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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication on trying to preserve our Republic. I enjoy your “walk and talks”, “DML live”s and your sweet banter with Miss Mary. You have a beautiful family ;)) Writing to express concern with what I’ve seen on Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen it. I took a screen shot of this ad after I clicked on tab “register to vote” and discovered an application to register that was available primarily in English and “en espanol”. Didn’t go further, but I am sharing my concern that this seems like an illegitimate and unfair way to get non citizens to vote and others to vote more than once. Don’t know if this has any clout or is just a whole lot of fluff.

DML: Years ago I registered to be an election monitor and one of the first questions was, “Do you read and write Spanish.”  I tossed out the application because if I was told to allow someone who didn’t speak English to vote, it would drive me crazy.  It be something I could not handle without making a call to complain.  But who do you call?  ICE? The police?  The White House?  Nobody gives a damn.   I do.  Please take part in our call to action for President Trump to address mandatory e-verify.

I don’t think anything that is happening in the political circus has to specifically do with President Trump. I believe it is all over a Republican winning in 2016 and Hillary loosing. The Democrats have just GONE MAD not being able to be in full control. I feel so ashamed for our beautiful America. The reason your Walk & Talk yesterday was so refreshing is because you made me laugh out loud to myself. It was good to laugh with so much absurdity happening in our country now. The Democrats will not stop until they are back in control. Sorry you lost a good show. Put your glasses on. Love having you back!!!!!

DML: Make no mistake, although your reasons listed are true, Trump drives them crazy and so does the idea of having a stacked SCOTUS.

I over slept, and missed your walk and talk this morning. I got the text that you did one, so I went to Facebook to watch, and it was gone completely. No notice, or video to be found. What happened, and can I watch it somewhere else?

DML: I explain what happened in a post. Click on the LIVE tab for details.

My hubby (his name is Michael Dennis, LOL) and I first seen you on Stossel (I think in 2015). We watched Stossel “regularly”. But after your appearance, we deleted him from our DVR, he disgusted us on how he treated you and your films. We looked you up, and bought your DVD’s, we bought a dozen to give out for Christmas presents that year. I was
obsessed. I followed you as much as I could, from Newsmax (having a panic attack the day you went off air) to faithfully on Facebook. My hubby puts up with my obsession, but being the very political & knowledgeable man he is, will dispute you every now and then (I say it’s jealousy, LOL). We love your passion (along with your whole family) for America. I know I can’t imagine the negative mail you get, but when you get them and then call them names (idiot with a video of ‘hit the road jack’) it hurts my soul a little. Just like when Trump is petty in his tweets.. I say “Don’t give them left fuel”.. I say this out of love for you and the work you and your family are doing (and hopes one day to see you & your family in the White House) PLEASE, be nice. If they want to go, just let them.. no words are needed. Don’t let ALL the good you do get belittled by comments. You are a beacon for so many of us. I have cried with you on the days you get so passionate. I “FEEL” your passionate for this country. I ache for all the work you do to one day open the eyes of people in government, and we can get back to the America I grew up in and love so dearly.

DML: There are some days when the hate email includes incredible profanity and thickly detailed threats.  Most days I just delete them.  On average, I get one bad email for every 50 nice ones.  Periodically, however, like all people who put their pants on one leg at a time, I will respond to the hate with a left hook.  To be honest, I only posted that person’s email to show I am willing to take the public backlash that comes with what I do.  My video response was just me trying to be funny.  As for using the word “idiot”, you are 150% correct.  Although this person’s email history calls for the use of the word “idiot”, I should not use that sort of tactic — it’s not my style. I must have had a brain fart yesterday.  Or maybe it’s these Jenny Craig meals Mary is sticking on my plate.  Perhaps they are not only shaving the pounds, but maybe they are eating away at my better judgement. 🙂  Either way, this video is for you Lorie, and to the person who I referred to as an “idiot.”

I was anxiously awaiting to watch your W and T this evening after work. I had a feeling it was going to be about Kavanaugh. I am absolutely sick that it didn’t upload. Can you do a brief synopsis of it tomorrow during the W and T? I know there are so many people who want to know what you feel. I know last week you stated again that the Judge would be confirmed. Am hoping you still feel the same. Thank you. Ps. Please run for President !

In need of your help, your the only one I trust to help me with this. I was let go from my job of 16 years on 7/18 without a single infraction in 16 years. I was the Assistant to the Director for a non-profit in NJ and was told we are an at will state and they needed no reason to let me go (a new Director came in January of this year). I have been having the hardest time applying for jobs and getting any responses. I have had 7 interviews and was offered 2 jobs for less than half of my annual salary. I am a single Mom, with one adult son at home who helps me financially, however he went in the military almost 6 years ago because he wanted to be a NJ State Police officer and was told because he was not a minority his best chance was to enlist in the military which he did. He became Security Forces for the Air Force and is on his final leg of applying for the State Police and hopes to enter the Academy in January. I was to carry the expenses of the home for him while he was in the Academy, they do not get much of a salary. So needless to say loosing my job which I thought I was secure in, suddenly was a blow. I have been working 24/7 to get another job and it is so frustrating to say the least. I am 52 years old and the last time I had to apply or find a job was over 16 years ago and I had a job then while I looked. I have never in my life been fired or collected unemployment. To apply for employment today is so incredibly unfair and tedious it’s enough to drive someone insane. The Obama era brought nothing but fairness (fairness for who) for the minority person. With every application I fill out which can only be online – there is no more in person applying – I am prompted to answer the following questions – which seems so unfair to ask: 1) gender, 2) race, 3)ethnicity, 4)will you need legal papers to stay employed, 5)do you have a disability, and 6)are you a protected veteran.

