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Hey DML…..this goes back to last year. I remember you said that Carter Page was quilty and I so wanted you to be wrong. What say you?

DML: I don’t recall making such a “matter of fact” statement. I may have explained the cloudy details of accusations surrounding him, but overall I haven’t dove much into the nuances about this “Russia stuff” because I think it’s a massive waste of time and money.  There is no collusion, that’s one thing I have said since day one.  I have always stated my opinion that this all connects back to Hillary and Obama.

All your videos are on twitter and I don’t do twitter. Don’t want the cookies either.

DML: When we insert miscellaneous videos into a news post, it is often a video from Twitter, you are correct. The videos from Twitter do not tie back to me personally or our website. The cookies are normal, most every website does that.

I have someone who is planning to start his own website and is looking for a “videographer”. I told him about your successful website and thought you might know of someone who may be able to help him as Mark has done with you…if you have any knowledge of anyone who would be interested, please let me know!

DML: Mark is an IT professional who is paid, he doesn’t “help” us.  So, please keep in mind that most pros, including videographers, will want to be paid for their services.  That said, the best way to find someone in your area is via Craigslist.  Videographers are everywhere and often looking for work.  Good luck.

I read your article about Omarosa and her audio clip of Trump in the WH. I actually had to stop watching it after twenty seconds or so since I cannot stand to see Omarosa and anyone from The View. Is there any way to stop her from doing this? I would think that everyone who works at the WH would have to sign a confidentiality agreement or something like that. I agree 100% with you about Trump surrounding himself with garbage but I cannot believe this is OK to do. Is it?

DML: If there was a way for Trump to silence Omarosa he would have by now. That said, there’s an old expression that says, “You are the company you keep.” And then there is another one that says, “You get what you pay for.” I think there is a fair argument that both apply in this case. I listen to what’s going on because it’s better to know than to not know, but overall it’s words in — words out — or better said, just tune these people out.

Any chance we get a sit and talk or walk and talk today on 9/11?

DML: No. Not today. Today, for me, is a day of quiet.  I will write a short op-ed about 9/11 today, but that’s all.  See you all tomorrow.

Dennis, the 17 year memorial of 9-11 will be an emotional day, once again, for all of America. We need to remember how united we stood during a major crisis that affected us all and how we prayed for our country and fellow man to become strong once again. We will never forget the evil that took away the precious lives of loved ones from so many.

Now, after 17 years, I asks, “What happened?…where is the unity, the compassion, the hope, and the fight for our Constitutional values by all?”. I think we, as true Americans, know the answer, but do not deserve such an outcome that only keeps us divided and spews hatred.

I also want to send a prayer to you knowing that you witnessed this horrific event in hopes you will find peace and strength in this day and all days after.

DML: Never forget.

Always thinking about my friend Rosemary and her beloved hero son who died on this day 17 years ago trying to save people he did not know. George Cain.


  1. Thinking of the bravery and self sacrifice of firefighters, police and civilians on September 11, 2001 will take my breath away forever. God has blessed them all.

  2. Dennis was wrong about carter paige proving he don’t know everything and when confronted with being wrong he don’t admit to it. .so now the investigation is a waste of time. It would not be a wast of time if Dennis was the one being investigated. You guys can support Dennis all you want but I am done. He is arrogant and his ego is bigger then President Trump

    • You can be done all you want. There is no ego here. The Russia collusion investigation is a waste of time and money, as there is no collusion. There is a video of mine from 2016 (Dec), in which I said the Russia election meddling would be the narrative picked up by the left and run with for the entire length of the presidency. I said this more than a month prior to Trump taking office. I stand by those words, and stay clear of this topic on most days because I prefer to chase after problems that truly effect American lives, like border, healtcare, homelessness, and drugs, not mention a few. I think we are better without the antics. Go enjoy your life chasing unicorns, Sheryl.

  3. Sheryl, Go do things that are positive in your life. Negativity breeds negativity. DML is honest. If you don’t like what he has to say simply Go Away.

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