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SIT & TALK Wed. Hey DML just wanted to that everything you said today I 100% agree with. Some on the right are just as blind as those on the left following behind a person in office. Staring at their feet instead of looking up and seeing the person they believe can do no wrong, is leading them off a cliff. What has happened to politics? Why is it always party vs party? Why can’t it be collaboration of ideas that benefit the people that elected them to office? We the people are the boss, not them. All the party system does is divide, today even more so. Some people get so bent out of shape, will toss a 28 year friendship out the door for something, as trivial as, for whom you voted for. It just drives me crazy anymore. Are we a nation so driven by dramatized TV that we inject it into everything now? What happened to agreeing to disagree and moving on? So many people get so driven on being right they try to push their ideology on someone because they think their way is best. It may be for them but not for all.

Celebrities are by far the worst about it. Just because you’re rich doesn’t make you right. Just because you portrayed a hero doesn’t make you one. They become so detached from real society they don’t see the real problems. You also have MSM which use their platform to promote what party they back. Wouldn’t that be considered propaganda? Where is that line drawn or is there one anymore? They’ll pullout all the stops to make anyone who doesn’t agree with left or right agenda look like scum, or someone that did something wrong look like a saint on water because it was something their party deems right. Where has free thinking gone? Why is bad for people to think outside the box now a days? That is what made our Constitution so unique and great. Our founding father’s took an idea nearly unheard of and turned it into the strongest Nation on earth. I guess its all gone because saying you’re a proud American, that speaks his/her mind, that doesn’t just follow the crowd, and asks questions is offensive to people or silenced because they aren’t PC. What in the name of our Saviour has happened to us as a Nation? As powerful as we are we can’t even take care of our own homeless. Most are so caught up in their image they’d rather help someone they’ve never seen in a third world country instead of the man, woman, or child they pass daily on the corner holding a sign saying will work for food. I guess they get more points or something for the Third world person. Better yet bring them here and give them the benefits or own citizens deserve instead because they believe they needed it more. I just can’t wrap my head around it anymore. If come up with the answers please share them but until then god bless you and yours.

DML: My buddy served as a NYC cop for 27 years.  He appears in my upcoming film on homelessness.  In the interview with him, I ask, “Did it not kill you inside when you had to arrest a homeless person because they were tenting on private property?”  He said it hurt him inside big time, and many times he’d skip the arrest part — just make them move camp.  But that hurt just as much because moving camp is no easy process, as many things are left behind and it requires finding a new place on foot, which can take a long time.

But he had no choice, a cop has to do his job whether it hurts him inside or not.  I sort of feel the same way in my job.  I would much rather do a sit and talk and blast the person who wrote the NYTimes op-ed article.  Instead, I decided to provide an easy to understand analysis about why it was written.  In the end, it will cost me money as people who are bent on one-way thinking will delete my app, unlike my page, and stop buying hats and DVDs, but that price is small to pay in exchange for sleeping easy knowing I do my job like few others these days.

I really hope you read comments on your video today. You have many in a lost and confused state, i hope your willing to address. You have put many in a confused state of mind with your comments and stated knowledge, we don’t have access to. We are not privileged to info you have, yet expected to understand what we don’t know like you. I originally agreed with your video, Trump is failing big time, except for some good results, until further thoughts and reading of your privileged knowledge we don’t have and you do, but expect us to understand? . We are lost now. Please read comments from todays video and explain. I see with your special contacts, you are now making us feel stupid. I typically support you 100%, but you threw a wrench in today and not fair. I seriously don’t trust anybody anymore and have no faith in anything. Not even sure who/what you expect us to support anymore. I love and support you, but you did us wrong today, claiming privileged info, we dont have to make educated decisions. Your special, were just humans looking for answers.

DML: No, Diana, I did you no wrong.  Allow me to explain it this way: A man shoots a wild dog and then writes a letter about the experience, but he doesn’t sign his name as he sees himself irrelevant when compared to the much bigger story.  Meanwhile, I am privy to the entire story, so I come in and show you where the dog is buried, and explain where the dog was shot, when he was shot, and why the dog was shot.  You learn from me that the dog contacted rabies from another animal in the woods — a place where the dog wasn’t supposed to go, but his owner mistakenly left the house gate open.  I also share with you the original source of the rabies and the direction it which the animal headed.

