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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Just when you think it can’t get any more swampy, Trump fills up the swamp to the brim. People have been working hard out here to get CA-8 flipped to an America First candidate. There are 2 GOP running against each other in the general election this time. Trump just endorsed the swamp incumbent, a Never-Trumper . There is no way I’m voting for Trump in 2020, he’s terrible. Once in college I voted for my cat, maybe I should do that again.  I believe Tim Donnelly, the other guy, did support Cruz originally. However, that didn’t make a difference in the gov primary, Trump endorsed the Never Trumper anyway. The CA gov candidate is sleazy and doesn’t seem like he’s even campaigning. He’ll probably pocket all that campaign cash.

Here is what Tim Donnelly has to say:
Mr. Trump, You just endorsed a #NeverTrumper that bet $5k you would lose to Hillary Clinton. Whoever is advising you on this, isn’t helping you. Paul Cook voted for amnesty at DUI check points for illegal immigrants. Paul Cook is not for #MAGA

DML: At this point Trump isn’t looking at ideology or policy, he is thinking about his own ability to survive.  This is why he is supporting whoever he thinks has a chance to win because he is quivering over what is going to happen if the blue wave happens.  I have two solid contacts connected to Trump, and they both tell me Trump, his family, and his team are highly concerned.  One person told me, “He (Trump) thought things would never get to a point where they are now with Mueller, and his confidence in Republicans holding on to Congress is shrinking. Nobody in DC wants to help us all too much unless they need his endorsement — they’re fighting for their own political lives.”

Re: Americanism

Hi Dennis, I just watched your drive and talk and was reflecting on another post you wrote in response to the one email of the day. The author of the email referenced the negative posts you receive, and you mentioned the need for some to have their biases confirmed, content to worship at the altar of personality-not principle, not truth.

I wonder if, as a nation, we have been become so far removed from our history or taught to be ashamed of it, that we are also divorced from our culture and thus, our purpose. Standing for our flag is a small part of Americanism, and I wonder if the people who know this on a gut level, also ponder its other losses at the hands of the cancer that is cultural marxism.

Americanism. What is it? Our founding fathers and mothers who did risk it all, formed a government based on individuality as opposed to the collective, Greek reason, Natural Law, and Christian-Judeo principles. They understood that these components were essential to maintain liberty, which also requires self restraint, independence, and morality, and served as the foundational truths that would unite us as a people, regardless of where we came from originally.

Cicero said: “It is peculiarly a fool’s habit to discern the faults of others, and to forget his own.”

We’ve forgotten the art of persuasion, the principle of Love Thy Neighbor, but within these words also lies the comfort in knowing we can change ourselves, if indeed we are not fools. Cicero also said that brevity is a great charm of eloquence, so I will close before this gets too long winded.

Have a Good Night,
Wasilla, Alaska
p.s. Thank you for including my last letter in your newsfeed. It was a pleasant surprise and nice to be heard.

DML: Most kids have no idea about our history because little of it is taught.  Learning about the framers is boring, and that’s because it is often taught in a boring text book.  Yesterday, during my drive home, I was listening to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Sen Ben Sasse, a guy who many do not like simply because he calls out Trump when warranted, gave a great opening statement about getting back to “School House Rock.”  I was blown away by his insight and honesty about how Congress does nothing, and kicks its responsibilities down to the letter agencies (EPA, DOE, etc).  School House Rock used to teach kids in a fun way how a bill becomes a law.   In a world that operates in realtime and nanoseconds, and is powered by video and brevity, the lessons of today have to get away from the text books of yesterday.  That said, it’s more than what is taught in school, it’s what is taught at home.  Too many people don’t know who represents them in Congress, but they can tell you who is winning America’s Got Talent.

I’m trying to purchase through Facebook the Labor Day special of your movies with the extras but it’s not letting me and through your app it doesn’t show the offer you have on Facebook. How is the best way to get them? Thank you

DML: Thank you. Click here.

Hey Dennis, Could you explain this article more. It sounds like they are sueing for everyone that has been censored. REPORT: Conservative group, freedom watch, sues internet, social media giants for conspiring to ‘take down’ Trump. It sounds great if it possible.

DML: It’s appears to be a class action lawsuit.  If it goes the distance there will be more of them.

Our country should be embarrassed by what happened at Kavanaugh’s hearing today. The display of bad behavior was staggering. The ignorance of the protesters is alarming. The left is filled with so much hate and rage they have lost any sense of decency or morality or sanity. How truly awful for his wife and children to witness such disgusting behavior.

If the left thinks this is helping them, they are sorely mistaken. This behavior is unacceptable. Bragging about being arrested is pathetic. This hurts our country as a whole. Ugliness. Pure ugliness. Didn’t the Dems have a chance to meet with Kavanaugh privately, one on one and almost all declined?! And then act in such a childish way!! There isn’t any logical reason for their behavior. We need to be embarrassed. We need to be ashamed.

