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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Hey Dennis,
About a year ago on your show, you talked about an email you got from me. It was the day after you mentioned that Oprah would probably win if she ran for president. The reason you talked about my email on that day, was because I told you that 3 of my DML fan group quit on you, claiming; “THAT FKN LIBERAL just endorsed Oprah!”

Perhaps you don’t remember, but either way, after a year since I’ve seen him, yesterday I bumped into him. He’s an ADOT engineer, so he says. We talked about you and Trump, things you might find interesting. Keep in mind, he stopped listening to you because in his mind, you are a liberal supporting Oprah.

He is working for the state and he’s the guy who claims to be a true patriot/ republican/ conservative. He told me that HE HIRES ILLEGALS to do work no Americans want to do in the heat and cold. According to him, the catch and released you talked about this morning is going on because Trump’s infrastructure will never happen without illegals. Here’s this moron who called you a democrat, hiring illegals to steal great American jobs.

He tells me that catch and release are just for potential, steel, road and bridge construction quality/ type workers… something in that nature.

This fool makes me sick, I think a liar is more like it. I’m not sure but I think he’s lying for this reason; Many years ago I owned a construction business, I bid on government jobs as government jobs were subcontracted. No state has its own construction company. I don’t know how it’s done in whatever state he’s from or how it is here in Arizona, but I don’t think the states have construction companies. Either he’s a liar, or he’s now the true liberal. Just like you said, MONEY GREED is killing our country, by both democrats and republicans. I honestly believe that he owns a construction business, building roads or bridges, and to defend himself on hiring illegals, is blaming the states. What an arrogant POS.

This is either a coincidence or a sign. The day this guy tells me the state hires illegals, it’s the day your WALK N TALK is about CATCH N RELEASE. Your idea of the DVD’s HAS to be taken more seriously. If it’s true that these big companies are being allowed to hire illegals under our nose, not only it’s great jobs being lost to illegals, it’s jobs being done by people with no experience and pride. No wonder new bridges collapsed before their inauguration day.

Hey, Dennis, if this is true, are the unions about to hurt their older members? Bankrupt unions? Or, are these illegals getting green cards upon release?

There hasn’t been a better time than now to get an E-Verify executive order signed. And this is why we appreciate your effort to get the message to Trump’s desk.
Well, I have participated in this effort several times before, and I’m doing it again tomorrow.

Thank you and take care of yourself my friend… Keep Kicking Ass!

DML: Your friend sound like a whining brat.  A video for him…

Kavanaugh. Hi Dennis, I listen to you faithfully since before the election. Only get my news from you. It is sickening what is going on they are just coming out of the woodwork like roaches. I hate to say it but I think it’s over for him. If he doesn’t step down I don’t think he will get through hope I am wrong. It’s a disgrace what is being done to him and hopefully it’s not true. Keep doing what your doing because there’s no one out there telling us the truth.

DML: There’s a part of me that wants him to walk away for the sake of his kids, but at this point he is so far in, walking away would only make it worse.

I just listened to your W&T. Good job as usual. When you brought up the Judge Kavanagh diary/calendars, I must tell you that when I heard about those during his testimony people started saying that was a very odd thing to do. Well, I am 68 years old, my Mom passed away 4 years ago and she kept a calendar diary for over 70 years, and in fact she wrote in it the very last day that she had on this earth. So a person that has done that is very normal to me. She was a very detailed person. When someone would say, “what time did you get home?”, she wouldn’t say “4:15”, she would say “4:12”. She was always accurate. My brother and I were blessed to have her and our dad as our parents!

DML: I think there is nothing wrong with keep a calendar or diary.   Great way to remain disciplined, if nothing else.

Last year, I wrote you about missing the Wine N Talks you and Ms Mary were having. You graciously encouraged me to spend time with my family and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been loving every single minute of it, much like you did with your kids as you traveled across several states. I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement. I’ve kept this email as a reminder when I get discouraged in this journey.

I’m still fighting the beast called Ovarian Cancer. We just finished several very long months of chemo without success. So, I’ve stopped treatment for now and am waiting to see another doctor. That’s just how it goes. Life is life and you keep on fighting. I’ve always been a hard head when it comes to quitting. LOL

During this past racing season, the hubby bought me a new camera. My old one had finally died and he wanted me to get back into one of my passions. So, I quickly became known around the track as the “Team DML lady” because I always had your backpack on while I took pictures. I consider that a compliment. LOL While I love the racing and the cars, it’s the people behind them that interest me the most. It’s much like our country. While it’s gorgeous to see, it’s truly the people that matter and make it great.

I had a surprise a couple of weeks ago. I was contacted by a company based in California (I’m in NC) and they wanted to buy a picture from me. It was of one of drivers who had just won the last race of the season and he was celebrating. I took it because I understood how hard this season had been for him and his younger brother. His brother, who’s also a racer there, had been diagnosed with cancer. They didn’t know if he would ever be back in a car because he had a large, inoperable mass beside his heart. But the chemo worked, he was declared cancer free, and he did make it back into the racing scene for the last couple of races. So, this victory was for both of them and their teams, and yes, I sold the picture. The rumor is it will be on the cover of the printed catalog for Bilstein of America in November and handed out at an Indy race. That’s just amazing to me! A small town girl who just wanted to spend time with her kids, just landed an opportunity of a lifetime! And you had a part in that happening through your encouragement. So, thank you!!

