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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

My wife and I have followed you since your early W&T days and have helped support your efforts by purchasing videos, bumper stickers and a red Team DML blanket. After your recent Sit & Talk on e-verify, I mentioned to her that we should ante up again for DVDs to send to Trump. As we are seniors, she balked at the expense, saying she felt as though such an effort to change Washington is futile. I acquiesced on the expense to keep the peace (I’m sure you can appreciate that), but my conscience has refused to let me go on this matter. Thus, instead of donating $50, I elected to do my share in a different way. With the help of insight you provided on the matter, I drafted my own letter to our President, as included below.

If you decide to post this email, perhaps others who also cannot donate will feel free to cut and paste my letter into their own correspondence to the White House. It may not be much, and it may indeed be futile, but at least we can all feel as though we’ve tried and done our part. Thank you for all that you, Miss Mary and your family do for this great country of ours. Cheers, Bob.

Mr. President,
My wife and I have supported you from the beginning. We contributed to your campaign, purchased a signed MAGA cap and display in our living room with a framed inauguration photo of you and your lovely First Lady. I enjoy watching your many rallies across our great country. I think they are effective in bolstering your support, but I must warn you, many of your supporters are feeling that your repeated reminiscing about 2016 is getting to be old hat. Moreover, the “Build that Wall” chant is wearing thin. It sounds great, but the reality is such that a wall is likely to never be built. Even if it did, it would not solve our immigration problems.

You have already achieved remarkable achievements when compared to your predecessors (especially Obama), all despite often fierce opposition from both political parties. We applaud you! Please continue to reiterate your accomplishments in your rallies and your tweets. Nonetheless, it’s time for you to face the fact that, contrary to your rally slogan, “Promises Kept,” you have disappointed your constituents on several serious issues. Most important of these is your unfulfilled campaign promise to stop uncontrolled immigration into our country. Immigration levels are now surpassing even Obama era levels.

E-verify is an issue you no longer talk about…ever. Many of us understand why. Big business, big dollar donors want cheap illegal alien labor to help maximize profits, and politicians do what big business wants for fear of jeopardizing campaign contributions. Mr. President, it’s time for you to resume the rebel persona that made you the unique success you are today. Let’s face it, neither the Dems nor the GOP like you anyway, so what’s to lose? It’s time to push—and push hard—for implementation of mandatory e-verify. One needs only a modicum of common sense to see it will be the most effective means of throttling out-of-control immigration. When you take away jobs for illegals, you eliminate the most enticing incentive for millions of low skilled workers to invade America.

Mr. President, I urge you to turn a deaf ear to advice you must be receiving from nefarious counsel and members of Congress. They want you to fail at rebuilding America into the country it once was. They prefer status quo because it better suits their agenda, not that of the American people. We the “Trumpers”, most of us average, hard-working citizens saw you as a beacon of hope and voted you into the White House to reestablish traditional American values. We want and expect what you promised us during your campaign. Please do not disappoint us as so many of your predecessors have. Push for and promote mandatory e-verify in your rallies, in your tweets and in your endorsements of politicians who are presently running for office. If all else fails, resort to an Executive Order to make mandatory e-verify a reality. Considering the upcoming mid-term election as well as that in 2020, I shutter to think what may happen if you do not.

Bob Jefferys

DML: A few notes to make here. (1) Excellent letter, and I do encourage everyone to send this letter, or a version of it, if they cannot participate in our call to action to send DVDs to the White House.  I also respect and appreciate your decision not to break from your wife’s plea.  If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it! (2) I am often asked why DVDs? Answer is 3-fold. (a) The DVD packages stand out, and all look the same, and it sends a clear message in the same way protesters do with similar signs calling for action versus sending letters. (b) Staffers will watch the films, or so I am told. (c) It indicates that the sender has made the investment in an issue, and the politician chances to lose a donor if chance doesn’t happen. (3) Respectfully, I disagree with your wife, but understand her frustration.  She is correct, it won’t change DC, but we are not trying to change DC.  Whether Trump supporters want to admit it or not, this latest wave of illegal immigration that has been taking place for the past 6 months is 90% the fault of Trump and his DACA love tweets.  He needs to send a clear message to the world that he will not allow illegal aliens to work in the US.  If he starts tweeting this message, and speaking about it the way your letter points out, people won’t come!  At the end of the day, I know what I am talking about here.

Lawyer & Aspiring Politician Michael Avenatti Claims To ‘Be Aware of Evidence’ That Judge Kavanaugh Targeted Women ‘To Allow a Train of Men To Gang Rape Them.’

DML: Today, I restart the Walk & Talk, literally.  My longer daily shows are back on.  Our studio isn’t back to normal, so it will be all W&T until it is.  That said, I will be ripping into the GOP for allowing this mess with Brett K. to evolve into a playground for the Democrats to spoil another man and his reputation.

