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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Dennis, I a lot of the time, am unable to view your video of the day until later. Which is so frustrating! But I always am able to see it either the same day or the next. Oh boy, as always your words and the clips you had shown were so moving to me. I’m constantly thinking that before leaving this earth I will see a major turn around in our country and it’s people. I was born in 1956 in Flint Mich. One well supported by General Motors town. I grew up just down the street from the plant everyone called “Chevy in the Hole” part of the plant that had the famous UAW sit-down strike. Even though my father(electrical engineer), his father(assembler), my mother’s father (assembler), my brother(mechanical engineer), and myself(assembler) all worked for G.M. we were not pro-union. Why? Well because we saw too many instances of negative activities practised by the union officials. One of them comes to mind Mr. Jimmy Hoffa. What I’m trying to say is I come from a typical hard working family. I realize there were problems back then but on the whole everyone seemed to respect our neighbors and our elders.(Well people in general) That was a given there was no debate about it nor was there anyone people proposing otherwise.(well not many) I know the line “Oh we lived in a simpler time” then. It wasnt simpler not when it came to our everyday lives, we still had some of the same problems that people have today. But the difference is now people have forgotten the importance of having compassion, empathy, always being truthful and last but not least practicing Common Sense! Like you mention all the time if there was more of it we wouldn’t have so many people today like zombies or robots just going through the motions (as long as they still are able to get their urges and whims met , they are fine). It’s as if any and everything goes and it goes with no end in sight! NO BOUNDARIES!!! I for one am very very worried with where our country is headed!! DML I thank God for people like you( but there sure aren’t many of you) You really drive the truth home to all of us Thank The Lord!!! You give us the honest and no nonsense news!!! I totally admire, respect and value what you share with us! Your passion and love for our country and it’s people seep out of every pore of your body!! That is why so many of us follow you! You really speak for all of us! You say what alot of us are thinking, or need to that is. You and your family are so great to see and also your humour that you share with us is hilarious and just so down to earth I just love it!! Sorry Miss Mary I know you get a little embarassed sometimes but Hey you and DML are real honest, hard working, caring people.Also very special in my eyes and many many others!! Like I wrote the other day I really look forward to purchasing a membership of your web sight!! I retired on disability (not of my choosing) so funds are tight but I certainly can afford your # one or maybe #two level of membership(wish I could go higher) because I don’t ever want to miss anything!!! May God always watch over You, Miss Mary and your beautiful family!!!

DML: Thank you for sharing your story, and for the ongoing support.

I am interest in the $20.00 subscription. Above is my correct email so please send me the info. Thanks! You are the only news I can count on! Thanks for all the hard work you and your family put into our receiving true news. I know you’ve been taking a lot of unnecessary heat from some people lately so hopefully most of that will stop when the subscription service starts! I don’t know why so many people have blinders on! I see and understand exactly what you’re talking about! Sometimes I can even finish your sentences. I sure hope Trump takes you up on your interview request. Again a big thanks for the great job you do!

DML: We will contact you for sure, and I will continue to mention it on a daily basis.

FROM Dragonfli
DML, I really feel for you, and your miopic view. You are so unhappy and frustrated because you have not broadened your sources! Meanwhile, Trump the process of toppling the deep state! So get with the program, please!
Whether you see it or not, Trump is handling the border. He has put Honduras on blast. That “caravan” will fail.

DML: I feel for you, what sort of mother names her child Dragonfli. Don’t tell me, the sort of mother who gives birth to someone not brave enough to use their real name and listens to the hoax named Q. I feel for you and your inability to take in real data and information versus baseless soundbites from Trump, Q, and Fox News. As I showed yesterday, each month there are no less than 40k people poring into the US. That’s a caravan every day. “Trump is in the process of toppling the deep state”, you write. What a clown statement. What are you to tell me next, “He’s on the cusp of getting Mexico to pay for the wall?”  Grow up.  Sometimes I cringe at the realization that I have a puddle of freaks listening to me each day, albeit a small puddle, but it’s a puddle. Enjoy your video.

Run DML Run! Rack cards are what people pass out when they run for office. Graphic design is a hobby of mine so I made you this (attached). An interview is a fantastic idea! Should do a GoFundMe to get that number at least 6 digits. I’d pay for sure.

DML: Your rack card is photo of the day, and your talents are impressive. I would change the message a bit, but I’m not ready to commit to something like this just yet.  But make no mistake, I am getting close.

I would like to be notified and be a part of the subscription Team DML. Thank you DML and Miss Mary for all that you do! God Bless You!

DML: It’s so much more than news. Thanks

I have written several letters to the president and to all the creeps that do nothing in DC! I cried my eyes out watching your show yesterday especially at the last , but DML I watch what’s going on in this country and all I think about is how disgraceful this country is to all the ones that gave all , the military , all of the first responders and all of the innocent people that have lost their lives and the family and friends that are left behind ! And yes Dennis to all the veterans too! There is not a day that goes by that I do not get off to myself and cry about the things that have and are going on in this country !!!
Thank you for all you do , my heart goes out to you and your family !

