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If President Trump could just turn the corner on his personality and start now by just responding about the positive things his administration has done and is targeting this would turn out to be an advantage. Seriously keep restating the positive without lashing back he would give the left a dose of their own medicine in relation to repetitive media.

DML: “Personality.”  Interesting word coming from you, Ric. Aren’t you the same Ric who told me that my personality is not as effective as others in “my business”?  How many of your other commentators are brave enough to challenge the president when it’s called for? How can you honestly trust anyone who always send you down a one-way street when they know oncoming traffic looms. Perhaps you’re coming around, Ric, just like the rest of the people who send me nonsense about calling out the president only to come back months later with a dose of humility when they see I was not attacking, but rather warning about the oncoming traffic.  I’m a forgiving guy, Ric, and I’m all for people taking the scenic route even when they step on my head to get there.  In my book it’s country first, Dennis’ feelings last.  And so I’ll bury your rudeness to me in the past and address your latest email by commending you for seeing the light.

Don’t you think it’s time for another letter to President Trump? All the things you spoke about yesterday are very concerning. One day things are going well for mid terms, than a day or 2 we have serious concerns again. The Obama’s are gearing up to take Trump down. President Trump better step it up a notch with what is important not all the BS he gets caught up in.

DML: My messages / videos / DVDs get to the White House.  Understand, that whether you love him or hate him, one has to realize Trump is an addict to conflict.  Although he is rich, economically smart, savvy in marketing and great at self promotion, he walks himself into these dark corners because he loves to fight his way out.  The fight for him is like crack cocaine to an addict.   That said, we all have our vices.

How can Obama even show his face in Chicago much less stand there and lecture them about how the “privileged” people are out to get them. Wasnt he just bragging in his speech in South Africa about how rich he is now (off of the backs of Americans) that he cant even spend it all. He just stands there and thumbs his nose at all of us because he has positioned himself above all. He just lies. Why doesnt Trump have a PR department to rebut these statements? Oh, I know why. None of the “American” news agencies will report it.

DML: Kristy, I concur with the statements about Obama’s hypocrisy, but as for Trump’s PR department…. He is his own PR department.  The WH comms people can’t operate because he steps on them daily by changing the message without warning (see Rudy Guliani).

Truth is, the media will report anything and everything Trump says or writes about Obama, including when Trump says Obama’s recent speech put him to sleep.  That’s what Trump said yesterday following Obama’s comments.  It was a response which is untrue and silly.  A much better statement would have been, “I see the former president is stumping for candidates, and that’s fine, but instead of highlighting what the candidates stand for, which is impossible to do because the Democrats have no platform, they refer and rely on attacking my administration and me.  This will have little impact on voters, as I am confident that our achievements over the past two years speak for themselves, especially when compared to the minimal achievements made in the 8-year span given to the 44th president. It is disheartening that a former president has to break a long standing tradition of not speaking negatively about a sitting president, but then again, we are speaking about a man who sent pallets holding billions of US dollars to the terror haven known as Iran in the middle of the night.  He did this without the approval from congress or the American people. Need I say more? Now, lets talk about more important issues like the new ideas we have for repealing and replacing the overly expensive and heavily ineffective law put into place before I took office. Obamacare.”

DML you mentioned on yesterday’s sit and talk that the New York Times is not failing and that they have increased their numbers of subscribers… i agree with this… i also believe that it’s because of President Trump and the hatred the nyt has against President Trump that supports their fortune just like everyone else who hates on President Trump… I look at it this way…. President Trump has given more people opportunity to make money on hating him. Everywhere you look social media cable news everyone has had job security as long as they continue to hate on President Trump.

DML: Truth is there is money on both sides of the coin, but little money where I sit, which is on the outer rim of the coin.  There is lots of money in saying Trump is the next messiah, and lots of money in saying he is the devil.  Meanwhile, anyone who wants to both compliment and criticize, or any website that reports both the good and the bad, has a narrow lane to operate as people have bitten the poison apple offered by the media, Trump himself, Obama, Hillary, and every personality that wedges people against each other.  All conservatives are evil, all liberals are nut jobs.  This is the narrative, and both sides are relishing in the ugly narratives.  Not me.

