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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

I miss seeing you and hearing you . When are you coming back ? I think even if you did a 15-30 minute video it would sure help us.

DML: The DML APP is an excellent platform and tool for all the news information that is out there on any given day, all day long. As for me doing LIVE SHOWS, when I can get on the live feed, I do.  But, we have so many things going on right now, problem is my time is stretched.

We are small and growing, and therefore there are times when certain things have to give a little.  This is one of those times.  It’s not like I am out playing golf.  We are working hard so that we can get to the next level.

If I am not on a LIVE feed, it is because I am busy with the team revamping our app, or revamping our websites, or making films, or developing an ad-free subscription service. This week we begin doing a small studio makeover. It never ends.  So, although you would think popping for a short timeframe is not all that hard, truth is a video of 15-30 minutes doesn’t require just 15-30 minutes, it takes time to prepare, etc.

My time is so, so, so limited during this next phase of growth. With Facebook, Google and Twitter making life miserable for small news outlets, I have get these other things off the ground NOW.  That said, my regular show will start again in late September. Until then, I should be popping in an out this week. Monday, God willing, I will be on for a few minutes. Tuesday, I am out. Wed, Th, and Fri, I expect to be on.

Please check out the opinion piece in the Tampa Bay Times today, September 16. Heyward Marshall explains the cause of Red Tide, natural, and the differences to the blue green algae that is manmade.
Didn’t know how to submit a picture of the article. Love your app and reports!

DML: And when the two collide as they have this year, you get an entire coastline of dead fish, toxic water, and people like myself swearing to never swim in the Gulf again.  Florida is in massive trouble.  People often ask me if I have plans to run for office.  If I end up doing it, odds are high I will first move to Florida and try to hold office there, then move on to higher aspirations.  I love Florida.  It has always been like a second home for me.  I don’t like the condition I see it in today.

My recent experience at BBT bank in Charlotte, NC.  We decided to evacuate from Wilmington this past Thursday night because of dire warnings of the approaching hurricane Florence. All banks were closed as of mid day Wednesday. We took all available cash with us, not knowing of the expenses to be forthcoming. My son went to stay with his friends in Charlotte, while the rest of us went to Virginia.

On Fri. we realized that we needed to deposit some of our cash reserves into a bank to cover due house mortgage payments. My son Sammy was given to job of covering the due payment by depositing the required amount into his PNC bank in Charlotte. Unfortunately no branch was open.

So, he went to a BBT bank to deposit cash into my checking account to process the payment. The bank refused to accept the cash deposit because his name was not on the bank account; they also refused to exchange a stack of $20 for $100 bills to allow him to comply with PNC’s limit acceptance number of bills into his PNC ATM.

Even after discussions with the bank manager about the extreme hardships of being displaced by the hurricane and the limited bank accesses, they refused any assistance.

What kind of bullsh*t is this? I intend take this to every social media platform and am asking my friends to share this totally insensitive treatment by BBT personnel. Please respond to me if you have any ideas as to best pursue my crusade in this matter.

DML: The concerns over money laundering, terrorists transferring capital, and drug cartels using the banking system for trafficking of all kinds has caused many banks to tighten their processes.  Although I completely understand your frustration,  the bank is scared to be flexible.  The banks’ hands are tied based they have to operate under the assumption that “everyone has a story”.  This sort of safeguard measure crushes good people like you who are legit.  Ultimately, I think you should call your mortgage lender and explain the circumstances.  I am sure they will give you some needed time to get paid up to date.

I want to thank you for all your tireless work you have done on showing the homeless problem in America. This Nation needs more dedicated men like you to show the truth to the American people.

In responding to your recent sit and talk video on the “crazy cost of living”, one thing not mentioned when you spoke about the cost of living verses the income is the large & extra cost of college loans — a real and dangerous problem for many families.

Dennis, I would like to ask a big favor of you. I know you have the ability to get a letter to President Trump. And if you’re willing would please forward this request to him.

Dear President Trump,
One issue you have not addressed, which is a BIG concern for many families, is the debt of student loans. This is a big problem. It’s the elephant in the room. The cost of education & college student loans is a topic that no one wants to address.

