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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

I’m with you DML, I have a son that is an addict , I worry about a four day school, I have No doubt that if we go to four days that the drug problem will rise. So many things as a mother of a son with a drug problem, he is now 35 years old and still struggling, he was the star of the football team, and wanted to be a lawyer when he grew up. and had a shoulder injury from football which started him on his way to becoming an addict, I wish I could go back in time, and not had to work so much and had more supervision over my children. My children are adopted and come to find out that my son that has a drug problem, that his birth mom passed away from an overdose. I hope that President Trump really digs in to the drug problem that we have.

DML: 4 day scares me.

I heard your idea today about having an all in one news site plus possible documentaries for a $10- $20 fee. I think it’s a wonderful idea and would be willing to pay that amount to have access to all that without any advertising. Great idea!

DML: Thank you.

In response to your question of today about having “intro music” or not, I think the music is great to have before the start of your show.

Also, I really loved the music you had before…there was an “intensity” to it that fit YOU and your personality….just my opinion!
It adds to the buildup of your great shows.

DML: Will put the intro back in.

I give my support to DML’s desires for special, exclusive, independent, private internet group pursuing objective news, education and information relevant to maintaing our present and pursuing our future as expressed in our Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights for a monthly fee initially guesstimated at $10 to $20 as expressed by him.

DML: Thank you.

Yes, I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for your new idea. I can afford it. It is an important and better way to teach and reach people.

DML: Thank you.

Just heard the report. Yes, I will pay $10/month for that. There are many conservative reporters out there that I will not do that for. You are genuine. You’re the real deal. I would prefer to pay for films on an as needed basis. $10/per month is a lot of money to me. But It sounds worth it.

DML: Thank you.

I like your plan. I really do. However, I for one cannot afford to do so. And really don’t relish the idea of giving you up. I am disabled and live on a very low income. As I am sure I am not the only one. I wonder if you would consider offering a reduced plan for those in my predicament. We should have to be willing to disclose proof of our income status, minus our S.S.# . But a photo copy if proof of income. Even with limited info shone,would help keep you from being over run with people who can pay,but just don’t want to.
By the time I pay the monthly bills,and buy groceries I have next to nothing left. I cannot afford cable or internet either. So I ask you to please consider my request. I would be willing to give you proof that I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Thank you and God Bless.

DML: (1) will remain in place for those who cannot subscribe.  The ads will still be there.  My shows will be on a delay of a day or so.  Once per week I will do a program for the nonsubscribers in real time.  (2) I have lots of generous people part of Team DML. I will start a group to help those who need help to subscribe.  More on that to come soon.

Greetings DML, In response to your request, “would I be willing to pay a subscription fee”, my answer is “Yes” !!!! Offering package options to choose from so we could select the one best suited to our needs would be great. Thank you for bringing this up during your live stream this afternoon. I share your concerns regarding topics discussed-great as usual.

DML: Thanks

My thought is you would be missing alot of people who found you for free like myself and then followed. How would you continue to build the base if you went to fee viewing?

DML: If we don’t do something different, we’ll be in trouble.

4-day school week. This is just my opinion on the change. Our town did it 3 yrs ago. I personally thought it was stupid for all the reasons you said. (I do not any longer have children in school- so really should not have an opinion) but the first thing I thought about when they did it was what is going to happen when they have to go to work. They will complain they cannot work 5 days. The dumming down of our kids is really bad-they started it when my son was in school and we said it all the time. My son graduated in 2000. so they are indoctrinating our kids and dumming them down. What is the future going to be???

DML: The future is dim unless we insist it gets better.

Have you seen the video’s of the Portland streets being commandeered by Antifa? It’s some pretty scary stuff. Not a cop in sight! These dumbass liberal democrats out here let them run roughshod over the public. You can hear them threatening the motorists. Totally lawless behavior!

DML: I did.  It is scary.

