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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Just read a twitter comment regarding a lawsuit where CNN and Fox News should agree on their headlines.

I saw this coming a couple of weeks back before I even heard of anything like this happening!! I have been concerned over the conservative voices like Sean Hannity, Jeannine Pirro, Tucker, etc. i even sensed so strongly a couple of weeks back that these people need to seriously consider being part of a whole new and true conservative cable network!!

DML, I sincerely hope that you and other conservative voices will have the monies and the resources in people to help make this happen!!!!

DML: News outlets will never have to agree on headlines. What we are doing with TEAM DML is probably the best idea we can create.

I just wanted to thank you for your integrity and your hard work. I’ve followed you since you first popped up on fb in 2015. Needless to say I still do and love the DML app. It’s my only source for news. I also subscribed to the new format that you are launching at the end of the month. I know you probably have haters as we all do but I’m more into what you do than ever before. I myself, like you, have been a Trump supporter since he first started his campaign. Not due to who he was but to what he said he was going to do for this country. Respecting our military, police force, our borders, foreign trade and our jacked up insurance. All those things meant everything to me and he spoke like no other due to he wasn’t a so called politician. I loved it, not him. Since then you have opened my eyes to how he has absolutely played us. Oh yeah, the drain the swamp, lock her up and build the wall chants are just bull crap. The are fun for his red hat wearers to scream at his rallies but that’s about all they are, just chants! They are complete B.S!!!!! After you read the pages from his own book, I was like wow!!! We are just part of his game on making people feel good but in the end, no results. Your absolute truth that you bring to me and approaching everything with an open mind and not getting caught up in his crap, or any others crap that spews from their mouth, has made me much smarter about things that mean so much to me and my family. Also, you open my eyes to Fox and their super stars like Sean Hannity (gag)!!!

The only thing I see Trump actually do, that I still like is his passion for our vets, military and police force. Those are a must for me.

You’re films are great, I purchased sets not only for me but others to watch. Sent them to White House and I so hope someone their watches them to be educated on what’s really going on. I had no clue due to the fact I live in West Virginia. I don’t get to see what is really going on their. The tv news stations definitely don’t show what you show. It’s jaw dropping to watch your videos.

I love the fact that you are pushing for a team to get behind you and what is best for our country. One other thing that I love about watching you and listening to what you say, is their is a draw to your personality. I’m 46 and you seem to sound and act like myself and my buddies that I have in my life. I know you are a man of integrity but also a mans man. Funny, silly but serious about what is important in life. If you do decide to run for President, know I will be pushing with all I have for people to see what you are about. Also I would love to meet you and just simply be around you, buy you a beer or 3 and talk, lol. You and I have chose different paths. I’m running a family construction company and have worked in construction since my grade school years. Asphalt, concrete, grade work, bridges, buildings, you name it. Even though we don’t do the same stuff, we are a lot alike in our views and simply good guys trying to do our best in life. God, family, and country!!! Keep going and know I care!!! If you need help with infrastructure when you get in the White House, give me a shout. Lol.

DML: Thanks Scott.  The sh*tty emails I get each day sting, but then I open one like yours and remember why I do this.

I don’t want to ask a stupid question, but I can’t seem to find my subscription listed. ?
Perhaps I forgot where you said to look for it.


I noticed that someone mentioned on chat that the Girl Scouts of America Fund Planned Parenthood. That statement is fake news and a rumor. I loved watching you and Miss Mary last night. Keep up the good work. I definitely will vote for you in 2024. Hopefully, President Trump will keep his promise about E-Verify.

DML: Is nothing sacred anymore?  Some of the idiots who live on Facebook…. I cannot wait to rid of that sewer.  As for Trump and e-verify, HE WILL NEVER DO IT.  The time has come and passed.  He is a sell out.  Cheap labor prevailed.

I reported once before that I no longer have the Facebook or twitter buttons on the articles on DMLNews to be able to share ANY articles. DML answered my email online but glibly stated that the share buttons were on the top of each article. They are NOT there anymore. I deleted the app & reinstalled but they’re still not there. Please check on this & tell me how I can share the articles. With the subscription service it may be a moot point (I have already subscribed)& I need to know that, too. Thanks so much for what you do DML – I love it & want to share it.

DML: With all due respect, I absolutely have NO IDEA what you are referring to.  There are 3 sections within every article to hit the SHARE.  One at the top.  One in the lower section of each article, one at the bottom.

