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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Hello DML and wonderful family i have heard a rumor that Sen Shumer has snuck in a bill to stop all nominations of SCOTUS Justices during an Election ergo the lengthy delay for Judge Kavanauh,the Dems are EVIL 👹 thanks for listening,this house LOVES D M L

DML: I have not heard anything of the sort, but it would matter less anyhow as Chuck can’t get anything to pass or be signed into law as the Dems are in the minority.

The amount of fake news circulating about Kavanaugh and the accuser is incredible. I have read that Ford is really Cher with blonde hair.

DML: Oh, you have no idea how many people have asked me to look into this, and look into that, and some of them come to me with the most outlandish claims that it actually concerns me into thinking that the internet has become a mind control device where educated people have become victims to the glow that radiates from a 6-inch screen. It’s like Poltergeist Politics.

I received my tracking number for the DVDs sent to the White House. Please tell Miss Mary I said thank you! How is it going with the campaign? Will we get the president to recognize e-verify?

DML: Thank you so much for the help. I think we can get it done if enough people participate.  To be honest, we started on fire but then the Kavanaugh hearings started and people have distracted by the nonstop coverage. I urge people to help us get the problem of illegal immigration addressed. Participate by clicking here.

The Walk & Talk on Saturday was nonstop laughter! Although I love you doing the news and commentary I have to urge you to leave us. PLEASE take your show on the road and become a stand up comedian! This would be the best way for people to know more about your name and I think you would become mega rich. I have watched the episode 3 times. One time was as it was happening. A second time was later in the day with my daughter. She came home and asked, “Did you watch DML today, he was hysterical.” We then watched it from start to finish together.  The third time was this morning with my husband. Each time was equally funny.  I always heard something new! I missed some of it the first and second times watched because I was laughing so hard.

I think the funniest part was Mary’s Cleveland. A close second was the story about the condom. The story about the lagoon was hysterical. Your interviews with Senator Leahey who was 412 years old, then 575 years old was eye-watering funny. The story about the wig your mom put on you was so relatable. The booga wall, the 19-seconds in love, the BIC pen cheat sheet, the Billy Joel song… all of it so funny. Then the college issue we all face with our kids…. so true!!! THANK GOODNESS Facebook send me the alert. Had I missed this one, I would forever be upset.

DML: Download the DML NEWS APP from the IOS store, or the Google Play store, and never miss an alert.

Good morning!!! Thanks so much for the walk and talk yesterday I laughed so hard and it was much needed!!!! I really have missed them!!! Also, you look great, it looks like you have loss some weight!! Which I need to do also!! Lol

Thanks for your time and all that you do! Thanks for coming clean yesterday. I remember my Dad always said “now be careful it will be on your record!” And he told me that in the 60’s so guess he knew that we would have background checks lol. Well have a great Sunday with your family! Hi to all of them.

DML: I had fun doing it.  All the skeletons are out on the table.

Help! I’m going through DML withdrawal! You need to tell my bosses that it’s okay for me to listen to you at work. I always miss your W&T’s. Then by the time I get home, I’m so exhausted, I go to bed. I guess it’s a good thing I have two days off to catch up on my DML. 🙂

I truly want to thank you and your team for a fabulous news app. Although I miss the W&T’s, I can always check in during the day on the stories that are going on in the world. I would be totally lost as to what is going on in the world without your app. You all have done a fabulous job!

I also wanted to say that I loved your email response yesterday about things you did as a child that should be made public. I guess I should come clean that I hid a toy gun under my pillow when I was five in case a burgler came up my stairs to get me. I also wanted to be a football player. I’m hanging my head in shame as I type.

DML: If you like the Walk & Talks, then you will want to watch for an hour and twenty-minutes the best one of all time, which was yesterday. I told the story that you read in the email response.  BTW: The best way to get your bosses to allow you to watch is by having them watch too. LOL.

Walk & Laugh. Dennis that is one of the funniest walk and talk ever and as a 53-year old who shares your birthday I could relate to everything you said. I too used to like beer and Jack Daniel’s with a little coke and by the end of the night it was just Jack and ice. Thanks for sharing. Was laughing the whole time.

DML: I seriously do not know how all that stuff flows into my head while I am walking. Not sure I can do it sitting down.

This week I witnessed the Legislative Branch usurp its powers, effectively stealing the role of the Judiciary, to march a man before a kangaroo court and demand he prove his innocence. When he was not successful, and no doubt, there was no way he could be, the Legislative Branch demanded, despite having no evidence or probable cause, that he be investigated by the federal government, even though the matter at hand, is a state issue, if it was to be investigated at all. How convenient it must be, that a government can divorce itself from honoring a person’s due process, by proclaiming that this wasn’t a court case. This behavior by government is exactly why we have a Bill of Rights. What does the Constitution say?