I think it’s a great idea. I’m fed up with FB and their actions. I appreciate your realistic views on current events. Love your walk and talks. I am a mother of 3 Airmen currently serving and the spouse of an Airman as well as my youngest is a freshman in our local college. I depend on truth in reporting and I am constantly up on the news as you might imagine. Thank you for all you do. From this former East Meadow girl now up in the Hudson Valley.

DML: What a great family of Americans!

I just wanted to note that I truly feel Taylor Swift “spoke out” because of her hatred of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It seems more than just coincidental that when Kaye and Kim are getting so much attention for their support of Trump and involvement in Prison Reform issues, that she took the opportunity to finally open up because of her animosity rather than anything else. This is the same girl who went after Katy Perry and writes songs about Ex Boyfriends… pettiness should be her middle name. Unfortunately, as you stated in your show, her hate has turn into a huge opportunity for liberals…

DML: Whatever her reason, she spoke out, and the results are record new numbers of people planning to vote.

“Madam Secretary” on CBS starring Tea Leoni as Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord has been one of my favorite shows. Until last night. The season 5 premiere featured cameo appearances by 3 former Secretaries of State. Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, and Hillary Cinton stopped in at the request of the fictitious Sec’y of State to offer advise on how to deal with the aftermath of an attack on the White House. Frankly I did not need Hillary Clinton to give me a lecture on how to address the country, and all 3 of them got political against the idea of nationalism. Other than that, their advise was pretty good.

DML: Hollywood keeps pushing.  I keep changing the channel.

I’d love the idea about no ads, just straight news. And yes I’d pay for it!!
About the 4-5 day school week. I’m a retired teacher and although at first when you say 4 day week I thought , HELL yes! Then after thinking it through, I said no. We have too many kids that depend on the food they get at school. And they need the supervising for that extra day. But the kids also need the education. Of course, since now a days everything in teaching to changing. The kids are learning how to do everything on computers, phones. Therefore have spelling is not that important- spellcheck. Math can be done for you also. And as long as your can get around on computers, you are good!! Now if the computer goes down you are up a creek. But I was a teacher from the old school. Until recently, I made my middle schoolers write a letter in long hand, to a famous person and wait to get a response. We asked them the same questions so when you got things back, it was so cool. We learned the formats of letter writing and address an envelope and put a stamp on it!! Then one year a parent said why are you still writing letters? You could do this on a computer and get something back in an email a lot quicker. Point is, kids are learning in a completely divergent way that is quicker. I’m not saying it’s better at all. But teaching is so different now!! It’s scary to me. Which is why I answered about the food and supervision as being so important! I still say 5 day weeks for school.
Thanks for what you do!! Love it!!

DML: 4 days is no good.  Kids need to learn script, I think.

I didn’t catch your show(s) today live and just got caught up. I absolutely would pay $20/month for your service. I don’t have cable and you are pretty much my only news source. That is because you are the only honest outlet out there. And I just admire you. You are what I wish I could be. You inspire me to be better and I thank you for that. I ordered 3 sets of the dvd’s to be sent to the President. Any feedback or thoughts on whether this will be effective? I am hopeful. Love your work, work ethic, love of family and your dedication to this great country. Thank you DML.

DML: Thank you.

I might have missed some information but need to know if what you proposed would mean that the only way to see/hear your daily news reports is to have a subscription? I also think that $10 a month is a little high. You might get better participation if you lowered that price a little.

DML: I think we’ll have 3 levels.  $5, $10, $20.  More to come.

My granddaughter is having problems with her reading so her Mom went to school asking for additional help for her. Her mother is a speech therapist, she knows how the system works so went ahead and hired an advocate ($100 an hour) for my granddaughter as leverage to get the help she needs. After meeting with the school, our granddaughter has to be tested and there is a 60 day waiting period for the school to give an answer on this “extra” help. In the meantime, her Mom the speech therapist, is teaching an illegal her numbers 1-10 – that illegal child is getting 4 hours per day of special education due to her language difficulties – on our dime. To top it off, Dad is currently serving with the National Guard Army Infantry in Kabul, Afghanistan. Does it even pay to be a citizen – seems more beneficial to be an illegal…

I have a few more stories while living in Arizona how illegals have affected my life – thankfully, I’m not an Angel Mom, but I have had incidents where it has cost me financially due to an illegal dating back to 1999. Wouldn’t it be great to have a forum where we could express what has happened to the people up to and including being Angel Moms of how our life was affected by the illegal invasion? These stories need to get out there with as much volume as tearing children away from their “parents”. Living in a border state is no piece of cake…

DML: Reading your email made me mad.

