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DML, I listened to your broadcast this evening after work. My heart is so touched by you. It’s definitely not the first time and I’m certain it will not be the last. Your description of your expectations hit home. I have a friend and business partner that is the female version of you. We met 25 years ago when she was my manager. Perfectionist doesn’t even come close to describing her. Her staff, quite frankly hated her. They hated her because she was no nonsense and did not tolerate slacking off, especially by adults. If the sales were good it still wasn’t enough. Her theory was if you can do this well, you can do even better. A compliment was a rarity to say the least. I didn’t hate her, I loved her from the get go. I saw straight through that hard shell. She would give her last dime to you if asked. We went our separate ways in business but stayed friends. Polar opposites, but great friends. She has, like you, those that recognized what a jewel she truly is and have remained very close. When she called me to go into business with her, I jumped. She has the Midas touch. Again, just like you. I know your employees probably never hated you but didn’t understand your passions. It takes a very special person to admit being a little hard and then show the unbelievable compassion that you do. I admire you greatly and hope you know how much you are truly appreciated. God bless you and thank you for all of your unbelievable work and ethics.

DML: Trust me when I say I love the TEAM DML group more than it loves me.  If I did not have you all, I don’t know what I would do.  I have to do a better job of saying how much I appreciate TEAM DML.

I had a well-researched board for several years on Pinterest called “Vaccines…what you need to know.” Today, Pinterest deleted it under the so-called claim that it “advocates self harm.” I have a picture of the email. Regardless of people’s views on vaccines, THIS IS CENSORSHIP! My board “Vaccines…what you need to know” contained good research collected over several years about the harmful effects of vaccines. In addition, I am a Christian, which is obvious from my account, and that is one of the reasons I choose not to vaccinate. Discrimination? Please, we are censored on almost all sides now, and this has to stop! Please help me make it very public. I’ve shared it all over FB (we’ll see how long that lasts), and I’m now Tweeting it. You’re the only news outlet who reports the truth.

DML: This is why we are building our new service where people can post what they want without any holds.  I am sickened by your email.  Whether I would agree with your posts or disagree, who knows, who cares.  You have a voice, and in America you are permitted to speak your mind.  Unfortunately, the platforms like Facebook and others are private businesses that can kick you off at will.  If you contacted a lawyer they’d tell you that you have very little to stand on unless you had paid the company for ads.  That said, you may want to contact a lawyer and ask them to send a letter on your behalf asking for reinstatement.  Sometimes the threat of going to the press is something they don’t want to deal with.

Dear DML, just an observation, while we are launching the 5 dvd sets to the President, in regards to your talk about it being ‘asylum” thats the real problem, shouldn’t we be adding that info to the letter you’re sending? You always have the perfect way of putting the words to be effective! Just seems we should also be driving home that asylum point along with the letter. So far ive bought 3 sets of dvds, but my letters arent so eloquent as yours.
I love the idea of paying you and miss mary send straight to the WH. It pains me to say im unable to contribute again for a little while till i can pay down my card. My income is 900 a month so anything xtra is done with a card. But i will again purchase more soon. I believe in you and what we do as team dml. I also wasnt clear on the subscription. Is that a monthly fee or yearly? Im unable to do a small 5.00 a month. I could do a 10.00 yrly till im in better financial condition. I think the subscription is a good idea and do want to participate. I didnt know about you till president Trump was running for office, but ive been with you 100% since then. Ive totally enjoyed getting to know you and your family. You are a blessed man with a blessed family. I also love the dml travel book. Has great photography in it. Im a photographer at heart and when i can get the time, i love taking pictures! I always share what you put out and look forward to maybe meeting you all in the future. I never sit in the seat of criticism when i watch your news. Youre as real as it gets and always crack me up, i love that. I was going to send you a picture of me holding your book but i wasnt lookin so good that day, yes im vain that way. I was pleasantly surprized to see 2 bumper stickers fall out of the book after i had already written to tell you I got it. So thank you again so much. Id like to throw in, that if you ever get anymore visor hats like you always wear, id like to put a dib in on one. I dont wear ball caps hats, but i could do the visor, but you had already run out of them. Just if u ever put them out again. Sorry for wordy letter.

DML: Never be sorry for sending me your thoughts.  As for the hats and visors, we have more coming in soon. As for the membership, we will be giving big discounts for upfront payments.  As for the president and the asylum…  I have to pick my fights.  I will wait until after the midterms to go down that battle with him.  If the Dems win the House, we will have more leverage.  Sort of a double edged sword we face on that one.

The past week has been so rough, watching my husband fall 10 feet from a ladder and not knowing what would happen. He has 10 broken bones but nothing that can’t heal, no surgeries, no cast. I had to tune in later to see your show, while my husband was in therapy. Your show, as always, was so informative and heartfelt. It was the perfect thing for me today.

