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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

You know and I know that this year’s election is more important than 2016. Please people. Get out and vote. Trump has done good thing’s but needs help in Congress.

DML: History shows the party in power during midterms is typically on the losing side. Your concern is one I hear more often with each passing day.

UNITED STATES OF TENTS film….Well, you did it again. Knocked it out of the ballpark. I watched last night, and want to watch it again. The film is attention-grabbing from the very first scene, and you not only exposed the problem of homeless in a powerful way, but you also presented some very exciting solutions that made me want to jump up and DO something! After watching this film, the homeless problem in America now isn’t just someone else’s problem – it’s OUR problem. It’s MY problem. I can truly see this documentary inspiring many people to rise up and finally take action to help solve this horrendous issue. I also felt more angry than ever that so much of our nation’s finances and resources is being spent on illegal aliens, and on foreign aid, instead of taking care of our own people.

DML: Anneta is one of our news editors, and I asked her to watch the screener of our new film, UNITED STATES of TENTS. The film is about the homeless issue in America. The film will be available in the months to come.

So PROUD of all the work that you DML have been doing with your upcoming films. I know that they will be educational, revealing, informative, enlightening and a huge success!! DML want you to know how appreciative I for one am that you took your precious time away from your family and your DML followers to pursue such a enormous, colossal undertaking.

Traveling the country gathering information was a mammoth, and at times uncomfortable, exasperating, infuriating, frustrating, and a maddening ordeal.

Flip flopping your studio to accommodate both movie making and broadcasting current updated relevant political news was not, and is not an easy task but you accomplished that too.

So Looking forward to you being back on your old schedule of The TRUTH, Walk and Talk (with the church bells) giving us your point of view on important political subjects….AND….Every once in a while bringing us your funny, humorous, hilarious, amusing, comical, and yes from time to time your “singing” and “impersonations”… You are a hoot !!!!!!!

As always a special hello to your Beautiful wife Miss Mary and a “Thank You” for her hard work bringing us such a variety of interesting articles on her “Miss Mary Café” … Your exceptional children for their input and wanting to follow in your footsteps… and last but in no way least your outstanding, superior DML Staff for their constant, rapid fire, news articles… This house LOVES DML and I LOVE having your DML App at my finger tips… never lets me down !!! Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday !!

DML: How does any human being get to a place where they deserve to receive an email like the one you have sent me today.  But to add sugar on top, you send me this sort of thing every single day without a miss. That said, I think the better statement is how can any human being not appreciate having such beautiful supporters like I do.

Carol, I have been answering reader emails every single day for two years. Unless I am missing a day or two, I think it’s safe to say I have missed just 3 days. Two days due to travel, and that was because there was no internet connection, and one day due to health issues.

I have tried to change it up, meaning, I never post too many emails from the same person.  Often, I will wait a few days before posting an email from a repeat submitter. But today, I am breaking my rule. You, Carol, have earned a daily spot.

Typically, I do the email post first thing in the morning. Going forward, for as long as your email is in my inbox before 7am, I will include it for that day. Going a step further, your email always includes a prayer. I never cut and paste the prayer part into the email, but that too will change. You have inspired me to include the prayer.  Therefore, each day going forward, these email posts will include the reader emails and my responses, the email prayer from Carol, and then the photo of the day. I hope to meet you one day, Carol.

Do you still feel that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirned even if FORD does not testify and the FBI does not investigate?

DML: Yes, I think he is stuck in the disgusting behavior of the media, Democrats and DC. Once this game of BS is over, he’ll be confirmed.

Kavanaugh accuser. This story is getting stranger by the minute. Something doesn’t ring true. I find it hard to believe that this woman has suddenly become so traumatized. I in no way want not to be supportive of a potential victim, but something is off. Add in all the crap that the dems are pulling it just makes the story implausible. Maybe I’m missing something.

DML: This is why people hate congress and the media more than they do the flu and taxes.

I believe it’s an even bigger national security issue that we have a politically motivated FBI and DOJ. This needs to be exposed and any individual that participates in this type of behavior needs to be fired and fined. That won’t happen, however.

DML: If Trump has done nothing else, he has shown how unbalanced the media and DC operators are when investigating potential fraud and corruption.

Good morning, I think it’s time for Trump to cut the media off for a couple of weeks or even 30 days! Just maybe the media will realize it’s time to stop bashing our president!
Thank you for all you Mary and your children do!

DML: I think there is a better chance that pigs fly. Therefore, I have a song for you…. enjoy the video:

Not seeing anything from you at all on FB I’m not happy.