I’m a regular listener, and have been since before the election of President Trump. It has been a crazy ride for sure.

The subscription is a good idea, but I think paying over $10 a month will be difficult for a lot of folks, including myself. We are paycheck to paycheck and are always robbing Peter to pay Paul. It would be difficult to justify spending $20 even though it would be money well spent. I would somehow make it happen though if I have no other choice and want to stay connected.

I love documentaries and enjoy your movies about America. Subject matter such as those should be the focus. My husband is a construction small business owner here in Phoenix AZ. We live with the border influx of illegals, and have watched the transformation over the 25 plus years here. It’s depressing and disturbing.

I appreciate your hard work for all of us. I truly feel blessed to have discovered you. You think very much like my husband and I and that’s refreshing, especially with today’s BS media.

DML: Taking in all the ideas and opinions.  Thanks.

The new format sounds great. $10 a month is good, $20 is stretching it. Although the movies wouldn’t be included, will we be able to ‘share’ the news stories with those outside the forum?

DML: Yes.

Just watch today’s DML Live. I would do$10 a month.

In reference to 4-day school week, I went to Catholic grade school. When our church burned down, the parish lost classroom Space while the new church was being built. I was in the second grade and we went to school on a split schedule. One of the two second grade classes went to school from 8-12 and the other class went from 12-4. We switched time for the second half of the school year. The result was a hardship on those who have working parents and we kids were taught a full day’s worth of material in a half day. Luckily it was a temporary measure that only affected the first and second grades for a year and a half until the new church was built and the parrish was sw able to acquire additional classroom space. It worked as a tempory measure and it was done with the grades that would have the least negative impact.

DML: Interesting.  Still in favor of 5.

It sure sounds like a great idea. Thankful that you are so dedicated. I, however, would miss out as I am on Social Security. They give us a raise then up the cost of Medicare and Supplemental Insurance costs which puts us in the red. In the winter utililities are outrageous, leaving us to skimp on things like food. I wouldn’t think of having a subscription automatically taken from our bank account.
That being said, I hope your idea takes off and you can help the younger ones understand the truth of what is happening in our country. May God bless you and your family.

DML: We would offer an up front, discounted annual subscription where there is no monthly deduction.  But I hear your concerns.

I would pay not to have ads and to get the information that I am looking for. I would not watch videos on the computer, phone, or ipad. I enjoy watching that kind of thing on my television.

DML: You’d be able to watch on your TV if you had a smart TV.

I have followed you for two years now and am a very conservative teacher in Ohio. You make good points about the negative effects of a four day school week and I could add the perspective from a school systems point of view but that is not why I am writing.
You mentioned that the US is not tops in education in the world and that is true. However, the US, unlike other countries do not educate all children as we do. Only the best get to continue their education past a certain age. If the US did the same we would be educating those children whose parents value an education and have high expectations for their children. This makes a huge difference in a child’s educational success.
I have been a little put off by your grouping of teachers and the education system in many negative comments made by you. We are not all the same.
I appreciate what you do and I don’t lump you with the MSM when I make negative comments about them, see how that works?

DML: I said nothing ill of teachers.  I wouldn’t bucket all teachers in a bucket.

I just listened to your broadcast. I like the idea of your pay service. I would pay to have the films included in my monthly service.

I know there are some people though that would like to follow you in that mode but do not have the money to do so. Would there still be a platform (with ads) available for those individuals? I think it is important for The Truth to be available and heard by all. I don’t want to see you lose some followers because they aren’t able to make that monetary commitment.