I’m sending you the photo. I want it to be a reminder that God blesses you when you least expect it. You can be going through the hardest of times in life, and still be victorious. My prayers remain with you and your family. May God bless you and keep you.

DML: I pray for your health.

DML, most people today don’t keep up with politics and the basic issues that each party are running on. If you ask some people why they hate Trump, most often say it’s character or based on biased news stories. I have an idea that I think only you and your team can develop. How about an app (or something similar to those Facebook tests) that you answer a series of questions based on your ideas on policy/issues and at the end it reveals which party closely matches up with your political party. I think it would be great to have something people can see clearly where they land on issues and policy. Just an idea, but only an outfit like yours that is balanced and unbiased could create something like this.. hope you give it some thought. Thanks.

DML: It is fashionable to hate those who are hated by others for the sake of loving to hate.

Hello DML thank you for the news update this morning. I just saw your text alert regarding the anonymous letter that went to our democratic person. This is disgusting and I am so sick of the world. When is this going to stop? Unbelievable!

My question always goes back to who raised these people that are doing this? Man they should’ve been in my family where our parents taught us to treat people with respect and would never in our wildest dreams think of doing something like this. Smh!!

Sorry I just had to vent this is just getting out of control. Thank you do you mailing Miss Mary for all you do. Loved loved your walk and talk over the weekend I cracked up.

DML: It is such an ugly time in America.

Hi Dennis. I’ve certainly been enjoying your W & T these days. The comic relief this weekend was much needed after such a horrendous week. This morning’s was awesome too and hit home.

My husband and I dropped a friend off at Hobby Airport in Houston yesterday morning. It was early and we decided to stop in at IHOP and have a nice breakfast a few miles from there. It was pretty empty when we sat down. The waitress came over and first spoke to us in Spanish. She laughed and apologized and took our order. As the morning went on if filled up and I looked around and saw that we were the only ones there that were not Hispanic. Being in Southeast Texas it’s not surprising but not one conversation within earshot was in English. I grew up here and took the obligatory Spanish class in high school but that was it. It is very sad to see the Mexican Flag flying above the American flag at many businesses around here. I feel as if we are no longer in the USA. But you were correct in saying the influx is no longer in just the border states. It’s frightening. Not because they’re not from here but because the majority is here on a free ride, not paying one cent to contribute. Something has got to give but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be them.

DML: We need the e-verify campaign to really take off. I hope people will participate.  Click here.

Good Morning Dennis, PROUD of you DML for all your hard work on your healthy eating plan… You are Looking good !!!AND… Thank you for bringing back the daily “Walk & Talks”… great exercise for you…AND.. A pointed way for you to bring your TEAM DML followers all your vast knowledge of the Political chaos… Every day I ask myself can it get any worse…Know what…. YES it does!!! I have a feeling that this week is going to seem “endless” with all the Kavanaugh fiasco and ignominy from the Demorats and the Left…They are not only destroying this man’s home, disrupting him and his family at church, causing him to suffer the loss of teaching… BUT…They are ruining… literally tarnishing his moral reputation, character and status… God help us ALL !!! Have a Thrilling Tuesday!Enjoy the selected reading for today….
California Carol

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

I WILL JUDGE THE WORLD in righteousness and the peoples in My truth. This promise is full of blessings and encouragement. It means that someday evil will be judged; My perfect justice will finally—and forever—prevail! Because you are My follower, clothed in My own righteousness, you have nothing to fear. But those who refuse to trust Me as Savior have everything to fear. Someday time will run out, and My wrath will be terrifying to all who persist in unbelief. They will even call to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!”

I will judge everyone in My truth. The concept of absolute truth is widely opposed, yet it is nonetheless rock-solid reality. Unbelievers will eventually bump up against this certainty whether they believe in it or not. For you—and all believers—My truth is a firm foundation on which you can live and work, play and praise. This is good reason to sing for Joy!

DML: I worked the website last night from 6pm-11pm and was on guard at all times.  The Kavanaugh mess is like trying to stop the ocean from coming into the sand.  And it is only Tuesday.


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  1. How come none of these women have filed criminal charges? There’s no statue of limitations. And we are to believe the the FBI missed all of these allegations with 6 background checks?

  2. #WALKAWAY! Please walk away from the hideous behavior of Democrats…..and their Crucifixion of a conservative…….

  3. I didn’t think AZ was a declared “Sanctuary State” like CA but it sounds like they hire contractors for state jobs who hire illegals and just look the other way. If they don’t have a policy in the state of not allowing illegals to hold state jobs then that’s it. In CA we know a lot of illegals are ag workers, that’s bad enough but I recently learned that a tree trimming company has a state contract & uses mostly illegals as well. The workers speak a few words of English only. This company has grown huge. It’s disgusting to see. If we end up w/Gavin Newsome as Gov. we will be even more screwed here in CA as he wants to have a universal health care system here like he put in place in SF as Mayor. Lotta good that’s done there?! Dems here argue that if such a system is put in place for the state it will exclude the illegals. They are naive and buy the Dem lies. I’m pretty sure no such safeguards will be possible but I hv not looked into it. We just pray Newsome does not win!! Either way we are leaving tho it’s sad for me since we are 3rd n 4th generation Californians.

  4. Kavanaugh~Justice Thomas did not walk away….good or bad for his well being, I don’t know, but he has served us well! I pray Judge Kavanaugh sticks this out. It sounds selfish, but we need a positive lift and a win to give us hope. He has the right force to get him through the pain and malicious attacks~Faith, family and the people who believe in him! God Bless!

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