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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Dml can you address your audience and tell them to send out prayers for Susan Collins?.
She’s being chased and threatened for her speech yesterday and her Yes vote.

DML: She was in search of the spotlight, and now she’s got it. Sometimes just a quiet YES vote will do the trick.

If I have learned anything more in the past few weeks, is that people, regardless of what side you are on, left, right or middle, will stoop to almost any level to destroy one another. This pathological frenzy to win is eroding the values and principles this country was founded upon.

You have stated before and I completely agree, that the media is the root of evil in this country, at this time. We have almost instant access to everything and anything you want. However, I do not believe everyone is fully informed with truth. We, as a people, have lost the ability to research, and make informed decisions. I think Senator Collins showed what can happen, when you stop all the chatter and look at what is in front of you, can do.

This debacle, that has played out before our eyes was appalling. No one won. These lives are forever changed. I find it sad, that we have lost decorum. We can no longer agree to disagree. The US is now the train wreck everyone wants to watch. We are the blockbuster newly released “movie”. There is drama, violence, comedy, distortion, lies, truth it’s all in there.

So what happens when the dust finally settles?! The damage and carnage may be too hard to overcome. November is coming quickly. Very quickly. And this circus isn’t leaving anytime soon. I am anxious, I am hopeful. I am worried, but I am voting. You cannot complain if you do not vote. I believe that as a nation, we are at a pivotal point. Probably one of the most important in my lifetime.

There are lots of choices to be made. It is going to determine where are country is heading. Be smart, be informed and use your knowledge of the issues, to make your vote. Do not fall victim to scare tactics or what you see from MSM. Please vote!!

As always, Thank you DML for keeping it real. The good, the bad, the ugly. You ROCK!

DML: There was an article on AXIOS yesterday entitled, AMERICA THE RADICAL. It states that if you are not radical on the left or right you have no place in today’s media, politics or news. I states that if you are in the middle you are irrelevant. It’s lonely in Normalville.

I have a few people in group who don’t know who you are . Most of them are just inquisitive and I explain that you are a news aggregate and you love our country . I have become very protective over you in the last year and blocked a guy who said you were fake and fired from Newsmax . I don’t care if it’s true although I doubt it .

DML: If I were fake then the check I write every month for healthcare would be fake too. Sometimes I think it would be better to be fake.

Yesterday my husband and I went to the Trump rally in Topeka, KS. What a day! I have watched all of his rallies but mere words cannot describe what it is like to be there in person. Energized is an understatement. I was dreading the long wait in line with no promise of even getting into the building. I was worried about protesters but saw none. The two hour wait flew by as we were joined by 20,000 people with a common goal. We made new friends. We heard stories from people who drove 300 miles to get there. We were thrilled to see so many young people. The highlight of the wait was when the vote for Kavanaugh was announced on the megatron and many were watching on their phones. Thousands of people cheered and chanted. We did make it into the building along with 11,000 others. I do not know for sure how many people were unable to get in, but was told it was 10,000. The rally started with a prayer, the flag salute and singing of the National Anthem. When President Trump came out while Lee Greenwood’s Proud To Be American was playing, 11,000 people were singing and many people had tears, including me. His speech was given in his usual Trump style mixed with humor, but to the point about what we need to do in November. There was no hatred from anyone and you could feel a sense of love and kindness throughout the crowd. Being there was a highlight of my life. I encourage everyone who can attend a rally to go. You will not be disappointed.

DML: Glad you’re happy. While these rallies go on painting a rosey picture, the Border Patrol is declaring a record surge in Texas. Call me Denny Downer.


Greetings and a Very Good Morning Dennis,

Hope that you had a somewhat restful weekend..

Your DML Team wants to make sure that you are taking good care of yourself…

Remember if you are not in great shape and strong you cannot take care of your family or your business..

May God grant you His peace as you venture through this day… Looking forward to another Walk and Talk!!

Two things…. First I don’t think I’m understanding “Impeachment” of either President Trump or now Justice Kavanaugh..

I know that is the new mantra for the “Loony Left”…. BUT… is that not for something done “while in office?” …..AND…..

What is “Nutty Nancy” doing about trying to make the final Kavanaugh FBI Investigation report public??

Are not the statements made by the various individuals confidential??

Oh well, just a couple of questions for your exceptionally brilliant mind to explain…

All this “Political Drama” is making me tired !!!!! LOL

Have a Meaningful Monday !!

Enjoy the reading picked for today…


California Carol

Monday, October 08, 2018


I WANT YOU TO BECOME increasingly preoccupied with Me. The default mode of most people is self-absorption. My followers are not immune to this affliction, it hinders their growth in grace. When a man and woman are deeply in love, they tend to be preoccupied with each other. So the way to become preoccupied with Me is to love Me more fully—with all your heart and soul and mind. This is the greatest commandment, and it is a most worthy goal. Of course, you cannot do it perfectly in this life. But the more you comprehend and delight in the wondrous, unfailing Love I have for you, the more ardently you can respond to Me. Have My Spirit help you in this glorious quest!

There are two parts to this adventure: learning to receive My Love in greater depth, breadth, and constancy; and responding by loving Me more and more. Thus you break free from the bondage of self-absorption and grow increasingly preoccupied with Me. I delight in setting you free!

DML: Amen.


As Florida goes, America goes this year.

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  1. Dennis why do you rain on Eveyone parade? That lady loved the Rally.Why couldn’t you say you were glad she had a good time. You bring up something negative.I am glad she went and I am glad she made it inside. I am also glad. She had a good time.

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