Because previous administrations have awarded and granted MORE BENEFITS to the NON-CITIZEN, the “Dreamer” students are allowed a free ride to getting college degrees. It has become unfortunate that the middle class made up of US citizens are pretty much left out in the cold. It has left the tax paying citizens to foot the bill for not only their children, but ALSO the non-citizens loans as well.

This needs to stop & it should have never been allowed in the first place. Not only does it encourage illegal immigrants to NOT BECOME CITIZENS, but it punishes those of us who are legal citizens.  I ask you, Sir, what is wrong with this picture?

Not only are the American people being short changed, but RIGHT NOW our tax laws ONLY allow the parents to deduct the cost of college expenses and student loans that are co-signed by the parents. Other contributing family members such as grandparents, aunts and uncles are not allowed that tax deduction benefit even though they have stepped in and committed to be co-signer, and or to help the repayment of the student loan.  These people are denied to deduct those expenses they are helping to pay.

If it would be possible I would like to ask you to consider making an executive order(s) allowing for some changes:

1. More college expense & loan benefits to be given to USA Citizens than those who elect to not be USA citizens and attend out colleges.

2. Give a 20% yearly tax credit to any USA based business, for hiring a US Citizen with previous student loan. This will encourage US based businesses, to hire not only legal citizens but will benefit our citizens & our students. It will also expand the Student Loan Repayment Program assistance programs for other careers outside of STEM, Military, Teachers & Medical field. Right now our job market has put huge demands on the job/career seeker. What was once learned through years of hard work and mentor training, now demands a college degree. Most people cannot afford tuition due to the high cost of living. Even with Obama’s PSLF (Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program), which grants student loan forgiveness on qualifying loans after 120 payments (10 years), qualifying employment is any employment with a federal, state, or local government agency, entity, or organization or a not-for-profit organization that has been designated as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code), it leaves many college graduates limited to find qualifying jobs.

You, dear Sir, know the value of an experienced worker.  There is much value to have experience that goes beyond what is taught in our colleges. If you put a program into place targeted towards “for-profit” businesses (e.g., something like a “earn after you learn college forgiveness program”), it would definitely help matters by expanding the pool of opportunity to those who work outside the realm of “government jobs.”

3. Extend the tax deduction benefit for the cost of a student’s education beyond the parents, to include other contributing family members such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

I hope & pray you strongly take this into consideration while you are in office. You have made huge changes to MAGA and I hope that will also include the forgotten USA Citizens of college students & their families.

DML: With two kids in college and one who just graduated, there are few people who understand your pain like I do.  However, there are a few things to address in your letter.

One, the tuition breaks you are referring to for illegal alien students are by in large offered via the states (“In State Tuition).  Thus, your war is with your governor.

Second, I am not a CPA, but the money a grandparent / aunt / uncle offers to help pay a loan should be recorded as a loan or a gift, UNLESS, the child is a legal dependent of the said relative.  Although it may appear unfair that a relative cannot take that sort of payment as a write off, I am pretty sure there are others ways for them to record the deduction without Trump, or any president, taking your request of an executive order into action.  I could be wrong.  Thus, I suggest speaking to a CPA.

Also, with all due respect, I would be remiss not to mention that your letter to Trump has a massive flaw.  Be it on purpose, or just an oversight, you did not mention how much Trump “loves the DACA kids” — his words, not mine.  That said, I do not think your request will go all too far.

The president’s LOVE tweets about DACA and amnesty that started in 2017 and carried through until January – February 2018.  They all turned out to be bullhorn messages heard throughout Central America.   As a result, today, kids are coming into the US in WAVES.

Trump’s nonsense tweets and 4-point immigration plan that includes amnesty for DACA has resulted in unprecedented illegal crossings into our country.  FOX NEWS protects Trump every moment they can in order to keep ratings high, and the liberal media wants illegal immigration to flow, thus, many Americans do not realize what it going on in Texas, Arizona and California because it goes unreported.

The current numbers are Obama-level and worse.  What a shame!  Prior to Trump’s asinine tweets about DACA, the border crossings were record low simply because of his hard talking rhetoric during the campaign.   He is his own worst enemy, and we pay the price.  Maybe we can get Mexico to pay our share of local school taxes to teach ESL right after they pay for the WALL…?!?!

Last, but not least, although I did not mention tuition loans in my sit and talk, it is covered in my film about homelessness.


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