Amendment XIV, Section 1: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Is Kavanaugh a U.S. Citizen? Yes. He has equal protection under the law. A person’s job, economic status, race, gender, religion, has no bearing on what protections they receive. As memorialized in our Declaration of Independence: All Men Are Created Equal.

A state cannot waive a person’s inalienable rights. Rights are, as memorialized in our Declaration, endowed by our Creator, not our government.

A state cannot deprive someone of life, liberty, property, or due process, since it is through due process that a life, property, or liberty can be taken. Due process commands a presumption of innocence. Kavanaugh was not afforded this. What else does the Constitution say?

Amendment IV: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

This amendment protects us from arbitrary government intrusion including arrests and investigations. It is the go to amendment for search warrants. It’s important to note that Ms. Mitchell, the prosecutor hired to question Dr. Ford, said she would not be able to secure a search warrant based on the evidence Dr. Ford provided. And yet, we see certain senators demanding an investigation by the FBI.

Trump will not save us. Lyndsey Graham will not save us. Voting red will not save us. The only thing that will save us is a change in world view. We either honor our foundational principles, even if it means we have to sometimes stand for the constitutional rights of our adversaries, or we can continue to watch our Republic crumble. No more tribalism, no casting our votes based on personalities of our representatives whether they are good or bad, no more basing our opinions on bi-partisanship-these are not the qualifiers. If we are to gain any clarity, and shut out the noise and all the rest of the garbage that doesn’t matter, the only question we have to ask is: Is it Constitutional?

DML: Shortly after I had made the first They Come to America film, I was so disheartened when all the film festivals rejected what so many people said was a finely made, must see film about illegal immigration and national security. I finally gave up on the film festivals when I learned that the Tribecca Film Festival had rejected my documentary, but instead accepted one about why men shave their buttock and genitals.

I wasn’t a political guy back then, and if you watch the movie, you really can’t tell whether I am liberal or conservative. In fact, I think I come off as a moderate.  Like the news, documentary filmmaking is supposed to be unbiased.  In short, I had delivered a fair and balanced film job but the liberal Hollywood heads didn’t care. My unbiased approach didn’t fit the narrative they wanted me to paint.

I called actor Ed Burns and asked for advise. He told me the film would go nowhere because “the film is something one would see advertised on Fox News.”

Brian Kilmeade, the host of Fox & Friends, was my neighbor at the time. So I took Ed’s suggestion. I asked Kilmeade if he would give it a look. The next day I was booked on Fox.

That was 10 years ago.  I no longer appear on Fox.  In fact, I won’t appear on any of the news networks or radio programs. Why? In line with what you wrote, Heather, the media is broken — it was supposed to be the 4th estate.  It’s job was to work for the people by holding our elected officials accountable. Those days are gone. Now the news networks work for the politicians and in doing so, they try to crucify the people they don’t align with politically.

Although I have no Constitution to read from that supports what I am about to write, it’s something that everyone knows is true.

In this country, people like Kavanaugh are now presumed guilty until they are proven guilty. Even when the FBI comes back with a report that includes no evidence of wrong doing, the media will continue to make Kavanaugh out to be the monster rapist that got away with sex crimes because old white Republican men want to protect evil doers who rub their genitals against young innocent girls.

The liberal media, for the sake of ratings and pushing an anti-Trump campaign, will keep layering the negativity onto Kavanaugh for as long as people tune in. Fox News will continue to cover the left’s biased coverage because people will continue to tune in. It’s an endless cycle of disgusting news.

I decided two years ago I would tune out — the scum who run these networks (Fox included) do not deserve me as a host, as a guest, or as a viewer. But because I was already years into this business, I felt I had no choice but to find a way to continue until something else popped up in my life.

Then one day I grabbed my daughter’s cell phone on mistake while going to the gym. She had the Facebook App installed. I had her listed as an admin on my page at the time just in case I ever got kicked off. I opened the app and saw the LIVE button. I clicked it and did a few minutes of commentary that went viral. I did it again and again, day after day, and presto — here we are. That “something” that “popped up” was the American people — people like you — who are so tired of the nonsense. People who are so tired of the hate, the lies, and the corruption. So, I’ve stuck in these past few years feeling like there is hope for a new kind of 4th estate.   TEAM DML would push the real news in a way that is fun, fresh, and personal.

This summer I took a 30-day RV trip throughout the US. During the making of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, we had just one rule as a crew… NO POLITICS. No mentioning the words “Republicans” or “Democrats.” No mentioning of the names Clinton, Obama, Trump or Pence.

We interviewed so many wonderful people along our journey, and I am sure many of them were Democrats, some of them Republicans. We asked every person one similar question, which was: “Has the media negatively effected your life, business, or relationships?”

Two of the first three people we interviewed said the same thing to us in response to the question. In general, they both said we as a society cannot blame the media.  We have to blame ourselves. The media is serving us what we have asked for. If we didn’t want what they give us then they’d stop watching the coverage. But they don’t stop because they see ratings skyrocket.

