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Sorry I’m not reporting any news but I want to ask a question? You said later on we’re going to have to pay our deficit in years to come I’m wondering if our country doesn’t have the money to pay off our debt then why are we giving money to other countries? I don’t get that. Why are we giving money to Guatemala and Mexico and El Salvador and Honduras and Haiti or whatever and whoever. Why are we not paying off our deficit? Why are we giving money that we don’t have, I don’t understand can you explain that?

DML: LOL. United States of Trump is no different than United States of Obama. Actually, from a deficit it’s worse, or heading in that direction.  Trump had the audacity to blame forest fires and hurricanes as if Obama didn’t have those too?  Sounds like you’ve caught on to the big problem. There is no good explanation. It’s asinine.  We are borrowing money so we can give it away.

I have seen several of your news posts today regarding the gaggle of  “refugees” storming through Mexico still hell bent and determined to make it into the U.S.  I also saw your post on those entering illegally by scaling a wall in Arizona. I was quietly  part of the “Trump Train”  hoping that that DJT would do “the RIGHT thing” by us- the American people- and crack down on illegal immigration.  He is clearly NOT living up to the promises he made on the campaign trail or the books he has “authored” sharing of his plan to “close the borders and put  Americans first”.

When a defiant child refuses to follow the instruction of his parent, there are consequences to those choices.- Hell- even us as adults face consequences of our choices. Speeding brings traffic tickets. Eating what ever the hell we want, causes weight gain and health issues.  If we spend too much, we go into debt.
Can you tell me WHY nothing is being done to stop these “petulant children” (‘refugees”) BEFORE they get into the United States? Damn Trump- he bragged during the campaign that he couldn’t be bought. We’ve painfully found that to be a lie as well. In my limited understanding on sovereignty and immigration laws, my solution (along with mandatory e-verify) is to send the military to the border and give them authority to lock up those who cross even a big toe into this country.  There HAS to be negative consequences for such defiant behavior. I don’t break the law because I don’t want want a heaping bowl full of consequence to have to deal with.
Additionally, I wanted to share that during your program this week I have seen a large increase in the number of nasty vitriolic comments directed  to you about your views etc.  I spend most of my time  defending you and  responding to people coming against you. Ignorance may be tolerated, but WILLFUL ignorance should not!!   I’m starting to feel your frustration!!
So… what can us “common deplorables do? How can we ensure the President HEARS us??

Thanks, Dennis for your passion. #TeamDML understands why you say what you say

DML: As for the haters, I say don’t respond.  As for why the migrants don’t get stopped, it’s because the US loves cheap labor, and the president is fueling the need for businesses to have more cheap labor so that the economic numbers will skyrocket.  Don’t blame the migrants for taking the FREE this and that being offered to them.  We have nobody to blame but ourselves.  As for the military, they aren’t needed at the border.  They can’t shoot at people.  This would all stop if the immigration laws were enforced.

I have sent a few messages in the past and I and my husband are both solid Team DML. We are having a conversation about E Verify and exactly how it would work. I tell him that they are fingerprinted and cannot be employed if not here legally and that also employers will be fined if they hire illegals. John says that, as a person that works 2 jobs, one on the “side” (boat business/ Louisiana) what would prevent him from hiring (he doesn’t) ppl to do Manuel labor and pay “under the table”. My son worked at a restUrant in New Orleans and explained that he always had to wait on a paycheck while most employees were paid cash. We asked who those employees were and he did say mostly non-American. I ask so that you can further educate us so that we may further educate those that ask. Keep it up… your views and explanations.

DML: The e-verify system, if mandatory, would force companies to ensure a worker is legal. If that company wants to pay a legal worker cash under the table they’d still be capable of doing such a thing.  Instead of paying $15 per hour in a check, they could do $8 in a check and $7 in cash. Although it is not right to do, it is done and could be done.  Not having e-verify allows a company to pay cash, cut out Americans, and avoid taxes and insurances. If illegals were cut out of the workforce they’d go home.  The amount of money we’d save in school taxes, judicial systems, health systems, crime… the saving would be HUGE.

Besides sending videos to the White House on E-Verify, maybe we should band together to flood the airwaves of Hannity, Rush, Ingraham to talk about E-Verify on their talk shows and TV shows.

As I don’t watch Fox any longer, I’m only going by what you tell us on your show as far as what’s happening and I’m also listening to Michael Savage’s talk show. He’s the only other talk show that talks about borders, language, culture for the last 25 years.

DML: I would not be comfortable with sending DVDs to the homes of Fox hosts, as I would not want to burden their families. But I am thinking about other alternatives.

