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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.  SIDE NOTE: I will not be answering emails Saturday, so I have taken the time to answer many more today.

I have a question and no matter how I phrase it is not going to come out right. This Saudi reporter who worked for the WOPO and is presumed to have been killed by the Saudi government was a legal resident in the United States but not a citizen here . Metaphorically, we have no horse in this race other than what Democrats are using sort of as “virtue signaling” because they have more concern about individual rights than the Republicans do. Is that accurate or am I missing something important?

DML: As Trump writes in the ART OF THE DEAL, the press is always looking for a juicy story. I leave it at that.

I just finished watching the Truth from this morning after doing my lesson plans for all the little limited English speaking kiddos in my classroom. You are so spot on that it made my stomach upset. I won’t watch Hannity tonight with Rush because I absolutely can’t stand the way he and others at Fox News are also selling out America for the almighty buck. They constantly complain the the leftist mainstream media is causing all this mayhem, but they are truthfully just as bad. Actually, I now feel that they are worse, because they’re deliberately and knowingly promoting their own false narrative and deceiving conservatives all across America who are praying for and doing what we can to preserve what little is left of our amazing country for our children and grandchildren. ‘The hypocrisy is sickening. After listening to what you read from “The Art of the Deal” yesterday and today, I keep hearing the words of my liberal coworkers ringing in my ears. “One day all those Trump supporters will wake up and realize how they;ve been duped by him and what a liar he really is.” I’ve written many letters and emails to the White House, and send your DVDs already, too for the sake of EVerify. It’s beyond horrifying to think that he’s willing to sell American citizens out by letting all these people to come in for the sake of protecting himself. That’s almost as bad as croooked Hillary;s deceptions. If you think we can still convince him to do the right thing, I’m willing to purchase more DVDs to have you forward to he WH.

DML: You missed nothing on Hannity. Was exactly what I said it would be. As for Trump trying to save himself, I can understand why he would want to defend himself and his legacy. I don’t begrudge him for that at all. What I do not like is his feeding the cheap labor beast. Again, I state calmly, why has he threatened everyone and everything but the people who hire illegals? He has threatened countries that he will cut off the aid. He has threatened the illegals he will arrest and deport. (BOTH ARE LIES). But not once has be threatened in a tweet or otherwise the people who hire illegals. Not once has he made a move from keeping these people from getting a job. He has gone as far as separating parents from kids, and or those pretending to be, but he won’t cut off the jobs?

Dennis, 1st off love what ya do! Do you think the stock market will nose dive if the Dems with either the house or senate? Considering if they do nothing will get passed thru over the next 2 years, I think the rally that we’ve seen over the past two will come to a screeching halt. Whats your opinion and how has the stock market favored in the past when such has happened? Could be a good history lesson.God speed!

DML: The stock market is based on futures. Thus, I think the markets will act poorly if the Dems win one of the chambers. But it will be a temporary pullback. The tax cuts are already baked in, nobody is taking them away in the short term (measured in years). I think there is room for the market to scale higher, but not too much. The cost of healthcare is skyrocketing, and it will cut into profits eventually. I also think the BS you hear on Fox and at the rallies are giving a false sense of how great things are. Yes, people are working, but are they able to pay off debt? Can they buy new cars and make improvements to their homes? Or is the high cost of living just taking from Peter and giving to Paul? I think the “everything is great again message is overplayed.”

You have to learn how to say HYPERBOLE. It’s now “Bowl”, it’s “BOLEE”…”E” is not silent. Your message was sensational but you said the word wrong.

DML: Lol. I know it’s with an EEEEE. I often do a play on words, for example I will say “Twitta” versus, “Twitter.” I will say “Mehheeko” versus “Mexico.” And if I am not mistaken, I recall years ago Trump said hyperbole with a “bowl” versus and “E.” Thus, my play on words. Either way, I think people knew what I was doing and got the bigger message, which is, cut off the jobs to illegal aliens.

