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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Wow! Hey Dennis, Did you hear the comment Neil Patrick Harris made on The View? Whoopi telling him as a teen that in 10 years she would have sex with him. What a disgusting display of a double standard. Hopefully, whoopi goes down for his, but its doubtful! You’re the best!

DML: She’s a trash mouth. If Whoopie was the only woman on the Island of Lonely, I would stay on the other side of said island.

Why we live here (CA). My dog Sage with Catalina in back ground. NO RED tide here :).

DML: Yours is the photo of the day.

Hi DML, I sent you a message already that I am willing to pay $20 a month for your new
service. My one concern would be sharing. I didn’t catch if we would be able to
share your show with others that are not in the Plan. That would be of concern to me since I do know of at least 2 of my friends that I am almost quite certain would not pay to listen to you although they do follow you. I think there would be many others in that situation also. See many of us follow you and would be glad to pay because you are someone that is like a part of the family besides the news we follow. Yet there are others that may just see you as a news person and do not follow you like to watch a wine and talk. If you know what I am getting to. See I watch you and share you on to some friends, then we discuss the show together next time we talk on the phone. If I didn’t send your show to them they might not watch it or are not that dedicated to watch you every day. But they do love your shows and your commentary and your views. I guess I am maybe just thinking of myself and my communication with my friends. I won’t be able to discuss your shows any longer with them if they are not able to watch you after being shared. That is my big concern with you having a paying service. I wish you luck with it and I hope you get lots of subscribers but I think you may loose many people that just don’t want to pay for something. Just like I don’t want to pay for TV…but I can watch the shows I might be interested in on You Tube. Glad to have you back…..Studio or Walk & Talk….will take either.

DML: As noted, our news feed as it is today on and the DML News app will remain in place, which is FREE. However, as for my shows, they will be part of the subscription plan. For those who cannot afford to pay, I will be doing one free show per week. So perhaps you can chat with your friends about that one? Let me be very clear about something that I would hate to be missed over. What we are offering is no different than most outlets. Everyone is going in this direction because Facebook and Google have made it near impossible to operate smoothly. Furthermore, we are adding so many new things to our subscription that when measured as a whole, it’s so much more than paying to see my daily show. Ad free news, social media gathering tools, chat tools, films, podcasts, annual convention, and the list will grow.  Let me say this as a side note, although it should be deemed completely separate from the sub plan, if people want to see me run for office in the future, I need to do this for reasons that may be obvious, or maybe they are not obvious, but either way, the plan as outlined will help me get there on various levels.  More on this in the future.

I was in an Ihop restaurant in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend and I was surprised to see an 8×10 poster on their check out desk saying “This organization participates in e Verify”. This poster also explained what it meant. I would also like to get more info how to subscribing to your news

DML: As for the news service subscription, we will continue to offer more information everyday on THE TRUTH up until the day we launch it. As for the e-verify, AMEN to the iHop.

A 75 year old couple died in a murder suicide in Fauquier County va. They retired, but struggled to get by even with the husbands veterans benefits. Couldn’t afford heat or air conditioning. This is how we are testing our elderly and veterans, while illegals get free housing, healthcare, and welfare. This is NOT ok!

DML: I am often asked to run for office by my readers and viewers. Let me VOW that if I do ever run, and if I do win, the problem you point out will be rectified. Trump has done many things well, but he really dropped the ball on immigration and taking better care of our seniors.

I will pay $100 per month to help others who need the help get in to the subscription service.

DML: I appreciate that.  No person will be left behind… that’s our goal.

Hi Dennis! Been giving this a lot of thought and wanted to share the irony. Democrats bemoan the implementation of voter ID laws claiming it disenfranchises minorities and prevents them from having a voice in the election process.In the same breath, they want to do away with the electoral college, the process that in part provides smaller States an equal voice in the election process. Go figure!

DML: Had HRC won the Electoral College, they’d be saying it is the best ever made system.

How can we stop the conservative depression. Kids can’t wear Trump shirts to school professors denounce country.. it seems like bullying got whole new wave… If you are conservative you are Target and nothing is done.. where did my America go.. cause this sure ain’t my America.

DML: Hard to argue with you.

You are the best news man alive at this moment.

DML: Jeez, almost feels like a warning. LOL.

The walk & talks or your Truth Shows arent on your app this week? I only see Monday’s Oct 8th for this week on there? I had a friend at work finally download your app yesterday and I was trying to show her your shows, but only Mondays was appearing? Maybe it’s me;) Thanks for ALL you & your family do!

DML: Yes, it is you Lori. LOL. Easiest way to find my daily program via the DML APP is to go to the last tab. “INTERACT.” The very top it reads DML: THE TRUTH. Click. You can watch or listen. Thanks for helping spread the DML APP.

Good Morning Dennis, DML just going to make this message short ….Simply put…..YOU are the BEST in what you do!! Have a Fabulous Friday!! Enjoy the reading picked for today. Giving both Love and Warm Hugs,
California Carol

Friday, October 12, 2018

LEARN TO LEAN ON ME more and more. I know the full extent of your weakness, and that is where My powerful Presence meets you! My strength and your weakness fit together perfectly—in a wonderful synergy designed long before your birth. Actually, My Power is most effective in weakness. This is counter-intuitive and mysterious, yet it is true. It is important to lean on Me when you’re feeling inadequate or overwhelmed. Remind yourself that you and I together are more than adequate. To sense my nearness, try closing your hand as if you’re holding onto Mine. For I take hold of your right hand and say to you, “Do not fear; I will help you.”

I want you to depend on Me even when you feel competent to handle things yourself. This requires awareness of both My Presence and your neediness. I am infinitely wise, so let Me guide your thinking as you make plans and decisions. Leaning on Me produces warm intimacy with Me—the One who will never leave you or forsake you.

DML: Thank you Carol. You’re pretty awesome yourself.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them.

    Dennis, I have been following you for a long time. But, I am not a wealthy person. I barely make ends meet each month. It breaks my heart that I might not get a daily dose of your “truth”. I have been trying to figure out how i can afford another monthly payment. At this time, there just isn’t a way I can.

    I think you are the best journalist out there these days. I started following you way before the election. You helped explain things so i could understand them. Then, I met you in person at “the Hermitage” in Nashville and got to give you the hug I had been saving forever. The high light of my life. I am sick at heart that I might not be able to listen to your great opinions etc.

    I do wish you great success in everything you do. I admire you so very much along with your great family. Miss Mary is such a lovely and wonderful lady. Hugs to all the Lynch’s.

    God bless us all.

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