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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Just a thought…. I asked my conservative friends to call the WH & demand the Pres issue an EO for Mandatory E Verify, just like he PROMISED in 2016 when he was elected…. i’ve also sent a direct teeet stating how disappointed My friends & I are after voting for him & Republicans in midterms…. If there’s a barrage of calls from ALOT of conservatives, would that sway the Pres….Team DML….?

DML: Yes, it would under normal circumstances, but not now. It’s too late. He won’t do a thing until he sees what the Dems are planning.

Signed up for subscription because I support the truth.  Getting rid of the ads is GREAT too~

DML: Thanks

This lady named Paloma is in Mexico and interviewed a few people in the caravan. She showed the border and explained additional barriers placed. She was told they were expecting another 10,000 illegals to arrive at the border.

DML: Yup.

Dennis, I have followed you for the last 2 years. But your anti Trump rhetoric of the last few months is now too much. I am about to unfollow. Explain to me why you are doing this. The faith in you is rapidly dissolving.

DML: Stop following people.  Listen to people, then follow your independent mind and thinking.  If you want to believe Trump on every word, have at it. I don’t spew rhetoric. He does.  I repeat news and facts.  Stay well.

So much chaos. I sit and shake my head at the amount of disturbing news pours out everyday. It is distressing. It is upsetting. It is infuriating. We are at war, a war of ideologies. The far left and the far right do not care about those of us in the middle. It is a win at all costs mentality. All the chatter about the caravan has died down, yet they are still coming, some have arrived and yet the big story is Michael A. Absolutely insane.
We also have the likes of Bette Midler attacking our FLOTUS. Seriously, she has no room to judge anyone.  I would love to go one day with nothing but positive, loving, inspirational news.  I cannot wait for your new service to begin.

DML: Chaos leads to 3rd world.

I am looking at your recent tweet that you included “magic 8 ball”. It’s strange to me because it says at the bottom ‘this conversation has too many replies to show them all’ and therefore it displays no replies maybe that’s normal but I haven’t seen that before.

DML: Couldn’t tell you why that is.  Ask Twitter, I guess.

DML, is the caravan of illegals being sponsored by Tide laundry detergent. How is it that everyone’s clothes are spotless?

DML: I needed a laugh. Thanks!

Good morning.
I’ve been listening to your pod casts only a short while. Your approach to truth is so refreshing. I am a Trump fan, but also a disappointed Trump fan.
Your broadcast today really struck a nerve with me, as you echoed the same thing I’ve been thinking and saying about immigration and the things Trump has neglected to do on that front. He cannot change birthright citizenship by EO. But there’s a WHOLE LOT he could be doing with employers by EO.

I have been an immigration watchdog for 20 years. I have come to the conclusion We the People are being played, by both parties, and have been for 40+ years. They keep us suspended between the deadly horns of identity politics on one side and cheap labor lobbyists on the other.

I’ve been a student of immigration so long I’ve formulated a loose plan that could solve the problem and make it more palatable to everyone involved, if any legislators exist brave enough.

I’m going to let bean counters figure out actual amounts and numbers. I’m just throwing out the general idea and concept.

Our focus cannot be exclusively on the wrongdoing of migrants. Employers must be held accountable.

First, change employer penalties. Raise fines like 1,000 per cent. Do something on a sliding scale maybe, like increase the fines incrementally for how many illegal aliens were employed or based on the percentage of illegal aliens employed vs. overall number of employees. Maybe include an element for length and duration an illegal alien was employed. Get creative with minetary fines. Simultaneously, open the pathway to prison time for CEOs and board members in the most egregious cases.

Mandate e-verify, and make it reliable. Create a reliable visa entry and exit tracking system. (18 years after 9/11 and the same systems are in place that allowed the FUBAR of issuing a green card to someone who flew planes into buildings the week prior.)

Offer an amnesty to EMPLOYERS.
Give them six months to clean up their act. At the end of six months, work site investigations begin, with new fines and penalties in force.

SIMULTANEOUSLY with expiration of employer amnesty, offer a BOUNTY to illegal aliens for turning in their employers. Proof required, of course. Bounty equal to 50% of employer fine. Allow illegal aliens collecting bounty to go back 7 years in their employment history. Put additional conditions on obtaining the bounty. They must leave the country, and take ALL juvenile and elderly family members with them. Stipulate that if they or their family members are ever apprehended as undocumented inside the US again, long term prison time will be mandatory. Further stipulate that immigration prisoners will be required to work on public projects such as infrastructure.

Just a rough outline. Use your imagination. But we need a dual prong approach.
Something along these lines would hold employers accountable and give them plenty of incentive. It relieves the bad optics of demonizing migrants and sends them home with more cash in their pockets than they could bank by working a lifetime here, free to invest in their own countries.

DML: Thanks for sharing!


Good Morning DML, Have a Trouble Free Thursday! Enjoy selected reading for today.

Love, California Carol

Thursday, November 15, 2018


                COME TO ME, and rest in My Presence. I am the Prince of Peace. You need My Peace continually, just as you need Me at all times. When things are going smoothly in your life, you tend to forget how dependent on Me you really are. Later, when you encounter bumps in the road, you become anxious and upset. Eventually you return to Me and seek My Peace. I gladly give you this glorious gift, though it’s hard for you to received, it till you calm down. How much better it is to stay close to Me at all time.

                Remember that I, your Prince, am royalty! All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. When you’re experiencing hard times in our life, come to Me and tell Me your troubles. But remember who I AM! Don’t shake your fist at Me or demand that I do things your way. Instead, pray these encouraging words of David: “But I trust in You, O LORD: I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in Your hands.”


Roy Clark died today.

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