Hey Dennis,
I’m trying to remain calm cool and collected, but I don’t think it’s possible, especially when reality sets in.
Well, If someone in your audience thinks illegals only take farm-workers jobs, they must live under a rock off the grid in Alaska.

I told my realtor that I bought Cheetah polishing pads, and I was going to rent the machine from Home Depot to polish my Travertine floors. She gave me a number of the guy she uses and said that he’s cheap. I called the number and a young girl answered. I gave her all my information, told her who recommended them and I gave them the job. The guy showed up speaking very little English, but, I’m trusting my friend, my realtor.

My stupidity right off the bat; being it’s my realtor and my wife’s patient, I didn’t even ask for price. Within 4-5 hours, a man and a teenager were done and I got a verbal bill. The job was just to polish my travertine floors in the living room, dining room and kitchen, and it turned out to be $1,200.00 for 668 square feet.

Well, that’s nowhere near cheap labor, that’s just about the same price my friend charged before illegals put him out of business. Meanwhile, John had a storefront, overhead, and he was licensed and bonded. John charged $1.95 per sqf. for polishing, and a better job for sure. This guy owns the machine, a Shop-vac and a pickup truck, and that’s their entire overhead. The Cheetah polishing pads and Sealer is mine.

My point is this; these people come here illegally, their cheap labor puts Americans out of business, once they learn enough English, they begin charging what the Americans were charging before going out of business. Now they are charging regular price for less quality service. Are Americans not seeing the problem here?

I want to hear someone tell me, that there’s no Americans willing to make AT LEAST $800.00 PROFIT IN A DAY. Are you freaking kidding me? $1,200.00 for less than 5 hours of work, to polish something that only takes a polishing machine that I had priced at Home Depot at $127.00 for 24 hours rental? My polishing pads are $78.00 each. I was about to throw away $1,000.00 on labor. I’ve done this work before, I was expecting to pay CHEAP, something like, $1.00 per square feet, or less. We end up settling for $800.00 cash.

I’m sick, not mad because it’s my fault, just sick.

Thanks for everything you do.
Wow, do I feel sick. I feel like I’ve been disrespected, taken for a fool and financially raped… Damn.

DML: Thanks for sharing.

I wanted to tell you that I am one of those crying with you. This past week I’m driving and listening to my Pandora when a commercial for Rosetta Stone comes on stating “Learn Spanish today!”.
Gee I’m thinking wouldn’t Rosetta Stone want to be more inclusive by offering in their ad more languages to choose from.
I think this is part of the big agenda to force us to deal with and assimilate to the changing demographics, instead of them adapting to American ways.

DML: The United States of Latin America. Some may take that as a racist remark, but it’s not. Fact is we take in 51% of our legal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Tact on the illegal wave and our country is moving into a country where Spanish will be the dominant language. It is already in some major cities.

NOBODY does it better than you when it comes to reporting the truth. Yesterday’s show was outstanding and should be a wakeup call to everyone! I can relate to your frustration with our President. He truly has no clue how real Americans are affected by his lack responsibility to protect us from the illegals pouring into our country, not to mention all the other problems our nation faces. He has Executive privilege and should use that. The news media is atrocious and you are spot on – they are not affected like the rest of us – they live in protected areas, their children go to private schools and they are set financially.

I tried watching Hannity and Rush last night. I couldn’t get through 15 minutes. They parrot President Trump. I found it disheartening for two intelligent men making excuses and placing blame on the Left. If they changed their tune after I went to YouTube to watch a documentary on Bigfoot, great, but somehow I doubt it. YOU are the only news outlet I will trust and watch. You will always have my support as long as I am able to do so.

This house LOVES DML. Many Blessings to you, Miss Mary, your lovely kids and Team DML!!! Rock on!!!

DML: Until Megyn Kelly had a battle with Trump, my first appearance on her show was the highest rated evening she ever had. I had the number one show with no close second from the FIRST thru the LAST day I was on Newsmax. Never once did I not come in first. Why? Because people want the truth. That’s why I am no longer on Fox, and that’s why they unplugged me from Newsmax.

