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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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MS13 in the Hamptons… I heard some are building panic rooms to protect them from MS13. Do you think they’ll secretly vote for DJT? I thought that was interesting.

DML: The rich people out here will do the craziest things, but yes, they will vote for Trump if he demonstrates the ability to rid of these criminals, but truth is, he hasn’t demonstrated anything. The illegal population out here where I live has GROWN since Trump took office. The illegals are #winning.

The last three days I have been getting emails from I have no idea how they got my email address. You posted an article today about all the fund raising that has happened to try to oust Susan Collins. Well it isn’t just the source you mentioned in Maine. MoreOn is working on it too full force with their propaganda and asking for money. I hit unsubscribe on their email and I still got another one today. Hopefully that will be the last! Laurie

DML: Often, when you sign up for an email blast of some kind, you usually don’t know it. If you register your email with someone, BE SURE to see that they do not rent or sell your name. That’s how MoveOn got your email I am sure.

Dennis, I just got home tonight from an area called ‘Seaside’ about 15 miles east of SandDestin, FL. It is a very popular area to own/lease a home/apt./condo on the beach and loaded with nice restaurants/shops. It was very busy and active. On the other side of the main hwy. (hwy 98) from Seaside is the Gulf of Mexico and lots of beach. I attended my granddaughter’s ballet performance outside at their amphitheater.
While looking for a spot to park, I kept smelling something awful. We parked and got out…then it hit me! Inside my nose was burning along with a tickling in my throat while coughing and sneezing. My son then declares that it’s the red tide and my daughter in law, both granddaughters and grandson had been out there for 4-5 hours inhaling this stuff.

During the whole performance we heard others coughing and sneezing.The announcer had mentioned the red tide and how it may hender the performer’s breathing but they pulled it off.

I kept telling my son that I couldn’t believe all the people out there would spend that much money and stay to inhale this and possibly have respiratory complications. My daughter in law has asthma and it bothered her the most.

I thought about you and could not imagine how bad it was for you to be exposed to it on Lake Okeechobee when you came to Florida. I do remember seeing an update map showing our area with some red tide, but I did not expect it that strong!

BTW, history was made on my birthday today with one great present…the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh. God Bless him!

DML: Happy birthday. As for the red tide, personally, I think it is chipping away at the long term value of Florida. Mary and I have been discussing our future this week. I know that may sound a bit extreme, but if we want accomplish certain things down the road we have to make choices and moves now. Florida was a big part of our plan for numerous reasons — one being political. However, I just cannot see myself moving there now. I am a boater and ocean enthusiast. I will never enter those waters on the Gulf again. How can anyone?

Stories that you post do not include some of the most important information like dates places the story you posted today October 6th about an Uber driver being charged and sentenced does not say where it happened and that is disturbing would like to know where these things are taking place please take a little pride and what your posting as news and give us the place.

DML: Perhaps you do not understand what we do? We are a news aggregator. As part of our job, we weed out the fake and sensationalized news so that you don’t waste your time in researching what you can and cannot trust. Thus, our ratings system. This said, we offer just enough information to leave you deciding whether you want more on the story, or had enough with just the headlines and short bite information. If you want more, there are TWO links to the original story where you can get the details you are yearning. Both links lead back to the original story where we found the information.

Kavanaugh vote. DML, Once again you were right. I gotta admit I thought you were wrong on this one. I’m so happy that I was wrong and Judge Kavanaugh will be getting confirmed today. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Gilda

DML: If I had a dollar for every time I got an email like yours…. LOL

I was reading the comments from “Hollywood” on Collins’ decision and one response truly struck a chord with me – “Help America & most importantly, assault victims heal!”. Thus the reason I am writing as none of this was done to help assault victims heal.

My home was broken into when I was 8 months pregnant with my first son 44 years ago and woke up with the guy in bed with me telling me he was going to rape me. I was a single Mom and wore a big hoodie to not show my pregnancy. I assume he had been watching me come in and out alone. I kneed him in the groin and he punched me across the temple, but in the end he did not succeed. I did file a police report. The following week a girl was murdered at a local resort by a man with the same description. Of course this was “there” in my life, but I didn’t dwell on it – I moved on.

