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Sickened by Nike’s add made this up and posted to public. Wish I had a broker to short Nike’s stock. I completely agree with you, they are really stupid to endorse that unpatriotic jerk and have committed economic suicide with their disgraceful ad!

DML: Perhaps try, no broker needed.

I need to let you know why you are losing fans. Jesus! I can’t even see Jr’s ad with all your freakin’ ads in the way!! Annoying DML. Every post is this way now. Long time fan about to leave. Just can’t scroll through this much BS anymore. Sad!
I even supported you and bought all your DVDs and gave some to friends for Xmas. So disappointing. This is what I see when I click your post on Facebook. Can’t even get to your article. It’s ridiculous man. And I’m a fan and this is just too aggravating. See my screen shots when scrolling the Trump Jr article. This is common on every post.

DML: Every news outlet needs the ads in order to survive, especially with Facebook lowering everyone’s reach.  Contrary to what you claim, for every person we lose we typically gain 2 new readers.  Our numbers are not down, they are up.  I’ve said the following several times to the very few people who complain about the ads…

There are three options you have if you hate the ads.  ONE: Stick it out a few more months.  If the ads are so bad where you simply cannot operate, before the end of the year we will have a monthly subscription service offered via  The service will offer a newsfeed powered by, but without the ads.  It will also have other products and services offered, like watching our films free of charge.  TWO: Leave us and find another trusted news aggregator you can trust who doesn’t publish ads.  I think you’ll find it near impossible to do, but I respect your decision if you can’t weather the ads.  THREE: Send a check made payable to us in the amount of $15,000 on the 15th and 30th of each month so that we can cover a portion of our payroll, server costs, fees, travel, etc, etc.  With that sort of financial support, I will make it so you dictate the ad flow.

As for supporting me, I like to believe we give something back by working our tails off each day to provide something no one else is offering in the same way we do.  That said, I appreciate you buying the DVDs, I really do, but don’t buy them in support of me. Buy them because you want to learn more about an issue.  I like to think that anyone who buys a DVD does so to be educated, entertained, and enriched with new knowledge.  Either way, I hope you and your family (who got the DVDs for free) enjoyed them all.  I know of no other outlet or filmmaker who gives away FREE DVDs like we do.

Ok DML…if there is truly a leaker who do you think it is? Have to wonder about Kelly Anne Conway… her husband is obviously coming out negatively against Trump & it’s concerning that she is so close in his inner circle. There’s no way I could live with someone with opposition to my profession & political views. Could you? Just a thought…

DML: Has anyone been reading my website and watching my videos for the past 8 months?  I’ve told everyone about the messages I get from people inside and around the White House.  Especially from those who think I got screwed in 2015.  I know who wrote the Times article simply by reading the words.  There are plenty more people like this person.

There is a difference between supporting the president and worshiping him.  He has effectively made a cult following who will never say anything wrong about him and his decisions, even when he is unhinged — Sean Hannity is the cult’s leader.

There is a reason why Trump stumps the way he does, repeating the same thing over and over, and never getting into the nuances of issues.  He doesn’t understand them, all you have to do is READ HIS BOOKS to realize such a thing.  But he knows enough to delegate, and I thought he would do just that.  In some cases he has, in other cases he has not, and that’s what the article in the TIMES reads.  It’s not so much a hit as it is a true representation of how things operate day in and day out.

In some respects, he has hired complete political idiots who are rotten people like Scarmucci, Omarosa and Cohen.  But in other cases, there have been good hires that have kept the wheels from coming off.  These people realize there is no life for them after this run in the White House because the Trump administration is deemed by the media and the political circuit as being toxic.

Now, you and other people who read this may think that being blacklisted by “the swamp” is a good thing, and that it’s better off because the media and DC are the swamp, but what you don’t seem to understand — or prefer to ignore — is that Trump plays in swamp happily with the likes of Chris Ruddy from Newsmax, and the Koch brothers, and Lindsey Graham, and so many others.  Trump is a swamp creature like the rest of them.  He is actually endorsing people who said the worst things about him years ago, months ago, etc.  Yes, he is doing it for political posturing, but that is what the swamp does.  Trump can be bought.  He is proving it with his endorsements and ignoring things like e-Verify.

