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60 Minutes. DML good morning I read your op-Ed on the trump interview I think he is a typical lying politician. No doubt. I thought about how Obama dodged many questions and never was given a hard ball question. Only because the media loved obama. So I think we need to continue to write our letters send the dvds and continue to ring the WH doorbell and get President Trump to get everify to be the Law. I’m sure he’s going to be relying on his deep pocket donors heading into 2020. If all goes well you’ll be sparing with him on the debates. Stay tuned and thanks for all you do DML

DML: He’s all over the place, the Climate Change answer was the best — so confusing to listen to I left it out of my op-ed because how do you explain what he said? I still don’t understand the answer. But in the end, people won’t care.


DML, how about those of us that tweet, send direct messages to the Pres on his tweets on Mandatory E Verify… I do every chance I get…

DML: Useless efforts, I hate to say. He gets a minimum of 20k responses to every tweet. Unless someone threatens his life or someone famous kisses his ass, the tweets go nowhere. The only thing that has ever worked is getting the DVDs to the White House. But even this last go round that we tried, not enough people participated. I understand it’s $50, but I’m not sure how else to do it. I understand how he operates, but when the number of people participating isn’t massive, he doesn’t care.  I’ve been told by my contacts that it just wasn’t enough people sending the DVDs.

Oh boy! Can’t wait to hear “The Truth” tomorrow because of 60 Minutes tonight. Have to be sure to make a massage appointment from all the cringing. This interview was a disaster from the go.

DML: I won’t cover it much.  I’ll talk more about stuff that matters, like the 1k Hondurans heading your way.

I have been putting E-Verify on all Trump rally chats (every 15 min.) and any other thing I see about immigration. Stupid dem. comments I simply put #walkaway. I think I need some help. Maybe if we flood everything in chat with E-Verify it will get others talking as well.

DML: He’s not touching it.  Now is the time with these Hondurans. HE WANTS THEM TO COME.  He wants the labor.  Said it himself without having to say the exact words last night.

Good Morning Dennis, You DML and all your Team DML Followers are on “the battle” field!! I have never seen so much chaos, disorder, pandemonium, commotion, disarray, turmoil, unrest and just plain madness in the world like what is going on now!!! Talk about lines being drawn in the sand…. That is what is happening on a daily basis in almost every city…. The people of America are truly divided!!!
Who would ever want to take control of this nation in the state it is in?? I PRAY for our President Donald J. Trump on a continual basis… You, DML asked for double prayers as you are considering a run for the position of The Presidency in the future!!! NOT double prayers DML it has to be constant and continual….Prayers without ceasing!!! I want to Thank ALL your wonderful DML Followers who have sent such kind and uplifting messages about the “Daily Prayer” at the end of the DML: I Respond to Your E-mails. All Glory Be to God for His Grace and Blessings!!!! MSM is predicting a “blue wave”….. I am PRAYING for the “RED BLOOD of JESUS” to be spread from coast to coast!!!
Have a Magnificent Monday!!
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Much Love,
California Carol

Monday, October 15, 2018

I GIVE YOU MY SHIELD OF VICTORY, and My right hand sustains you. I won the ultimate victory through My sacrificial crucifixion and my miraculous resurrection! I did this for you, for all who trust Me as Savior-God. I accomplished everything! Your part is just to believe: that you need a Savior to pay the penalty for your sins and that I am the only way to salvation.

Your saving faith sets you on a path to heaven. Meanwhile, My victorious shield protects you as you journey through this world. Use the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil. When you’re in the thick of battle, call out to Me: “Help me Lord! I trust in You.”

As you live in close dependence on Me, My right hand does indeed sustain you, holding you up. I have indescribably great Power! Yet I use My mighty right hand not only to protect you but to tenderly lead you and help you keep going. Sometimes I even gather you in My arms and carry you close to My heart.

DML: I did not say I was going to run for president, LOL.  I asked for prayers for the political battle I may endure soon.  I’ll keep the meaning of that to myself, but yes, I’m thinking about the options considering if I don’t do it soon it will be impossible to do.  Trump is creating the biggest Democratic voter bloc in history with the open border.  This new caravan from Honduras has hit me hard, and my attitude towards Trump is beginning to sour to a level that will be irrecoverable. Although I will always cover him fairly, I have this feeling inside which tells me his actions at the border will blow up in our faces, LITERALLY. And I have to say the reason for my souring breaks into thirds. 33% because he is allowing the flow to continue and it will devastate the country for my grandkids in the decades that long follow my own death.  Terror attack is looming.  I feel it. 33% because I know he’s a liar, because I have been victim of his lies, and because he knows how to fix this issue but won’t because he’s being a pal to the cheap labor lovers. 33% because no matter what I know and how this all impacts America, most people on the right have become so in love with hating on the left that they’ve really lost all rationale thinking, they actually love this guy — and there is nothing I can say to change that. One’s kid will have to be killed by an illegal to change their mind, and that’s equal parts horrific and pathetic.

The search for who killed the missing WaPo journalist.


  1. I also post mandatory e-verify at all his rallies continuously and where ever else I can. I think we are doomed with illegals!

  2. Cal. Carol, you are a blessing! Your messaging is so worthy and true! We have to have thought guidance from time to time to help us come to to the,”YEAH, I get it or that’s it exactly!” moment. You and Dennis seem to have that gift with your personal messages. Thank you!

    As far as the caravan, I am so angry and tired of this continuous movement that is being overlooked intentionally, in my opinion. I feel helpless and abandoned by our leaders who are supposed to protect our sovereignty…hows that going for you?

  3. How about mobilizing the Team DML to tweet at the same time about e-verify? Wouldn’t that be just as effective as buying DVDs? Add that to emailing, posting on Facebook and handwritten letters and such. Those options are all free!

  4. Love reading your answers to the emails. Could not find photo of the day today. Maybe I just overlooked it. Love those and the devotion from California Carol. God bless you DML.

  5. I really wish we could close down our borders for at least 1yr so the courts might be able to catch up to all the paper work! I know that would never be done but sure would help. If Trump keeps up letting all these illegals in he will probably lose in 2020. I voted for him because of his firmness on immigration. I am sooooo disapointed! Sometimes I don’t know what to think about where our country is heading. I too am afraid for my grandkids. One of my reasons I started Zoe Farms cause I don’t trust our government anymore.

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