What that hearing has done was bring up that incident again. After watching the hearing, I couldn’t get to sleep that night for hours with the events of that night 44 years ago running through my head – seeing him when I would start to drift off. It made me relive that nightmare – not heal! This could have been handled confidentially as Dr. Ford wanted but she, along with myself and probably many others who have relived this type of experience, were collateral damage. Their purpose was an effort to gain power – it didn’t matter who they hurt along the way. This was an injustice to survivors.

I believe something happened to Dr. Ford – but it went from a he said/she said to a they said. THEY didn’t corroborate her story. Further, I cannot understand why anyone wouldn’t file a police report. It was humiliating for me to report my incident as I had to stand in front of police telling my story as a single, pregnant woman – which was not looked upon favorably back in the 70s in a small town.

Please feel free to post this – and to all the survivors, my heart goes out to you if this debacle caused you to relive an experience like this.

DML: Thank you for sharing your story.

Just saw your update on FB, which reminded me to tell you that nearly every news story I read on your app was on my FB page for over a week now!

Thank you for the Truth in the news. I am always informed to be able to discuss with knowledge and truth what is going on in our country and the world.

DML: We have so many Carols. Thanks for the email. I urge everyone to get the DML APP. Go to the IOS store, or go to Google Play Store and search DML NEWS APP.

Quick question: if, somehow, the left wins the midterms and Presidential Election in 2020, do you see the Republicans making their lives hell like they did to this administration? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

DML: I think these midterms are dangerous. With Kavanaugh getting in, the Right may be a bit lax on Election Day. I see the Left roaring at the polls. I think we get past that first before I look at 2020. I think there could be risk in the House.


Good Morning Dennis, Well, DML… yesterday was sure a nail biter waiting for the Kavanaugh votes to be cast although you said he would prevail… I guess the one thing that I truly LOVED was that President Trump had made arrangements for Kavanaugh to be sworn in as “Justice” immediately following the voting!!

That certainly put a kink in the protesters play book…. I’m sure that they were planning a “huge” protest to disrupt the Kavanaugh ceremony planned for Monday or Tuesday… They figured that they had the entire weekend to rally the troops and then came Trumps Curve Ball !!!! I like the way that President thinks outside the box and does not always do what is expected… or politically correct… LOL

NOW, if he would only use your paradigm, DML, with regards to the immigration e-Verify program and cut off the flow of illegal’s crossing the border that would be a huge benefit to all of us!!! Then of course comes the health care issue…. I must give President Trump credit for all the things that he has done so far in the time period he has been in office… If he can pull off the e-Verify with the immigration and the health care he will have ZERO problems being re elected in 2020…. That is a “FOR SURE” in my play book !! So looking forward to hearing and seeing you on Monday morning Walk and Talk…. I truly value your opinions and vast political knowledge..especially on all the 2018 upcoming elections!! Have a “Sun Filled Sunday!!” Enjoy the reading selected for today..
California Carol

Sunday, October 07, 2018

TRAIN YOUR MIND to think great thoughts of Me! Many Christians are defeated by focusing mainly on less important things—the news, the weather, the economy, loved ones’ problems, their own problems, and so on. Granted, in this world you will have trouble, but don’t let troubles become your primary focus. Remind yourself that I am with you and I have overcome the world! I am nearer than the air you breathe, yet I am infinite God—King of kings and Lord of lords. I am also your loving Savior and faithful Friend.

One of the best ways to enhance awareness of My greatness is to worship Me. This connects you with the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in a glorious way. True worship expands My kingdom of Light in the world, pushing back the darkness. An exquisite way to praise Me is to read or sing the Psalms. Filling your mind with biblical truth will help you resist discouragement. When troubles assail you, exert yourself to think about who I am—your Savior and Friend who is Almighty God!

DML: Enjoy your Sunday too.

Didn’t know there was a march ongoing for 8 years. News to me.

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  1. But, Dennis, you have to save us here in Florida!
    I was a beach fanatic in my younger days…surfing, swimming, snorkeling, tanning, sailing, picnics and it is sad to think that I was a lucky one to experience something that may no longer be in my homeplace in the near future.

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