I have figured out the “Trump never does anything wrong” people . They 💯 believe that God appointed and annointed Trump. They think that everything he does is guided by God and should not be questioned because he is a genius and God has a plan behind decision that he makes . Well I must say I feel pretty stupid putting all that time into his election when I didn’t have to do that Dennis. If I had known he had already been appointed then I simply spun my wheels for years . Lmao

DML: Better question is why did God empower Obama and all his missteps like sending billions to Iran so they can wipe out Israel?

As soon as I saw the caravan up to 4,000 in their numbers I was convinced that the best thing to do is to consider this as an invasion, National Security issue and thought, at this point, that sending the military to our borders would be the only way to stop it. But then, especially after todays episode of the “Truth”, that isnt going to matter. We are going to spend so much in resources to deploy the military….THE M I L I T A R Y, in essence to serve as processing agents?? I mean soldiers wouldnt be going to the border to make a 4 layer human wall armed with assault rifles pointing at civilians with backpacks here, assuming yes of coarse some would be armed. Our immigration laws allow people to seek refuge with no limit attached to that. So our president is willing to deploy our military soldiers, those who have been trained to kill, those who have been put through highly intense physical and mental training, to our borders to serve as processing agents. Detain, hear the scripted “we seek asylum” (the majority being able bodied working men without their family with them, guess their loved ones are crap out of luck to rot in the fear for their lives country from which they are said to be fleeing from) process paperwork and release them in 7 days back on US soil until a court date in most cases 2 years of which will apply and cash in for government assistance for food, shelter & insurance. So…. All that, all those resources, all those costs, when all we have to do is say “if you come to our borders and cross into country illegally you will not be able to work”, costing nothing but a few bucks to pen on fancy embossed paper and a leatherbound cover. Trumps legacy will be the US President to have occured the most cost in national debt. If Trump does not mandate E-verify come next presidential election, he will have lost my vote. Period. I will say YES (to all the “in Trump we trusters) YES, you bet your
A$$ that you cant seem to find with even one hand, I will indeed abandon my support for our president because, simply put, he abandoned us by not drafting one executive order to prevent the core and source for much of the other problems we face and and have been failing to fix.

Dennis, I believe you said you were a registered Rupublican and mentioned about a month ago that you would change parties to run for president as an Independant. Im a registered Republican. I give you permission to use and share my email address on behalf of your presidential campaign. Will you please add me to that list and give fair advance notice so that I can change my political party status to whatever you are representing. I will forewarn you, I hold my elected officals responsible and you would be no exception, though I believe you would expect nothing less.

DML: Unless it has changed today, Fox News reported last night that the President has made no formal request for the military to be deployed. Thus, they reported it as a pure “political” move. I am a registered Independent.Not the other way around.

DML, Still loving what you do and say! Hanging on every word of today’s “The Truth”. I have to admit, I’m using you to make me look smarter than I really am. I repeat you often and credit you on occasion. You have given me some great tools to work with, and I use them often. I am finding that enthusiasm runs way ahead of information but, when they equal it’s a powerful thing. I confess I have grown weary of Facebook and therefore do not spend much time there anymore but, I am using Twitter to extreme. I find people are not making the connection with jobs and the border invasion. This is the area I use to wax the transfer of information I glean from you, however in small increments in replies, you know like 280 characters. We will win this battle or die trying! Well,enough said.
Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family, the troops, LEO, our President and last but not least these United States of America.

DML: If Rush and Hannity would make the connection between the jobs and the invasion it wouldn’t be such a Herculean job on our part.

I don’t know why this isn’t getting more coverage, but Larry Sharpe, Libertarian Candidate for New York State Governor this year is running a very powerful grassroots campaign. He is surging on Twitter, surging on Facebook, he is on independent News Sites, He is on Pod Casts and I’ve never heard of a Candidate who has physically traveled to all 62 counties to meet with his constituents.