I don’t think you fully realize how real you are to so many of us, and how you make us feel that we know you, and know you well. You have become family to me and others, Dennis, who you don’t know and may never meet. I just feel it is important to tell you, from time to time, how much you matter. I am sure thousands agree with me.

Thank you for being there and being exactly yourself. You are your most valuable asset and I look forward to watching the growth of your company and your endeavors. You are most definitely one of a kind.

DML: My heart goes out to your husband.  May he recover quickly, and may you be able to rest some while he does.

What makes everything tick ? Could it be the almighty dollar ? Jeez I don’t know very much 😃. The truth is , you have to make a lot of money to keep your head above water . For me, going out to eat is still not an option . I cook and make my dollar stretch . A lot of these young ones can do what I do . I taught my children how to be frugal . The truth lies in living happily within your means if you can. If you can’t then I am sure that George Soros has a job for you . Very sad indeed.

DML: Soros is the devil, in my opinion.

Dennis, you’ve made me cry once again and you’re right, you won’t get this on Hannity! When you spoke of Anneta, you only proved her loyalty, dedication and respect for others without hesitation and the reflection it has made on her son, Devon. After joining the Marines, he will go on to do a lesson learned~the compassion to help others. Anneta should be proud of her son and you should be proud to have Anneta. I’m sure many will join me in keeping Devon in our daily prayers. Please, keep us updated.

Heather’s write up on the ‘Mob Rule’ is excellent, concise and comprehendable. She would be a great asset to the TEAM DML NEWS.

You say you’re a perfectionist… it seems a major quality in leadership. The manner in which you run your news platform shows the efficiency of your employees…you should be very proud…get ready, Heather!

DML: I appreciate your kind words.

DML, facebook has been giving me a hard time for the past month whenever I try to listen to your show. Today was the worst – your first segment took a while because of the spinning but the second episode they totally blocked me and as a result could not share on my timeline. that’s the only way I can listen to you. I have to wait a few hours and then go on my timeline and listen. As I mentioned, the second episode was outstanding!!! I got to listen when you put it out at 12:30 but no share button. Can you PLEASE include your talks on the daily report via email to everyone? That way I can share with my family and friends as I don’t know if they can view it on my timeline. I am your biggest Canadian fan and watch you every day. Please DML make this old lady happy and put the second segment on the report. I have nieces and nephews who need to hear this one if I have to sit on them. Thank you. God bless you and your family – keep up the good work. You are an amazing, intelligent, respectful and beautiful human being.

DML: LOL.  The email blasts are computer generated. I have no control over what they select.  The best way to share THE TRUTH later on after it airs is to visit and click the LIVE tab.  All the videos are there.  Take the URL at the top of the video you want to share and copy it.  Then paste it in your email or in the status bar on your Facebook page.  Thanks!

A Very Good Morning Dennis, In all honesty DML your “The TRUTH” program is the most Powerful and Informative news of all time! You continually bring to us your Team DML Followers the “meat” of the issues making it possible for us to intelligently debate. The “Mob” mentality of the Democrat Party is genuinely very frightening and extreme… they truly have become “unhinged!” All “news” aside… I want to tell you that your heartfelt story about Anneta and her son Devon hit my heart dead center… I will be adding both their names alongside of You, your entire family and DML Staff to my personal prayer list… I will be keeping them in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers continually! Have a Soft Serene Sabbath day! Enjoy the reading selection found for today…
Love to ALL from the bottom of my heart and warm Hugs too,
California Carol

Saturday, Sabbath, October 13, 2018


                STAY ALERT AND BE PERSISTENT in your prayers. With My Spirit’s help,  you can learn to be increasingly wide-awake to Me. This is not an easy assignment, because the world is rigged to pull your attention away from Me. Excessive noise and visual stimulation make it hard for you to find Me in the midst of your moments. Yet I am always nearby—as near as a whispered prayer.

                People who are in love yearn to be alone together so they can concentrate intently on each other. I am the Lover of your soul, and I long for you to spend time alone with Me. When you shut out distractions to focus only on Me. I awaken your soul to the Joy of My Presence! This increases your love for Me and helps you stay spiritually alert. Praying becomes easier when you’re aware of My radiant Presence.  Praying not only blesses you but provides an avenue for serving Me. Rejoice that you can collaborate with Me through prayer as I establish My kingdom on earth.

DML: Thank you.


MONTABAUR, GERMANY – OCTOBER 12: Firemen direct fire extinguishing foam into the burnt-out wreckage of a passenger car of an ICE high-speed train on October 12, 2018 near Montabaur, Germany. A fire reportedly broke out in the rear passenger wagon of the Deutsche Bahn train en route from Cologne to Munich this morning. All 500 passengers were safely evacuated. (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)