Everything you read in THE NY TIMES op-ed piece is spot on true.  I say this based on (A) what I have been told by NUMEROUS people, (B) what I witnessed with my own two eyes when I was considering a run, (C) the tweets and inconsistent messages from the President that the staffers cannot stop — like when he is on TV.  He always has two stories and is cunning enough to make you believe both are true even though they contradict themselves.  How long will you be fooled before you can’t ignore it any more?  That’s where many staffers find themselves.

Unfortunately, the MAGA concept will not paint fully under Trump.  Lots of it will, but most of what we really voted for will not (eg, Obamacare, immigration).  He’s done wonderful things by ending the IRAN deal, ending the CLIMATE deal, improving NATO, lowering taxes, stripping some of the most ridiculous regulations, and fighting back against the likes of Comey, etc.  But overall, his leadership is chaotic and childish.  I think __________ called it “petty” in the op-ed.  A word expressed to me SEVERAL times in conversation, text, etc.  His tweets are often PETTY.   If you step back and look with objectivity, you will see I am correct.

I was going to ask you this question a long time back but other things were going on and I forgot about that question until now. My question is why do so many Jewish people vote for the democrats?

I ask this because over the last couple of years the progressives and leftist democrats have been calling for the destruction of Israel even louder, that Palestine needs to have everything that Israel has. That there are more and more protests against Israel and even more anti-sematic rhetoric, vandalism to Jewish cemeteries and Synagogues. Even with all of that going on so many Jewish people still vote for the Democratic party and it really confuses me. The Democrats haven’t done anything for them but they still vote for them.

DML: Your question is the same as “why do African-Americans vote for Dems, when they do nothing for them decade after decade.”  I am not Jewish so I cannot answer from experience, nor do I represent the population of Jewish voters in America, but if I had to guess it would be because Jews are often victims of discrimination and hate crimes.  The Democrats have built a reputation for being the party who looks out for those who are discriminated against, be they gay, black, Jewish, etc.

Dennis, This move today by the Democrats to shut down the Senate to protest Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination has pushed me over the edge. They are disgusting human beings. Their disruptions of yelling and grand staging are despicable. I can not express enough how despondent I am that garbage such as this goes on. How do you go on with your daily life knowing the crap that the other side does every single day with out repercussions, and not let it make you insane? I am afraid I will have to unplug from everything all together to keep my sanity. Any helpful advice? I miss your hour long walk and talks disseminating the daily news. I somehow felt better with you reviewing things.

DML: Unplugging 100% is what they want you to do, so don’t totally unplug.  I suggest you turn off the TV and news radio.  Use the DML APP for headline news and click through if and when something peaks your interest.  Take more walks, read more books, grab a hobby and enjoy this life for as long as it lasts.  Smile knowing that no matter what these lunatics do, they cannot stop the end result.  BK will be the on the Supreme Court.  As for my walks and studio show…  As noted, I made a decision to launch new films.  I had given it up for too long.  I cannot do both (films and show).  Thanks to my great team, our news aggregation is doing better than ever but the shows are taking a temporary hit.  Right now, I have 2 films near completion.  Then there is one film that is two months near completion.  Another film that has been shot, but needs to be edited. So that’s about 4 months out.  And there are two films in pre-production mode.  I’m overloaded for the moment.  But on September 14, one of the films will be DONE (Homeless).  Shortly thereafter, the second will be done (Parkland).  Then THEY COME TO AMERICA 4 will be complete in time for Christmas.  As for doing shows for an hour, once the Homeless film is done, I am gearing for September 21 to start moving towards the studio again. By Sept 30th, I should be in f/t mode of one-hour shows.

I have never donated or bought your films because I am always on the run and never have the time to sit down and complete the transactions.  I am on vacation this week and would like to donate and buy your movies.  Will you please tell me where to go.  I do not see a donate button anywhere, and I see only a link for you picture book.  I would like the movies. I’m probably looking in the wrong areas, but I use the DML APP for the news feed only so I am unfamiliar with the rest of the tabs.

Moving on I would like to make a few comments about your style of reporting and why I stick around even though I hate the ads and not thrilled about the short videos you have ventured into instead of the THE TRUTH program which I was absolutely addicted to.  I would watch it every night before retiring to bed.

There is something about your reporting that is genuine and unique that cannot be found in other places.  The DML NEWS feed on the DML APP is 99.5% of the time offering the stories and reports I want and need to see. It is rarely missing what I would consider a big story, and at other times it offers nonsense tabloid babble.  Overall, it is the best blend of news that I have seen anywhere.

