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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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A Minnesota teacher or teachers assistant has been placed on administrative leave after he/she tweeted out about killing justice Kavanaugh, this person is being investigated by the FBI , there is more but that is what I caught on the local news.

DML: A crazy time in America fueled by the Left, the media, and the politicians from top to bottom.

Dennis, I can’t think of anyone besides you that could get an answer for us. We all want and need to know who got paid off for sexual crimes in the senate and or house/ who they were paid for. It is our money and we have the right to know but no one seems to be pushing for an answer. Our money is being squandered and we need to clean up the congress. Thank you so much, and keep up all you are doing. Wish you could be on TV so more people would know you and what you are about. I was watching the night you got fired from NewsMax, have nothing to do with them any more. Shameful.

DML: I didn’t get fired from Newsmax that night. They turned off my show because I would not run a hit piece on Fox News. As for the “paying off” question, I really have no idea what you’re asking me, but my suggestion is we all move on to worrying about the issues that are crippling our neighborhoods like drugs, illegal immigration, homelessness and unaffordable healthcare. Thanks for the long time support.

I live near where the limo crash took place. After finding out about the owner, seeing what the limo looked liked after the crash, and watching continuous coverage on the local news, I’m wondering how all 18 people in that limo died? I know, the vehicle was not legal and they weren’t wearing seats, but I still can’t believe all the passengers could have died. Part of me thinks this was a terrorist attack and they were dead before the crash. I normally don’t wear tin foil hats, but I just can’t understand how every passenger died. I’d love to hear your thoughts, I know you have covered this story a lot.

DML: I cannot lie, reading your email sounds like it’s something one would read on Alex Jone’s website. When a limo is traveling at 60mph and crashes head on, people die. In this case, they all died, and I can see that happening if the crash is as brutal as it sounds. I do understand your discomfort about how ALL died, but I assure you, this ain’t a terror attack.

There is a huge strike going on in Honolulu. The Union workers of the hotes are striking and have shut down restaurants, room service, bars, cleaning, house keeping, and other vital services. People on vacation that spent thousands for a once in a lifetime trip are being pushed away because the hotels cannot provide services. I have videos of the workers picketing in front of many hotels if you want them. I do not know how to send them into you. Please instruct and I will. Thank you

DML: I recently traveled to Honolulu to conclude our film on homelessness. What a mess that state has become. I don’t need the videos, I believe you. Strikes are part of the risk of hiring union labor. This is one reason why many people do not like unions.

Good Morning Dennis, My network and computer CRASHED..Had my two Grandchildren trying EVERYTHING to get it up and running.. ZERO would work… They both said SORRY G.G. NOTHING will work..You will have to wait till tomorrow and get in touch with someone to come out to house and fix it!! Guess you will miss sending your Daily Devotional Reading to DML today.. Well DML I wouldn’t take that so I simply said a little prayer to GOD… Please let me send the reading because someone needs this reading today!! Prayer answered… TO GOD BE THE GLORY……DML you need not post this message… or just take the Good Morning and the ending !!!

Have a Transforming Tuesday!
Enjoy the selected reading for today.
California Carol

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

BE CAREFUL not to attach your sense of worth to your performance. When you’re dissatisfied with something you have said or done, talk with Me about it. Ask Me to help you sort out what is truly sinful and what is not. Confess any sins you’re aware of, and receive My forgiveness gratefully. Then live in the freedom of being My beloved believer. Don’t let your mistakes and sins diminish your sense of worth. Remember that you have been declared “Not Guilty” forever! There is no condemnation for those who are in Me—who belong to Me. You are precious to Me, and I take delight in you, so refuse to condemn yourself.

Your imperfect performance reminds you that you are human. It humbles you and helps you identify with flawed humanity. Since pride is such a deadly sin—the one that ultimately led to Satan’s expulsion from heaven—being humbled is really a blessing. So thank Me for the circumstances that have diminished your pride, and draw nearer to Me. Receive My priceless, unfailing Love in full measure!

DML: Carol, you are more reliable than Ben the Clock.


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