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DML News App definitely NOT on the Google Apps site.??????

DML: Yes it is.!!!!!! Click here to land on the Google Play Page for our app.

I know last week you came out and said that Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court even after all the BS that the despicable left is doing to him. Do you still feel that way?

DML: Yes

In you go to there is an article about a Benghazi Terror Attack Memorial Unveiled in Little Falls, MN. I hope you can find it. Very nice tribute to the ones that perished in Benghazi!

DML: Thanks for sharing.

Would you please address the impeachment threats? I keep hearing about these threats but I haven’t heard even one thing President has done that would be an impeachable offense what things are considered? Is there anything there or is this more of these lies and media bias.

DML: It’s rather black and white, although it’s all based on shades of grey.  The investigation is supposed to be into Russia collusion, but when there is no collusion to find investigators turn to Plan B.

The Plan B is always the same in cases like these. Investigators look to choke the target’s friends and family.  In this case, Trump’s closest people (Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Don Jr) are investigated.  Mueller does this to see if he can find dirt on them, and once he does he holds it as leverage.  For example: “Tell us everything we want to know about Trump, and if you do we will cut a deal. How about you spend just 5 months in jail versus 25 years for money laundering and tax evasion.” 

It’s a very effective model used by investigators like Mueller.  This is what caused Cohen and Manafort to “flip.” The pressure gets so heavy that they flip in order to protect their own names and freedom.

What comes of these two men and the information they reveal is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain in Cohen’s case.  If you are Mueller, Cohen’s pleading guilty and sharing / telling all there is to know is confirmation that the investigation has legs. They are hunting a liar in Trump, and believe it’s all to be uncovered the more rocks they unturn.

Trump’s publicly made lies and changing stories about the Stormy Daniels and Playmate payments are coming back to haunt him because it gives investigators the rationale for looking deeper into other areas where criminality may be impeachable, or enough to bring down the presidency by means of choking Trump to the point where he deems voluntarily tapping out is the less of two evils.

The biggest concern Trump has right now, whether he tweets about it or not, is his dealings in the Trump Org.  For example, many years ago he took a $900M write off on his taxes.  He’s also had several bankruptcies and numerous businesses that do business with each other.  Everything listed may be totally legit.  For instance, there is no crime with a Trump hotel buying water bottles from a Trump bottling company.  But, if you’re Investigator Mueller, these sort of transactions raise eyebrows because you have a guy (Trump) who was willing to set up shell companies to make underground payments to cover up an affair, and remember, he did it via his business lawyer (Cohen).  So, the thought for Mueller becomes, “if Trump was willing to lie about Stormy’s money, what else has he lied about that is corrupt, crooked, or illegal in the eyes of the law.

Now push in the CFO of Trump Org.  He has agreed to work with investigators in NY in exchange for immunity.  As president, Trump has no pardon power in state crimes. The fact that the CFO wanted immunity is a sign that there could be problems / illegalities coming to the surface that hurt Trump and his kids.  Immunity for the CFO means that he can “tell all” and not be held accountable in his role for lets say, tax evasion, or money laundering, or brides, shell companies, etc.

If Mueller can snag the Trump Org in a way that forces Trump to release his tax returns, then they may find the Russia connections he has been hiding, or so the Democrats believe.  Even if they do not, they take it to Plan B once again.

If the CFO gives enough proof that Trump was shady in his business dealings, it may lead to the investigators being able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump evaded nearly $1B in taxes or more.  If this is the case,  then Mueller and team will go after everything Trump has built his entire life.

If the tax evasion is as big as some think, the fines and interest on that money is enough to put Trump Org out of business.  Trump may ultimately face a choice the Democrats have been praying for, which is despite there being no collusion, the investigation led to something else which caused the president to step down from leading the country in order to save his business, his fortune, and the future for his kids.

Taking this a step further, and more in line with your original question, are the midterm election results.  If the Dems take back the House, Trump is a useless president.  A lame duck.  He will get nothing done, at all.  And because he is so egotistical and unpredictable, especially with his back against the wall, there are fear factors that go beyond an email explanation.  For example, does he grant amnesty to ease his own pain with Dems, or does he become spiteful and make executive orders that feed his base and crush the Democrats.  Big questions that can steer the county in one direction or the other.

Like it or not, the doctor of truth is here to tell you that Trump is not in a good place.  This Mueller investigation is more than a black cloud, it’s quicksand if Mueller learns that Trump’s business dealings are even darker than any of us thought could or would be true.  I do not see any scenario where Mueller ends his investigation with Trump getting a clean bill of health.

I’ve been saying this to my audience for nearly 6-months, and I get nothing but hate in return.  I didn’t write this book, I’m just reading it faster than most people.  Killing the messenger is as stupid as believing shady characters like Manafort and Cohen are victims.  They are guilty people who got caught doing things that carry huge sentences.  How they got caught doesn’t matter to the rationale person.

So, if the Dems come into power — if they take just one chamber of Congress, then Trump will not only face bigger opposition than he has for the past two years, but he is all but done with the exception of executive orders.  Laying even more bricks onto the pile, the House may seek impeachment for whatever Mueller finds, and then Trump 2020 will be nothing more than a website that collects money for hats and flags.