His supporters are making home made campaign sights, sigh waving on busy streets and themselves have taken to social media by storm. I’ve never heard of a third-Party Candidate polling as well as Larry Sharpe.

Furthermore, his supporters, full of passion for the cause, were able to convince Glen Beck, who endorsed Larry Sharpe and John Stossel to conduct interviews with him. Why is this significate? Glen is very Conservative, and John is very liberal. What is more profound is the mixture of people in Larry Sharpe’s support base. He has captured the attention of Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, first time voters, Democrats and Progressives. I was personally stunned to see when Larry Sharpe, at a rally in Latham New York, asked of the crowd to raise their hands if they were Republican, Independent, Democrats or first-time voters and the healthy mixture of hands that were raised.

Anyway, I’m submitting this letter, these tips because I can’t believe this isn’t a big story! Please don’t let this story go untold!

DML: Stossel is not a liberal, he is a libertarian who believes in open borders. I was on his show several times, and he is always fighting for free flow of drugs and day laborers. Beck is a nut who took Ted Cruz down to the border to hand out teddy bears and soccer balls to illegal aliens and asked his viewers to send in donations to help the illegal aliens during the Obama surge. You lost me at hello on this one.

I get your messages, your, knowledge, everything you do and report on your show.
The big problem is President Trump doesn’t! You would be able to hold him accountable and make people really, truly aware of the truth on immigration.
TEAM DML needs your help, we have done all we can do. Step up to the plate and go on a network news show and give the facts about e-verify etc.

DML: I have a rule that I no longer appear on these shows. And even if I did, it would have to be a LIVE show, and I would not agree to be on a panel. That said, even if I would approach them at this point, they’d said no. There is no way that the complicit Fox News Network would permit me to slam Trump over immigration. CNN and MSNBC, I would not appear on those channels in general, and I am not looking to embolden the left. I am simply trying to get Trump to feel the pressure of telling the truth and doing what is right. He won’t do it until the larger voices like Hannity and Rush force his hand. Trump has 75% of the Republican voter bloc salivating with “I love my president” remarks. He thinks people are loving his work at the border, and this is why the casinos always win.

Hey DML been a fan for years. I am writing this email because I hate using Facebook and I want you to please post your truth show on the app or on YouTube please. I haven’t scene anything for this week on your app and you haven’t put anything on YouTube in a while. Thank you for all you do.

DML: It’s on the APP. Go to the last tab (INTERACT) and click the top LINK. DML THE TRUTH. You can listen on padcast or watch the replay on under the LIVE tab.

On Friday the first half of your show was superior, then you bashed Hannity and Rush and got so negative that you lost a third of your viewers. I lived in a two and a half bedroom one bath house for thirty five years those were some of the best times ever. I am sorry that your business is struggling and I also have struggled in the business that I built in 1975 so I think I know what is happening to you now. The power of positive thinking got you started and can save you now. That was the Santa reference. You were spot on in the first half so just do not give up. We want your success.

DML: I am at a point where I think if I wore a sign around my neck that said, “MY HAIR IS BROWN,” that some people would say, “Did you hear that DML is losing his hair.” Our business is not struggling, I am seeing what is happening in the ads business and Facebook community, and I want to escape their grasp before it’s too late. Our business continues to grow. Furthermore, just proving I am correct in the selective hearing disease that some suffer from , I did not bash Hannity and Rush. I called them out for not holding the president accountable. I should also note that at 11am, my audience always drops because people go off to the 11am shows. Try to get the stories straight.

I already tagged DML to Brandon Straka but here is his official request for a documentary filmmaker: Would anyone w/experience creating documentaries be interested in making a documentary about my team & I the final week leading up to the #WalkAwayMarch Weekend &of the event itself? I created an email for applicants- [email protected] Plz email me there- NOT DM PLZ!!!