So my Mom and I are in dollar tree today, and our paths cross with a Vietnam Vet with an Orange ( means he was exposed to Agent Orange) Vietnam Veterans hat on. So I stopped and thanked him for his service and shook his hand. On his wrist was a hospital bracelet, so I asked him if he was feeling better. To which he replied,,, I was diagnosed 4 years ago with cancer the tumor was the size of a nickel when they found it and within 6 weeks it grew to a softball size, and then on Monday they found another spot so they removed it and praise be it was not cancer!!! Then he tells me that the VA cut his benefits from 2,900.00 a month to 1,600.00 a month. What is wrong with this system???? That men and women that served them this country go without and a bunch of Immigrants live high on the hog!!!! At the taxpayers expense ???

DML: But…but…but… “We’re gonna build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it, and we will repeal and replace Obamacare, and nobody loves the vets more than I do. We’re going to take care of the vets.”  I can hear the tight MAGA hat wearer now defending the do nothing president… “DML, you loser, Trump was referring to veterinarians.”

Dennis, going to,
I noticed the short video clips you are posting for us to share. That is a brilliant idea! I’m sure you’ll continue pulling out any messaging from ‘The Truth’ segments, documentaries, or any of your previous or current recordings that highlight a short message of importance. I find in this impatient and fast track world we live in, these short clips will provide the messaging point blank within your videos on the topic you want to get across quickly. I just wanted to let you know…shared those you provided so far.

DML: Yes, we are doing more of this.  If people want to find them they can click the videos tab on our FB page and share the short videos.

I received an email from Indeed and one of the jobs posted in Michigan is for Migrant Program worker. Here is the copy and paste version.

Migrant Program Worker (Ingham)
State of Michigan
1,084 reviews

Lansing, MI
Apply On Company Site
Save this job
$3,010 – $4,224 a month
Desired: Administrative ExperienceBilingual Driver’s License
Job Description
Ensure that persons/families of the Migrant population receive the correct type and amount of assistance they are eligible for. This is accomplished by interviewing the Migrant clients, assessing their needs, providing guidance and encouragement and making the proper referrals to assist with those needs. In addition, this position is also responsible for providing this special population with information about the requirements and expectations of DHHS concerning eligibility for financial assistance. These services are often provided as part of outreach to the migrant population at migrant camps, migrant service agencies, and other locations where farm workers are found.
This is a Seasonal position based on the number of weeks allocated to the local office.

Completion of two years of college (60 semester or 90 term credits).
Migrant Program Worker 8

Apparently, they will need a lot of new workers to guide the illegals through the loopholes. Amazing!

DML: United States of Trump

Your article this morning about food stamp card for illegals certainly caught my attention. I am a widow with Social Security Income. A friend suggested that I apply for food stamps. I went through the process and received the award letter. I qualified for $16.00 a month which, if you are careful, would cover cereal, milk, and bread.
I have worked and paid taxes since I was 16. What’s wrong with this picture?

DML: United States of Trump

Hi DML — I just watched the video you posted on Facebook of you interviewing illegal aliens regarding the reason they come to America and the fact that they don’t want citizenship — only a job that pays as much as they can get — to send back home. It made me think maybe we have this all wrong. Trump says we need people to work. These people ONLY want to work. Maybe we should:

1) Cut off and make it known there are NO free benefits provided to non-citizens.

1) Allow people to come in who want a job and make sure they have one. Goes without saying there needs to be a way to identify them so they pay their fair share of taxes on the income and not be able to vote. Vet who they are but not put them through to the path to citizenship process which would help free that up for people who do want to become citizens. The burden to make sure US taxes are being paid is on the employers — HUGE fines for noncompliance — which is still the essence of e-verify.

2) Let them send the money home (after paying the US payroll taxes we all pay) but stop sending federal foreign aid to foreign countries! We send so much money to countries all over the world it is disgusting. We would have more than enough money to help the homeless, veterans, elderly in this country if we used all of our money here.

3) The right to citizenship through birth needs to go away.

I have long wondered why it takes so long for people to get processed into citizenship. Your video proves they don’t even want to be citizens so let’s stop trying to solve a problem that isn’t even there.

No citizenship — no right to citizen benefits — NO VOTE — but welcome to work, pay taxes like all Americans, and send it home. Paying taxes is the price for being allowed to send the money home.

The biggest issue is fighting the Democrats on the fact that they should not be allowed to vote. Our election process needs a big overhaul– but that’s a topic for another day.

I am happy to be on Team DML and am a founder! Keep up the good fight, Dennis! Have a blessed weekend.