Here is another thought, maybe another category, Adopt a Follower, could be set up where some DML listeners could opt to pay a slightly higher additional fee per month. A portion of that fee could subsidize those individuals that could not afford to pay.

Names of those individuals that would be interested in using a paid service, but couldn’t afford it, would be placed in a pool and when sufficient funds were received by others to adopt a follower, that person would then become a paid subscriber. Or, a 2-4-1 option, where 1 person pays an additional fee to get 2 accounts.

Unfortunately, I realize some people could abuse this system. So, I am not certain how you implement safeguards to help prevent that from happening. I leave that in your capable hands… 🙂

Obviously, I have not thought these ideas through, but figured I would toss them out there for consideration.

Thanks to you and your team for all that you do!

DML: Good feedback. Thanks.

Photo. This is my grandchild Cori.

FROM: Yours is the photo of the day. See below.

I totally understand and agree with what you are saying as far as hating the ads in the news feeds, and you getting censored and kicked off of Facebook. Although I am on a fixed income and have high medical bills, insurance bills etc… I would definitely spend $10 to be able to hear what you have to say without liberals at Facebook and others censoring the truthful information and news that you provide.

I would like to be able to see the films and I know $20/month isn’t a lot but for me spending an extra $120 a year may be kind of tough right now. I’d have to think more about that.

Btw, DML I am so thankful for all of the time and hard work you and your beautiful wife Miss Mary
and your kids put in so that all of us can hear the truth. I think God has gifted you with the wisdom for you to be able to see what’s really going and to be able to communicate the truth in such an easy to understand, reassuring, comforting and entertaining way.

You truly are a blessing to me and I’m sure to all your other team DML members.
God bless you and your family

DML: Thanks!

Dennis, I am not great of doing this, so I hope you get this note. But, I want you to know, that I am very much willing to my money we’re my mouth is. And yes, I would pay the $ [email protected] month to hear and see real news. I am one of your older person that watch you. I am a widow and on a fixed income But my country, my people, the love of it all….we Need to hear the truth even when we don’t like. It is the only way you can make things. I am willing to pay this. Thank you.

DML: You are better than you think. LOL

Hello and a Good Morning Dennis, First off DML your program “The TRUTH” is so outstanding and superior to anything else!! I was unable to listen to your morning program but replayed it in the evening… NEVER apologize for “your own Opinions”…

What you give to us your Team DML Followers is “choice”…. What we choose to do with it is another matter! You are so packed with insight and knowledge into this unbelievable world of “Political Drama”….Thank You DML for navigating us through it all…. AND… to your question of yesterday about paid subscriptions… A “BIG YES” and that it without a doubt…

I’m on a fixed income with Social Security but what you offer is “PRICELESS”…It is without a doubt beyond price, precious, invaluable, inestimable…. AND…. hilarious, amusing and a hoot to boot!!!!

Have a Winning Wednesday!
Enjoy the selected reading for today..
California Carol

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


                A TROUBLESOME PROBLEM can become an idol in your mind. If you consistently think about something—pleasant or unpleasant—more than you think about Me, you are practicing a subtle form of idolatry. So it is wise to examine your thoughts. Most people view idols as things that bring pleasure. But a chronic difficulty can captivate your mind, taking over increasingly more of your mental activity. Becoming aware of this bondage is a huge step toward breaking free from it. When you find yourself dwelling on a persistent problem, bring it to Me and confessthe mental bondage you’re experiencing. Request My help and My forgiveness, which I freely give. I will help you take captive every thought to make it obedient to Me. 

                I am teaching you to fix your thoughts on Me more and more. To achieve this goal, you need both discipline and desire. It’s vital that you find pleasure in thinking of Me—rejoicing in My loving Presence. Delight yourself in Me, beloved, make Me the Desire of your heart.



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  1. Love your ideal don’t know for sure I’ll be able to participate live alone on small amount..,
    Love you DML and Mrs Mary


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