We get what we vote for. We get what we tune in for. Until people stop tuning in, and until people hold politicians accountable, then this sort of thing you wrote about will continue to continue. TEAM DML is small when compared to the audience at Fox and CNN, but with hard work we can become something just as big.  Maybe we can help right the ship.  If not, I don’t see anything changing.  That’s my Sunday sermon.

A Very Good Morning Dennis.
Well DML, your “Tell All ‘Sweat’ Walk & Talk” yesterday was nonstop LAUGHING from beginning to the very end…As you say you may have been “hung over” … BUT … You looked fabulous in your blue visor and your blue T-Shirt …Blue is definitely your color so much nicer than the all black….AND…Your clean shaven “baby butt” face so handsome!!

They say that Laughter is the Best Medicine … well I got a double dose.. Then on top of all that we were BLESSED by the ringing of the Church Bells two times !!! God must have been pleased and a little amused with You and your “confessions” … LOL …Your unbelievable singing, impersonations, comic routines and rapid fire stories were pure magic and something your TEAM DML has been missing for a very long time.

You were also a “walking TV commercial” mentioning Lean Cuisine, Jack Daniels, Coke a Cola, Dentyne Gum, Aspirins, Cable TV, C-Span, The Playboy Channel, White Out/Liquid Paper (which by the way does come in colors of pink, blue, green, yellow, tan and buff…hahaha), Rosetta Stone Language tapes and last but not least Clear Bic Pens….

My husband loved your Rachel Ward story and told me to please let you know that his “girl” was Jane Russell with her “cleveland” … Oh yes, the word you were looking for yesterday….. when an older gal goes after a younger guy is “Cougar”….DML, there is NOTHING wrong with You … you are not terrible, just normal … You are a 100% red Blood Male …

God did not make Robots …. He created Adam and Eve with “free choice” and physical attraction to one another… That is why You and Miss Mary have such a wonderful chemistry between you !!!!

I’m a Great-Grandmother and your stories about your Spiderman PJ’s, your trip to the bathroom upon waking up every morning in your “delicate” condition…. So funny but so true…..I too have had to clean up the toilet and the floor area after my great-grandson … AND ….. your “snot” wall …all of it rings true !!!

When you were talking about Bic pens and 3 hole lined paper, etc… I remember asking my granddaughter if she would be taking a “typing class” in 9th grade … She said: “What is a typing class?” …..I said with a typewriter…. She said: “What is a typewriter?” ….. Good thing I had a typewriter to show her and of course all three grandchildren had the time of their lives typing on it…

They all three wanted to know if that is what I used in the “Olden Days”… when I told them that I did not have a cell phone when I was younger they couldn’t believe it… And one day I was watching an old 1940’s movie on TV and my youngest grandson at the time told me that I had better fix my TV because there was “no color” on it…. WOW he had never seen TV without color!!!

It is so sad what this world is becoming and has become over the past years… It seems like the Democrats and the “Left” are out to Destroy …. I agree with you DML that there needs to be “Another Party” for you to run as President in 2024…. God willing I will still be here to cast my vote for YOU President Dennis Michael Lynch !!!

You are RICH in all that GOD has BLESSED you with…. Your Unbelievably Beautiful, Long-suffering, Enduring, Tolerant, Uncomplaining and Patient wife Miss Mary….Your terrific, Loving, Helpful, Wonderful children…. Your returning Health …. AND … a Business (although at times it can be stressful and hurtful) that gives much needed TRUTH to the people of these United States of America …..

Hope you have a Supremely Super Sunday! We have come to the end of yet another month… ¾ of the year 2018 gone…..God continue to Bless you and Guide you on your life’s path…
Enjoy the reading picked for today…
California Carol

Sunday, September 30, 2018

THE RICHEST TREASURE I offer you is the Light of the gospel of My Glory. This is what makes the gospel such amazingly good news. It opens the way to My Glory! When you trusted Me as your Savior, I set your feet on a pathway to heaven. Forgiveness of sins and a future in heaven are wondrous blessings, but I have even more for you. I have made My Light shine in your heart to give you the Light of the knowledge of the Glory of My Face. I want you to seek My Face wholeheartedly, so you can enjoy the radiant knowledge of My glorious Presence.

“Knowledge” is a very rich word. Some of its meanings are: awareness acquired by experience or study and the sum of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned. So knowing Me involves awareness of Me—experiencing My Presence. It also involves perceiving Me. The god (the evil one) of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, but you can know Me through perceiving the Light of My Glory!

DML: Amen.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 29: People talk with a NYPD officer as they get cover after panic and confusion erupts at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on September 29, 2018 in New York City. A loud noise from a fallen barrier frightened concertgoers at the Global Citizen Festival, with some people erroneously attributing the sound to gunshots.

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