DML: When the program was over, I sent the link to Agnes Gibboney, who is the mom in the video I showed. She too cried her eyes out. Again.

I am really sad, i have been following you since before the elections, you explained things so well for me to understand, and i have enjoyed all the walk and talks as well as the news shows you do. I cannot afford to do a subscription to be able to see your walk and talks and other shows, you are the only news source i trust and you have made me laugh with your walk and talks when i really needed to laugh because of sad things happening in my families lives. I will miss them very much…take care and thanks for sharing all the times you have with us all.

DML: As I’ve noted countless times, we will start a “help” list of people who cannot afford the subscription.  There are TEAM DML members who are willing to help those who need help.  I will put you on the list.  Furthermore, as noted, I will be doing one LIVE show per week for nonsubscribers, and our feed will remain in place FREE.

DML asked about suggestions or opinions about a new subscription idea. I have been reluctant to put forward an idea for him, but after watching today I decided to do so. Your passion seems to be to help people, so here is my idea. Have fund raisers, or drives as typically called. Raise funds for various people in need. Now you typically refuse to take money raised to help others, but please consider that if you don’t help who will? So I’m suggesting that you are providing a much needed service, so you shouldn’t worry about getting paid for it. As always be honest and upfront and tell your audience what percentage is going to the cause. You explained today where your heart is, so make the most of it and help many causes, with honesty it can help many even yourself. I hope you don’t see this as using people’s problems to further yourself. You can do more for others when you have the help from others. If you decide to use this idea please don’t use my name. God bless

DML: Your email as written is insulting.  So I will have to hope you just wrote it poorly.  First, as noted, we have set up the DML Foundation so that we can provide assistance to people who we believe we can help.  Second, I think I do a lot to help people, and we have done a lot.  We don’t always call attention to it because we don’t keep score.  We just sent 48 brand new blankets to two homeless centers.  I said nothing about it on my show.  As for telling me not to worry about making money, or not to take other people’s misery to further myself… I am not a priest, I am like all Americans who need to pay the bills.  Stop asking me to do things for free.  If I didn’t have two dimes in my pocket, I would not be able to help anyone.  As for the furthering myself comment, I think your time here with us is over.  Move on.

Good Morning Dennis, My Precious DML… yesterday your “The TRUTH” program was directly from the very depths of your heart!! All that you can do is to bring to each and every one of your programs pure truthful facts, statistics and data …
Nothing less and nothing more…. It is up to us your DML Followers and listeners to take that information and process it within each one of our hearts and minds!! I know that you love our President as much as each one of us do…you want him to be successful so that our country can prosper and flourish….BUT… you DML must keep him accountable… keep his feet to the fire… call him out when you see blatant, obvious, palpable, barefaced errors!!! We “The People” need to do the same that is why it is imperative, essential and crucial that we keep the immigration and e-Verify message constant in our efforts!!! This battle is NOT only Democrat vs. Republican, nor Left vs. Right or Right vs. Wrong…. BUT…. it has gotten to the point of Goodness and Decency vs. Evil !!!! The wholesomeness, integrity, respectability, honesty, civility and graciousness that was once “Our America” is fading so quickly… GOD help us ALL !!! Never give up the fight DML… ask God for HIS strength as you go through each day.. ask HIM to give you the Peaceful Rest you so desperately need… Remember you are NOT alone in this… you DML have many loyal followers that are willing to help you where ever we can !!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!! Hope you enjoy the reading selected for today…. Sit quietly as you read each word…

Sending Love and Warm Hugs,
California Carol

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I AM THE CHAMPION who perfects your faith. The more problem-filled your life becomes, the more important it is to keep your eyes on Me. If you gaze too long at your problems or at the troubles in this world, you will become discouraged. Whenever you’re feeling weighed down or disheartened, break free by looking to Me. I am always with you, so you can communicate with Me at any time, in any situation. Instead of just letting your thoughts run freely, direct them to Me . This gives traction to your thinking and draws you closer to Me.

Rest in My embrace for a while, enjoying the nurturing protection of My Presence. As you survey the landscape of this broken world, rejoice that nothing can separate you from My Love! This promise applies to anything you could ever encounter. No Matter how bleak things may look to you at this time, I am still in control, I—your Champion who fights for you—scoff at those who think they can defeat Me. Remember: My unfailing Love surrounds you!

DML: I am sorry Carol, but today you are wrong when saying you know I love Trump. That said, I respect the office of the president and I love my country.


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  1. No Ronda, you’re the one who’s unhinged and you also have a foul mouth. You are definitely a troll who should just move on. My mother always told me if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Where do these people come from? T’s message was a bit confusing. You help people all the time and have stated you started a foundation to do more. If you didn’t make money, how would you support your family and your work. Ronda needs to just go. Such language from a uh woman. People like that are sad – she must be nuts or just unhappy and wants to bad mouth others to make herself (to her) look better. Poor case. Keep doing what you do Dennis. Love and hugs


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