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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Hi Dennis,
I missed your live Sit & Talk last night as I was in a turkey coma (sleeping). Just watched it this morning and I think that is one of the best Sit & Talks you have ever done. It was heartwarming to see how much you love Miss Mary and your family. You and Mary have something very special. It is clear you cherish your wife, as it should be 😊. Miss Mary is a lucky lady to have such a dedicated, loving husband.

DML: Thanks!!!

Happy Thanksgiving DML and family. I’m not really sure if this is news worthy or not but I was watching the three NFL games this afternoon and this evening and I noticed that during the national anthem that they did not show any kneeling players and I also noticed that the three performances of the national anthem we’re done by African-Americans. Personally I don’t care who sings or plays a national anthem, it’s our anthem and I believe it’s right to stand for it. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

DML: I tuned out. I hope no opinion here.

OMG! The football game is on where I am and a JCPenny comercial came on that was in SPANISH! What the heck!?!

DML: Cheap labor.

Your tweet response to Trump this morning was perfect but you know and I know that people will not understand what it means.

DML: Nor will they care. And that’s the sadder of the two.

I just have to tell you that the W & T you did earlier this week had me rolling on the floor laughing. However I wanting say, I LOVE the “WE” Tree

DML: The walks are my favorite.

You were the topic of conversation last night at dinner.  My sister hates Trump.  I deal with Trump. My mother loves Trump.  I played the “SMART” guy in the room as both spit out one false statistic and claim after the next.  It was as if CNN and FOX was at the dinner table with me.  By the time I was done with them, my mother asked how did I get so smart? That’s when I showed them the DML APP and they both downloaded you.  Enjoy your weekend.

DML: Our poll today asks the question you just explained in a short story.  Glad you’ve been listening.  It works.

WOW! Just sticking up for you against all the haters, I get pounded by them.

DML: For now on, I ask you to have a hater email me and provide their number.  I will give them a chance to debate me on the phone during a LIVE.

When we went to Thanksgiving dinner at our local cafeteria, I noticed they were hiring. Posted in a prominent location near the employment applications were signs, written in Spanish, that I found out by asking said that they use eVerify when they hire. I was impressed! So, some people do take this as serious as you do.

DML: Thanks for sharing.

I know you speak about entering politics. I think you would be fantastic…! But I have to urge you to not take any steps in that direction.  You are too good and kind.  I know you can defend yourself against the attacks but your heart and brains are better served in other places.  Scum like Obama and Trump are meant to be in politics. Not people like you and Mary.  I was livid last night when people were slamming you on your sit and talk.  There was no politics mentioned and they still hate on you.  I want to strangle them.

DML: I have 7 days and then the haters can get to my feed.  Meanwhile, I went back in last night a banned them all.  These are generally miserable people who feed off a crowd.  They are meaningless and none are too bright.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Miss Mary, your family, and all Team DML members! You have been so generous and caring to me and others and your call to Carol was outstanding. I’m praying for her as I’m sure others are. Wishing you and your family a wonderful day(albeit it a chilly 30 here) Don’t over stuff yourself on all the goodies

DML: Thank you.


Good Morning My Precious Dennis,

I want you DML to know that I was one of your 752 listeners for your LIVE Thanksgiving Talk…

What an exceptional Father you are taking care of your sick son…..That is true devotion and Love..

Letting you know that I’m keeping your son Denny in prayers for a speedy recovery!

“Thank You” for always going that extra step…. Thank You are two small little words that have a HUGE meaning and impact… they are meant just for you!

I KNOW that there is NO other well known personality out there that would take the time to spend their holiday with their followers!

That is what makes You DML so unique and special… that is what you give to your  “TEAM DML”… and we so appreciate You.

You know for a fact that I for one LOVE Daily readings and the one you read to us about being “Content” in our lives was an important message..

Gods ways are NOT always our ways but in the end His ways always are paramount and supreme to our lives.

God NEVER makes mistakes… He “handpicked” Miss Mary to be your Life Partner and He gave you your children as an added Blessing…

Remember to hold them and Miss Mary tightly and make memorable memories… life is too short and none of us know how long our journey will be…

Holidays are the hardest for me since my Melanie is not with me…. BUT… You DML have made it easier to cope with my loss.

I immediately put Shanna and her Mom Carol on my “Prayer List” and I’m praying for them continually…asking God to do His will according to His ways!

Hope that you had an Enjoyable, Thankful Thanksgiving!

Have a really Fabulous Friday …Your Sabbath REST begins at sunset tonight and will end at sunset tomorrow..

Take Gods Special block of time and reflect on His Blessings to You and your entire Family…

AND… may you DML find contentment satisfaction, happiness and pleasure!

Enjoy your selected reading for the day.

Sending Love and Warm Hugs to the Lynch Family,

California Carol



Friday, November 23, 2018


                GIVE THANKS TO ME, for I am good. My Love endures forever. I want you to set aside time to think about the many blessings I have provided for you. Thank Me for the gift of life—yours and those you love. Be grateful also for everyday provisions: food, and water, shelter, clothing, and so on. Then remember the greatest gift of all: everlasting Life for everyone who knows Me, the Savior.

                As you ponder all I have done for you, delight also in who I AM. I am one hundred percent Good! There has never been, and there will never be, even a speck of darkness in Me. I am the Light of the world! Moreover, My Love for you will go on and on—throughout eternity.

                Even now you are enveloped in My loving Presence. Regardless of what is happening. I am always close to My followers. So don’t worry about whether or not you can sense My Presence. Simply trust that I am with you, and find comfort in My unfailing Love.

DML: That is very kind of you to say.  Thank you Carol.


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  1. Terry ,
    Scum like Obama and Trump ….. ?guess you want your vote back? Hillary your type, Kamal Harris or maybe Spartacus ?

    President Trump in no way should be put in the category of scum or with Obama. That comment makes my blood boil! You don’t agree with everything ? Fine, but most of us thank God every day for Donald Trump being in office. Shame on you!

  2. Cali. Carol) Thank you, Carol, beautifully written!

    Photo) Life Magazine…even as a child, I loved this magazine. The pictures were awesome and you always wondered who or what would be on front.

  3. Has anyone that signed up to be a sponsor of Dennis new app had any problems getting him to respond or get the pin t signed up for level 2 have yet got a response is a emai

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