Our President and his beautiful wife are being bullied. Our nation is against bullying. Double standard?????

DML: Trump is being bullied? Really?

I live in NC and today I saw a Latina standing on the busiest corner in town. She had a sign: We are stranded help us. She had two little girls leaning on a mini van.! We are being invaded. [email protected])(;$$)&))($()$)&& immigrants. $0$ $0$!

DML: Assuming they are here illegally, the United States of Trump is worse than the United States of Obama when it comes to the numbers.  70k more illegal aliens in FY2018 year than Obama FY 2015.  Promises made, promises kept?

I supported you from beginning. Haven’t liked how you have changed and began to wonder if I was wrong about you. I now believe you’ve crossed the line for me. Sorry to see you turn against President Trump. It has changed my opinion of you and I will not be following you any longer. People are leaving you like a sinking ship.

DML: Wait? Lets get this right. You supported me? Or in actuality have I supported you? You are an American with very little choice when it comes to find a reliable news outlet that offers honest insight that cannot be bought or influenced by ideology. You have not liked the way I changed? You must be referring to the aging process and weight gain that stems from being sidelined for nearly a year. Because if it’s about being honest and unbiased, I have always stuck by my beliefs on policy, I have never flip flopped, I have not changed. I didn’t tell you on June 2015 that I would IMMEDIATELY rip up DACA only to then on September 5, 2017 say I love the DACA kids and push Congress to make a fix. I did not continue with that same message nearly 50 times in 4 months — resulting in a wave of migrants bigger than Obama numbers. And in the end what did we get? DACA lives and the wave continues because even the illegals who can’t speak English realized Trump changed — he is full of hot air.

I did not lie to you, ever.  I did not say in 2016 I would pull our troops from Afghanistan only to send in 8,000 more troops in 2017.  I did not sell myself as the loving husband while quietly paying off a porn star to cover up an affair I denied on national TV.

I did not tell the first caravan (6 months ago) that they would not get into the US come hell or high water only to let them all in. I did not tell the home counties where those migrants stemmed, that if they did not stop them from coming that I would cut off their aid, only NEVER did I follow through. And btw, here we go again, same lies and empty threats this week.

I did not write in my book “Crippled America” (see page 27) that in order to Make America Great Again, a national mandatory e-Verify is “certainly” one way to end illegal immigration.  I did not on that same page call upon “leaders” to lead on the implementation of such a program.  I did not become president and not follow through on those words that you paid for when buying my book. Trump has NEVER ONCE tweeted about e-verify, never once has he mentioned it during a rally or TV appearance.  Never once has he told the caravans or illegals who come in every day that getting a job in the US is illegal.

I did not tell you that I would build a wall that Mexico would ABSOLUTELY pay for only to fall short… well… not only fall short but give Mexico a new NAFTA deal.

I did not tell you that I would be the toughest guy on the border only to “trump” Obama’s numbers at the border.  Trump has racked up 70k more illegal crossings in 2018 than Obama in 2015.

I did not tell you I would be the best negotiator and use my Art of the Deal magic to get Dems and Republicans to find an IMMEDIATE repeal and replace for Obamacare.

I could go on because there is more.  But I think it is fair to say I did not change, Donna. Trump changed and so did you.  That said, did you have to send two emails saying you were leaving?  I didn’t post the second one.  Seems like you are having a hard time finding the door.  As for your claim that people are leaving, truth is our traffic is higher this week.  Our app is being downloaded regularly.  People want the truth, or at least some do.

Adios Ms Donna.

DML, please, please address all the possible diseases these illegals may be bringing in. I can’t believe no one has discussed this at all. Thanks for all you do.

DML: TB, syphilis, gonorrhea, leprosy, polio, cholera, diphtheria, smallpox,acute respiratory syndromes, scabies, chicken pox, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections, and different viruses that I cannot spell correctly. How’s that for a start.

First off thank you Dennis for your honesty in reporting news and discussing issues. This week was amazing and informative. My question is what will happen to podcasts with new service?

DML: The podcast I post today, plus many new podcasts, some including me interviewing other people, some with myself and Miss Mary, some with new talent on their own, will all be a part of the new service. There will be one podcast offered for free each week for those who are not part of the subscription.

I want to start with saying that I 100% agree with you. I feel your anger about immigration. I came to the United States legally when I was seven. I’m now 51. My parents would have never risked any of our lives by coming illegally. We were a family of six from Cuba. My dad had three jobs a week after we arrived to the United States. We lived with my aunt when we arrived, but within a month we were able to get a small apartment due to my dad working three jobs. He worked those three jobs for many years. Eventually we were able to buy a house and were the owners of a small grocery store. The American dream.

