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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Hi DML ! Today I decided to donate so someone on the buddy list can get a subscription. It would b great if my name is pulled out to receive ur jacket but I’m not usually “lucky” like that. I listened to the email u read from the lady who is struggling financially. I hope she signs up for a buddy to help. My blood was boiling when I heard she receives a lousy $15 in food stamps!!! How pathetic. The stories of how our country treats those Americans that need and deserve help and they kick them to the curb is sinful. The more I learn from u the more disgusted I become. Can’t wait till u run for President. Team DML needs to phone the WH daily. Multiple times a day!!! I do and will continue. Thank u for all u do Dennis.

DML: Thanks for the help! As a team, we have a lot of work to do.  Right now I have a list of emails saved from people requesting to be on the Buddy List.  For those unfamiliar with the list, it’s for people who cannot afford a subscription and ask for financial assistance from current TEAM DML members.  We will make the list available for online use shortly after the new website launches and we get any and all kinks out. If someone wants to sponsor someone, they go to and for $100 they pull someone off the list and give them access to Level 2 for a year.   As for the jacket, I put up my jacket from They Come to America 2 for “auction” on Friday.  Anyone who buys Level 2,3 or 4 from now until Monday morning, or who donates $100, is put into the list of potential winners.  I will draw a name on Monday during The Truth, and the winner gets my jacket mailed to them.

I am a new user of your website and I think it is the best resource for news.  The importance of having a look at both sides of the news feeds is important.  I do not find this anywhere else but on your website.  You are onto something Mr. Lynch.  Keep up the great work.

DML: Welcome to TEAM DML.

Dennis, it breaks my heart to see you give away that jacket. I could tell by the way you talked about it how difficult it seemed for you to give it up. I’m praying whoever wins the jacket will return it to you…that’s my hope. I would love to just donate towards the Buddy System, but right now I couldn’t do $100 and couldn’t take your jacket, either.
Can I just send a check for the Buddy System?…I don’t need a gift other than just building TEAM DML to help in any way we can for the sake of saving what’s left of our country. We’ve got to do something! Dennis, you’re such a special guy…you have know idea how much you mean to so many. You probably do, but I just have to remind you now and then.
Thank you so much!

DML: I am a big boy, and I am under no obligation to give away something I do not wish to give away. I would be UPSET if someone was to get the jacket and return it to me. My hope is that someone would take the jacket and cherish it.  When I measure the value of the jacket to me versus the value of building a national force of smart people that can be trusted to work together, without question I pick the force over the jacket.  And I meant what I said, maybe one day it will be worth something.  Although we are not rich, Mary and I are not poor, nor do we struggle to stay afloat each month. Sure, the bills rip into my gut, especially healthcare, but we live a humble life in a humble home and we are happy — that’s all that matters.  I say this because there would be nothing in this world that would make me more happy than someone on TEAM DML winning the jacket and cashing it in later on in life.  Maybe pay for a grandkid’s college.  Who knows.  If we get that far, the jacket will be the last thing on my mind!

Why don’t we all do a simple twitter blast campaign and tweet #MandatoryEverify to DJT daily for a while? Just a thought.

DML:  Do it!  However, he won’t do the deed.  He wants the cheap labor.  It has been confirmed to me from a very reliable source that Trump has no plan to do anything “radical” this year.  He is saving his surprises for the Dems.  Since when is enforcing the law “radical.”

Your jacket. This giveaway makes me sad. A cherished jacket should be handed down in the family or framed for everyone to see and remember the person that wore the jacket. I pray who ever wins will have the same feelings to remember how it came into their possession. I’ll become a member one day. But for some reason I feel the need to stay on your original pages.

Everyday you give me pause to think as you become upset with choices being made in Washington. I wonder why do we the people have to live with those choices. The thought of having to live with those decisions is frightening and now I am afraid after all the hard work of my forefathers, it is being cast out. My family has been tracked back to the John Adam’s and John Q. My family fought in every war throughout the history of this country. My grandmother was Blackfoot Indian and fought for her rights too. We believe she and her family came from Nova Scotia but at no time were they given anything free. Her husband worked in the coal mines of WV.

SO YES I AM ANGRY that people come here and expect free handouts when our veterans and homeless are struggling. Send these free loaders to Appalachia or other struggling communities and have them make it on their own or go home and improve their country. We did it, so can they.

