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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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You have lost your mind. Or you are Democrat.

Honestly, you really think that? Have I said anything different than I have in the past? No. Do I look like I’ve been victim to a head injury? No. You protect your president, meanwhile, I’ll be protecting our country and borders. You either stand with the truth, or you sit in the bullsh*t.

You are right about Trump. You’re right that he won’t talk about what he doesn’t want to. Raising a lot of cash (not easy) may serve to get others to pick up on the story and put pressure on him that way.

Let me paraphrase my second conversation (Jan 2016, Reno, NV) with Trump where he evaded me:

Me: Legal immigration numbers are too high and nobody is talking about it except Santorum.

Trump: I know Rick, he’s a great guy.

Me: You could destroy the field and get people to drop out by mentioning it.

Trump: Who you voting for?

Me: There are 2 million coming in legally and nobody is even talking about it.

Trump: Who you voting for?

Me: You’ll win for sure if you address this.

Trump: Who you voting for?

Me: *sigh* Donald Trump


The other times I spoke with him he gave me a pat on the shoulder. Gotta admit, it was cool. Shoulda told him I was voting for Santorum, though.

Trump actually did address legal immigration in the final debate and said our numbers are too high. It’s a good thing because with all his flip flopping, me and some of my friends weren’t going to vote for him in the primary until he said this.

DML: He will never recognize me in public or in a tweet FOR THE SAME REASON he had Ailes pull me from Fox. And that’s all I can say for now, but as you can tell I am letting a little more out of the bag each week. I would OWN him on a debate stage. Allow that to sink in. If you need more, watch video…

On the invasion illegals coming from Honduras this is an invasion of 1600 people if 1600 soldiers would we be preparing for a conflict? This is an intentional invasion to drain resources . Look at the pictures if the are in such bad shape how come the have flags and banners ? They look to be in clean clothes and even happy so they must be getting food. What is the weather like it seems like they are not conserened about rain or the cold? But now this polio like virus that there is no cure for one way to kill people off is germs ever read Rainnow 6 by Tom Clancy?

DML: Many don’t know that your husband was killed by an illegal alien. I promised you and all those haunted by the daily caravans crossing our border that I would never stop fighting. Even if it means I lose half my audience and readership, the truth and my vow will always prevail. I close my eyes and see my fellow American jumping from 80 stories. No red hat or bullsh*t from Trump will ever overshadow my stance.

Dennis you need to listen to miss Mary. Your obsession is bending logic and all activities that are going on non of which your directly responsible for and many cases the President can fully control. There is a difference between respectfully and tactfully addressing a concern. Not at your best I have seen better your becoming totally obtuse in focus. This country needs a positive media force with tact in disagreements on topics. I asked prior to list the businesses that you have stated President Trump is protecting for cheap labor, facts not just opinion. This is not helping our country or voters.

DML: Obsession?   I am insulted. Obsession.  That’s laughable.  Who’s the obsessed person?  The guy who stands tall and consistent, or the person who bows the alter of Trump?  Either that or you misinterpreted what I said. My beloved wife doesn’t want me to be negative because she knows it gets me down long past the show is over. But make no mistake, my wife supports me 110% and she stands proud knowing I would never deceive my audience for the sake of ratings. As for the businesses he is protecting, the list is long, but I will give three examples that tie to the businesses he LOVES most…

1) Real Estate: Illegals need a place to live. The rental market is FLUSH. Imagine 30M people leaving, lots of empty homes and apartments for landlords to fill.

2) Construction: Home building, dormers, landscape construction, skyscrapers. They ALL rely on cheap labor.

3) Hospitality: Restaurants, hotels, golf courses, resorts, they all rely on cheap labor.

Remember this the next time you question me on this issue and Trump’s make-pretend concerns. Illegal labor not only replaces the jobs, it holds down the wages of Americans who hold jobs. If people can’t see that, then I don’t know what else to say. It is called SUPPLY and DEMAND. All big companies — most small companies — will say the single biggest cost they incur is LABOR.


DML: Yes, my tweets back at him today are hard hitting. They are not going to get any easier. I know how to fight fire with fire, and I will do all I can from my place to stop the flow from coming in. Those who want to hate on me now, they can thank me later. Or, they can continue to hate me. I am not about ME, but rather, I am all about the USA and the future for our kids.   Some guy wrote to me the other day, “I’ve been with you for 6 months, don’t destroy your connection to us.  We created you, we will end you.”  That is a paraphrase, but in the end God created me, and God will take me.  It’s what I do with my time between then that counts. I’ve been doing this like clockwork for ten years.  There has BEEN NO PERSON in the media more consistent than yours truly.  I remind those Hannity lovers, he demanded we give amnesty after Romney lost.  Talk about a weak man.  Tough words, no backbone.


Greetings and A Good Morning Dennis, DML I so appreciate your frankness, honesty, straightforwardness, candidness and truthfulness as you bring “The TRUTH” to all your Team DML Followers !! Yesterday was yet another example of how outspoken you are in delivering your Opinion and Fact based information on every subject you broach…

Do not get discouraged nor weighed down by negativity, lack of enthusiasm or pessimism …..

Instead KNOW in your heart of hearts that you are NOT alone on your journey through life…

GOD not only promises to NEVER leave you or forsake you…BUT he Blessed you with a Strong Loving Wife, Children, Family and even your Faithful Team DML Staff and Followers!