Today I’m married for to a veteran for 33 years and we have two daughters , 18 and 30. I have three beautiful granddaughters that are as white as white gets lol. I’m so scared for them with all this racism against white people. Although my husband and I were both born in Cuba, we only hold up one flag, the American flag He proudly fought for this amazing country that is being destroyed by greedy politicians. He’s a truck driver. That last two years of Obama were extremely hard financially.

DML: Thank you for your husband’s service, and for cherishing our immigration laws.  As for “white” people being preyed upon, I don’t think it’s about black or white, I think it’s about a lack of leadership that is driven by the idea of bringing people together.  The combative nature of Obama and Trump has brought the country into a place we have never seen before.  The hate, the name calling, the violence, the lies… America is on fire.

You asked if any of us were doing better financially since Trump has been in office, yes my husband and I have been. He is a hard working blue collar worker man, steel and precast company. I have a MBA, we work well together. Our problem is we can’t find enough welders. I also want to comment on everify. I’m all in! I think if we got rid of all the illegal immigrants there would be plenty of of well qualified people to hire. They take away jobs from our people! Makes them not even want to try. were do the young ones go to apprentice? Not that I’m pro unions but they give away books to illegals! At outrageous rates of pay. That’s what hurt small businesses like ours.

DML: I wish you would have explained how you are doing better.  Are you a business?  If you are a business then you did not qualify for my question, it was about the middle class person who doesn’t get the business tax break. I ask because you say “we cannot find enough welders?”  Either way, carpenters and trades people fled from their careers during the Obama years because they were getting undercut. Some went into the technology field — started fresh figuring they’d be more secure in the computer and IT fields. But then IT companies hired people from other countries using the visa system for cheap workers. The American is forever getting undercut.  Trump has done nothing to lower those visas.

I’m so worried about the up coming election. I live in Red Bluff California and so much is riding on this Election. I’m praying that President Trump will come to California and hold a Rally to support the Republicans. I belong to the Jefferson State movement and to the Election Integrity Project and I’m trying to do all I can to save our United States as we know it. I hear how so many people cry about how they don’t like what’s happening to our State but they don’t get involved . Please people stand up and fight for our rights. DML you are 1 of the only people that sees what is happening. I have been following you since you were on Fox News and Newsmax. I may not agree with all you say but you are the smartest person I know about events that are happening. I love California and it breaks my heart seeing what’s. happening to my state. My father was a Truck Driver and could see how the tide was changing. I discussed your new movies coming out to the Jefferson State meeting I went to on Friday. Please get these movies out before the Elections.

DML: I think California is at a tipping point.  If GOP doesn’t win any elections there next month, it will never again.

Today I received a message on my phone from 161440786XX… the lady said hi Christine it’s Rebecca with Ohio Demorcrats, voting has started in Ohio, can we count on your vote this election? I responded. I said how did you get my info I’m Republican, then they responded thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

This was sent to my messages through my phone number. So I’m guessing like you said in your last live show that our info is being sold. So I’ll bet the republicans sold my info to the democrats because I signed up a long time ago to Donald Trump messaging — he sends me text messages. Only thing I could think of how they got my info.

DML: According to reports, the Trump campaign sold your information to an email company that rents and sells emails. You’re going to get calls from both sides of the aisle. Those who want your money, those who want your vote, they will be calling. And you pay for those calls.  Very nice of the Trump campaign to sell out their own?  More money to spend on Trump campaign meetings at Trump Tower.  That’s what happens.  The Trump campaign rents rooms at Trump Tower and Trump Hotel.  Millions of dollars of donations spent with the Trump Org.  As for the calls to you… The Left will pay for the emails with hope that perhaps you are not happy, and the right will pay because they need your help. The beg for money as they warn of a “blue wave is coming.” You should be pissed off that the campaign would do such a thing with your private data, assuming of course the reports are valid, which I am 99% they are. I could only be 100% if I was to try buying the list myself. But I don’t do the sort of promos I hate receiving.

I try to watch you every day. I’ve seen your movies. I see more and more Mexicans an otm”s in my town. My dad was a steal worker, my brother was a steal worker. Dad helped build the Mackinaw bridge an various places around the country. My brother Zilwakie bridge an other various places around the country. I’m 61 yrs. old worked as a plumber, installing plumbing all around the local area. My dad n brother were vets , dad wwII, brother Vietnam. both gone now. I tell people these invaders are coming to STEAL the blood sweat an tears of our forefathers. They are coming here for the American dream, OUR DREAM!! MAKE them fight for their country like my father did!! Make their own dream!!