I hope I explained the options in an easy to understand way.  And remember, I didn’t do this to Trump. It was Trump who ran the Trump Org and his campaign, not me.  I didn’t hire Manafort or Cohen, and I didn’t pay off women to hide affairs.  I didn’t sleep with porn stars and playmates while my wife was home caring for our young babies. I didn’t hide my tax returns, and I didn’t change my story 100 times about various policies over the decades.  I also didn’t hire Mueller, I didn’t tell Sessions to recuse himself, I did not reveal emails, nor did I contact the Times with a no-name letter, nor did I set up meetings with Russian lawyers, nor did I open dummy companies.  According to insiders, all I did was give Trump his blueprint and talking points for his 2016 platform, and then I sprinkled on two catchy names to a pair no-name sisters from North Carolina who I thought could help get a voter bloc engaged. I  finished it all off by launching Walk and Talk videos explaining why Independent voters should vote for a businessman.  Two years later and 250 million plays and counting, maybe I am to blame some. Shame on me.   But lets not overlook the bigger shame that should be placed on a system for not holding the Clintons as accountable as it does the Trumps.


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  1. Response to Lee:
    If an investigation like you have laid out went on for every presidential candidate, we would never have a President!
    Skeletons everywhere!

    • this fucking idiot dml just never could answer a simple queastion he goes on and on about bullshit he loves to hear his bullshit come out of him mouth he is hoping those things happen to trump so trump steps down and he can run in 2020 listen asshole dml its not gpoing to happen you jerkoff

    • You are so right, Shirley wish they had done same investigation on Obama, Clinton, and many more. Thank you DML for that answer . I do not see how any Obama, Clinton, or all the rest could pass this muster. If you kicked out all the people in House and Senate who cheated on their spouse, I’ll bet you would have empty seats.

  2. Oh the truth hurts. I think the left is going to making Christians and Trump’s base so mad more show up to vote Republican.

    • Email I received yesterday from has Michelle Obama pushing for dems to vote…they coming out with guns blazing…. see email copied below:

      I (Michelle Obama) just helped launch When We All Vote to make sure all eligible Americans cast their ballot on Election Day and we’ve partnered with to help you get registered to vote.

      It’s been 53 years since the Voting Rights Act became law, making our democracy stronger and ensuring that every eligible American could exercise their right to vote.

      But it didn’t happen by chance.

      It happened because generations of brave men and women made it happen. They marched and organized and showed up at the polls, knowing they might be intimidated or beaten or even worse. Yet they fought for their right to cast a ballot anyway.

      Today, their fight is our fight. And it’s far from over.

      We need to honor their legacy, and keep up this important work. You’ve taken action on to make the world a better place and that’s why I’m asking you to register to vote today.

      Register to vote (they have a hyperlink here)

      Being a voter is the most powerful way for us to use our voice as a citizen. But we don’t always take advantage of that opportunity. It’s up to us to make sure our friends and family get out and exercise their right to vote in November.

      If you’re already registered to vote, there are plenty of ways to help as part of the When We All Vote team: Host an event in your neighborhood to register voters. Train your friends on how to spread the word to others. Fire folks up to do their part in our democracy. Talk to everyone you know.

      If you are already registered to vote, join me on the When We All Vote team today.

      I’m already registered and I want to help

      Every conversation matters, and there’s too much at stake this year to sit on the sidelines.

      Thanks so much,

      Michelle Obama

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  3. I’ve read WSJ and a couple other pubs on Trump’s CFO I Immunity deal and it’s ONLY for the case against Cohen, not for Trump’s entire organization.

  4. You are so right, Shirley wish they had done same investigation on Obama, Clinton, and many more. Thank you DML for that answer . I do not see how any Obama, Clinton, or all the rest could pass this muster. If you kicked out all the people in House and Senate who cheated on their spouse, I’ll bet you would have empty seats.

  5. God knows everything about President Trump, but yet he allowed him to lead our great country. We may not understand all his reasons. We must continually pray for President . Vote, vote, vote!

  6. Wow, quite a case you laid out Dennis.
    WHY? Do you no longer support the President?
    Tsk. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
    He’s done more good in 2 years then the bad he’s alleged of doing years ago.
    I see people living life again. Puts a smile on my face. AND I believe He’ll get immigration straight, don’t forget, He’s alone. Only a few are true.
    He’s got my vote. Sadly, I have no choice but to vote RED down ticket. Can’t have the left even close. Omg.

    • I support the USA and policies. I do not support politicians. I never have. I was asked a question about how things will work, and I explained to the best of my ability. Why your or anyone feels the need to leave a message with such drama, I will never understand.

  7. Ummm Ronda seems to have issues with proper grammar. Thanks for that explanation of all that is going on. After reading Ronda’s rant, I just want to take a shower and clear my thoughts. Love and hugs DML.

  8. Hello Dennis, My new book just came out; A Rush to Judgement A Journey With Trump, God and Love. My name is Sid Bowdidge, I was President Trump’s ground campaign manager from New Hampshire to California. It’s very inspirational and tells the story of how a “band of brothers” left New Hampshire as a “Strike Team”, and were gone for the better part of several months traveling across the country to help save America. We did what everyone said couldn’t be done! I then went to DC after the win as a political appointee in the DOE, only to be taken out in three weeks by the PC culture. My website will be up in about two weeks. In the meantime, there are a couple of great reviews on my books FB page. I’d love to send you a copy and then see if you’d consider an interview on your show. Thank you!

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