DML: Have him email me. I am willing to listen. [email protected]

Yes I agree it was a tough week in more ways than one. I don’t have much but I have earned everything I have including the bumps and bruises. I watch just enough MSM to know what they are saying and omitting. I like my news like my Jack … straight room temp with no additives and that is why I’m a team DML member. Good or bad I’ll take the truth every time. Relax a little and have a date night with Miss Mary and recharge, they can’t keep a good man down….God bless you and your family and thanks for being you.

DML: Tomorrow will be the first full day I have taken off in months. My phone will be off, so too will the computers. Spending it with my little girl. Bike riding, beach walk, going out to dinner. Thanks Tim.

Does one subscription to your content allow single or multiple users?

DML: It’s designed for single user.

Would love to subscribe to the $20 level and pay all up front. Thanks for all your wonderful efforts. This week was a tough one but your messaging was spot on. The trolls were out in drones, may they find their way. Have a great weekend DML to you and your family.

DML: I think people forget that I am the one who hit the border in areas where the cartels roam. I did not have escorts with guns to protect me. I think people forget it was I who stood in front of the BLM with guns pointed in all directions to bring peace. And it will be I who stands up to the president and say protect our borders. I do not back down when I believe in something or someone, and I do not back down when I think there is an injustice being served. It would be so much easier for me to champion for Trump and ask at the end of the show for someone to buy my new book called TRUMP IS NEVER WRONG. I would load my pockets with cash. The fact that that fact is going overlooked by “so-called” long time listeners is sad. But as I told my wife, I would rather have 2k viewers who are 100% intelligent, than 3k viewers that included a 1/3 being made up of fake supporters.

Was one of the confused followers, I’m in for the $20 a month. Still a bit confused I guess, am I able to prepay now?
Thank you for all you and your family sacrifice for “We The People“

DML: Thanks Jen. No, you cannot pay now. We are building the website. Once it is available we will inform all.

Hi Dennis,Monique from Cincinnati. Met you at the Reds game with my daughter. Been listening and supporting you since 2016 pre-election.I want to thank you for your passion. You are not “unhinged”, it’s been a tough week to listen, but totally appreciate your TRUTH. I WILL SUBSCRIBE to your new platform. I donated to you without wanting a hat or blanket, etc. I donated when your camera was broken in FL. I purchased your bumper stickers after listening to you and come on late at night to tell us how you and Miss Mary decided to create them. I purchased your DVD’s and your photo album to commemorate America The Beautiful.
I will continue to support you, because as a TEAM DML member, I appreciate the TRUTH. I DO remember when TEAM DML started. I have watched your shows all over the world. I have watched you at volleyball tournaments for my daughter in the mid-west, in Disney World waiting for a tram after you started working with Andy Pollack, in Europe on a business trip, in Hawaii on my family vacation celebrating 30 years of marriage with my 4 children, as I fall asleep at night in bed, and walking and listening in CO Springs as you were walking and talking in NY, because I value your insight. I value your heart and I trust that you are a good man who loves his family and his country. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight with us.

DML: Thank you for the continued support. I stand proud knowing I never leave anyone behind. I will always defend those who are worthing of defending, and I will always report the truth. My opinions are my own, and I share them knowing that not everyone will agree with me all the time. I am a good man, I am a good father and husband, and I like to think I am good at my job. If people think differently, they’ve yet to explain why with any solid facts or details. But more importantly, I hope people are seeing that I cannot be bought, scared into ignoring the truth, or flip-floppish in my morals and stances.

I am a 68 yr old, middle class non-college worker who is earning over $100K…closer to $125K. I have a great health care plan, thanks to the company I work for, although it has become more expensive with a higher deductible. No one has given me anything, I worked for everything I have. I even have a small condo on the gulf coast!

I don’t have a million in my 401K, but do have much more than the average of my age.

I did get about $200/ month tax relief because of Trumps tax cut.

My son is on Obamacare and just received a 40% premium increase! Of course this need to be fixed! I am concerned about medicare.

I am disgusted about what is happening on our border and what’s coming. You said more than once that Trump should mandate eVerify…how? I don’t think it is constitutional for him to do this or am I missing an obvious path for him to do this? Is it matter of National Security? Please clarify and if it is constitutional, cite it in the constitution.