DML: Few people know that of the legal immigrants coming each year… Central America and Mexico account for 51%. Tack on the illegal immigration and you see why the demographics are changing so drastically.

Dennis, I haven’t had an opportunity to see your live show today you may have read this request instead of posting it, but if you didn’t I don’t think it is fair to your followers like myself. I read some of these people’s responses and it is if they are clueless on how much this administration has done and continueing non stop. There are many positives in the list provided that NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and now yourself won’t post. Sorry you’re not in the same basket as the far left, but it gives a large appearance that you either don’t know of all the achievements of the Trump administration or you have an underlying narrative that reporting the list from the Washington Examiner would damage a narrative you are driving. Help me understand.

DML: I received your first email, and I know the article you mentioned, and I did not post your comment because it’s based on a false narrative. For starters, between our two websites and my daily show, we have covered all of Trump’s accomplishments in real time. We did not and do not skip over the stock market when it goes up, we have covered the economy on a regular basis, we have highlighted the good work overseas, e/g ripping up the Iran deal and empowering Israel. But, I am not Sean Hannity. I also report the missed promises and opportunities, the lies and the non productive.

People are CONSTANTLY told how great Trump is doing by Trump himself, and by Fox, and by people like yourself.  And we tout the good news when it is there to report.  Thus, your point is misplaced here. Furthermore, the Washington Examiner article was ridiculous in part. Many of the accomplishments were listed in a way that repeated themselves.  Some of the listings of accomplishments are either works in progress, concepts in progress, talking points, and the work of others (example, businesses create jobs, not Trump).  For example, “Proposed infrastructure plan would utilize $200 billion in Federal funds to spur at least $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investment across the country.”  Since when are proposals that don’t go through accomplishments?  I propose we all get a bonus of $1M tomorrow for answering emails.  I’ve made the proposal but it doesn’t appear as if it is fact.  Should I tally that up as a win?

The caravan have turned back to Honduras.

DML:  You’re sending me fake news, Dora. They are coming this way.

Trump rally and Hannity with Rush… DML I watched both and you were correct not one mention of E-Verify on the Hannity show…as far as President Trump rally I was so disappointed……in a nutshell I’m so scared worried for my boys my daughter and my Grandaughter….What happened to the United States of America?

DML: It’s not all Trump’s fault. It is the congress too. These current Republicans — the people who are support to be conservative — they are useless.  I hate to sound so negative today, but we have to keep these people accountable.  We have them the House, Senate and White House.  We got back tax reform for businesses.  And I say that as a business.

Just wanted you to know that I share every video you provide daily and totally understand what you are telling us about the real TRUTH!! It has been a difficult week following your thoughts about our President and people that continually support him even when he is NOT following through on his promises about Illegal Immigration, health care, etc. However, after listening to you today, it all comes together as to how you are trying to hold Trump to his promises about immigration!! I am a #1 fan of yours and believe in you TOTALLY!!!!!!!

DML: Thanks!

Opioids (aka Illegal Drugs) now kill more than 50,000 Americans a year, 10,000 more than AIDS did at the peak of that epidemic.

DML: Your numbers are low.  Drugs killed 72,000 last year.

Dear DML, I can’t believe all the hate you’re getting from people who supposedly want the truth. I still support our President but like you I am disappointed in the whole immigration system. I hope you don’t lose followers to the point of you going out of business. I STAND with you. Thank you for bringing us the truth no matter how ugly it may be. I apologize on behalf of all the morons criticising you.

DML: LOL. We are not going out of business. Not even close. It’s just the opposite — we are in growth mode. Facebook’s crackdown on news outlets like ours will only get worse. I think I am a year ahead of myself planning now for what will be an eventual end to the FB value proposition. They are no longer a revenue stream for us, but they are not our only revenue stream by any means. That said, a very small amount of idiots troll our pages. But because they are so vulgar and outrageous, the pea brain remarks stand out among the sane people who sit back and listen with disbelief that people can be so blind. Most people are smart, and they realize what I am saying is not only honest reporting, but it balances the field.  It is true political analysis that is healthy, and in the long term helps people understand what going on. True analysis does not fair well on the zombies who blast out nothing but praise 24/7 because it’s a great way to fight the Democrats. With that in mind, I like the idea of shaking the tree and riding of the dead leaves. These mean people with no ability to see past their MAGA hat offer you and me no value, and many who are lashing out at are secretly hiring illegals — they are guilty just like Trump. I’ve read some of the comments. These are small minded people who need to be pet like a puppy. They only want to hear what they want to hear. I don’t do puppy petting. Our following is strong, and I would prefer to have the 20% of fools move on and thus, have the 80% turn into the 100% that make up TEAM DML.