I want to unsubscribe to everything that has to do with DML news.

DML: You’re like the idiot who sends a death threat.  Don’t tell me about it, don’t threaten me about it, just do it.  Here is a song for you to listen to on the way out…

All this crazy stuff is like a bad TV movie. All these last minute accusations. Could it be that everything is crumbling and the so called new allegations are plan C,D,E,F etc…. insane!! Truly insane. I’m not buying any of it. I’m glad Kavanaugh kept journals. Looks like this chess match is heating up and his confirmation may be delayed longer. I’m sick of it. Keith Ellison is happening in real time, not 30 plus years ago.

DML: Watch the Walk & Talk at 10am today.

I wanted to tell you and your wife that I am so thankful that you sent the water bottle to me! Means a lot to me and I appreciate it! I’m a huge supporter of yours! I hope one day you’ll run for president, cause I and millions of your supporters would vote for you!

DML: Thank you for the confidence and support.

Hi Dennis,
Is it possible to send you a check, mo, or the like to pay for 2 sets of DVD’s to send to PTRUMP? I went all out volunteering for him (NH), met him few times, havve pics talked w/him a few times, was in Ivanka’s commercial re: working mom’s (I was/am a single mom), etc. I’m well aware of powers to be pulling strings for many decades BUT I’m extremely disappointed in his proposed immigration plan.

DML: Yes. Make to TV360. PO BOX 704, Amagansett, NY 11930.

I bought the $50 DVD package to be sent to Trump last week and will do so again today if for no other reason than you are the only person in the United States with any sort of public image who actually tries to do something other than tweet or facebook post about the issue. Anne Culter writes columns and books for sale to fill her own pockets. Levin just talks and talks and talks, the same goes for Hannity who I hear hires illegals. You on the other hand try to take action. Watching Miss Mary work to get these DVDs out from her kitchen table is the America I love. I think if given the chance you would be the best damn president this country has ever seen.

DML: I do know that Miss Mary would be the best First Lady ever.  Thanks for helping with the call to action to the president.

Dennis, I am not savvy at this texting and have never been able to respond to anyone, so I pray you get this note. I first picked you up when you were on Newsmax and when you were not on anymore I tried in every way to find what happened to you. Glory be to Jesus I found you by Google and then figured out how to get your app I have never used Facebook or Twitter don’t really know or care what they are. I believe the Lord helped me to find you. I truly think you are amazing and ONE of a kind. So truthful and sincere in your every way. And a loving family. I am almost 70 years old and married almost 40 years. He passed away in 2005, and was my one and only true love. I miss him every day. Like you once said we all have our stories, and my most precious I hold in my heart. I have to step aside from all that’s going on in the news sometimes, it is too heavy to bear. I believe in our dear Jesus and this “Our United States of America. It is “WE THE PEOPLE” and through Gods GRACE, he will bring us JOY. I also believe in you Dennis, I pray God keeps you strong. I love Hannity, and believe most of the time he is trying. He just gets hung up and sidetracked sometimes on things he should just leave alone. But, he is not even comparable to you. I hope this note wasn’t too long to read, just wanted to let you know this Georgia girl reads you every day. Dennis, please tell California Carol, her daily prayers have given me so much joy. I pray Jesus blessings on you all.

DML: You had me at hello.

DVDs to TRUMP. I would like to see your message to President Trump have an optional add on statement before I purchase. “President Trump, the $50 I spent on “They Come to America”, is $50 less than I’ll be able to donate to your campaign.” 
Thank you, An extremely concerned Disabled Veteran for America’s future!

DML: Joe, I thank you for your service.  That said, I am sorry but the letter cannot be changed.  We’ve printed out the letters in bulk, but by chance you do participate, and by chance I see your name, I will hand write your two cents at the bottom.  I cannot make promises I cannot keep, so there I no guarantee I will see your order pass my desk.

I am confused. I read your stories and want to leave a comment but I am always asked to log into Facebook. Unfortunately I cannot find my password and I always have to leave a comment below where regular comments are made. I always need to sign my name and leave my email address each time I comment I don’t think anyone can respond or reply to that area because I haven’t gotten any likes or replies in months to anything I have written. I have been signed into my Facebook account litterly for years. I change my pw every now and then but I stay signed in I am never logged out. Why can’t I comment on your stories like I use to before on the old ap?

DML: Honestly, I don’t have an answer other than it could be because Facebook doesn’t like us very much? LOL. Sometimes they are glitchy. I tried to respond to something they sent me yesterday which required my password.  I typed it in 5 times and it would not log me in.  This being the case, I ask you to hang in there.  Soon, we will be having our subscription service.  Once you log in, you can do all you like without having to repeat the process you explained above.