DML:  Some good comments from you.  That said, I urge everyone not to wait, join TEAM DML today.  We are stronger in numbers. to join.

You might think about selling gift certificate memberships for the holidays…. I’d buy one for my friend who can’t afford it. She follows you too. Just a thought. And I do agree that if Trump doesn’t do something about the illegal invasion, he won’t be elected in 2020.

DML: Good point.  Will implement. Thanks.

I was touched by the letter you read from Chris and I donated $100.  I am blessed and feel the need to help. Also I would be honored to own the jacket and I would cherish it.
Thank you DML for all you, Miss Mary, and your children do to educate us.
A few years ago I used to be a follower of Mark Levin, until I learned about DML. You are very smart and you have the pulse of this country, I pray for you and your future run for President.

President Trump had me fooled for awhile. I thought he was really working for the people but I see now he is another puppet controlled by the elites. Silence lately on the caravans, silence on the stock market. He worries about Pelosi instead. Also DML thank you for your education about people at Fox News. Now as I watch less than I used to I see they have an agenda, they are in love with Trump. Even Laura Ingram who Knows what’s going on at the border is silent about how to solve it, e-verify, cut off the jobs.
My wife still loves the President and like so many of your viewers gets mad when something is said against Trump. I guess the truth hurts.

Lastly, about 3 weeks ago on a Friday you were reading some emails and you randomly read one from a veteran Michael who is not getting help from the V.A. and his wife is dying of cancer. I played that part several times, watching your pain as you tried to help this couple. DML I cried like a baby and it hurts so bad this man who fought for the freedom I have today can’t get help, and this country bends over backwards for people who do not belong here. I am disgusted this President lied to us about so many things.
DML we love you! May God bless you and your family. Keep up the fantastic work.
I can’t wait for the new service to start.

DML: Joe, thanks for your kind words, your donation to help a person on our Buddy List to join TEAM DML, and your wise commentary.


A Very Good Morning Dennis,

This morning DML  place a sweet kiss on your beautiful Miss Mary…

Hug each one of your children tightly…

AND…. tell each and every one of your family how much You LOVE them and how important they are to you!

Businesses come and go… work is always there…. BUT… we never know how much time we have left with each other!

Have a Soft Sensitive Sunday!

Enjoy the selected reading.


California Carol

Sunday, November 18, 2018


                I, THE LORD, AM YOUR STRENGTH.  On days when you are feeling strong, this truth may not speak powerfully to you. However, it is a lifeline full of encouragement and hope, and it is always available to you. Whenever you’re feeling weak, your lack of strength can help you look to Me and cling to this secure lifeline. You many call out to Me at any time,  “Lord, save me!”

                Let My unfailing Love be your comfort. When you seem to be sinking in your struggles it’s crucial to hold onto something that will not fail you, something you can trust with your very life. My powerful Presence not only strengthens you; it hold you close and doesn’t let go. I have a firm grip on you, beloved.

                Because I am always near, there’s no need to fear being weak. In fact, My Strength comes into its own in your weakness; the two fit together perfectly. So, thank Me for your weaknesses—trusting in My ever-present Strength.


Sent in from a reader from CA

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  1. Email 1) Dennis, your smartest move from the get-go…on your own (your own boss)! Keep it going!

    Email 2) Scott, I couldn’t have said it better. Agree to the fullest!

  2. I have to hand it to Dennis. He is a master manipulator in my opinion. He plays on people’s fears and ignorance. He tries to portray everyone who disagrees with him, even on one topic, as Trump lovers no matter what Trump does. That simply is NOT true. What Trump faced was bigger than he ever thought it would be and even though some things are a huge disappointment, what is the alternative? Dennis is mad as hell that Trump is not paying attention to him and not taking his advice. All of this is for Dennis to run in 2024. Heck he can’t even take the people who disagree with him on his website. He bans people. He would never survive in D.C. Look at the exit of Harlan and Scarlett too! They saw the truth.
    AND to those who write in and say that Dennis is their only news source, you have a problem. NOBODY should just have one news source. That is just as bad as a liberal only listening to CNN.

    • Put on your red hat and move along, Mary. No one is forcing you to be a part of Team DML. You have figured it all out, haven’t you, and seem to feel that you are doing everyone a favor to share the news! As Jack said: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Opening day of subscription service cannot get here fast enough!

  3. There will always be those like Mary!! In every corner of the wrestling arena; just prepare, comment and leave for greener pastures and listen to others opinions.

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