and Ryan both lost daughters in the Valentines Day shooting. How I knew this would happen will be discussed in my film, but for now I am saddened for the kids of Broward. Aside from Lori, there is nobody on that board that cares for the safety of the kids in the way they should.  I hope Andy sells his house and moves somewhere else. I’d like to see him enjoy the life he has remaining with limited heartache.

FROM CHRISTINA:I received a republican survey today and I filled it out wrote in my hand written notes though they didn’t ask for it, then I attached the I stand for my flag sticker you sent with the American the beautiful photo album I purchased to the back of the letter and I can wait till they open. They asked what news do you follow I said DML Dennis Michael Lynch then as a second I said I watch Fox for fun. I would have showed a photo of the letter back and front but there is no way to send here.

DML: you’re wonderful but all they’ll see is their favorite three letters…F…o….x

FROM STEVE: I hope your birthday was great.

DML: it was fun. I spent it with my son filming Lori Aldaheff win the Broward School Board election. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.

FROM JEANNE: Happy birthday & keep doing what u Do! Ps… please run for president!

DML: Real secure borders, mandatory everify, sound social security, real healthcare that people can afford, National unity, truthful tweets that focus on important issues only, less homelessness, class, respect for all, clean waterways, and the stability that comes with a couple that’s been together since 15 years old…. I am not too sure if that sort of thing is electable.

FROM LISA: You have an amazing family. You and Miss Mary have and are raising the next generation of the best America has to offer your fellow patriots! God Bless the Lynch Family! With warm regards, Lisa

DML: TY! But we consider TEAM DML our extended family… so pack yourself in there too.


I took this last night after Parkland parent Lori Aldaheff won her school board election. The fountains at her event party were on full display.

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  1. Thank u for replying to my email, i was blown away to see u responded!
    Yes, those are all the things I want to see in our President!
    I have followed u since your walk & talks & you are the Only news I follow. I am not offended by your remarks about Trump. You are right, his ego is too much. I voted for him because he was not a politician. I voted for the issues & couldn’t even think of voting for Hillary. I too am not Republican or Democrat, I vote the issues & follow my intuition. I am happy with the economy & many other things he has done. The border is another issue altogether.
    I too think mandatory e-verify updated & could be exec. Order now.
    Sad, to think he won’t do it. Maybe lawmakers will push it. I had heard of someone actually trying to make that a bill but have heard no more about it. Anyway, thanks for what u & yr family do, it’s refreshing & honest & my only sanity for true news. Can’t wait to see yr new films,
    Thank u, Jeanne Jeffers


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