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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Halftime show at ballgame last night in Brookhaven, MS depicting 2 law officers knocked down & held at gunpoint. IN THE VERY TOWN THAT SUFFERED LOSS OF TWO POLICEMEN THIS VERY WEEK!

DML: Terrible!

I already knew and so did you, of how bad, crooked, and divided this country is. But when Clinton was brought up on charges there was proof. But now, every time you turn around there is another woman bringing up a claim. I want them to. But if there is no proof, and just what they say, why would they want to go through all of this. I want those who can prove their claim to come forward.
But also. I don’t want a lady with no way to prove it to be put through it.

DML: If we can all step back for a moment and strip away the politics of the recent sexual assault stories, and look at the issue of sexual assault without the names Kavanaugh, Feinstein, Grassley and Ford coming to mind, I think rationale people come to the conclusion that we need to find a better way to address this issue. I like to think of myself as a problem solver, but even so, without bumps and bruises how does a woman provide evidence of an unwanted act of sexual aggression. And how does a man defend against the claim? This may be one of those things that goes on without a good answer, and it’s painful to think that is true.

Dennis what do you think if President Trump releases the unredacted fisa reports and the 302 that we have been waiting for before this Kavanaugh crap started would it show the American people how dishonest the Democrats are and help pushing the Republicans and independents to the polls on November 6?

DML: In the greater scope of things. Most people don’t care.

On thurs i was at the trump rally and a reporter from kttc news was doing a live shot at the rally, i came up behind and put a MAGA HAT ON HIM. his news director fired him after the shot for wearing the hat. i feel terrible as it was just a silly prank by me and now it cost this reporter his job.

DML: You should feel terrible. In today’s crazy world, you can’t touch someone in that way and place a hat on someone’s head without their permission. Better hope you don’t get sued.

You mentioned something today in your LIVE show that I’ve thought a lot about: Republican messaging, or rather, lack thereof. As you noted, the Left has an almost hive-like ability to stick together, no matter what. I think I know why. Their messaging always centers around people as a collective. Every group has their own neatly labeled box and each box is stacked according to victimhood status. All of this is pretty obvious, but what makes it so attractive and how are they able to encourage everyone to walk in lockstep?

Examining progressive ideology and the worldviews that go along with it, the Left has created a religion. If it were not so, they wouldn’t enforce their ideology so dogmatically. Don’t believe in climate change? You are a science denier. Don’t believe in abortion? You are a hater of women’s rights. Government is their god and savior, but the thing that makes it so attractive, I believe, is the human condition we all struggle against: self worship. From the beginning, in the Garden, we see this struggle when Eve took the apple. She wasn’t convinced to worship another god. She was convinced to satisfy herself, and made up her own “truth”, against God’s Word.

Conservatives are moving away from Constitutional principle, partly out of ignorance, partly out of tribalism, and partly out of the progressive ideology that has permeated our culture. Because of this, we have a lot of factions within the party relying on their own subjective “truth”. They’ve not completely succumbed to the god of government, but there will be no unity in the party unless they have something to hold them together, and that something holding them together can’t come from themselves. It has to come from something transcendent.

How can conservatives counter against the Progressive religion? First, we have to know what conservatism is. Most of the representatives who make up the House and Senate under the GOP platform have no idea. Last Friday, during the Kavanaugh debacle, a minibus was passed that funded Planned Parenthood, DACA, Obamacare, sanctuary cities-all signed by the President. This is inexcusable.

I believe that the change will have to come from a grassroots effort and that the message has to be centered around Liberty and the benefits of Freedom when it is allowed to flourish. We need to make our arguments from a position of morality and contrast it with left. Progressives have been using this tactic for years, stealing a moral high ground that does not belong to them. We need to stop apologizing, as Judge Kavanaugh did in his op ed to the Washington Post, about his behavior, when he was righteously angry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of this defeatist attitude by Republicans in government, who think the slow walk towards socialism when Democrats aren’t in power, is winning. It’s time to advance Liberty. Speaking of which, have you decided on your run?

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” George Washington.

DML: Wow. So much to say. But instead, I will keep it short with bullet points. (1) You are a sensational writer, and I would like to offer you a weekly column for 2019. (2) You need to write a book, and I will be your agent — or co-writer… or both. (3) Yes, everything you wrote here is spot on. (4) Mary says you’d have to put her in a coma for her to say YES to running for office after the character assassination attempts on Kavanaugh and Trump.  But in the end, she knows as well as I do, that if my heart and head want to do it then we will.  As of now, my heart and my head are not in lockstep. But that is likely to change. I’ll leave it at that.

Greetings and a Very Good Morning Dennis, I want to Thank You DML for jumping on during the day to give us your thoughts! WOW….DML….. double appearances in one day !! I kind of like the “quick” up to the minute type live news !!!! Nice to know that you are thinking of your TEAM DML followers and willing to stop your busy schedule to keep us informed…I know that the “Kavanaugh Scenario” is an important one but pray that it will come to its conclusion today…Moving on…..Have you gotten any feedback from your sources at the WH about the video push for e-Verify ??? Immigration and Healthcare are still two huge problems that President Trump MUST address… the sooner the better…How do you feel about the upcoming 2018 Elections… Do you see a “RED” or “Blue” WAVE coming?? Have a Successful Soul Searching Sabbath!Enjoy your reading picked for today…Love,
California Carol

Saturday, Sabbath, October 6, 2018


ASK ME FOR WISDOM, BELOVED. I know how much you need it! King Solomon requested a discerning heart, and he received wisdom in magnificent abundance. This precious gift is also essential for you, especially when you’re making plans and decisions. So come to Me for what you need, and trust Me to provide it in full measure.

One aspect of wisdom is recognizing your need for My help in all that you do. When your mind is sluggish, it’s easy to forget about Me and simply dive into your tasks and activities. But eventually you bump into an obstacle. Then you face an important choice: to push ahead full throttle or to stop and ask me for insight, understanding, and guidance. The closer to Me you live, the more readily and frequently you will seek My help.

The fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom. Though I am your Friend, remember who I am in My great Power and Glory! Godly fear—reverential awe and worshipful admiration—provides the best foundation for wisdom.

DML: Sadly, the White House is consumed with the two black clouds that has hovered over it for the past month… Kavanaugh and NY State Tax allegations against Trump sparked by the NY Times.  That said, with Kavanaugh out of the news cycle next week, the same ole’ issues that power the media grid will be back to front and center with midterms upon us. We have to keep the pressure on.  Now is the time.


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  1. Continuing to thank DML for all you do. appreciate all your feedback, your reports, and love the tidbits with Mary, and kids, bc you are allowed a life outside the newsroom too. Hope you got a chance to use your boat, and to take time with each family member. Taking time Now especially during the next few weeks will satisfy their hearts and yours too. by having other writers critique articles you get , and share with us, hopefully you get time with them.

  2. Last Friday a minibus was passed that funded planned parenthood, DACA, Obamacare, Sanctuary Cities all signed by the president?

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