It was your weekend to work, I could tell! When I see by TEAM DML that’s you. Dennis, I hope someday you will be able to retire, but like California Carol said, you are a workaholic. Maybe you just like productive activity…which you do well.
When you reach 50 next year, I predict that from 50 to 60 will be your best years…you will reach some anticipated goals and the support of many people will increase! I just hope I get to be around to see it happen…such would be well-deserved by you!

On a heavier note, this week will be like no other with this hearing, a new allegation and voting to place Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. They’re trying to wear him down, that’s what I think! I expect the worse of the worst as the left libs continue to defy the laws and destroy innocent lives along with their outside thugs ready to jump at their beckon call….you know the routine! I really hate this for America, she doesn’t deserve it! We know the real goal of the Democrats–Power forever! We can’t and mustn’t give up!

DML: I never want to retire.  That’s one way in which Trump and I are lot alike.  As for the signature TEAM DML on news stories, you are half correct. That shows up based on how an editor logs in.  Sometimes it is me, but most times it is not.  You are correct in saying I worked all weekend.  We edited a segment of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, and I think I am going to give TEAM DML a chance to see the segment this week.  More to come on that decision Thursday.

Good Morning Dennis,
I know that you, DML had a Very Busy weekend..As you stated “I’ll be working ALL weekend!” It was nonstop …. Working on the Studio to ready it…..Finishing up your documentaries …AND…Your humongous, enormous, and most significant mailing to the White House on e-Verify!!! Have a Marvelous Monday!

Enjoy the reading selected for today.
California Carol

Monday, September 24, 2018

YOU ARE A LETTER FROM ME, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God—on the tablet of your heart. Because you are one of My followers, the Holy Spirit is in you. He equips and empowers you to do far more than you could ever do on your own. So don’t be intimidated by challenging circumstances or tough times. The third Person of the Godhead lives inside you! Powder the implications of this glorious truth. You can do much more than you think possible when you walk in My ways, asking the Helper to strengthen you as you go step by step with Me.

The Spirit writes on the tablet of your heart not only to bless you but also to draw others to Me. When you are with people who don’t know Me, He can make you a living letter from Me. One of the shortest but most effective prayers is: “Help me, Holy Spirit.” Use this prayer as often as you need, inviting Him to bring gospel truths alive through you.

DML: Amen.


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  1. From Kimberly) Dennis I remember this saying:
    Respect your haters, for they know you are the better one!

    Thank you for responding. Excited to see the ATB film segment, maybe soon!

  2. First I have to tell you , you had me rolling on the floor with your reply to Kimberly!!!!
    Second I hope everyone writes a letter to the President as I have several times , I am 66 and live on a fixed income but I had to give the 50.00 because we just have to get through somehow ! And I have to agree you will make an awesome President and Ms Mary with be a beautiful classy First Lady , the best First Family in my life time

    • And that is why he is just like Trump. The maturity level just won’t let it roll off his back! He could have done just what he said the person who emailed. Instead of saying what you are thinking, just move on! Dennis being president would be a disaster! Stick to what you know Dennis…………..not that you listen to anyone.

  3. I don’t think you had to be rude to the lady who wanted to opt out of Eveything DML. That is her right without. You giving a smart ass answer..

  4. Good responses, Dennis. I do not care to join in the negative replies to your response to the person who wants to unsubscribe to everything. Uh just go who wants to see you saying that – JUST GO. THANK YOU.

    • Mildred is the definition of someone who can’t think for herself. You are blind to Dennis’ flaws, just like those who are blind to Trump’s. We all have flaws and think for yourself.

    • Mildred,
      Blind spot with Dennis? All you do is respond with total devotion to Dennis. It is just as bad as those who support Trump no matter what he says. Think for yourself.

    • Mildred I think you’re a gem. These other two are miserable. Allow them to bask in the mud. For instance, the Linda person says I listen to no one. Meanwhile I read and answer my emails everyday. Fools like Linda grow like weeds.

      • You just can’t help yourself Dennis. Saying that you read and answer emails does not equate to listening to someone. You love the people who adore you no matter what you say and you try to put down those who disagree with you on a topic. That doesn’t mean those who disagree with you are weeds or bask in the mud. Sure there are those who are haters, but those who simply disagree with you don’t deserve your venom.
        You are a bully……..a mighty thin skinned one at that, so you lump them all together into one group. Seems like liberals do that.

  5. You just can’t help yourself Dennis. Saying that you listen to others by reading emails and answering them is ridiculous. You know that isn’t the same. You love the emails from those who worship you and everything you say. If someone disagrees in the slightest, you respond by calling people idiots, weeds, or bask in the mud and more. You are a bully…………and thin skinned at that. Liberals act like that.

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