Instead of concerning yourself with how the rabies may be spreading and why we need to catch the rabid fox, instead of worrying about the house owner fixing the gate latch so that other dogs he owns doesn’t get out while we hunt for the fox, you are stuck on knowing the ID of the man who wrote the letter.  I urge you to think differently.

Before I end, allow me to restate something you wrote which is highly inaccurate.  I did not say Trump is failing “big time” in his agenda.  There are things he has done wonderfully, as pointed out in my video. There are other areas where he is failing, and will continue to fail if he doesn’t shift gears.  The letter in the NY TIMES in part, is an indication that he isn’t shifting gears on these issues and that his erratic behavior that comes out too many times is catching up to him. He is walking deeper into woods where the rabies exist, and he has to stop.

I know you dont like Fox News. But do you think Lou Dobbs is bad? It seems to me that he holds everyone’s feet to the fire. I trust your insight because you watch them all more closely than I.

DML: About eight years ago on a 9/11 anniversary, Lou’s producer invited me onto his show to speak about my experience on 9/11 and the dangers that loom at the border.  On my way into the city (3 hour ride), I was called and told Lou cancelled the segment so he could interview an author who had written a many-months-old book about Obama.

I was livid, not only because of my wasted time on a day that means so much to me, but because of the rude last second cancel which in TV land is only done when there is breaking news.  It’s called professional courtesy.

That said, I wrote him a scathing email and said I would never do his show again.  An emotional reaction from me for sure, but 9/11 is the one emotional day I live each year as the memory of my fellow Americans jumping from 80-stories high always hurts.

Dobbs did not write me back.  Instead, my agent called to tell me Lou was pissed off and told producers to erase my name from the booking lists.

Years later, I was asked to be on his show again.  I debated it for hours, and then ultimately decided to give in to the request.  Hours into my drive I called the booker to say I was running late due to traffic.  Based on where I was, I would be to the studio at the top of the hour, and so my segment should be moved towards the tail end of the show if possible.  Not a huge request by any means.  Ten minutes later I was called back by the producer and was told the segment was cancelled.

I was pissed at myself for trying to make amends because I know what happened.  Dobbs didn’t know I was booked for the show.  A young producer who had moved over to his show from another program booked me not knowing Dobb’s demands about me.  When she told him that it was DML who was requesting to be pushed back, Dobb’s cancelled my spot.

Years go bye. I see Dobbs on the Amtrak train returning to NYC from DC — Trump was sworn in as president the day before.  I shot Dobbs an email from the train saying it was time to make amends.  Ten minutes later I stood up to shake his hand and put an end to the silliness.  He blew me off.

So my answer to you is personal and therefore cannot be taken objectively.  He is a prick.

DML I respect you and Appreciate your work. I don’t believe for a minute Mueller has anything on President Trump. There is no way that Mueller can Establish credibility to sell any lie on anyone. The Mid term elections will be won by Republicans. Because we will go vote, with others that have awakened. There wont be any voter Fraud. And after the 2020 election, President Trump will be Re-elected and then, what you want to see happen will come about. If Trump Moves out of support for Israel, then I think your predictions will come true. But so far Trump has God’s favor. He put him in, he can take the job from him, just that quick. And don’t say, God doesn’t get involved in things like this. I know DML that you are a God fearing man. I am asking you to get a New King James Study Bible and look up Ephesians 1:19 read the notes. When you excepted Christ as your savior, you were given the ability to have all the power that God used to raise Jesus from His thumb to now work in answering your prayers, and Paul said, that you are to use it. So in prayer ask for what you want your President to do and declare Ephesians 1:19 and it will be done, it really is that simple, but you have to ask your God in Heaven. It will be done at the perfect time. Your faith in that matter is key, Oh yea, Satan will go right after it, but he can’t defeat your faith, you ask for a hedge over you and your family. And what you want will, but be one of those that have not, because they ask not. God Bless you and your Family.