So, of course you have the option to answer the question, however I have applied to over 74 jobs through Indeed alone which I qualify for with my experience I have been on 3 interviews pertaining to those applied for on Indeed the other interviews are people in my network recommending me for the jobs. My question is why do they ask these and do I stand a chance if I don’t choose to answer the questions? I can tell you that I was randomly picked to attend a unemployment training in my county at our “One Stop” career center and I can tell you my intelligence told me that all the people who marked “protected veteran” “minority” definitely worked there. DML – do I stand a chance – I am feeling pretty low after getting let go and then this – HELP ME! I don’t know if I am hurting or helping myself by answering truthfully or answering at all. I know you have the ability to get the answers I don’t and could use your help in what to do to get a job and health benefits – the job market is good thanks to President Trump but I just can’t seem to get in the market for obtaining a job. Thank you for listening and I hope you can help me.

DML: I’ve never applied for a job in my adult life (starting at 21).  So, I am going off what I have been told from others.  Finding a new job is tough!  Although the job market is said to be frothy, it’s not producing high paying jobs.  Thus, I understand the battle you are facing.  My only advise in this area is to keep trying with a positive attitude.  You just have to be stronger than the next person.  Never easy, but possible. As for filling in the info about your race and ethnicity, that pisses me off more than words can say.  If it was me filling out that form, I would leave it blank.

Judge K. It’s so disgusting the way these “politicians” are treating this man. If they truly cared about women, then they wouldn’t subject his wife and daughters to this trash! His poor little girls are being exposed to vile language about their honorable fathers and I’m sure their hero . I bet not one of them have ever Volunteered to be a youth coach and put back to the youth of their communities. I have and it’s not easy, that alone to me makes this guy a great person and father. This guy deserves to be appointed ASAP and to not have is innocent girls exposed to the filth of our corrupt political system. That Dianne Fienstien should be ashamed of herself! It’s fair to say Americans are sick of both parties and this type of BS!! Thanks for all you do.

DML: Watching that man have to talk about his virginity on cable news TV last night was sickening.  This country can be worse than the UK when going tabloid.

Why do Comey and Muller still have security clearances?

DML: More former employees have security clearance than you realize.  It is standard protocol.

I came into your walk and talk this morning several minutes after you had started and wanted to go back and watch the whole thing because you were golden today! (you’re golden every day just today had extra energy-it was great !). However it appears that the video is not posting and I’m wondering if Facebook has interfered already? Or if it was accidentally deleted somehow ?
Always a fan,
(After 30 years in California I just moved Arizona-been here only a month !) (You wore my hat at Jenna and Nicks party in Carlsbad,CA and graciously made a video for my daughters Hope(blond) Joy (brunette) pictures attached!

DML: Good luck in Arizona.  Yours is the photo of the day.

Female blogger is ordered to pay US Army colonel she accused of rape $8.4million in damages after he claimed the false allegations cost him a sparkling military career.

DML: Odds are he won’t see a penny.

Walk & Talk. OMG! DML, thanks for the laughs!! You are so correct. This world is really spinning out of control. What can one do? Live today and make the best of it. I’m literally typing this and listening to you! SO FUNNY!!! HA! Thanks for that!!

DML: Nothing better than laughter.

Good Morning Dennis, Yesterday was such a tremendously busy day for me… Kind of nonstop!! Sort of a “DML Day”…HaHaHa… Well, DML you can only image my wonderment and surprise when on my DML App popped up… “Walk and Talk”….. I was driving so I could not listen on my cell phone… To be honest I pushed it to the back of my mind KNOWING that I could watch it later in the day… I searched and searched all over Facebook and of course kept going back to my DML App to try and FIND YOU!! Then the NEW message with the picture of DML, Hair blowing in the wind…Sun on his handsome face…..AND…..Then your message came… “I hit the DELETE button in error!” …Needless to say you had and still have a lot of broken hearts out here….Perhaps your Team DML Followers can get a small little “Walk & Talk” today…. You know it is very healthful for you to walk!! LOL.  If it is not possible for a “Walk and Talk” today I will try and respect your busy schedule…
Have a Terrific Tuesday! Enjoy your reading for today..
California Carol

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

IF IT IS POSSIBLE, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. At times there will be someone who is determined to oppose you—without good cause. In this case, I don’t hold you accountable for the conflict. More often, however, you have contributed something to the dissension. When this happens you should repent of your part in the conflict and do whatever you can to restore a peaceful relationship. In either situation, you need to forgive the person who offended you. You may also need to forgive yourself.

Beloved, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. Take time—not only to think through what you want to say but to listen to the other person. If you listen carefully and pause before responding, you will be much less likely to become angry. Whenever you have failed to live at peace with others and you are at fault, do not despair. I paid the penalty for all your sins so you could have permanent Peace with Me.

DML: Walking on water is too hard! May have to get my shoes and socks wet on this one. Seriously, a good prayer for sure. Thanks.


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