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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

Hi DML! My name is Donald Sullivan, I have been following you since your 1st W&T. I took some screenshots from your 11/19/18 Walk and Talk I thought you may like. One shot is of you sitting at the tree. You had a look on your face of wonder.. What I mean is, wonder of how all this crap is happening to our country. The other shots are you playing in the pile of leaves… Thank You for keeping it real with your news and politics!

DML: Don, yours is the photo of the day.

I joined on for the subscription service yesterday and I am hoping to be included in todays drawing for the jacket?

DML: Yes. You will be included.  Thanks!  If people want to sign up for the discounted pricing and to get a Founder’s pin, they have just a few more days to do it.  Go to

How is mandatory e-verify going to work if these liberal judges keep overriding the president? I hope you read this, the questions been asked many times in the comments.

DML: Unlike Trump’s ridiculously written banning of asylum claimants, which was no doubt done is haste as a last effort to make it APPEAR as if he was stopping the influx, the laws are ALREADY ON THE BOOKS stating illegals cannot work in the US.  All we have to do is enforce the law.  Trump does not enforce these laws. Making e-Verify mandatory is nowhere near the task of literally changing the asylum laws. It was a ploy used by Trump to make it appear as if the Democrats are guilty of open borders, which they are, but he knew it would not work.   My contact within the White House says he cares little about this caravan.  He is obsessed with Mueller and the Blue wave.

My question.. How can we make in roads into the minority community that votes 80 to 95% democrat? …. Non hispanic whites in 1940 was 88%. Today its 62%. By 2050 its projected to be 49%. Whites are birthing less childen. Immigration primarily from South America/ Central, and Africa. Less from Europe. Interracial marriage is prevalent. Republicans are living on borrowed time. Can’t just rely on an aging white population to win victories.

DML: I don’t think interracial marriage has much play here.  And the whites giving less births, although true, does’t equate to less Republicans.  But as far as immigration goes, this is the point that all the “I LOVE MY PRESIDENT” people don’t seem to understand.  History shows that the millennials and immigrants, the minorities and illegals all vote Democrat.  You can’t changed that, but why add to it by flowing in over a million people per year.  Why add to it by allowing pregnant mothers to cross the border and give birth to future voters who will likely go blue?  Why put more people into a country that is slowly killing itself.

In all the years I’ve lived in Batesville, I never considered the “real” cost of illegal immigrants here in our town. I’ve contributed enough at our local Mexican restaurants to finance a small factory but not really much thought past that. Monday afternoon and since, my life and my viewpoint has changed dramatically. Maranda and I were involved in a traffic accident with a lady from Mexico who has been here 13 years but doesn’t speak English, have a drivers license, or any insurance. She crossed our lane with no warning and we T-boned her broadside at 35 mph without time to even touch the brakes. We were both banged up but nothing broken or bleeding and so sore we can barely get around the next few days. Since no insurance, guess who has to pay any medical costs if we need to be seen by a doctor. What about our Car? She was cited but let go and her legal status never questioned or proven. I feel they would have hauled my tail to jail if I hadn’t had insurance and I’m a retired Navy veteran. Turns out the women works at El Mariachi restaurant in Oxford even though she doesn’t have a SSN so she doesn’t pay taxes either. I can attest personally how hard the IRS goes after me for everything they can dream up on my taxes. It stinks that illegals get so much that veterans can’t. It does happen even here in small town America and Batesville MS. Remember the ones who hire them are co conspirators in avoiding our laws and values. I’ll never go to another El Mariachi restaurant, bet on that. People need to be held accountable not just let go with no consequences.

DML: If I can add a few words to your last sentence…. “People need to be held accountable not just let go with no consequences, this includes our president and the one before him.”  Trump needs to be held accountable for his broken promises at the border.

I am one of the people who has been slamming you on Facebook over your hits on Trump. I see the border and Trump’s silence on the issue and realize the man used us for his own good. You were correct all along.

DML: Funny thing is this… I don’t read most of the hate spewed against me, but I have read some of what you wrote and it is gross.  I’ll leave it at that.

DML & Team. I’ll keep it short. I remember, DML you said, Trumps ego, will work for America because he wants,his face to be on “Mount Rushmore” Today, you were “spot on”Trump wants “his own” mountain !!! I could not agree, with you more, than I do right now. I want to thank you & your team, for going through the “garbage” of the news for us. I do not have to watch “any” of these news shows, because you do it & then bring us, what we need to know in an easy to understand language, called the “truth” Thank you, for all that you do.

DML: Well, I think his odds of getting on Mt Rushmore are slim to none, and therefore getting his own mountain is sort of moot. But the good news… Although he won’t get a mountain, he is getting his own wave. Two waves actually. He just got a blue wave with his name on it. And now there is a wave of illegal aliens coming in to the US, and that has his name written all over it as well. Here’s a song for Donny Daca and his buddy Kayne West. They can listen to it when they settle on a new bill to let convicts out of jail early. I think they call it prison reform.

Good Morning Dennis,

What a Marvelous Walk and Talk yesterday..

Just LOVE it when the “Church Bells Ring” and you Thank God!

Such an affirmation, confirmation and verification that you are telling “The TRUTH!”

It is impossible for me to even try and fathom what you must go through day after day with such a “mire” in our Government!

I too have my doubts about what our President is doing…AND I keep him in continued prayer that he makes the right decisions.

BUT… I must also believe that God has His plans and His ways are NOT our ways.. We must simply Trust and Obey!

Your TEAM DML Subscription program seems to be moving right along and I find it kind of ironic…”kind of tongue in cheek” sarcastic that FOX is doing the identical thing!

I’ll bet before long ALL of the other Cable MSM outlets will be following in your format too… LOL

I would love to be placed on your “Buddy List” with the provision that you place my name on the very bottom of the list and allow others to go before me.

When your list has been taken care of and all of the requests have found a sponsor then I would be so honored to join your new program.

I want to send a Very Special “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart to Tom who made such a magnanimous offer.

That is the “TRUE” TEAM DML Spirit that you DML have fostered in all of your followers !!

Have a Teachable Treasured Tuesday!

Enjoy the reading I picked for today.


California Carol

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


LET ME TEACH YOU how to spend more of your time in the present. The future, as most people conceptualize it, does not really exist. When you gaze into your tomorrows, making predictions, you are simply exercising your imagination. I alone have access to what is “not yet” because I am not limited by time. As you go step by step through each day, I unfurl the future before you. However, while you’re moving forward through time, you never set foot on anything but the present moment. Recognizing the futility of gazing into yet-to-come times can set you free to live more fully in the present.

Becoming free is a demanding process because your mind is accustomed to wandering into the future at will. When you find yourself caught up in such thoughts, recognize that you are roaming in a fantasyland. Awakening yourself to this truth helps you return to the present, where I eagerly await you, ready to enfold you in My unfailing Love.

DML: Walk and Talks are always fun.


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