DML, what can you tell me about Q

DML: It’s one of the 26 letters that make up the alphabet.  It is followed by the letter R.  Anything else suggested or implied is fool’s gold.

Hi DML, check out the billboard people were actually upset about here in Ma..Just have to my head… I would love to purchase a DML News T Shirt…(or even a DENNIS MICHAEL LYNCH 2024 😉 one to help promote you. Will be offering any anytime soon?
Big DML Fan since the election..thank you for all you and your family do to help make our country better and the rest of us make sense of it.

DML: Yours is the photo of the day.  As for your other remarks, I continue to get a lot of questions about our direction, the app, my programs, and our merchandise, etc.  I start by saying and the DML APP are always on.  In fact, we are building a technology that makes it so the DML APP and website are aggregating news even when we sleep. The result will be a real 24/7/365 service.  I am told it will be ready in October.

Next. The website that bears my full name ( is not a part of DML NEWS, we are two different entities, and thus, my website (this one) is turning into a subscription service.  People will pay a low monthly fee. In exchange, they will continue to receive the DML News feed, but it will feed on my website and without the ads.

Also included with a subscription: My films will be streamed on my website, most of them free of charge.  There will be no more need to buy DVDs, unless a person wants to own the film.  (NOTE: Non subscribers will be able to buy DVDs, and pay for streaming the film online via but at full price.)

Shirts, hats, DVDs and merchandise of all kinds will be sold at a massive discount on my website compared to the prices on

The LIVE CHAT will be available on both websites, but will be separate.  Each subscriber will get to establish a profile page on my website (the page looks a lot like a Facebook page), and they will be able to communicate with other subscribers but without ANY interference from TROLLS.

Additionally, we are making a technology that allows subscribers to be a part of the TEAM DML news aggregation process.  I cannot get into details as I am not revealing my trade secrets.  But the short story is subscribers will truly be part of our news delivery team and process.

Also available to subscribers will be one-on-one interviews I have with high profile people.  Imagine an online conference where you get to ask questions to my guests, etc.

Also, we are offering subscribers VIP tickets to an annual event we will hold next spring in FL.  Dates to be announced later this year.

Finally, my daily LIVE shows, which start up again at the end of September, will no longer be available on Facebook when we make the switch to a subscription model for this website. The LIVE programs will now be for subscribers only, which means there will be NO MORE FACEBOOK “rules” and or censorship and or limitations to who can participate.

And to answer your question, we will have t-shirts that read TEAM DML, most likely to be included with a subscription.

As for 2024, I have made no decisions about that sort of thing, I rarely even think about it to be honest.  The only time I refer to it is when an email arrives like yours.  Like everyone, I am trying to get through this year and the midterm elections.  I have so much on my plate — I have never been more busy.  Plus, although others may say I am trying to position myself for a future run by “turning people against the president,” the statement is both asinine and untrue.  I still pray for this administration each day to do well.  Any claim to the contrary is made by a fool who needs to a new set of ears.

DML, listening to your walk and talk on Thursday. If you know who the leak is why don’t you tell the Whitehouse. You should be supporting President Trump even if you are upset with him. You talked so highly of him back in 2016. You were the reason I left the democratic party and all their lying shit by learning and listening to you. President Trump needs you now more than ever Dennis. I believe in you. Please help our President!

DML: I appreciate your faith in me, and you are not the only person who made the switch from left to right because of the common sense, easy to understand, always true commentary I offered during the election, and CONTINUE to offer 20-months later.

I am not upset with the president.  Fact is, I do not allow my EMOTIONS to get involved in my politics or business.  Emotionally charged responses and decisions are always the worst responses and decisions made.

I championed for Trump to win in 2016 because A, I did not want Hillary to win, B, I believed in the America First agenda which I had developed long before Trump stumped with it, C, I felt a businessman would be best to run the country when measuring the economic situation at the time, D, I wanted Obamacare repealed and replaced and the border secured and E, because I did not think he could or would be bought.

Now, 20-months later, I remain happy about A, I still believe in B, I have been proven correct with C, I am disappointed in D, and E is a shock to me when looking at his ties to Koch, Ruddy, Bossie and others like them.

I conclude by saying I do not support politicians, I vote for them.  I support policies and this amazing country and Her people.  I have said this a million times!  There is a solid, thick line between voting for a person and supporting policies.  I wish people understood this more often.