I like the news being delivered in a short punchy way that captures my attention but doesn’t overload my time with run-on paragraphs of useless information that is not relevant to the key story.

As for your program THE TRUTH, I like it better than the WALK AND TALK because I feel you stick on topic longer and with more unbridled passion and insight.  When you are walking it feels like you bop around between news, comedy and story telling.  I can understand why some people like the walks better than the newsroom approach, but for a news consumer like myself who has just one time per day to WATCH a program, THE TRUTH gives me the top news hits and the conservative commentary that feels complete.

I know you’ve had your struggles with your health and Facebook, but despite all of it you have grown the business a lot since the time I first found you months before the election.  I think you were coming off your Newsmax departure when I heard you explain how the news outlets would try to say the Trump campaign had no chance of turning it around and that the electoral college was an impossible win for Trump.  When you explained how they were wrong, and why they were trying to push that narrative I became a fan for life.   Since that time you have built the websites and DML APP to be the most reliable outlet for unbiased news.  I cannot recall a day when your team has failed to deliver, including Christmas, News Years and July 4.

I know you get loads of hell from people who lash out at you in thinking you turn(ed) on the president, but I think that is pure nonsense.  You should ignore these people.  I work with some of them, and everything in their lives is either hot or cold, black or white, and always extreme.  These are not people who do very well in business, and typically they cannot climb the corporate ladder or launch successful businesses because they don’t understand the power of debate, open minded problem solving, and general politeness.  Most are radical in the sense they are all or nothing and as a result they typically end up with nothing or very little.

I don’t love Trump but I voted for him.  Like you say, “HE WORKS FOR US.”  I don’t think he is a great president but he’s a bunch better than Obama and Bush combined.

I tolerate his behavior to the best of my ability even though he is a raving lunatic at times with his tweets.  He causes his own headaches.

I knew when I voted for him I was getting a TV tabloid personality who cheats on his wives and escapes paying taxes like the rest of us.  Hillary was not an option, so I voted for him because he understands trade and business.  I also loved his plans for immigration and the border security issue.  I don’t think we’ll get the border security part from him, but the economy is booming and I am the luckier for it.  I will vote for him again if he can keep himself from sliding too far into the mud.  He is getting close though!

I know you dabbled in politics before getting into the news.  I think you would make a great congressman and future governor.  IF you take that path I think you are a sure win for the White House in a decade or two.

OKAY, I have written a years worth of email.  Thanks DML and stay healthy and safe.  Keep up the great work.

DML: What an insightful email.  If you enjoy the show, then you will LOVE the films. I will return to the THE TRUTH in late September.  To donate, go to  Then click the store tab for our products.  I appreciate the support, and I will continue to work hard.  Meanwhile, you should try to work less and enjoy more of your time away from the office, if possible.  Assuming you work in an office. LOL.



  1. Great email Phil!
    I do happen to be one of those who loves DML’s personal stories. I’ve learned so much about him and can relate to many of his personal experiences. His insight is so my way of thinking… he just seems to put it out there better than I ever could, for that matter, in everything he does.
    I will say this, I have never felt so passionate about what is taking place in the world and in politics until I found Dennis Michael Lynch!

  2. Tired of the trolls . If they think you are so full of BS then why do they bother tuning in ? Just to harass the rest of us with a brain ? On a blocking spree today . Thank you for the truth . Keep on giving us your best .

  3. “In some respects, he has hired complete political idiots who are rotten people like Scarmucci, Omarosa and Cohen. But in other cases, there have been good hires that have kept the wheels from coming off. These people realize there is no life for them after this run in the White House because the Trump administration is deemed by the media and the political circuit as being toxic.”

    Then, if they think there is no life for them after this White House, I suggest they fight like hell to make it even more successful. I don’t see the value of doing negative op-eds sixty days before the midterms, when it’s fully understood that if the lunatic Democrats win back Congress, EVERY SINGLE THING you like about the last two years will be reversed. How superior intellect is that?!

    As for Dennis joining the Trump is stupid bandwagon by saying he doesn’t understand the issues so is forced to repeat the same boring crap over and over at his rallies? Good heavens Yes, I know, he understands on the level of a 5th grader, right? If what he’s done in his life up to and including winning the election is 5th grade level, gosh, I’m speechless.

    There’s plenty to criticize about Donald Trump without making ludicrous claims about his ability to understand the issues.

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