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DML have you watched the movie “The Crossing ” ? Very mixed motions, not sure how much of it true but it shows different points of view from. ICE agent to all types of imagination people. Would love your thought on. Warning Ashley Judd is in the movie.

DML: Thanks for sharing.  Although I make movies, I barely get to watch other people’s movies. And I will be honest… If I am going to watch an immigration film, it will be one of my own. All others that I have seen in the past fail to give the real story.  Speaking of immigration films, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in immigration with editing They Come to America 4, which we will launch as part of our new subscription service later this year.  It is super good.

There is this huge problem in our country that has been going on for sometime. It’s called the “blame” game. We are so used to placing blame to someone else, that no one is responsible for anything. It’s amazing that we actually function as a society ( being somewhat sarcastic).

How did we actually get here?! Taking ownership or responsibility is almost a lost concept. Being accountable and accepting the consequences (if any) is a good thing. It is how you grow as a person.

It is always so easy to place the blame elsewhere. It gets everyone off the hook. So then what happens? We have people running around pointing fingers and staying stuck in the “poor me” mode.

If you don’t get out and vote, don’t complain. It’s on you for not voting. If you commit a crime, it’s on you! The concept of knowing what is right and what is wrong is very simple.

To place blame on someone for someone else who chose to commit suicide is appalling. The fact is, and as sad as it is, it was that persons decision and no one else’s.

Thanks DML for always being responsible. God Bless you and your family and your team!!

DML: Back when I used to tour giving speeches, part of my presentation was a video that I played at the very end of each speech.  In the video was Hillary, Obama, Marco Rubio and Reagan.

In her video, I show Hillary passing blame for Benghazi.  In his video, Obama passes blame for Fast & Furious and a host of other mishaps.  Rubio passed blame for something, but I cannot recall what it was.  And then there was Reagan.

In the Reagan video, he sits at his desk in the Oval Office and addresses the nation about IRAN CONTRA.  He told the American people he didn’t know about all the details that were taking place but that it did not matter, he was to blame for all of it because it happened on his watch. (see video below)

When my video clip was complete, I expressed to the crowd how important it is for leaders to take responsibility, and that as a voting bloc and a free society it is our job to hold politicians accountable.

I would say, “If we do our jobs correctly, then our leaders will have to accept responsibility.  Once they are forced to accept responsibility they will act more responsible as a whole.  This will lead to a cleaner government.” 

I also spoke of how dangerous it is that our youngsters know only of Obama.  And now they know of Obama and Trump.  Two guys who point fingers at everyone.  I fear that our kids will start to believe that they both represent true leadership. What a mistake that would be.  We truly have not had a real LEADER since Reagan.

Trump is a “pass the blame” president.  That’s why I cringe when people compare him to Reagan.  There is more to being president than the economy.  For if the economy was the true measuring stick, Bill Clinton was a hero.

I want to be clear.  There is a sharp difference between a LEADER and a WARRIOR.  Obama was neither.  He was a schmoozer.  Trump is a warrior.  He battles through whatever faces him and takes names in the process, often blaming everyone in the room but himself.  That’s been his style since his 20’s.  We voted for him, which means we voted for that style.  But a true leader like Reagan, we haven’t had that sort of style since the day he left office.  Anyone who says differently, I don’t think they understand true leadership.

I will conclude on this… When you point the finger at someone or something, remember that you are pointing three fingers back at yourself.

DML, do you think Serena Williams is playing the race card?

DML: Sadly, I do.

Did anyone ever tell you look like Charlie Sheen?

DML: Yes.  I see no resemblance.  Mary says I am starting to look like Santa. She has a point.

I wanted to say that I just love the DML APP and find myself fixed to it all day.

DML: I appreciate that.  The more people who download the app, the better we do as it disconnects Facebook from our lives.  Meaning, if you use the DML APP then there is no need to worry about finding us in your FB news feed.

Not much to say today except keep up the good work.

The pictures are from an event that took place over Labor Day. The balloon’s name is America and is flown by Frank Anger of Tupelo, MS. Politically this past week has been a tough one, but looking at Frank’s pictures cheer me up. I was hoping it would do the same for you.

We will be with Frank this coming weekend in St. Louis, Mo. at The Great Forest Park Balloon Race where before the event begins we sing the National Anthem while facing the largest American flag I have ever seen. I doubt I will see anyone taking a knee, but if I do I will not stay silent.

DML: When we made America The Beautiful, one of the people we filmed was a balloon operator from Arizona. I didn’t go up with the crew, I had to film down below. But my two kids went up there.

My son loved it, but Ashley cried for a good portion of the trip — she was so scared. When she landed I thought she was going to be sick.

Having watched the footage, I can tell you one thing for certain… never in my life will I float in one of those things. I know it’s safe, but looking down would drive me insane. Yours are the photos of the day.

Came across this last night. It’s from Trump’s latest book “Crippled America”. I never got more than half way through it but I read this on my way to South Carolina to grill Cruz on immigration during the primaries.

“I don’t want to stop legal immigration to this country. In fact, I would like to reform and increase immigration in some important ways. Our current immigration laws are upside down — they make it tough on the people we need to…”

DML: To be honest, trying to make sense of his books is like trying to read Chinese upside down underwater wearing cement shoes.  He wrote whatever the wind blew onto his page on any given day.  He’s got other books that state he would only run for one term if ever elected.  One book says the way to solve tax issues is by taxing the rich a one time fee of 14%, or something to that effect.

The one book to believe is the ART OF THE DEAL, in which he states how much he exaggerates and always uses hyperbole to his advantage.  It appears people have forgotten that chapter.  In the end, the books are old news.  Lets just look at today.  The economy is good, ISIS is dead.  Lets secure the borders and end Obamacare, then we can tackle the homeless problem, the drug epidemic, and the education system which is total distress.

I really miss the walk and talk hour.  Are you ever going back to that style?  Please say yes.  It feels so long ago that thousands of us tuned in to watch you report the news and make us laugh.

DML: Hi Anna.  As I have explained a few times, and will continue to explain on a daily basis, I have put the hour long shows to the back burner while making all the films this summer.

This Friday the homeless film will be complete and submitted.  It should be available to you all in the months to come.  As for the other films, they are all works in progress but soon to be ready.

Once I get the homeless film done, we will convert the studio back to the setup used for THE TRUTH.  I am then going to take a little break, as I have worked nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY since May 13.  I need a week off from everything to recharge.  Once I do that, I will walk on some days, and sit at the desk on other days.  Honestly, I don’t think 60-minutes will be the length.  More like 30 or 40 minutes per show until we launch the DML subscription service later this year.  I just have so much going on, there is not enough time in the day.



  1. Tracy-The blame game!
    Not only accountability and responsibility, but common sense have “left the building”!

    Dennis- Looks like Charlie Sheen, Santa? No way!
    Dennis, measured in degrees, is beyond handsome! Whatever the word would be for the highest degree beyond handsome!
    There, I said It!

  2. I cant wait for your subscription app to come out, I will definitely have it! I have all your movies, I got them during Christmas of 2016, and have watched them many times so I can’t wait until the knew ones are done! Your app is my true news source!

  3. You should try the balloon ride, it is so quiet and peaceful up above the fray. I loved it, I thought it would be scary but I thought it was very serene. By the way I was 70 at the time
    I love your news feed one of the few I trust.

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