DML: Truth is Trump figured out years ago that the Republicans had no shining star, and so he turned from moderate Democrat to hard core Republican to take advantage of the gaping hole.  Not it’s the Democrats who have no leadership.  When Obama disappeared they had nobody waiting in his shadow, and they are struggling today as a result.  You are watching the Democrats implode.  Trump has done some really good things while in office, but he has also made himself look childish and unworthy of the position with some of his antics. But nobody with credibility is pointing it out from the left. If Gov Kasich was smart, he’s switch to the blue isle, if he did he would have a legit chance at winning because he is liberal enough for the moderate Democrats, and moderate enough for the RINO crowd and soft Republicans.  But that won’t happen, so in the end the Democrats make Trump look better than he is.  Meaning, no matter how bad Trump makes himself look at times, the Democrats find a way to look ten times worse. Example: the Kavanaugh hearing.

Dear DML: I’m writing to you because there is a growing population of children who seem to have been forgotten. I’m talking about children with autism. One out of 85 births produces an autistic child. That number has risen exponentially.

It seems to me that with those stats our government would be working very hard on figuring out what to do for them as they grow older. Both of my grandsons have autism and my biggest fear is what will happen to these beautiful boys when their parents are gone. Who will take care of them and give them every opportunity every child deserves. Who will see to their daily needs. Who will care for them when they are sick.

This is a huge and growing problem which I fear our government will stick on the back burner like they do everything else.

Think about it Dennis. Imagine if you had grandchildren with autism how you would have the same fears. These children will be exposed to every kind of predator out there. What programs will be put into place for them? NONE. Our government will do what it always does and bury their greedy heads in the sand.

I hope with all of my heart that I am wrong, but I don’t think I am. From a loyal follower.

DML: I will not lie, I know very little about autism and that’s probably a result of me not knowing anyone with autism.  Mary knows a lot about it from her days in special education, and as a mom she has a general interest in those sort of things, but I’d like to believe there are services and organizations that specialize in helping those with autism.  All I can say is this…

My developer is making it so we can use this website to really develop the TEAM DML concept into something that makes an impact.  Research, activism, writing bills, etc.  Perhaps when we launch it in 2019 you can spearhead a group on learning more about what services are available for the children with autism, and what TEAM DML can do to push for more services.

I work for a company called Ledvance LLC. I sell light bulbs to Walmart that are assembled in America under the Sylvania brand. We are the only company of any size doing this in America. The recent tarrifs however are going to have a major negative impact on our Made In America efforts.

We import components from China. Those components are now going to be subject to tarrifs which which will cause our products to be uncompetitive vs Chinese imported finished product which get no tarrifs.

These tarrifs have put our Chinese competitors at a huge advantage. Not the intent I am sure. My company along with others in similar situations have been to Washington to bring this oversight to attention but with no commitment to change.

Please use your influence with your platform to reverse this loophole and save jobs in America. Thank you.

DML: I believe Trump did too much too fast.  Meaning, he took a strong economy and made it stronger by stripping some ridiculous regulations, and by getting the tax bill signed into law, but then he doubled down by pushing for the huge tariffs.  Sometimes it’s better to not rip the bandaid off with blazing velocity.  That said, my contacts in the White House have informed me that until Trump sees the markets lash out over the tariffs he is staying the course.  I wish I could help you, but Trump’s economy is the only thing he has with any real momentum, and I don’t see him touching anything for as long as the narrative is “everything is booming.”  What you’re talking about is real, but it’s a slow build up, and it will hit the alarm at some point.  Until then, Trump will stay the course.

Are you really going to SHORT the NIKE stock? Isn’t that helping a US company to fail?  Shame on you DML. I thought you were better than that!

DML: LOL. Yes, I am going to short the stock at 9:30am this morning, and no, that’s not an act of making a company fail.  Stocks are bought and sold all day on most business days. I am reacting to NIKE management’s choice to put a face of disgrace on it’s product.  I think the company will take a slide to the negative as a result.  I didn’t do it to them, they did it to themselves.  Apparently, they believe this will push sales higher.  Maybe they are correct, and I will lose money.  Time will tell.  To invest $200 of my life savings isn’t much, but I think it will result in $325 by January.  Lets see.

The Kavanaugh hearings result in protesters being removed Tuesday.

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  1. Joe there r consequences for all decisions. The consequences in this case is Nike will suffer big time. They made the decision. The consequences r in their lap.

  2. I have wondered about the tarrif issue. From the European countries I think that they are the ones that will be willing to truly negotiate with us to come to an agreement on trade. I think for the US and Europe that we will have a zero trade tarriff or one that is equal for everything going to and coming from Europe. China is the country that will not negotiate with us as they feel they have the upper hand, maybe they do, but China isn’t going to back down, not as long as companies are hiring their workers over there to make their products and pay their people chump change to do the job. There are still many companies that are running sweat shops in Asian countries and they won’t want to give that up and China knows that.

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