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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Everything I post about Trump, people say is fake news, but I know it is not. But I wonder if you could find out for me about this. Did the President donate his salary to rebuild military cemeteries? I am tired of people telling me it is fake.

DML: It is fake news in the way it is being presented. Up and coming conservative millennial activist Charlie Kirk, and conservative radio host Mark Simone sparked the story with tweets that lacked details or sources. Thus, the social media sharing of their tweets led people like yourself to believe that Trump donated $400k to the rebuilding of cemeteries.

According to various fact checkers: The president did donate his first-quarter 2017 salary to the Department of the Interior, but not for the reconstruction of military cemeteries. This inaccuracy was then compounded in the subsequent online rumor, which took Forbes’ accurate description of the donation as being “in the first quarter,” and simply replaced it with “all $400,000” (i.e., the entire yearly salary).

According to a Department of the Interior press release, President Trump’s $78,333 donation formed part of a larger $263,545 fund which was used by the National Park Service to make repairs at Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland, site of the Civil War Battle of Antietam (or the Battle of Sharpsburg, as it was commonly known in the South).

A press release described the project in detail:

The donation will restore the historic Newcomer House on the Antietam battlefield, and will underwrite the replacement of 5,000 linear feet of deteriorated rail fencing along the Hagerstown Turnpike where some of the most intense fighting of the battle occurred.

There is a cemetery at Antietam National Battlefield, but President Trump’s donation had nothing to do with it.

Dennis why hasn’t Trump said anything about the terrorist camp in New Mexico? If he has, I missed it. It seems they have bulldozed it without a lengthy investigation.

DML: I do not know of any remarks from Trump about this case, but I prefer he stays silent.  Presidents, typically, don’t comment on those sort of things.  But Trump does and it often backfires.  As we’ve seen in the past, his blasting out tweets about court cases and crimes that are in the midst of trial / investigation can result in a lower sentence for the criminal or a redirect of the narrative.  He should stick to being president, and not prosecutor. This case in particular is too important for it to be botched a second time.

Sen Meng introduced bill into Senate of lowering the voting age from 18 to 16, like they did in 1971, from 21 to 18. She wants this bc if the 16 & 17 yr olds work and pay minimal taxes they should get some benefit from them. Sadly she doesn’t understand our own US law tax code, But its a scheme to get Naive voters to vote Democratically in 2020 and years beyond. If the 16 year olds can drive cars, especially in rural states like Arizona and Utah, But many 17 yr olds get their license to legally drive at 17 with Drivers Ed. Only certain localities like 5 boroughs of NYC that they are NOT supposed to drive over bridges and ON Parkways like The Hutchinson River Pkwy or The Taughkanic Parkway ( Taconic Pkwy).

DML: A 16-year-old is going to vote for the liberal candidate in most cases, and so this is why they (DEMS) want to lower the age.  You are correct.  But keep in mind this may differ in some southern states where conservatism runs deep.

I recall reading many posts on Facebook where parents provided the results of mock elections that took place in classrooms during 2016.  Overwhelmingly, the results were heavily for Clinton.  My son, who was a junior in high school at the time, said his class of 25 students held a mock election.  He said all the kids voted for Clinton with the exception of him and two of his buddies.

The federal and state EPA regulations state that the preferred method of disposing of hazard waste is by pumping it into the earth thru injection wells or pumping it into the ocean. Tampa’s Howard Curran sewage treatment plants website states that they pump their effluent (sewer water) into Hillsborough Harbor. 55-95 million gallons of it each and every day. Sewage injection wells are a form of fracking hoping nothing comes back up, but someday it will. There are thousands of injection wells all over the country that are being used by pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, refineries and the like. In the early 70’s when the government told industry that they could no longer dump their waste in the rivers they were told to use injection wells or the oceans. Why this practice continues to this day is beyond me! I’m really hoping to discuss this with you. Thank you.

DML: When young Dennis suggested I support him doing a film on RED TIDE, I didn’t think it would be of much interest to people.  Boy way I wrong.  My video from last week from Siesta Key Beach has been shared more than 140k times and played 5 million times.  I cannot tell you how many emails I have received this week from people who are sharing conflicting information about RED TIDE, blue green algae and the causes of both.  This is a topic like few others.  Young Dennis begins production in January.

Just read your story bout Ripon College canceling the 911 Memorial because they don’t want to offend Mullins students. Are you fu~~~~~ kidding me?? It’s okay that they kill over 3,000?americans but let’s not make them feel uncomfortable!! Are you serious? They should be uncomfortable …my God, what is this world coming to?

DML: Having traveled this country more than most people have, and in a manner in which I look into things deeply versus pass over them, I am 100% confident in telling you that the country we live in today is headed for a massive disaster resulting from a culture of p.c.  This booming economy will fade in time because all economies are cyclical.  When it does indeed fade, everyone will look around them and see a country they do not recognize.  Cities crumbling, people living in tents, people not being about to speak English, statues gone, college kids chanting for socialism, adults cheering the same, holidays changed, kids sports clubs gone, etc.  I am all for making people feel welcome, but there are traditions, beliefs, and general principles that made America the outstanding place where people want to live.  The tide is flowing in the opposite direction than it should be, and the once great nation known as the USA is likely to fade.

I received my photo book and it is lovely.  I cannot wait to see the film.

DML: Thank you for supporting us.  Especially this month.  Facebook has really screwed with us this month, it has been the worst so far this year.  Typically, August is one of our best months.

I am waiting each day at 10am for your show but nothing came up this week.  What gives?

DML: Hey Mark, thanks for the email.  I explained earlier in the week that I was traveling home from Florida.  We took the auto train so it took me some time, and the internet connection is weak.  I am LIVE today at 10am.  THE TRUTH w/DML will resume in a few weeks, as will the WALK & TALKs.  We made 4 films this summer.  Something had to give.  Although, we are staffing up to make it so I have the help we need in order to fulfill the demand for our news, shows, and content.  I’m doing the best I can.  Thanks for caring!

Meghan McCain says goodbye to her father.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. Dennis, I appreciate all your hard work to get out the truth in information of what is happening to this once great nation. I am so afraid of what is happening here. So many saying are saying socialism is the answer to our problems. I beg to differ with them. That will certainly be the end of America as we all know it now. I am 76 so I don’t have much longer to worry about it but i am concerned for people like you and others who care. I pray every day for our leaders to turn things around. It use to be that we had a middle class now there is no such thing. I, along with many of my friends and family, can barely make it. I use to think i was in the middle class. Now there is only the very wealthy and those of us who have more month than we do money.

    Again, thank you for your dedication to this country. Thank you for caring about those of us attempting to be patriotic with all the idiots out there bashing our flag etc. Love and hugs


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