Thanks a look forward to your response.

DML: Ray, when Obama signed the executive order for DACA, he did so with both chambers being Republican. The fight back was that his amnesty was illegal, but most of the courts upheld those fights. Trump could put in a mandatory eVerify and yes, he would be battled by the Dems who would try to use the courts to kill it, like they did with the travel ban. But make no mistake, the executive order is only as powerful as Trump’s messaging about it. He has to take a stand via Twitter, via Fox, via all the outlets that illegals can no longer work in the USA. That is CURRENT LAW. He said he would enforce the laws, but he is NOT. It is clear why he doesn’t even as much as mention it. When someone can explain why he doesn’t even as much as mention it, then I will back off. He is LYING TO YOU.

Good Morning Dennis, Just when I think that things in this world cannot get any more chaotic it does!!! DML, I want you to know that your program “The TRUTH” is a true beacon of light… Each day I’m Blessed with a new “nugget” of Golden Facts that helps to clear the fog of confusion… There is NO doubt in my mind that you have been given a great gift of Teaching… Training, coaching and instructing those who will listen to factual evidence you supply!!! DML your philosophy, ideas and doctrine on immigration are so on point…simple, feasible and doable…

I truly listened to President Trump last night and for the first time realized that he was just repeating the same speech… The format may change from time to time… who he is endorsing changes…BUT…. The words he speaks are the same old rhetoric !! I’m truly praying that your push for e-Verify and the tapes you are flooding the White House with make a great impact on President Trump…

Trust that he not only sees what the enormous amount of illegal aliens trying to enter this country is doing to the increase in population…BUT… the amount of diseases both old and new that have hit our nation is frightening… I worry for all of us !!!!
Have a Forceful Fierce Friday!
Enjoy the reading picked for today.

Love as Always,
California Carol

Friday, October 19, 2018

I WANT YOU TO LIVE CLOSE to Me, open to Me—aware of, attentive to, trusting, and thanking Me. I am always near you, so open yourself fully—heart, mind, and spirit—to My living Presence. Feel free to ask the Holy Spirit to help you in this endeavor. Seek to stay aware of Me as you follow your path through this day. There is never a moment when I am not fully aware of you. Attentiveness involves being alert, listening carefully, and observing closely. I encourage you to be attentive not only to Me but to the people I bring into your life. Listening to others with full, prayerful attention blesses both them and you.

The Bible is full of instructions to trust Me and thank Me. Remember: I am totally trustworthy! So it is always appropriate to believe Me and My promises. I understand your weakness, and I will help you overcome your unbelief. Finally, thank Me throughout the day. This discipline of gratitude helps you receive My Joy in full measure!

DML: Carol, please know that I am not trying to have people turn on the GOP or the president and open themselves to the Democrats. All I want is people to be held accountable, for if they are not the promises we were given will not be met, and the long term success of the country will be hurt. Jobs come and go. The direction of the country is not something that comes and goes. It heads in one direction. Also know this Carol… I appreciate your dedication and prayer. I will not be answering emails Saturday. I am taking the entire day off to spend with my little girl who is often without her daddy because I am always working. That said, I answered many more today than usual. And so please feel free to take the day off from sending a prayer to me for publication. And Carol… I do love you.

Your new neighbors. Do they look starving to you?

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  1. Dennis, enjoy your day tomorrow with your precious daughter. I’ll never forget a W&T that you had done from your home and she was with you that day. Eagerly, she was right there with you at times during the video and you allowed her to participate by speaking. was so cute. Then you shooed her off in a gentle way so that you could speak news to us. She slowly left as those big beautiful eyes turned back at you while walking away as though to give her last look for the camera! Lol I honestly think she will become a broadcaster or media spokesperson! I don’t know how you feel about that, but…
    So have a great weekend…bless you and your family…go eat steak!

  2. Dennis, I am a naturalized citizen originally from Japan. I totally agree with your opinion on the immigration issue.


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