DML: With all due respect to you and your unwavering faith that God plays a hand in politics, I’m betting most — if not all — of what you predict politically will end up to be incorrect.   This means your prayers won’t be answered… this time anyhow.  But I am not God, and therefore I could be wrong just like He was when giving the keys to Obama.

NY TIMES article. Dennis. I trust everything you have said on this. But instead of them trying to destroy Trump after the people went to the lengths that they did to put him there, they should embrace him, and use him. Use him to to rebuild the broken government. Use him and his ideas to bring the faith in the government back to the people.

If they destroy him the good he has done with the jobs will vanish. The company’s that decided to come back will leave.Taxes will skyrocket to more than they were before him. Unemployment will go to double digits. But the Soros and Koch’s and others will be dancing. As Americans are left homeless and starving.Sorry to be so bleak. But with them working with this man this country could climb to heights never seen. Destroy him and it could turn to total chaos. It wasn’t far from it the last 4 presidents.

DML: I disagree in many areas.  The taxes will only go up if liberals take over the congress and White House and rid of the new tax law that is working for most of the businesses in this country.  It would be political suicide to do such a thing, and so they won’t do it if they get such incredible power (Wh + congress).

Unemployment during the last few years of Obama improved to low single digits, and then Trump’s policies drove them even lower.  Point being, economies are cyclical.  Thus, there will be no double digit unemployment for many many years.

You cannot rebuild the gov on Trump’s watch.  Why? More than half the country does not trust Trump, and the disdain for him in the media grows deeper with each month.  In addition, no one person has the power to get the government clean.  The voters are the only ones who can do that.  One person is not enough.

Finally, Trump will never be as effective as we all hoped because: (1) He doesn’t have the full support of his own party, (2) he often associates with the dirty and corrupt who are in bed with Koch brothers (see David Bossie), (3) he is too erratic and lashes out at his subordinates in public — nobody wants to take the risk of being the next Jeff Sessions, so nobody will jump on board the Trump train in DC in a way that produces results.

As for the world coming to an end if Trump is not in the WH, that’s nonsense.  His term is not lifetime.  His end will either come from Mueller, or from voters, or from term limits. That said, people are living in the streets already, and worse so than they were with Obama in office.  Trump actually pulled $300M this year from programs to help the homeless.  Furthermore, Trump does not create jobs — business owners create jobs.  We were here before Trump, we will be here after he leaves.

Lets hope he can stick around and do the best he can despite the above points being true.

Hey Dennis, I’m placing a bet that George T. Conway III
is the Co-ed writer. I’m thinking of it as judging their (Kellyanne & George) marriage to my marriage. My wife’s job is very confidential and we still talk about certain things that should not be discussed. When laying in bed, it’s impossible not to discuss things that happened at work. So I honestly believe that POS Trump hater (BIG MOUTH GEORGE) is being a backstabbing POS. Perhaps Kellyanne is aware of it. She might want to run for President someday, sooner than we think.

DML: With all due respect to Kellyanne, I think she knows she would have a better chance of walking on water than running for president and winning the nomination.

I wanted to contact you and see if you could offer a little more clarity on the recent New York Times anonymous White House staff with whom you addressed in your walk and talk this morning. While I agree with your stance on immigration and Obama care and completely fully understand that those are disappointments to you, and disappointments to me, I failed to see the reason as to why this particular staffer is afraid of Trump and his agenda. They mentioned him changing his mind a lot, which I agree with. They also mentioned he wasn’t tough enough on Russia and some of his foreign policies. Which I can accept. But other than that what exactly are they wanting to resist? In addition, they used a statement from John McCain to wrap up their concern for America. And while I can appreciate McCain’s military efforts and call him a hero in that respect, he was a horrible senator for Arizona with where I am from. McCain and most Republicans right now in Washington are more aligned with the left. He was also a deciding factor against the Obama care repeal and replace efforts earlier on in the administration. Not raised a huge red flag to me that maybe this person who wrote this letter doesn’t have the countries best concern at heart. You say you know this person that wrote this letter. What was the point? What were they trying to change?

DML: I was no fan of McCain, and thought little of his leadership, but if he was such a bad senator why did your state continue to elect him term after term?  That aside, the letter to the NY TIMES was designed for two purposes. The number one purpose, was to drive the president crazy in wondering who the hell it is that wrote such a letter and two, which flows off of #1, is to set the president straight in his ways.  Meaning they want him to focus on being focused.  Was the letter the correct thing to do by this person?  I say no.