I know I am having trouble with what is happening in our government. But thanks to you I can get the truth. Dennis I put you in the mold of Walter Kronkite, and Huntley and Brinkley. They always gave the truth just like you. Thank you so much.

DML: Thanks for the nice email.

ANGEL MOMS in DC.  I was watching the rally Friday morning but couldn’t continue because I know that no one wants to fix this problem. They just want to chant a slogan .. build the wall. Obviously they (a) don’t really care or (b) too stupid to know any better . It makes me sick. Shame on Trump! He knows what would fix the illegal alien problem but doesn’t want to do it. If Trump’s cheerleaders would put their Pom Poms down for once and unite for National Mandatory E-Verify then he would have to respond, but they would rather blindly chant “build the wall.” They don’t listen to you Dennis and it pisses me off.

DML: I was invited to speak at that event. Originally, I said “no thanks” because I have a rule: NO MORE DC SPEECHES.  The people who are invited to these events are often good people, but always mixed in are the radicals who are either over the top, or inconsistent in their message.  Furthermore, without any notice a speaker can be added to a lineup last second, and too many times I have seen the add-on tarnish the event.
Bottom line, I will not be party to such a thing.  Not to mention, because I live in NY, it’s a 14-hour round trip by car to DC.  Tack on the hotel room and the dining, and suddenly I am paying $1,000 to speak for 15-minutes.  But because this event was supposed to be about the angel moms and their fight against the crimes committed by illegal aliens, and because the event included two moms whom I interviewed for TCTA4, last week I found myself debating on breaking my rule.

I reached out to the organizer and requested the list of speakers.  Based on the names given to me, I saw my only option was to either speak 1st or 2nd in order to avoid being associated with a person who I deem as radical, and who has said e-Verify is not fair to US businesses.

Although I was originally asked in early August to be a keynote at the event, I did not accept because of my rule and because my schedule was too packed.  But when I returned from Florida last week, an opportunity was presented to me to film something for our Parkland film scheduled for this morning, Sept 8. The event is not far from DC, and I felt it was worth moving my schedule around.  Thus, filming the event would place me in a situation where I could justify the expense to go to DC on the 7th.

I reached out to the organizer and said I would be in the area and would possibly be able to speak on behalf of the angel moms.  Although it meant breaking my rule of speaking at rallies in DC, I wanted to speak out against the message being spewed regarding Mollie Tibbitt’s death and how her family doesn’t want it to be connected to illegal immigration.

Having received the updated speaker schedule from the organizer earlier this week, I repeat, I told the rally organizer that I would have to disrupt the existing schedule by either speaking first or second at the event. Unfortunately, but politely, she told the already scheduled slots at the opening could not be changed due to the time constraints of the first two speakers. This was a deal breaker for me, and I politely withdrew my offer to appear.  The organizer, who is a lovely person, suggested we work on something together in the future.

In the end, I was reminded never to break my rule, and at the same time was saddened to see the crowd being super small.  I think I could have helped bring in many more people.  As Congressman King used to say, “nobody brings in more people to these events than DML.”  And that’s because I am a consistent voice who doesn’t play to big money.  I will not get up at a rally and highlight myself as an advocate for stopping illegal immigration, and then get off the stage and go into a back room to work along side those who push away the biggest tool that could end parents from having their kids killed by illegals.  No way! I will be no part of that sort of message, and I will not be seen shaking hands with someone who does.  “Powered by Koch,” is not a bumper sticker I wish to bear.  One day, maybe in 2014, my consistency will pay off for the greater good.  Now, to your point Elizabeth, you see why BUILD THE WALL is the message that blared the loudest.  Meanwhile, there are angel moms in the crowd who had their kids killed by visa violators.  I still wait for the brainiac who can tell me how the wall would have stopped that from happening.



  1. Re: the Photo of the Day
    I think they “missed the mark” with the ad.

    It COULD have read:

    If you’re going to take a knee this season,
    make it for the right reason,
    & do it with a ring from Garieri.

    Show your Love, Honor & Respect!

    (Then nonchalantly have the American flag 🇺🇸 flying on the stadium in the background😉.)

    Just my opinion.

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