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Good Morning Dennis, I want to “Thank You” DML for being such a patient, enduring, uncomplaining teacher of politics !! You have been the first and only person to break down the hype, propaganda, and “hard sell” of all the “political drama!” I’m still reeling and staggered over the speech given by Obama… You were spot on in assessing his motives….. Have a Sensitive Soul Searching Sunday!!! Today I am remembering my Precious daughter Melanie. September 9th would have been a birthday celebration…. May God continue to Bless you on your journey through life.

DML: Having seen a photo of your daughter, she was beautiful. I am sure she looks upon you from Heaven, especially today.

It’s bad enough that the NFL is taking a knee but today I watched the Husker game and ABC kept showing the student section and while students were making the defense sign they were also doing the white power symbol. It’s terrible that college students are now disrespecting the US now too. Is college football going to be the next to tank?

DML: The country is so divided and I blame, in order, the media, the RNC and DNC, Trump and Obama, the universities and the parents who have let their kids become addicted to phones and glow devises. I miss the old days, when everything was pure and united. A video for you…

Dennis, I loved your suggested statement (over Trump’s) to Obama regarding his speech. He needs to be put in his place more often and you’re the one I believe that can do it well. I get so disgusted as he continues to be in the limelight with his arrogant attitude and it just reminds me over and over of all the damage that was done to this country while he was in office…which, by the way, will hurt us forever.

On the other hand, I am totally excited about the subscription plan and the listed benefits. It seems you are creating a wonderful and personable news platform that all can participate in either way and still be informed. You continue to keep it interesting with fresh ideas! Thank you again for all you have done for us and many others!

DML: As for Obama, he will be in the headlines a lot over the next few months, as will Michelle.  Get ready to relive 2008-2016 all over again as his face and words plaster the media feeds.  As for our upcoming subscription service, there isn’t much of a choice.  Facebook and Twitter cannot be trusted to deliver the news to your feeds.  Mary and I wanted to create a service that offered something personal, reliable, and worth more than what we charge.  Of course, DML NEWS and the app will remain free, but my daily emails, the programs, and so much more will be bundled into a low monthly fee.  Thanks for the comment.

Hi, do you offer tattoo removal?

DML: Only is it’s a tattoo of the NIKE swoop or the NFL logo.

Why hasn’t anybody had the guts to call the Nike/Kaepernick ads exactly what they are, a racist and divisive campaign specifically aimed at young blacks.

DML: You did. So now it’s two people and counting.

On September 11th, 2001, we as a country, we as a people, we as Americans, experienced the most horific terrorist attack on our country. My oldest grandchild wasn’t yet born. I am still devestated emotionally. Dennis Michael Lynch, DML, I can’t begin to understand what you experienced. I choke up and can’t breathe when I talk about that day and I’m in awe of you for doing so. Please accept my prayers for you. The day of remerberince is just a few days away. God bless you and your family.

DML: The birth of my children, and a few select moments as a young child are burned into my head. But nothing is as vivid in my memory as what I saw on 9/11. I don’t have to close my eyes to see it. It never gets easier. My chest goes weak when I ponder the death for more than a few moments.

At one time you said Jeff Sessions was working his butt off and I thought so, too. Now I’m concerned about what I’m hearing about his lack of ability, or initiative, to run the DOJ. I would appreciate getting your take on this.

DML: Having spoke to a few people in DC, and from what I know about Sessions, he is extremely old school. That said, as a lifetime immigration hawk, he loved Trump’s immigration talk early on in 2015, and he saw that the American people loved the idea of cracking down on illegal immigration. So, Jeff jumped on the train. In doing so he opened the door for other big name politicians to jump on to a campaign that appeared to be anything but safe and sound.

Over time, Sessions recognized that much of what Trump was doing was “scripted.” There really wasn’t any plan to stop the flow of illegals, and building a wall was BS speak that sparked cheers from the crowd.  Trump was taking the bullet points he had heard from Fox News segments and repeating them over an over again because people were reacting.  And although I spell this out in a way that reads critical, it is not.  It was OK at the time.

But then came the dark spot.  From what I can tell, it was right around the time of the election when something happened.  Sessions became uncomfortable and it was visible.  And that’s where it all gets murky.

Speculation is that Sessions either heard, saw, or learned things that didn’t sit well, but whatever it was it was enough to drive him into arms distance mode. Meanwhile, because of his importance and influence to get Trump elected, Sessions was given the AG role.

The time from October to December was when I think Sessions spooked.  I will never forget being on the Amtrak heading to DC for Trump’s swearing in.  Sitting in front of me is a man I have never seen before.  He is in a suit and on his phone.  I hear him saying, “Mr Ambassador” over and over again.  So my ears perk.  He takes a lower tone, but I can hear him.  He says something similar to this: “Mr Ambassador, don’t worry about me — my wife too — we will be fine.  I will say this… the Trump team is a mess.  Lots of infighting. Nobody agrees on much, especially with the more complex issues. They battle all day long and it’s Bannon who is usually in the mix of it all.”  

If wasn’t long after that when Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, and that’s when the real slide started. That’s when Sessions and his “arms distance approach” shifted towards a “miles distance strategy.”

Although this is speculation on my part, I think Jeff sensed something was wrong months before the change of power on Jan 20, 2017, but he was too closely attached to walk away.  Had he walked away to stay clear from what he feared would be a total mess, the change of power would have resulted in massive chaos in the streets.  No kidding, it would have been a million times worse than it was at that time.

In addition to whatever he saw or heard, I think Sessions HATED to be forced into interactions with the lowlife dirtbags like Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Omarosa, etc.  These people are bottom feeders, and although Sessions is used to the DC slime crowd, these Trump people are so disgusting they make Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi look normal.