Forgive the rant. I am looking forward to hearing what you have say tomorrow and giving me more thoughts to ponder. Thank you for the DVD’s and all the little goodies and also your moments of contemplation from Cali Carol and picture of the day always get my attention. God bless you and your beloved family.

DML: is a great website.  If people are with us primarily for the news feed, and if they can accept the ads, then I think sticking with the website and the DML APP is a great thing.  That said, TEAM DML is more than ads-free news.  It’s more than my shows and films.  It’s a team effort that needs to be built into something special.  It’s not for everyone, and if you think you are better off on our website as it is with the DML App, then you should stand your ground!  As for the jacket, I repeat what I said to Shirley…. I give it away for the greater good. the

I live in San Diego and signed up for Level 1 membership about the beginning of this month! I’ve been noticing these E-Verify signs on front doors of various restaurants and Pizza places in my area. Wanted you to see that merchants of San Diego are putting these signs up and possibly getting ready for all the caravan people who might be looking for jobs!

DML: Thank you for sending the photo.  Yours is the picture of the day.

You got me, Looking at a level 2 subscriber. The emails of what American citizens who can’t afford to subscribe got me. My tax dollars go for illegals, I am beyond furious that we have citizens that need help. This is so assbackwards!

Where can I find Ms Mary site for wine and talks?

DML: is the website, but the LIVE will be this evening at around 9pm.  We will hold it on

I saw a post on Facebook and the DML haters are out in force. Being the guy that likes to get their blood billing I posted in your support. It worked. It took the hate from you and put it on me. They were saying they would never pay to watch you.  So, to nature more I stated you were brilliant.  With your subscription team, with one click you  eliminate them because they can no longer hide behind the keyboard — they have no for site to go to.   They have no desire to do what needs to be done to help our nation. The way I see it one person’s vision and guided with true desire and responsibility for the betterment of all knows it takes a team effort to get strong enough to make change. Every story you cover personally, every show you put on, is backed up with videos and or graphs. Your films, which I have of them all to date, find the most reliable sources and are backed up by real time videos. Your real team will be made up of supporters that share you and your vision. Stay in the fight, I am. God bless.

NICK: Whoever is screaming the loudest is typically on the wrong side of the argument.  The reason why so many people who used to “love” me, now hate me because they know I am a truth teller, and they know they can’t pose an argument against what I offer as fact.  So, instead of using their independent minds, they form together like brainless sheep and blast me with hate to sooth their brainlessness.  It’s ok.  They’ll all come back at some point.  Whether the doors are locked, time will tell.


Good Morning Dennis,

Yet another DML perfect “The TRUTH” program packed crammed to the top with vital information and facts!

You never cease to amaze me DML with your ability to weave intertwine and merge your subject matter into a cohesive format.

I for one am very concerned with what is happening with the onslaught of illegal immigrants coming through Mexico at the San Diego border.

As you know that is the doorway to California and I’m so relieved that you mentioned ALL the DISEASES they are bringing with them.

I understand every ones concern about jobs, the economy, free medical, education and all the rest…

BUT… does our Government NOT  recognize the “DANGER” to our United States of America with the rise of medical diseases as you stated?

Don’t work too hard today…Perhaps take some time to enjoy your Beautiful wife Miss Mary and your exceptional children!

As always a Thank You to your hardworking loyal DML Staff…

Have a Splendid Sabbath Day !

May God continue to Bless You, Your entire Family, and Business and  keep you ALL Safe!

AND…. May He grant You All Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love and Laughter…

Enjoy your selected reading.

Love and Warm Hugs to Everyone,

California Carol



Saturday, Sabbath, November 17, 2018


                THE VERY ESSENCE OF MY WORDS is truth—absolute, unchanging, eternal Truth! More and more people are falling for the lie that truth is either relative or nonexistent. They are too cynical  too wounded  to see things that are true, noble, right pure, lovely, admirable.  They tend to focus on what is false, wrong, impure, and ugly. This hurtful focus leads many to despair and self-destructive behavior. The god of this age (Satan)  has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the Light of the gospel of my Glory.

                The gospel radiates pure, powerful Light that illuminates My Glory—the wonder of who I am and what I have done! This good news has unlimited Power to transform lives from despair to delight. All My children, filled with My Spirit, are well equipped to be Light-bearers, shining gospel brightness into the lives of others. I want you to join in this glorious venture, using your gifts and the opportunities I provide. I know you are weak, but that fits My purposes perfectly. My Power is most effective in your weakness.

DML: Thanks Carol.


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