I’m praying that God gives you that “Spark” that you are looking for…. You really need not look much farther than who HE has already placed around you on a daily basis…

Have a Trustworthy Thursday!

Enjoy the picked reading for today.

Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Laughter

California Carol

Thursday, October 18, 2018


TRUST IN MY UNFAILING LOVE—thanking Me for the good you do not see. When evil seems to be flourishing to the world around you, it can look as if things are spinning out of control. But rest assured: I’m not wringing My hands helplessly, wondering what to do next. I am still in control, and there is behind-the-scenes goodness in the midst of the turmoil. So I urge you to thank Me not only for the blessings you can see but for the ones you cannot see.

My wisdom and knowledge are deeper and richer than words can express. My judgments are unsearchable, and My paths beyond tracing out! This is why trusting Me at all times is so crucial. You must not let confusing circumstances shake your faith in Me. When our world feels unsteady, the disciplines of trusting and thanking Me serve to stabilize you. Remember: I am always with you. I guide you with My counsel , and afterward I will take you into Glory. Let this hidden treasure—your heavenly inheritance—lead you into joyous thanksgiving!

DML: Make no mistake, I do not allow the “Facebook haters” to get to me. It may sometimes appear differently, but that’s not the case. I am upset at times over the people who are like zombies, NOT because they lash out at me, BUT because they are being lied to. These are probably good people who feel like they are strapped in a plane seat and can hear the engines losing gas. I am not pushing the wings down, I am trying to keep the rudders up.


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  1. I understand your reservations & criticisms of Trump, DML, but what is the alternative? Turning on him and allowing the democrats to take back the House & possibly the Senate? How is that going to help the immigration issue? Right before the midterms seems like a odd time for any of us to be criticizing the President. Regardless of Trump, we can’t afford to lose any votes right now. I love you & Miss Mary to pieces because of your everlasting love for God & our Country, but I wish we could all refrain from the criticisms until after the midterms. We need a Red Tsunami, because the thought of a blue wave is fine.

  2. I always enjoy reading California Carol’s prayer of the day. Each day it gives me hope. I don’t always agree with you DML, but I remind myself that you are telling us the truth and want us to open our eyes of what’s really going on. I’ll always be on your team because we will never hear the TRUTH from any other news media. Thanks for all you do.

  3. your so full of shit dml why now bring up about ailes got rid of you you fucking fraud now your bringing it up because your losing and trump doesnt want to listen to a unhinged freak like you

    • Ronda you are a foul mouthed person. If you don’t like DML, why are you still listening and posting on his site. Get lost you are a loser big time. Save you language for those who like to hear such filth. Bye now

  4. DML I read your replies to Trumps tweets and was amazed at your honesty. I supported Trump all thru the election and for a long while after but now can not anymore and mostly because of his lack of activity on immigrants. This is so important to me as for my grandchildren and great grandchild futures. On everify I am not well educated on how this is done but is it as simple as he picks up his pen to sign everify.

  5. You are nuts!!!!! There are more people leavening this country than crossing the border. trump was ready to make the dreamers legal until he was told that world hurt his base. Our Constitution That we are keep church and state separated. Saying you are a Christian really has no wait unless you do what is right for others first. The world is laughing at us, saw at the United Nations. If you are a lawyer you know how to change your words to make people believe what you want. There are those of us can see though the bullshit you are dishing out. I am not a populist, I am educated and live comfortable. For those who don’t know what the word means it is a British term for the grubby public. You blame others for the wrong that is going on, what do you think you are doing by lying? You need to walk the walk not talk the talk. You are a False prophet with a evil tongue. You may want people to think you’re not Phased by someone speaking out against you, then you are definitely Speaking the words of the Devil. I told a friend I would read what she sent me and I did. I believe she thinks what you say is true but you and I know you are fake. I can’t stop you but God will someday. To you followers open your minds and question what this man is saying. I bind from me in the name of Jesus all that you have said that my eyes have read!

      • He is educated?????? Even with my education I could do better than he is. He is truly a nut case and just needs to change the channel as does ronda. And it seems he is saying he is a Christian? Ummmm Love thy neighbor. Let him “bind” what he will he is such a loer.

  6. DML I think u are a dedicated young man, well educated, intelligent, truthful, experienced and a workaholic. Now these idiots that send the negative comments, just need to change the channel. If I was disgusted, as they say they are, I would not be wasting my time listening to you. just saying….. AND I wonder what rock they crawled from under.

    What kind of name is Do Ice Middagh???? At least Ronda has put her name both days she has cussed big time. I am so sick of this and I am sure you are too. You just keep doing what you do best – tell us the unvarnished truth. I agree with all you say at least 99% of the time. So continue PLEASE. Hugs Miss Mary and your children. You are so blessed to have all of them. Love and hugs Millie

  7. Hope always remains! Counting it all Joy with Jesus in focus! God knows! Amen. Oct. 18, 2018 Obviously the LORD’s Truth and Strength and Guidance are yours everyday DML! We all exaggerate sometimes to get the point across, but we don’t want to erode trust and credibility! Better to conform to God’s strict standards than rationalizations of society. Always remember God’s power and wisdom is ours in more ways as we grow in His understanding! Peace.


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