DML: They are trying to destroy me, or so it feels. We have 1.1M fans on the DMLdaily page, 23k members of TEAM DML group page, 250k fans on the Fighting For Trump page. Meanwhile, despite the 70+ posts we make each day, our revenue from Facebook two days ago was $1.38 on a reach of 400 people. This is now our norm.

How in the world are we supposed to survive on $1.38.  How can our reach be 400? FB is giving the middle finger to you and all the people who want to see us. We are being censored, are we not? Meanwhile, unlike every other conservative who runs to Fox News to cry over the treatment they get from FB, Twitter and YouTube, we handle it professionally by sending letters.  We remain in PERFECT standing at all times in terms of following the FB community standards, and yet all we get back is BS. This is why we so appreciate when people donate and buy stuff from the DML store. It really helps fill the void from Facebook.

First I need to express my sincere appreciation to Amy , I received a package in the mail and was puzzled but I opened it and oh my goodness what a wonderful surprise , I read the letter and just cried , Team DML has some very wonderful members , and I am so thankful to be part of Team DML! Thank you so very much Amy and Thank you DML for everything you do and of course a very big Thank You to Ms Mary and your family for sharing you and themselves with all of us ! I am so honored to be a member.

DML: About a month ago I received an email from a lady who has been one of our most consistent supporters. Her name is Amy. In her email she points out that one of our readers, Northa, stated she couldn’t afford some of the wonderful items we have for sale. The proceeds of which, go to help us fund our films, purchase the equipment for LIVE programs in the studio, travel to places such as the Tiny Homes Project for veterans in Missouri, etc. We also take a percentage of each sale and put it towards the new DML FOUNDATION, which is in the process of getting 501c status. Our plan is to donate to many of the organizations we visit when making our future ‘America The Beautiful’ films and series in 2019.  Aside from the legal fees, travel related costs associated with our charity work, and the accountant’s fees, which are all minimal, every dollar that goes into the DML FOUNDATION goes to the charities. We do not take salaries from the foundation!  Thus, when people buy a hat, a DVD or a book, etc, or when they donate to us, a portion of that transaction goes to the DML Foundation.  To date, we have made donations to various groups that support veterans, the homeless, and children with illnesses.  We will offer specifics once our 501c paperwork is finalized.

Anyhow, Amy states in her letter that she would like Northa to have the items she likes and therefore,  Amy paid for all of them on Northa’s behalf. Miss Mary hunted down Northa’s address, gathered the items and sent them off with a hand-written letter.

Amy, you are a special person, just like so many others who are part of TEAM DML. By the way, we are making TEAM DML an official group in the months to come. I just had a meeting about it yesterday, thus, why there was no 10am LIVE.  We will be making an announcement about it later this year.

My trip to the DMZ… I crossed an item off my bucket list yesterday when I went to the DMZ, specifically the Joint Security Area (JSA), and technically stepped foot in North Korea. I was too sick to do the entire DMZ but hope to next time.

Our security escort was a US Army soldier. US soldiers typically do a 12 month stint in the DMZ. Our escort had been there 16 months and volunteered to extend his stay.

One of the reasons I wanted to go was to feel the tension, it’s supposed to be incredible. My last time in Korea a JSA date was unavailable, the tour dates get moved around all the time due to “military activity”; no different this time.

The Army escort said last year the tension at the DMZ felt like WW3 could erupt any moment, but now things feel much more calm.

It was still a surreal experience, although the tension wasn’t quite as high as I would have expected, it was still quite tense and very very very quiet; eerily so.

I did not see any NK soldiers. They don’t always show up these days because someone defected last year.

I’m assuming the calm is, in large part, due to Trump’s efforts at the Korean border. The Korean president was in Pyongyang the same time I was at the DMZ. Koreans were ecstatic about Trump the week after his NK summit, but I’ve been asking around how they feel about him now and I have not found a single person that likes Trump. Surely there must be some. I need to ask around more to figure out why exactly the change in sentiment. Really interesting, talk about fickle.

I’ll try to do a larger post about it and the process of getting to those iconic blue buildings.

DML: Yours is the photo of the day.


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  1. Awww what lovely emails today. Nary a one negative. whoopie. So happy for that. Thanks DML for all you do and undertake. The sit/talk was very interesting. I have said for many years that big pharma doesn’t want cures cause they make all their money on treatments. Thank you for putting that out there for all to see and hear. I did share it on FB – see if it shows up. Love and hugs

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