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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

I know all this Rosenstein stuff is now the headline grabber but I am with you Dennis!!! This is nothing but reality TV nonsense. In the end Trump did nothing with Russia but as you said two years ago while sitting in a lazy chair…. THE RUSSIA NARRATIVE WILL REMAIN WITH TRUMP THROUGHOUT HIS PRESIDENCY. I am amazed at your insight. Keep up the great work.

DML: We covered the story on DMLNews, but I didn’t read the article.  It’s all nonsense.

Hi Dennis. I am pleased to be part of sending a very clear message to our President. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless you and your family.

DML: The response has been strong so far.  Unfortunately, not strong enough because Facebook and its limiting of our posts has now hit an all time bad.  I hope people will paste the URL into there status bar and help us share.  Click here for URL.

In Texas, companies with over 50 employees have E-verify. Human Resources enforces this. You can’t bid on national contracts if you don’t comply, thought I might add.

DML: If you do business with the government, you must use it.

I love this idea of sending these DVDs to the White House. I have been watching you since the early days on Fox News and you have always expressed the importance of the everify program. You have always given away free DVDs! You have been the only person in the media who has remained consistent in his message. I have seen Hannity and Tucker flop words and I have watched politicians (with rare exception) dance around the issue…INCLUDING TRUMP. But not you DML…NOT YOU.

DML: And I never will.

Was watching walking talk September 21st but Facebook disconnected me over 12 times and then totally could not reconnect at all.

DML: If people don’t have the DML NEWS APP, which can be downloaded free of charge on the IOS Store for Apple iPhone or Google Play Store for Andriod, then they risk not seeing me and our reports.  My battle with Facebook is hitting a new high, and I don’t know how much longer we will exist with them.

Facebook wouldn’t allow me to me to share any news stories, so I’m starting from square one.

DML: Thanks for telling me. PLEASE GET THE DML NEWS APP.

I was signing up to purchase the DVDs to send to President Trump. I understand that you will ship them directly to him. My question is when I am on Paypal it has my address as the shipping address. Do I need to change the address? If so what address should I put in there?

DML: You can leave your ship to address as is.  Mary ignores it and ships directly to White House.

Friday Walk and Talk. DML!! THANK YOU for the chuckles!! I’m at a horse training clinic spending much time with my horse, loving it, but what a joy to come to the hotel and listen to your chat with lovely Miss Mary and the ‘old time’ sit/walk and talk!! I will be submitting an order for the WH once I get back home Sunday. Thanks again and God bless you, your family and THANKS!!

DML: Thank you. It was fun to work Mary into the LIVE.  She’s such a great person.  We’re still laughing over the “Red Tide & Chips” comment about the fish lunch she served me.

It’s evident that it’s never boring in your day to day endeavors, especially when they involve Miss Mary. You two are the perfect pair and I mean that literally. Having been together since you were 15 years old and then married still after 23 or so years is a very rare accomplished commitment nowadays…congratulations!  My question: Is there any way I can volunteer my help with mailing out orders of any kind or with anything? Miss Mary can’t do it all. I’m retired, plenty of time, no obligations to another at home( just to love my family/ grands and enjoy living), I would love to help some way. You can do a background check on me…I’m innocent! Just remember when you move to Florida, I’ll be ready to help somehow, If not now!  BTW–Can’t wait to see all your new films and Denny’s debut film.

DML: Together 34 years. Married 25 years this November.  Or maybe it’s 24 years.  Not sure. LOL.  As for helping, I appreciate the offer but Mary has a system down that requires our direct connection to the Post Office. She uses an online system that prints out those labels.  We do appreciate the help.  The good news is we will be inviting our TEAM DML members who sign on for our subscription service later this year to get more involved in helping us farm and publish news, write bills, spread the word about the DML APP, etc.  Some of these programs will include us paying members for their time.  As for the films, you’ll be able to watch them in private screening rooms online FOR FREE with a membership.  More to come soon…

DML what’s your take with rosenstein and is McCabe going to throw rosenstein under the bus lol. Cockroaches are eating each other !

I’m having a problem posting a comment inside your app , it tells me to log in to fb but I already am and then I do it again and it’s asking the same thing . I have been sharing and posting comments as long as you have had this app as well as been on fb . Do you have any suggestions to fix this ?

Good Morning Dennis, Really enjoyed your DML “Sit & Talk” yesterday around your kitchen table. I must admit that both you and Miss Mary are very resourceful and practical… Your subject matter on both Kavanaugh and the e-Verify were presented in an accurate, meticulous, precise manner! You always give us the “meat” of your subject matter and for that your Team DML followers are fortified with truthful knowledge ….AND…Then your DML humorous, quick-witted, hilarious “banter and sparing” side between you and Miss Mary is always a pure delight!! So refreshing to see people who are truly in LOVE and can share work and pleasure together… not much of that in this world today… Again, I trust that the daily devotional reading that I found for today will be an added Blessing… Have a Splendid Sabbath Day!
California Carol

Saturday, Sabbath, September 22,2018


DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR INADEQUACY; instead, accept and embrace it. It’s the perfect link to My limitless sufficiency. When your resources seem lacking, your natural inclination is to worry. The best way to resist this temptation is to openly acknowledge your insufficiencies and thank Me for them. This frees you from trying to be what you are not—your own Savior and Provider. Because you are weak and sinful, you need a Savior who is strong and perfect—a Provider who can meet all you needs.

You gain access to My boundless resources by being both still and active. Spending time alone with Me, waiting in My Presence, enhances your connection with Me. I work for those who wait for Me, doing for you what you cannot do for yourself. But there are many things you can do. When you go about your activities relying on the strength that I supply, I am glorified and you are blessed. The next time you’re feeling inadequate, turn to Me immediately. I lovingly meet you in the place of your neediness.

DML: Boy, with this invite I sure will keep Him busy.

Obama stumps in PA for candidate.  He just could not stay away.

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  1. Thank you, Dennis. That sounds great about the TEAM DML involvement!

    Obama is like no other, the worst of the worst…why did we let it happen?

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