It’s early 2017, and Sessions is verbally assaulted by President Trump on Twitter time and time again. Although many of Trump’s biggest supporters think this ok, old school folks like Sessions and his friends do not.  I have to agree.  In my book, leaders never lash out at their top people / workers / staffers in public.  For example, there are plenty of times when my staff screws up, including my son and wife.  But you the reader will never know about it because I handle it internally, or if it’s something that needs to be addressed in public (e.g., correcting a news story), it is I who will assume the blame because ultimately, it happened on my watch.

Lashing out at your team in public is a sign of weakness.  And perhaps you will disagree with me on that, but what you can’t disagree with is that when Trump lashes out at a staffer or upper team member in public it establishes an environment that brews a lack of trust.  Uncertainty ensues among the troops.  The question of, “Who will be next to fall” takes over the halls, and in time you get op-eds flowing to The New York Times about Trump’s erratic behavior.  (Are you connecting the dots yet?)

So, Patricia, I now get back to your original statement / concern.  The wedge between Trump and Sessions has become so large that it will never be mended.  If Trump were to try to contact Sessions to make amends, Sessions would sit down with the president and go through the motions but make no mistake, Sessions will never trust Trump ever again, nor will Trump trust Sessions.

But Trump won’t call in Sessions for a pow wow, the president’s ego is too large and he knows Sessions hates his guts at this point, and vice versa.  Plus, I am sure Trump’s lawyers have pointed out the media would tag such a meeting as an obstruction of justice.  It is a horrible situation that makes DC the hellish place it is!

I am certain Sessions would love Trump to fire him. If for no other reason than it makes Sessions appear like a martyr who was stuck in a bad situation that he painfully endured for the betterment of the USA.  Make no doubt about it, fired or not, DC will forgive Sessions in the end, and much like they did with Senator McCain, the Left will forget all the hate they once held for Jeff in years past.  This will do this solely because they will want to paint the AG as a saint.  Why?  So they can push the narrative that says Trump is a devil who hates on, and then destroys those who are saintly.

But my sense is Trump won’t fire Sessions. He can’t do it because the backlash internally and externally will be so great that the Mueller investigation as it is today will turn ten times worse. That said, I am sickened by the fact that nothing appears to be in motion to hold those accountable in the FBI and other agencies that took part in the ugly practices uncovered these past two years.  Aside from that, if you visit the DOJ website you will see there are plenty of good things happening under Sessions’ leadership that have nothing to do with Trump or Russia.

I would like to submit this picture and dedicate it to the Trump Train non thinkers. This is my block in New Rochelle, NY. Bordering the Bronx. 17 miles from Manhattan. I see this everyday. Nothing has changed. Tax dollars are educating their children. Their wives’ and girlfriends’ children of course. The more anchor babies and welfare children, the more money they get. It’s an absolute disgrace. When I stop seeing those day workers on my block, my opinion on Trump will change. Yes, the things he has done are good, but he is failing miserably with immigration and Obamacare.
Until then, keep telling the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts…

DML: I’m assuming your picture (photo of the day) reflects a group of people you know to be illegal workers.  If so, there is no change in my area either.  The local 7/11, the local train station and all the “group” housing sections in my area are filled to capacity.  I am trying to get a handle on how many kids are new in our school district who require ESL.  Nothing has changed in two years, in my area it feels as if has gotten worse.



  1. Vanessa that is not a white power symbol. It means 3rd down. Don’t believe the MSM that everything is tied to racism and dividing the country. There is lots of good in people 😃

  2. I believe Sessions is a man of integrity. I think he found out a few things that didn’t set well with his moral code. He did the correct thing by recusing himself. Had he not, the investigation which would have happened anyway, would have been even more clouded. Obstruction would have certainly been a topic. In a way Sessions protected Trump by recusing himself. It would not have been good for Trump to be investigated by one of his first major supporters.
    Jeff Sessions prior to being a part of the administration, was one of the most highly respected people in Congress, on both sides of the aisle.

    • I am getting so discouraged and I can’t hardy stand the thought of the Obama’s campaigning. People are so enamored with them. So angry what he said about Benghazzi

    • I appreciate DML sharing this kind of info. If u prefer, u can just follow the msm. That’s based on what they have “heard”!! Lol

      • You don’t even recognize a tale when you hear it. If it were true, as an avid follower, you would have heard this already.

  3. Don’t look to man to change things, look to God. “For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” God did not send his Son to condemn the world, but to save it.” Look to Jesus, except Jesus as your Lord and Savior, before it is to late.

    No Jesus, No Peace
    Know Jesus, Know Peace !!!!!!

  4. “Those Were The Days”….I remember it well. I was living in the good old days when that song released and I didn’t even know it. Young, dating my future husband and oblivious to everything that didn’t concern me. Lol

    Great assessment of Sessions. He definitely is old school meaning, “by the book”, “rule of law”, “law of the land”, or however you put it. Too bad our government can’t follow that path when “governing”!

    • There were no “Good Ole Days”. We were just ignorant of what the politicians were doing and getting away with. Happiness by omission is what I call it.

  5. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. Your response to Patricia, in my humble opinion, was spot on. I am always amazed at your take on things and insight you seem to have. God bless you.

    I watched parts of #44’s talk in IL. I was so disgusted I finally just shut it down. This is coming from the worst president this country has ever had and his administration was 1000 times more corrupt than Nixon. I have decided NOT to watch anything if “Michael” or #44 is in it and that way maybe i can keep my sanity. They both are evil and disgusting humans. How he ever got elected two times is amazing to me.

    Thanks for your hard work and I pray you subscription fee will be affordable to me. I depend on you for so much DML. Keep doing what u do best – telling us the unvarnished truth.

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