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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

I’m listening to a tech advice for the FCC named Mark Bayliss that’s discovered how the IRS is aware of identity theft & is sitting on $1 Trillion slush fund from illegals W2. He referenced paperwork reduction act. He’s saying it’s also enabling illegals to get Voter ID cards in order to get a drivers license.
He’s about 12 million per yr but in 09 DHS was told not to report it. Thought you’d be the one to ask about.

DML: Your email was a bit difficult to understand, but I can tell you that the SSNs held by Americans are not only vulnerable to theft, but the IRS does not tell you if your number has been used by another person. It’s a huge problem.


Hi Dennis! I have enjoyed following you since you began your walk n talks prior to the 2016 elections. I know that you are passionate about illegals in this country. I have always thought that it was not an issue until it happened to my brother. Immigrant marries my brother for legalization and leaves after she becomes a citizen. How can we have her investigated with her 2 SS#s?

DML: I am passionate about the rule of law, border security, national security and putting the needs and safety of law-abiding citizens to the front burner. That said, the immigration system is broken in the sense that the laws are not enforced, while other laws are asinine and or misinterpreted. I hate to say it but nobody will listen to your complaint, let alone investigate. You will be told it’s low priority compared to catching Ms-13 members and major fraudsters. It’s very frustrating, I know. I also think you’ll have one hell of a hard time trying to get an immigration official not to deem your brother’s situation as a marriage gone bad.

Michelle Obama Book Tour EVENTS. Just thought it interesting to see how much a ticket to these events are costing. All about money!

DML: Who the heck would pay over $100. Is it fair to say half this country is out to lunch? I took a screenshot of the page you sent me. It’s the photo of the day.

It’s comical how sad the liberals are in handling the Kavanaugh confirmation. Trying to attack Kavanaugh for sexual misconduct in high school? Where and when does it end?

DML: Perhaps they’ll look into his pre-school record next and come away with a letter from his teacher claiming Kavanaugh is a pants wetter.

I really like it when you respond to emails with music videos. What is your favorite song of all time?

DML: I don’t have one favorite song, I love a bunch of songs. But if I could only listen to one song each day, and it had to be the same song, I think I would go with my ringtone song. See below.


Dennis, I don’t take your comments about yourself as an “ego trip”. I love to hear or read about how DML came to be. How else can we know and trust in you? You should be very proud of all your accomplishments. You’re constantly re-inventing yourself by listening to your followers as to what they want in a news platform. That in itself is hard work, but your creative mind always comes through. So, go ahead and blow your horn…I’ll be listening and rooting for you! Hope the weekend is good for you!

DML: Thank you lots. Although, I don’t think I deem it as re-inventing myself. I first started in 2006 doing health videos. Then it was documentaries. When I look back to when I started the first news website, which was March 2016, today, I can say that we’ve evolved a lot. But nothing has been reinvented or changed other than the health videos.

A little bit of history.  I launched (DML) many months prior to when my Newsmax show started.  When it launched, I had about 100k people following me on Facebook and was coming off a time when I was on Fox News constantly.  When I launched the website, from what I recall it was just myself working the FB page and DML with some p/t help from my friend Anneta.  Back then, we published roughly 12 news stories each day on . Now there are 3 websites in operation, a staff of web / content contractors, the DML NEWS APP, an email system, a production studio, live shows during certain parts of the year, and a combined 1.5M people following our social media accounts.

We’ve gone from pumping out 12 news stories each day to roughly 70 each day, and I’m back to producing films. It took nearly ten years to produce my first 5 films. By this time next year I’ll have pumped out 6 new films in just 18-months. Last night, Mary and I sat on the sofa and for the first time watched UNITED STATES OF TENTS.  We finished the film Friday morning.  I must say, it is the best film ever produced about homelessness.  My son, my daughter and I worked so hard on this film because our hearts break to see so many people living in the streets.   SIDE NOTE: I’m not sure right now about a release date.

In the months and year to come, we’re adding a subscription service, an annual event for TEAM DML, and I’ll be publishing two books.  Although we already operate our charity, we are awaiting our 501C paperwork. Once in, we will officially launch the DML Foundation to help veterans, children in need, and other charities worth helping.

All in, I see it as an attempt to expand our offering and trying to do more good with the tools, talents, support and ideas held by my staff, my family, and my supporters. Thanks again for being a supporter.


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