Good Morning Dennis, Trust that you DML had a Super Sun Filled day yesterday…Hope that it was filled with LOTS of  LOVE and LAUGHTER!!!Make as many Memories with your family has you possibly can….Have to admit that I did miss you yesterday DML….BUT…. you know what in a way I’m secretly wishing that you take today off TOO!!Nice way to start off the first day of a new week……Have a Superb Sunday!!

Enjoy the reading picked for today..
Love and Hugs,
California Carol

Sunday, October 21, 2018


                HOLD THINGS WITH LOOSE HANDS, but cling tightly and always to My hand. To be spiritually healthy, you must not be overly attached to your possessions. These are all blessings from Me, so receive them with thankfulness. But don’t forget that ultimately I am the Owner of Everything.

It’s also important to hold people with open hands. Cherish your family and friends, yet beware of making them idols. If your life revolves around someone other than Me, you need to repent—changing your ways. Return to Me, beloved. Make Me your First Love, seeking to please Me above all else.

                Another thing to hold loosely is control over your circumstances. When your life is flowing smoothly it’s easy to  feel as if you’re in control. Enjoy these peaceful times, but don’t cling to them or think they are the norm. Instead, cling tightly to My hand—in good times, in hard times, at all times. Good times are better and hardship is more bearable when you’re trustingly depending on Me. My abiding Presence is your portion forever!


Will they ever go away?


  1. Your response to Donna was ridiculous. You were comparing yourself to Trump. I think Donna is comparing you to your “past” you. You have changed Dennis and not for the better.

  2. Linda is one of the 20%.
    My thot on the pic of the day….No. until death takes them we will continue to suffer.

    • Patty,

      Those who think everyone on “Team DML” need to have the same opinions are just as bad as liberals. Agree with them or else you are against them. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

        • If being on TEAM DML means agreeing with you 100% of the time, then you are correct that I am not one of those. You, on the other hand, are a bully.
          There are those of us who see Trump’s shortcomings but support him most of the time, because the alternative is not acceptable. Your frustration has changed you.
          As for me, I remain the same………….not a troll, not bored. How can anyone be bored with what is going on with in our country? I am an American who sees everyone has flaws, has a mind of my own, and wants the best for our children, grandchildren, etc.

  3. A hater is going to hate. Ignorance runs amok in this country. We use the term racist to freely. The beauty of this country is our ability to have differences of opinion. However we have lost our way. I don’t think you have changed, you have grown. There is a difference. E-Verify is the answer and a very good one. President Trump has weighed the options, and the American people are losing the battle to cheap labor.

    However, we are partly to blame because so many people want everything for free. No one seems to want to work for anything. And it’s not everyone, but enough to make a difference.

    The question am I better off, not really. I’ve worked for the same corporation/ business/company in the public sector for almost 24 years. I am not even considered middle class anymore. My take home pay is less, my medical is up and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. 😢

    • Tracy,

      I agree that E-Verify is the answer but we also know why Trump will not do it. Both parties don’t want it. Dennis has pointed this out time and time again but he wants us to buy his DVDs to mail to the White House. He pushes E-Verify on one hand but then states the reasons it will not happen on the other.
      I hope things get better for you. Trump’s talk of more tax cuts for the middle class sounds great but he is growing our national debt that will put so much on future generations. I like running our country like a business but we can’t file bankruptcy as a restart like a business.
      All the best…………..

  4. Dennis, you can call me your 20% of brainless or troll or what other slurs you choose to demonize with, but I also have seen a change in you. It is one thing to disagree with our President and debate alternative opinions, but your choosing to demonize him with virulent and salacious attacks is offensive to me, especially when we are in the red zone on the midterm elections. I also am angry about this caravan invasion and the illegal insurgency into our country, but we who are out here manning the trenches in this election simply do not need a proclaimed Conservative Tweeting that Trump is grabbing America by the pussy! We seriously need to fill seats in the House and Senate and we need all the help we can get! Midterm elections are historically hard on the party in power and we need UNITY, not division in the GOP right now. I know…you are not a Republican, like all political commentators, you are an independent that generally votes Republican. I have been with you since NEWSMAX, long before the 2016 election and you were a warrior for Trump in that one. Please stop yanking the rug out from under those of us trying to get out the vote and build the wave. I know where the door is…

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