In the end, all this letter will accomplish is (a) to drive the president crazy paranoid, (b) get the left more crazy about removing him, (c) get the click bait stories to run crazy wild, (d) to get the Trump base crazy pissed, and (e) to confirm how crazy things are in DC at this point in time.

I just watched your sit and talk regarding the NYT piece and was astonished at the reaction of some of your audience members. It wasn’t that they disagreed with you, but the obvious blind support they give to a guy in DC they’ve never met, at the expense of their own children, who will no doubt be saddled with the burden of any bad decision he makes-omnibus and immigration come to mind.

I miss the days when people who called themselves conservatives didn’t engage in progressive tactics or worship politicians. Nowhere is it more clear that populism has polluted this movement than in the comments section of your FB page or your poll results that show 97% approval on a judge who believes that illegal immigrants have a right to abortions, believe that Obamacare is constitutional as long as you call it a tax, and acknowledge precedence as settled law even though it is bad precedence. This is terrible for the country and does little to curb my use of expletives.

I want to leave this on a good note. Many of your audience are not actual conservatives. Maybe these are the faces of the “independents”, who change elections, or sway one way or the other from the center, whatever the hell that means. Labels have come to mean nothing to me. If that’s the case, you are probably one of the most influential news people in the business. I hope you can rise to the challenge of educating these people on principle and what conservatism actually is, from a constitutional standpoint and a cultural one.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle

I don’t agree with you on everything but appreciate the dissenting opinions and the direction you are moving in regards to partisanship.

DML:  I disagree with saying those who don’t get it are “independents.”  But you are correct in stating that I am moving more towards a partisanship mode of delivering my commentary.  I have at times allowed my political POV and preferences to dictate my entire commentary.  TO BE CLEAR: Never is DML News biased, but I admit my commentary has veered too close to my political heart at times.  The older and wiser I get, the more I realize there is a way of getting passion into a news and commentary segment without losing sight of what is fair and balances thinking.  Fair and balanced thinking is the basis of true leadership, and therefore I think it behooves me to be a better, more even-keeled communicator without losing my style and voice.   Good observation Heather.

The problem of illegal immigration is worldwide.



    • I agree. Not perfect but better than the alternative. So emphasize the good, pray for wisdom for our President and stop kicking his legs out from under him.

  2. I so appreciate ur analogies (rabid dog) and ur professional, expert advice. I c things more clearly every day. Thanks DML!

  3. “But I am not God, and therefore I could be wrong just like He was when giving the keys to Obama.”
    I have an issue with the above quote from DML about God. God makes zero mistakes. He sometimes allows things to occur as part of His plan to draw His people closer to Him. But even Obama was not a mistake on God’s part.

  4. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. Today that is all i can type. Just so disgusted with people and our government. Thanks for all your hard work. God Bless us all – NTW God always answers prayers – sometimes it is no. AND since we are free to make decisions, sometimes the results of those decisions can be very bad for us. Just saying……… God only gives us good things and the evil and his followers are very busy in todays world.

  5. I am one of those people who responded to Dennis and those who think we have a blind support for Trump are just wrong. I supported Trump and Dennis for the good I thought both would do for this country. I support the ideas, not the person. Dennis was for Trump with all he thought Trump was going to do for Immigration and Obamacare. He also thought he was assisting Trump with his letters but when Trump obviously was not taking his advice especially on those two issue, Dennis turned on him. I get it. It was upsetting and I remain upset about that. Trump isn’t the only one who changed.
    Dennis has changed his direction so much it would make anyone’s head spin. He is good at spinning a tale but if you have listened to him from the beginning, you would see the pattern. He thinks he is the smartest person in EVERY room. I do think Dennis has gone back to his real passion………film making. I don’t know of a film that has helped or changed anything that is going on in our country though. So my thought is that this is really just a BUSINESS. I am okay with that.
    So for those who think those who criticize Dennis have blind support for Trump, I think you have blind support for Dennis. Think for yourself and see the good with the bad……….because we all have it.

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