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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Hey Dennis,
I thought you would find this very interesting. We have a membership to Costco, and part of that membership is a monthly magazine “Costco Connection.”This article completely negates every single news report I have seen regarding Puerto Rico, and their “struggles” to rebuild. Who is telling the truth?

DML: Unless one gets on a plane and visits the area directly, I don’t know who to believe.

Hi DML, Quick thought – how about doing a short Saturday surprise talk.
A quick update. I value your opinion.

DML: I’ve had a brutal 24-hours as my daughter had to be picked up from college due to a medical emergency.  After traveling for 48-hours home from Florida, I had to get back in the car and do a 12-hour round trip to get my daughter, who will be OK.  That said, I may actually do a Wine & Talk Saturday evening.

LeBron James: ‘Took me a little while’ to accept white people.”  Lebron James is what RACISM LOOKS LIKE. Imagine if Larry Bird had said the same thing about black people, that it took him awhile to get use to blacks since he was from French Lick, Indiana. Fake News @CNN would have excoriated Bird, yet silent on James.

DML: Actually, Bird would have been removed from the Celtics for his comments.

Siesta Key video. Your video just came back up, just watched it. It is so terrible what is happening in Florida. So sad to see what it is doing to all the marine life, tourism & jobs that are directly affected by this stuff. I do not know how you could breath in that stuff. When I was in Bonita Springs, FL we went to a beach spot for dinner called Doc’s Beach House & as soon as I got out of our car, I started coughing. Glad you are back home. Thanks to all you are doing to bring the truth of what is going on in our Country.

DML: I think the video is close to 5.2M plays in a week.

There is absolutely no option for me to Share anything from DML on Facebook. The only choices are Like and Comment. No matter what the story is, if it’s from DML there’s no option to share! If it’s from someone else, there’s an option to share. So frustrating!

DML: Fight back! Copy the URL link and then paste the link in your status.

Would you be so kind as we get closer to the elections of who we should be voting for at each election in each state? Everyone typically has there soft/weak spots but there is always someone who is a better choice than a challenger(s). Many people don’t take the time or don’t know how to sift through the politics to get to the right choice. Sometimes the right choice doesn’t have the chance to even win so the next option must be used.
I think you being the expert could help your followers at the polls, and our great country.

DML: I would hope that people would vote on their own feelings, not mine.  That said, I will provide my take on candidates when it’s warranted. However, it would probably be a waste of time considering people will vote along party lines.  I just hope people go out and vote.

Very interesting your first hand observation regarding Andrew Gillum’s “so-called” victory in the Florida primary. From rock bottom to winner in no time at all. Then you mentioned George Soros, and I thought, well, that explains it. When something doesn’t smell right, he’s usually involved. I believe he’s been behind every anti-American protest, rally, movement, and violent demonstration for decades. He’s organized and funded all of it. There are plenty of people willing to do just about anything for a few dollars. George Soros is an evil man and he would love nothing better than to destroy this country before he dies. I believe he would consider that his greatest achievement. Of course he’s not the only one working on that goal, unfortunately. Sad days in America. Yes, I’m part of that older generation so grieved by what I see. As a baby boomer, I’m thankful for all of those wonderful years I was fortunate enough to experience in the past. The world seemed like a nice place then. Things have certainly changed. Like you said, we’re headed toward socialism. Why anyone would want to embrace it is beyond comprehension. But, everything you said is right on. Middle class disappearing. Getting too expensive to live comfortably in this country. Especially sad for young people. With the direction this nation is headed, what will their futures be like? Homelessness an epidemic. I pray we can fix it before it’s too late. Thank you for going on that tour across America this summer to provide us at home a glimpse too. Thank you for all you do. I shared your report.

DML: Soros is a very dangerous man, unless you are a far left Democrat.  Then he’s your friend.

Dennis respect your right to comment about President Trump support for senator Cruz. I would like to know what you were trying to accomplish. With the negative comments. This house still loves DML.

DML:  What was I trying to accomplish by pointing out the the president is now making complimentary remarks about Cruz 24-months after he called him every name in the book, and said he was weak on this, weak on that?  If you haven’t noticed — which it appears you have not — the president makes promises and makes comments which are often upside down in time. Here’s a few videos for you. Still love me?

I want to inform you about a new thing that I have popping up when I try and share an article. I get a notice to put in a message that is all different types of letters or numbers before my post can be shared. FB is saying they are making sure it is me. Very weird, I just wanted to inform you. Well again thank you for all you and your family do to keep us informed. Have a great weekend.

DML: Are they doing everything they can to prevent our news and content from being shared because they know I can help influence elections by providing Independent voters with honest news and information they can trust?

Illegal Mexican cartel members arrested with almost $1M in cash and 5 million dollars in fyntenol last heroin, meth and cocaine. More to come! Build the wall !!!

DML: I wonder…. When (and if) the wall gets built, like the fence was built, and the drugs continue to flow in, then how will you end your sentence?

I’m reporting that the stock photo you chose to use in your article is from 2014 and has absolutely nothing to do with the story you’ve attached it to.  How does this make you “THE MOST RELIABLE and BALANCED NEWS AGGREGATOR on the INTERNET?”

DML: Good heavens.  Seriously?  (NOTE TO SELF: Take deep breath before answering.) Stock photos are used all the time when an original photo is not available or yet to be published.  If showing the fence to a detention center hosting illegal aliens has you all in a tizzy, then I fear to admit that the last story we did on a shark attack…well… the shark we showed was really a stock photo and not the shark that took a bite out the victim’s leg. And the last time we did a story on China, and we showed a photo of the Chinese flag, well, it was a stock photo and not the one found near the Great Wall.  The next time we do a story about the White House, and show a photo of the White House, odds are 100% that I did not take the photo on the day we issued the story, odds are it’s a stock photo.  That said, I suggest you get some sun.  This song is for you.

Several friends and I are just curious: WHO “footed the bill” for Waters, Clinton and their entourages’ transportation, accommodations, etc. while attending the Aretha Franklin funeral in Detroit?

DML: There are some questions I do not know the answer to, this is one of them.

Hi Dennis. Thank you for bringing to our attention the deeply offensive ad from the Minnesota candidate and his racial slur that used the “N” word. Facebook and all the media sponsors of this ad at the very least, need to be held accountable in the court of public opinion. I shared your post. It was excellent. I told my Facebook friends that I would be boycotting Facebook because of its support of this candidate and his ad. Enough is enough. However, when I went to share it, the screen went black with just the word Facebook left in the middle of the screen. I was using my iPad so I checked on my iPhone to see if it was posted and it was. At least for now. I don’t know if the black screen came from your end or from Facebook. Never happen before when I share your posts. Wanted to let you know. iPhone worked but not iPad. Am so beyond fed up w Facebook and all the liberal media. Don’t watch tv anymore either. Will continue to find better things to do! Thankful for your News app. I check in daily.

DML: Facebook continues to drag us down, and all we can do is ask you to keep fighting for us.

Hey DML. I thought u may like this. My twin daughter Brynn…she’s almost 12 now..this was last summer 2017.

DML: Your is the photo of the day.


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